NORWALK (AP) — A deputy shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked a sheriff’s department dog that was helping to search for an armed man in Norwalk.

A statement from the sheriff’s department says the pit bull’s “aggressive and violent nature” forced the deputy to shoot it to protect the police dog and area residents.

The deputies were conducting a search Saturday after receiving a call about an armed man at a nearby park.

The deputies asked a resident of a home to secure a pit bull so that they could search the property. But the pit bull ran into the street and attacked the sheriff’s dog.

A deputy shot the pit bull, which later died. The Los Angeles Times reports the deputies’ dog, Tosca, is expected to survive.

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  1. uhoh says:

    White gang members out shooting at will again. This story sounds fabricated.

  2. John Holmes says:

    I owned a female pitbull when she was 2 months old till she was 4 years old. I took her to dog obedience classed and even had a professional trainer come to our home to make sure she would turn out to be a good pitbull. She was raised with 5 other rescued “mutts” that I got when they were puppies. They all lived in our home all day long and night, even took them all to dog parks and to pick up my son after school daily. When she got to be around 4 years old she started to be aggressive to our other dogs and even started 4 different fights that we had to take them to the vet. Eventually we had to surrender her back to the animal shelter we got her from and they had to put her down because she was a liabliity if she was adopted out. I will never own another pitbull ever again.

  3. Darrell Nelson says:

    i dont like pitbull myself, but i saw the photo of that pit all over the cops dogs and the cops dog look as tho it was asking the deputy to shoot this mutha.

  4. citizen says:

    Why did they need to search the property after seeing a dog like that? The stupid cops couldn’t use common sense and know no stranger was on the property.

  5. Anthony says:

    The deputies’ story in the press release is false.

  6. Michael Blott says:

    They forget to mention that they would not let the dog owner get a leash.

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