LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Residents in and around the Southland reported seeing a series of strange lights up in the sky Wednesday night.

Viewers described shooting lights with many colors and even a tail.

The first reports came from Riverside County around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Within a half hour, several Orange County residents also reported seeing the lights. After about an hour, reports were coming from all over the West.

Jill Padilla's son Juan drew this pic right after seeing the strange lights. (credit: Juan Padilla)

Most said the lights were “blue and green.” A few described the lights as yellow or orange.

CBS2 and KCAL9 first received emails and phone calls from Murrieta, Perris, Irvine, Ontario, Riverside, Lake Forest, Corona and San Clemente.

Additionally, police report they received many calls about the lights.

UPDATE: (8:30 p.m., Sept. 14): Some residents of Arizona have reported seeing the lights as well.

UPDATE: (8:52 p.m., Sept. 14): Residents of Nevada, many in Las Vegas, are also reporting the green-blue lights in the sky.

UFOs? Several days ago, NASA announced a dead satellite would fall to Earth by “September’s end” but so far, no official confirmation if the lights and satellite are linked.

Curt Kaplan of the National Weather Service says the object “was probably a meteor.” The director of the Griffith Observatory concurred. Ed Krupp told us that what was seen tonight was likely “a piece of interplanetary debris that passed through the Earth’s atmosphere and burned up.”

He added, “This kind of thing happens about once a year, or once every few years.”

Some viewer and eyewitness accounts follow:

Anonymous: “I was on my cell outside, in City of industry when I looked up and saw the green, orange falling object about 7:40 p.m. As I saw it my buddy was on his way home on the 91 and he saw it at the same time. ”

Bernadette:  “I live in Quartz Hill. It was green in color and very large.”

Francesa D: “I live in Chino it looked like a falling star at first and continued on forever with a reddish green tail behind it before it was too low to see anymore. ”

Chasen H: “I was on the 405 South and saw a bright light in the east. I thought it was a helicopter with its searchlight on but saw it aim downward, turn green and streak towards the ground. I was at the Carson/Harbor Gateway border at the time.”

Terr: “I am in south Ontario. My daughter and I were in the driveway as we saw the fiery yellow and orange falling. We thought maybe it was a firework of some sort. But wasn’t. It was very bright and pretty big in size. We lost sight of it behind trees.”

Gerardo H.: “My friend in Vegas said a green thing landed on the next block over and the military has it blocked off.

Comments (239)
  1. Chris says:

    hhmm…they had an earthquake this morning and weird weather last several days….Orange County is just a vortex of weirdness!

    1. Michael Ochs says:

      Well it is SoCal Chris, soooo……….. 😉

    2. Jeff says:

      It is just Baraks approval rating and the American Economy crashing back to earth.

      1. Contarian says:

        Best comment of the day. 😉

      2. Dave Shaffer says:

        Crash & burn, Barry!

      3. sadi says:

        For the win!

      4. weeone says:

        Jeff you win

      5. Pierce says:

        Haha, John is mad. That means keep doing whatever you’re doing. God smiles on you everytime you make a liberal angry. Seriously, it is great karma.

        Aww what’s the matter Johnny, you gonna report that to AttackWatch little guy?

      6. jeff says:

        its so true… not from same jeff

      1. Dave Shaffer says:

        Google “tin foil hat”

      2. Apryl says:

        My first thought too!

    3. joeh says:

      I used to see these things all the time when I lived in Las Vegas. The weird thing about them is they seem shoot in real quick and then slow to a stop before they go out. The “fireworks” description is pretty close. They seem to drip for a few seconds, green the most prevelent color, but we’ve seen them multicolored as well. A few seconds after they stop they go out. Did see one once or twice that flared into a very small rainbow blotch and hung there for a few minutes. The Nevada test site once claimed they were testing flares or that was the story anyway. They’re very cool, and the first few times you see them it kinda makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Kinda unreal, like one of those “that should not be there moments”. Remember, if you never look up, you’ll never see them.

    4. Ted says:

      I wonder if they are just here to pick up one of their team, Obama Bin Lyin?

