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Our story so far: triple ax-murderer Thomas McCulloch and his lover chopped up a cop, a nurse and a patient at a state hospital in England. Now,  McCulloch gets to leave prison on day trips to chop up bushes and trees.  “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” a prison source tells Britain’s Mirror newspaper, without a trace of irony.

Granted, McCulloch’s hack job was 35 years ago, and now he’s 63. And, granted, he’s earned a special certificate in shrub-slashery (or whatever it’s called).  But if this is the best argument anyone can make for letting him out….

I’m not sure I see an upside to the warden’s decision to let him out, with his demonstrated murder- weapon of choice. But I’m sure there is one.  No, wait: no… no, there isn’t. If you visit the area around Angus, on your next trip to the isles, book now, to actually stay at the prison.  As long as McCulloch is outside;  inside may be the safest place to stay.


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