LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ron Paul says he’s not worried about Rick Perry and Mitt Romney pulling away from a crowded Republican presidential field.

He told reporters in Los Angeles Saturday his campaign is building strength and “it’s way too early” to be making judgments about the presidential horse race.

Recent national polls have shown Perry, the Texas governor and Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, breaking away from the pack.

An independent Field Poll of California Republicans this week ranks Paul in single digits, with Romney and Perry out front.

Paul says that if it is a two-person race “it’s Romney and me. … That’s OK.”

He earlier won cheers from about 200 party activists in a speech that broadly faulted the nation’s foreign and monetary policies and called for a scaled-down federal government.

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Comments (13)
  1. Mike K says:

    Tell ’em Ron. No other candidate has such a loyal base, and we DO tell others. The number of believers in the message IS growing, one person at a time. Let Freedom ring load and clear. Please contribute to the Constitution Day money bomb at Dr. Pauls official campaign website today!

  2. Lisa says:

    I recently saw a video clip of Ron Paul addressing Congress back in 2003. He warned them that a housing crisis was imminent. He told them that the Fed’s irresponsible money printing practices would bring the dollar to the point of collapse. He cautioned that our aggressive foreign policy would incite more blowback and conflicts overseas. Congress ignored him. Now, it’s 2011, and everything he precicted has proved correct. A man with that kind of foresight is the man for the Oval Office. Ron Paul 2012.

  3. longjohnsilver says:

    I really do hope 1 candidate in our lifetimes has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to “corrupt” Government Institutions, “corrupt” Big Business lobbyists, “corrupt” Labor Unions, “corrupt” Foreign Entities, “corrupt” Wall Street lobbyists etc…on and on it goes while the working families in America get the shaft! (thank you very much!). Does anyone but me see a “trend” here? RON PAUL -2012!

  4. Borsia Novak says:

    Ron is the only candidate who seems to actually understand life and math.
    He is the only Republican that I would vote for.
    There are numerous things that I disagree with him on but he is still the one, and the only one, who has the courage and the plan that could save the US from a USSR type collapse.

  5. Rolf Lindgren says:

    err, Ron Paul is only 3% behind Romney in the latest Gallup poll. No, Romney is not pulling away.

  6. Mookie says:

    Ron Paul has been the only candidate consistent with his views on wars, military deployments and spending, government run healthcare, the economy, the Fed and every other issue. He is the true Republican in the field and has won every public opinion poll on every debate so far. Paul is gaining strength while all the other are losing strength. I think by the time the caucus arrives and the other primaries are over, Paul will be the GOP candidate, whether the RNC likes it or not.

  7. Glen says:

    I was there, Appx. 1,000 Ron Paul Fans.

    The Media distorts everything.

  8. Living Free says:

    Why do you site a narrow, independent field poll (without linking to it) and not a nationally-recognized poll like, say, Rasmussen or Reuters??? Could it be because these results show Ron Paul as a very strong contender, polling higher than or very close to Romney, Perry, and Obama??? Fair and honest journalism is a rare thing during election season. All of my family members and close friends are voting for Ron Paul. He CAN win.

  9. william says:

    Ron Paul for President,the only man worth voting for

  10. G. Lane says:

    It is very important that we, as Ron Paul supporters, don’t alienate anyone. I realize its hard to hear people saying we are fine and that this or that establishment candidate will solve all our problems, that without bases and troops everywhere the world would end, that the federal government should run our lives, that a welfare state is preferrable to small, non-instrusive government, etc etc. But we all need to remember we need everyone we can get to win this thing. Ron Paul can win. It will start slowly with a few base Republican (and Democrats too) slowly coming over (that is starting to happen) and then there will be a critical mass and people will flock to Ron Paul. That has to open in the next three months, so explain, cajole, educate but please lets remember not to alienate. I have to remind myself of the same thing everyday.

  11. Joe Amerigo says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate with real substance. We Americans are lucky to have his leadership available to us at this point in our history. He will overcome the media dolts who can’t see how popular he really is.

  12. JTWilliams says:

    At least a positive article coming from mainstream media, kudos to CBS-LA.

    Except, of course, that now that Ron Paul is in 3rd, now it’s a 2 man race. When Bachmann was 3rd, it was a top tier of three.

  13. StandTallRonPaul says:

    Ironic that a Republican is anti-war-Ron Paul gets it! He gets that Americans are not benefitting from the billions we blow on overseas incursions-that the spiraling debt and the interest thereupon provide nothing of value for the average American taxpayer. He is constitutionally literate. And, he made it through the rigors of medical achool. “Pro-life”? No hypocricy here-he’s worked as an obstetrician!. LOL!

    We need a doctor to heal America. I sucked it in and registered with the party of teenage trollops, animal-killers and religious hypocrites[shudder] so that I might cast a vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. Time for all Democrats disgusted with the way this country is headed to do the same!

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