    5. Aaron says:

      Earth quakes are a ‘weirdness’ now? Man the US education system really needs to pick up their game!

    6. bry says:

      I saw the same thing in NY with my friend, it was fallling down above 25 ft above the trees an disapeared

  2. Chris Miramontes says:

    While I was talking to my brother in Yucca and I in Fontana we both saw an orange light in the sky, turning into a green ball with tail.

  3. Jasmin Salcido says:

    I saw what I thought to be a shooting star, it was BIG and came down to Earth with alot of FORCE. The tail appeared to be on fire. I wonder what it was?

    1. Rex says:

      Maybe it was Michelle coming home from one of her million dollar taxpayer paid vacations?

  4. Jacob Castro says:

    Me and my mom were sitting on our couch in our apartment in Lake Elsinore and we both saw it. It was a small bright light that fell to the ground very quickly.

  5. jeanne says:

    We live in Indio, Ca. My husband said he blue light with like a spark behind it but m]was moving sideways than downward.

  6. eteamer says:

    Illeagle fire works can cause fires. And LSD is bad for you. 909ers!

    1. blwilk25 says:

      My eagle is a firework?

    2. xyzguy1 says:

      I’m not sure ill eagles take LSD just to watch fireworks and feel better; but they do believe in UFO’s.

  7. Jacqueline Jimenez says:

    I saw here in West Anaheim. I was looking out my window and saw shooting thought the sky. It was changing green and white.

  8. Ebikeguy says:

    I was walking my dog in Porter Ranch (near Northridge) and I saw something in the Southeast falling toward the earth at about 8 or 8:15. It was lit up with strange colors. I thought it was a plane crashing.

  9. Raquel says:

    My friend and I was out walking in Beaumont and saw the light also. It was bright and with red sparks on the tail end. We thought it was an airplane about to crash so we hurried along looking for a ball of fire or smoke to erupt, but that never happened. That is totally strange.

  10. Chris Miramontes says:

    They keep saying it was a meteor. But to me it looked like an airplane flying horizontal at first then started falling to the sky with a tail.

  11. The Solis Family says:

    My kids were playing with the nieghbor hood kids and they came running inside to tell me what they saw they said it was a object in the sky that changed colors and then it started to drop red lights like fire balls

  12. marissa says:

    I live in Riverside and saw it around 740 when my kids and I returned from dinner. We initially thought it was a falling star but it grew larger, brighter and bright green as it descended. Pretty freaky..odd weather, earthquake, random things falling from the sky.

  13. Sonia Alvarez says:

    hi i live in hemet and i saw it to and was real scared and it turn into a box after it was a circle bright and with a color orange blue and green and it when east but it was big real big

  14. Shadow Hills High School Family says:

    We were leaving the Back to School night at Shadow Hills High School in Indio when we saw the light. Everyone was wondering what it was….hmmmmm

    We thought it was fireworks, but nothing indicated that it was a firework, or anything else similar to fireworks, airplane, etc.

    1. Christian Wiseman says:

      Can’t be the satellite, it’s still in orbit.

  15. Angela Bonetto says:

    We live in Simi Valley and saw it. It was very large and slow moving to the southeast. Between three of us, we all saw different colors.

  16. Peter says:

    Just yesterday I believe it was JPL talking about a research satellite about to de-orbit. Thay were not sure exactly when or where.

    Peter, Irvine

  17. Tony Canchola says:

    I live in Blythe. I seen a big ball of light that fell from west to east. I thought it was a shooting star but was too big to be one. Beautiful!

  18. Mike and Mike says:

    My daughter’s fiance and I were sitting out in front of my house when he pointed up to the sky and said “check that out”. It was what appeared to be a HUGE falling star that we seen originally at about 12:00 looking due south and continued all the way to the horizon’s edge from west to east. It was very, very bright, blue originally and as it headed downward, seemed to turn more greenish as it headed downward. Freakin’ awesome!!!

