LOS ANGELES (CBS)  — Screen legend  Mickey Rooney and his court- appointed conservator, once again filed an elder abuse complaint against one of his stepsons and his stepson’s wife Thursday.

In court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the complaint alleges that Rooney’s stepson, Christopher Aber, and his wife, Christina, financially and verbally abused the 90-year-old Rooney over a 10-year period, leaving the entertainer powerless over his assets and personal life.

In February, Judge Reva Goetz granted court protection to Rooney, appointing attorney Michael R. Augustine as his conservator.

In court papers, attorneys Bruce S. Ross and Vivian L. Thoreen, on behalf of Rooney, allege the Abers are liable for breach of fiduciary duty and fraud stemming from the elder abuse, along with misappropriation of Rooney’s name and likeness.

Lawyer John O’Meara, on behalf of the Abers, said he had no immediate comment.

According to the complaint, Aber took advantage of the trust and confidence that Rooney put in him, and in the process took control of Rooney’s income and finances to enrich himself and his wife. Rooney alleges that the Abers regularly withheld food and medication, leading to bouts of depression.

“Clearly fame does not insulate an individual from the trauma and neglect of elder abuse, as Mickey Rooney’s case vividly demonstrates,” Ross said. “Mickey was exploited by a close relative in whom he placed his trust and looked to for guidance. If a person of Mickey Rooney’s stature and profile can be victimized, there are untold numbers of less fortunate seniors who are similarly being abused in this country.”

Rooney alleges that Aber retained exclusive control over Rooney’s personal and business accounts and used them regularly to sign checks payable to himself, to pay his personal expenses and to transfer Rooney’s income to his and his wife Christina’s personal accounts.

Aber arranged for ATM debit/credit cards in the name of Densmore — Rooney’s company — and regularly used them for his own benefit, while Rooney had no knowledge of their existence, the petition states.

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  1. greg says:

    Greedy people, they will eventually get his assets but can’t wait to get their hands on his money, it’s sad to see but this happens way too often, but usually the victim isn’t a celebrity. I hope the court blocks any additional money to these greedy scu m

  2. Robert Gettinger says:

    America pay attention to the names of judges such as judge Reva Goetz who are commonly involved in “DIRTY AFFAIRS” see judgerevagoetz.com and uglyjudge.com for more information on victims and abuse of power by judges who lie, cheat and steal to further their own greed

  3. justice for all says:

    I am so outraged at how these people think that they are above the law, they use the color of law to take advantage of innocent individuals, and myself included because I am under forced guardianship and it’s my biological father who has frivolously petitioned the court to have a guardianship put on me and guess what? im not incapacitated and i’m in my 40’s and i am a competent and inntelligent woman , but yet this has happened to me and i have also been dumped in a retirement home and its so humiliating . I have been betrayed so bad, and I want out of this nightmare like asap. so yes anyone who thinks that they can do whatsoever they please to another human being those bad people need to really be held accountable, because abuse is all about ” control ” and the more people that speak out and demand that swift justice be done the better because this is america and yes we do still have rights no matter what!!!!

  4. justice for all says:

    P.S we all shall be free !! so don’t ever lose hope and keep strong , and keep standing up for what you know to be right, but always keep in mind that we all have rights no matter what. man did not give us rights but God gave us these rights that we have and everyday we must keep fighting for our rights. so stand strong and never give up. i know thats easier said then done but we must never allow ourselves to give up. because we have the right to live too. thank you.