<a href="https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/photo-galleries/2011/09/15/big-brother-13-finale/">» PHOTOS: ‘Big Brother 13′ Finale</a>By Suzanne Marques

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — After weeks of plotting, scheming and seclusion, a new champion has been crowned in the “Big Brother” house.

It took her two seasons but this time Rachel Reilly took the half-million dollar prize.

“I cannot believe I just won ‘Big Brother 13’! Oh my gosh, this is insane,” Reilly told us in the “Big Brother” back yard with her fiance and fellow contestant Brendon Villegas at her side.

“I’ve already taken the money and put it into a savings account,” Villegas responded after we asked the couple if they already had plans on spending their winnings.

First-time contestant Porsche Briggs took second place, claiming a $50,000 prize.

“To be a newbie at the end of it, I was pretty proud of myself,” Briggs said, adding that she would play again if given the chance.

Fresh out of the house after being shut off from the world for three months, the contestants shared what was really going on behind the scenes.

“You just sleep constantly thinking someone was going to wake me up for a competition or someone is talking about me down the hall or what am I going to do tomorrow. I mean it’s really like a constant game where you never really get the chance to relax, even when you are with people who become your friends,” said houseguest Kalia Booker.

“I’m never emotional outside the [Big Brother] house. Inside the house you think about your family, when you get into it with somebody, I mean I cried more than I’ve cried in my entire life,” recalled Shelly Moore.

“We get yelled at constantly for singing. We’re not allowed to sing,” said Cassi Colvin talking about the show’s no-singing rule to avoid paying royalties for every song sung.

Super fan Adam Poch was not upset about losing the game — he had one of his biggest fantasies fulfilled during the season.

“Tori Spelling knows who I am. That’s worth more than a half-million dollars,” Poch said referring to Spelling’s visit to the house.

This season of “Big Brother” may be over, but next summer is just a few months away and the search for next season’s houseguests is already underway.

» PHOTOS: ‘Big Brother 13′ Finale

Suzanne Marques

Comments (3)
  1. Annette Highley says:

    Well I am so glad that Rachel will not need to be on Big Brother ever again since she won. I knew who was going to win early on. Seemed to me that the entire season was about her and her “fiancee”. She is disgusting and if you ever bring her back on the show I will not watch.

  2. Rachel Fan says:

    I love you Rachel! You are amazing and so is Brendon! I was rooting for you from the beginning and I have never watch Big Brother until this season. I wish you nothing but happiness. You deserved every penny of that 500k and anyone who says that you do not are just jealous!

  3. Ashley says:

    Agree with Annette. She is disgustingly vile and so is her little lap dog Brendon. The two belong together. Both immature babies who think the world revolves around them. Good luck getting into medical school Brendon! In that profession, you actually need to care about people besides yourself….

    Find another couple like Jeff and Jordan. They were adorable and both genuinely good people.

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