    1. Irfana says:

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  19. Eric Landin says:

    Saw the Lights But was no UFO Looked like a Plane With A White Light In the middle and a Green To the the right wing and Blue on the Left Wing.
    Eric Landin Whittier, California

  20. kaley says:

    i saw it in temecula green with a tail. looked like a plane crashing down.

  21. Rebecca Seilala says:

    Me and some friends were outside the other night when we witnessed this glowing greenish blue globe shoot down pretty fast but, then an hour later we seen it shoot back up into the sky and disapear but, the weird thing about it was that it wasnt far enough into the sky to where we couldnt see it anymore it just disapeared into thin air. Rebecca Seilala San Bernardino

    1. John says:

      Just google HAARP and you’ll understand exactly what this was.

      1. Robin says:

        Nope, it’s nothing like anything on the HAARP website. They one I’ve seen moves horizontally, doesn’t fall, can be seen clearer with binoculars, has many rotating colors (brilliant, like no colors I’ve ever seen before) orbiting a greyish core. It appeared three times over ElDorado, Ca, in the first week of Dec, Jan and Feb this year. I’m going to watch for it next month (March, 2012.) I’ve had several people come by to see it. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, and I’m in my sixties.

  22. westside chick says:

    I guess it is a good thing that more people are outdoors for once. More people should be getting more fresh air more often. Keep up the good work folks. I was indoors working so I did not see a thing.

  23. warangel says:

    Are you serious???

  24. LORI CASTRO says:


    1. chucky says:

      i live in fontana ca was your bright light flashing? i seen a bright light and then it started flashing real fast and then it dropped orange like flames from it and the it started getting dimmer.

  25. Nicholas Lemle-Toledo says:

    About a month ago, me and my friends were at the beach and it looked as if there were floating lights of green color(with a dot of red) and it was floating above the rocks at the end of the beach, maybe a mile or a little less than a mile away. It moved as if it was one of those remote control kite-plane things. But the movements were too fluid, and it stayed within generally a small space. A friend said she saw the same type of thing a few weeks earlier.

  26. jerome tyronius says:

    how can u even have a poll saying “That’s no UFO, herp derp.” UFO doesn’t mean aliens you know, so unless someone has identified it then it IS a UFO by the technical definition.

  27. Ramon says:

    i live in Blythe ca and i seen the light too i thought it was a shooting star so i made a wish but i guess its not gonna come true now. !ah nuts!

  28. nvdv33 says:

    I saw it too, at around78.30ish above temecula towards the wineries! Big ball, green blue looked like it was crashing down. It looked big. Never seen anything like it.

  29. Jason says:

    My 9 year old son and I saw it as we were driving home from Taekwondo practice in Corona. Most incredible meteor I have ever seen! Very bright with a large blue and orange tail. Looked like a firework. A nice surprise to our evening.

  30. James says:

    From Quartz Hill California, I was outside talking on my cell when I saw a blue light streak down in the south west from my position, wondered if it was a plane going down

    1. James says:

      Correction, south east

  31. Realist says:

    It was a UFO. Stop falling for government lies or the official word. Do you realize how much stuff the government doesn’t tell us citizens? But it’s too easy for them they just put out the official statement and since it has the word official in it everyone believes it.


      cbs news is trying to cover-up any ideas of it being a actual ufo/saucer. they put that in their poll to keep the blind sheepeople on a demonic religious path!!!! we have all been jewed too long!!!!

  32. Nessa says:

    I was driving through the San Timoteo Canyon heading towards Yucaipa, when I looked towards the city lights the sky suddenly flashed Green. At first I thought it was lightning but realized it was to big of a light and to bright of a green color. Come to find out I get to work and i might have witnessed a UFO or a Meteor. Just this morning there was an earthquake here in Yucaipa ! I dont want to witness and experience anything for the next coming months. i think this is enough excitement for one day!

    1. MIKE says:

      it was a flying saucer that got H.A.A.R.P. out of the sky!

  33. Dorky Boo says:

    I was taking my dog out for a walk around the block with my boyfriend out in La Puente when I looked up I saw something big with bright lights at first I thought it was just an airplane but then I noticed it was flying to low. When I looked back I couldn’t see it anymore.

  34. Katy says:

    I’m in Studio City (Los Angeles) and saw a greenish fireball/meteor-looking light curving downward, with a tail, until it fell out of view.

    1. Chris Fleming says:

      posted sept 09 “is set to breach the atmosphere within weeks.”

      your an agent, you have been identified and you failed horribly are you saying that the witness’ are lying and that multiple witness accounts over hundreds of miles are some sort of coincidence?

      Co-intel pro agents are out so something is up!

  35. Ana says:

    I was in downtown long beach when I saw it about 7:45pm. It looked like a green object free falling from the sky with a hint of orange at it’s tail. I thought it was a fallng star! no other explaination at the time for what it was, I even made a wish.>LOL

  36. Phil Hunter says:

    I wasn’t surprised by the light show tonight at all. A couple of days ago, it was reported that a weather sattelitte, launched in 1992 to study the upper atmosphere was scheduled to fall back to earth. What everybody is seeing is the debris from this satelitte. It was very big and the main portion of it, or what was left through the atmosphere was going to weigh 300 pounds and is the size of a refrigerator. It was predicted to fall into the Pacific.

  37. Sal Flores says:

    i saw these fast moving fireballs on saturday night in the city of Maywood, Ca. there was a few other people there with me at the time. we saw 3 about 2-5 minutes apart. the were really high up in the sky and would burn off, or turn off. the first one was still visible to the eye when it turned off and we saw it, it was white. i don’t think it’s planetary debris. it was something wierd!!!

  38. nine o nine says:

    wow…i actually saw this thing that everyones talkin about but i just ignored it bwahaha..while i was watchin tv, i happened to look out the window and saw this kinda weird light moving really slow..i also saw it change colors as many had described it so i thought it was just a plane or something…i live in southridge, fontana by the way

  39. Lyn says:

    I was in Lake Forest when I saw this blazing orange and blue lights falling from the sky moving towards inland. Like many others, I did wonder if it was a plane going down also. Thankfully no crashing sound.

  40. n.v.r says:

    ppl, that was no shooting star or meteor. it was a ufo, plain and simple, we have to accept it. of course the government is trying to cover it up by giving stupid reasons as to what the object was.

  41. Consular says:

    Wow, you guys really need to learn how to report events. With the exception of James and Tony, none of you posted distance and direction of what you saw. If ALL 39 OF YOU had posted with good information, it would be possible to narrow down the location of the landing spot.

    From what you reported, sounds like it landed in AZ.

    1. Consular says:

      Oh and all you a**holes that keep posting articles about the sattelite need to shoot yourselves. Yes, we know a sat was supposed to fall soon. Yes, we know IT’S MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE. Quit trying to sound like you’re more educated than everyone else because you read the news a few days ago.

    2. Madison K. Jones says:

      What someone else posted… “Gerardo H.: “My friend in Vegas said a green thing landed on the next block over and the military has it blocked off.”

      1. Madison K. Jones says:

        Cant find anything in Vegas news stations about it tho…

      2. Consular says:

        I noticed that too. LV is far too heavily populated to miss something like that. I think that particular post is not a valid report. It wasn’t even reported by the person who said it, it was “a friend”.

        Now, if multiple people had reported something touching down in Vegas, it might suggest multiple objects.

  42. john says:

    i live in Ridgecrest,CA and i have photos to send in but whats the email

    1. chris says:

      send them to me pleaase ill examinne it

    2. Evan says:

      Send them to my E-mail too.

  43. Ingzog says:

    I’m living in Berlin, Germany and I saw something that looked like a fairly big red/green shooting star just 3-4 hours ago in the late night.

  44. GH says:

    I saw an object over Burbank SATURDAY AFTERNOON. I tried to call in to KCAL News but was put on hold and had to hang up.

    I was on a cellphone call and stepped outside to get some air. Happened to look up and saw a tiny ball of light, glistening as if metallic and reflecting the sunlight. Thought I was seeing a star, but then it began to move, very slowly and leisurely, drifting southeasterly toward Glendale. And now this tonight. Very interesting.

    1. jay says:

      same thing i saw homie

      -moreno valley

  45. Erika says:

    I was in Phoenix AZ, our entire soccer team saw it. It was moving towards the east. It was awesome! Looked orange to me and seemed so close that we thought it was a firework or something!

  46. jay says:

    i saw the same type of yellow lights around 7:30 walking around outside, there were 3 that formed into a small triangle appearing 1 by 1 and started moving in opposite directions.
    they then started to look like they had flashing red and green lights around the back.

    i saw another appear later on that night around 11 appear like the others had and just stay there for a little

  47. Valerie says:

    You know what it is? Its a piece of a planet that, carried a baby, that will someday become superman.

  48. Vladimir says:

    It’s a UFO that’s what those things were, not falling debris from a satellite or meteor. Also happened to notice it didn’t just fell in california? also in Germany, Australia, Canada, and other states in the US.

  49. don says:

    The Object in the sky was a Military Satelite in a decaying orbit. It was scheduled to happen. Don’t check with the weather service. Check with NASA and the Military!

  50. ARandomFakeWitness says:

    OMG! I saw it! It was an alien space ship! I saw the faces of aliens when it happened! – No, just no..

  51. MKULTRA says:

    I KNOW the Illuminati is covering this up. It was simply a U.F.O. Two of them to be exact.. a red glowing light in the sky that sat there for 5 minutes then fell to the ground after it was covered by the clouds… and disapeared …showing its intelligence by waiting until it was covered to descend to the ground and then a large ball that was white blue green and yellow fly horizontally through the night sky with a long tail… It was huge… It was absolutely fabulous!!! :p The aliens are here … Illuminati reptilians… WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!

  52. doug says:

    It was the Elenin comet, or aliens…which would be more exciting

  53. jackie bovard says:

    I live in Needles, California. I was outside looking south towards Lake Havasu. I saw the object moving east over the Colorado River. I had a perfect unobstructed view. It was flying low and was bright. I said to my friend “What is that?” It turned green as it continued on. I had forgotten about it until I saw it on the news.

  54. Yaser McJuwid says:

    In Agu 19th, 2011, 04:20AM I saw lights in the sky of Long Beach, CA when I was walking from car to my apartment, I asked my roommates to come and see it while I it was lighting but they ignored me and I pleased them to come, when they came out there was no lighting anymore and they though I’m crazy. I looked at the local news but nothing show up, maybe because it way too late

  55. vergudo says:

    I saw it as well. It was tupac and jesus paying us a visit for awhile.

  56. Witness says:

    I was coming home from a party, and completely intoxicated so I didn’t want to report anything. But after seeing so many others who have witnessed the same thing, I feel it’s time to relate with my own.

    I knew I shouldn’t be driving but I had to get home. I had trouble keeping focused on the center divider. Just then there was a green/orange blob thing that lit up the top half of the windshield. It took up most of my attention, and because I was inebriated it was too hard to keep the car on the right side of the road and keep track of it at the same time.

    I decided it was a sign from God not to drive, so I pulled the car over and got out. That’s when it vanished. Just then, a school-bus came sailing toward me crossing over the middle of the road. As it did, I could hear the screaming excitement from open windows as the many faces were all looking up where the UFO had been. I can still see that image in my mind’s eye.

    I know now that neither I nor that school-bus driver were paying any attention to the road at that moment and would have slammed into each other for sure. I can only think of how many lives were saved.

    Maybe it wasn’t a sign from God, or maybe it was. But either way I have decided to definitely cut back on drinking and driving. I hope this story touches others and helps people who may have serious decisions in their own lives to make. God is miraculous, let Him do His work in you!

    1. Sylvia says:

      Your story reminds me of Close Encounters of The Third Kind, you being Richard Dreyfus’ character, lol

    2. Sinim says:

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    3. Alili says:

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  57. lookingtothesky says:

    i cant say where i live.. but we were close to where it landed and seen like 6 black vechicles with no lights go to where it landed… i wanted to follow but my wife said no… it didnt look iright.. and to be honest this isnt the first time i see something like that

    1. p.whipped says:

      a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but your wife said no? you always do what your wife says, lol!

    2. Sylvia says:

      I read that it crashed in Vegas and minutes later five Air Force planes flew towards the crash

      1. Chris Fleming says:


  58. lookingtothesky says:

    all i can say is.. not everything the news says is true.. and yea this time i didnt follow.. bcuz seening 6 vechicles with no lights on all black didnt seem right.. and i already said enough… all i can say is.. always ask questions.. and never believe a goverment story of space junk or stars… the way that came down was no star or space junk.. it came at an angle and stil moved at a different direction… it didnt look right

    1. flooped his coop says:

      six black cars no lights. lol! the fraidy-cat tells a “men in black” story, just like the movies. no hold on reality that guy. no wonder his wife wears the pants in the family.

      1. Sylvia says:

        More like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, great movie

  59. Linda says:

    There has just been three 6.0 earthquakes back to back, New Zealand, Japan, and Cuba

    1. Yaser McJuwid says:

      add to that one in Alaska with less than 0.7 mile depth

      1. Linda says:

        Jeez, I’m starting to quake in my boots here in CA

  60. Chris Fleming says:

    Nice meteor with reverse thrusters changing direction.

    lies lies and more lies. as soon as the story comes out the disinformation agents are already commenting.. is this the blue kachina hopi prophesy coming true?? it speeds up slows down, changes directions… its dancing in the sky why dosn’t cbs post the video
    then all the sudden this? cover up anyone?

    1. paul says:

      this is a video of a real extra-terrestrial flying saucer!!!! [youtube

  61. Tony says:

    I have seen this “mystery light” before. One evening in September of ’06, I was leaving a buddy’s house in Fontana, CA when I look to the South and witnessed a light behaving in nearly the exact same manner as the one in this video. I called my buddy out to the yard, as well as his family, and the five of us watched as it flew in straight lines, in all directions, making sharp ninety degree turns and stopping in midair for seconds at a time. It was difficult to estimate its size, but it was close enough to see that the entire time it was very clearly engulfed in flame, a “fireball” if you will. After some time flying around like this, it began to drop burning pieces off of itself that fell toward the ground, then it appeared to fly away and disappeared.

    One year later, within about a week of the date of the original sighting, I was leaving the SAME HOUSE and witnessed it again, with the same family. All five of us watched it behave in almost exactly the same way. I can’t stress enough the coincidence of these two events.

    Around Christmas of the following year I saw a news report very similar to the one above in which footage was shown from the helicopter patrol ship of a San Diego area police department (I can’t remember exactly which one) that recorded the same thing on their FLIR. “Experts” commented that it could have been anything from a amateur hot air balloon made from a candle and a plastic bag, to a small aircraft with a fuel leak.


    I’m left to believe that all of these sightings are of the same source, or closely related. Obviously enough, I don’t think anyone would disagree that this does not fly like ANY kind of aerospace technology that I’ve ever heard of. Especially not while engulfed in flame! Clearly this could be something completely unknown to the public, but as an active duty Air Force aviator, I like to think I’m no stranger to most aircraft and their general characteristics. This was something entirely other, it could not possibly have been any kind of rotary or fixed wing aircraft, nor was it behaving in a way that would suggest any sort of meteor or falling satellite.

    For years I’ve been telling this story, constantly wondering and periodically searching the internet for similar sightings. I’m once again left empty-handed, right along with everyone else wishing to know just what this thing is.

  62. tim greer says:

    ok, last nite i seen a object falling from the sky damn maybe @7:48 pm. but trip that’s not the 1st time i seen something like this in both times i was driving with no ”f”ing phone. anyway just wondering if anybody else seen the multi-color object moving faster then anything known to man.

  63. jorge says:

    dunno if a UFO but definitely not a meteor, it was moving left-right-left-right… meteors go in only one direction.

    i think the blue and orange is blue- and red-shift from velocity differences… so with that info could determine it to be traveling in circles and at a very high rate of speed (only way to get blue- and red-shift is high velocity).

    u see this alot in astronomy when u look at nebulas with different colors: blue shades coming toward us, red shades moving away from us.

  64. j says:

    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland.
    This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    If DoJ and DoD employees where more concerned with doing their jobs than enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes, then there might have been more a chance that 9/11 had never happened.
    Since I have been placing these comments my dog was poisoned to death, a stolen car was run into the front of my house, gang members are harrassing me, I get death threats, BB guns are being shot at my car when I drive, my car is being tampered with, money and jewelry has been stolen out of my house and these corrupt DOD employees are using torture as a punishment.

    1. Laura says:

      I believe you, I wish I could tell you why but…you know

    2. Alex Storm says:

      is that you ROB ?

  65. Alex Storm says:

    Wow, do all on-the-scene reporters dress like they are going clubbing after they get off work ? Cool.

    1. joe says:

      She is smokin’!!!

  66. Tom Walter says:

    I Wish Those Little Mexican Brats Would ‘Wish’ Them & Their Illegal Parents Back To Mexico.

  67. Jerzey Boy says:

    It was just Obama’s rating falling, get used to it.

  68. freecheese says:

    It was nothing more than black helicopters escorting a U.S. flying saucer back to Area 51.
    Jerry Springer confirmed it, you idiots ! Don’t you watch Springer? No wonder you don’t know what’s going on.

  69. Roger the Alien says:

    Did anybody out there catch a photo of it, or maybe some video of it from any of your smartphone androids? I’m surprised not to see clips to go along with the story. Even if falling light lasted 10 or 15 seconds surely someone’s fingers are quick enough to render video.

  70. Pat Moore says:

    Here in Lake Elsinore it has been reported on channel 7 news this am that a mother & daughter saw the ball of light and that it disapeared by the Lake here in Lake Elsinore.. In
    Jan. 6th 2011 a similar light was seen in the dky only there were three lights. “The Trinity”??? Check it out!

    1. Bluesguitar777 says:

      I live right next to the lake and watched the entire thing happen. It didn’t come anywhere near Elsinore. Moron…

  71. nomercy55 says:


  72. Bigjohn4USA says:

    Me and my 18 year old son saw it 7:45-7:50 in Murrieta CA. The differences in the reporting times are interesting.

  73. The Kodan Armada says:

    If they are aliens maybe we can get gietner to ask them for a loan.

  74. Lee Brisbane Australia says:

    Amazing that the reports are so wide spread. If the Objects want to be seen they picked a populated area to be noticed. Im surprised there are’nt many photos. There is a VERY bright star near the moon tonight in Brisbane i cant remember seeing such a bright star.

  75. Mike says:

    We’ll never know, because it it Top Secret and the government doesn’t want us to know.

  76. Lisa K says:

    I saw it in Escondido, CA (north San Diego county) and it was to the east.

  77. Deeg Againdeeg says:

    Saw the streak of fire in Mesa Az. Cubscouts were outside being trained on color guard formation. Started out with flash of green and went to bright orange/yellow before fizzling out.

    1. Deeg Againdeeg says:

      Indeed, it was Obamas policies……. Burning up into a fireball. Unfortunately, that meteorite likely burned up and caused no harm. Obamas policies are devastating.
      More stimulus! First one was a bust, so do another.
      Who will be Obamas ‘Henry Morgenthau’, telling congress that they spent and spent to no avail and only leaving us with a ‘huge debt to boot’.
      We still have 15months of suffering thru Obama presidency.
      Whoever wins election needs to bring Herman Cain in as advisor. Bring in Newt! Two brilliant men.

      1. Pete says:

        OK, it’s not related to the meteorite/whatever, but I give your post a big THUMBS UP 🙂

        Herman Cain for VP would be good, but I still hope he wins. Paul Ryan is “out” – but Allen West said he may accept a VP spot if he was asked.

      2. Andy says:

        What a beautiful and viomng story! I am a donor as well and hope that I will be selected one day. God bless you.

  78. simian says:

    Why the government won’t just trust us with the information, I’ll never know. Where is that “transparency” Obama promised us? I saw this object, and it sure as heck wasn’t something falling. It was moving left and right, changing direction, and slowed as it went down. Why not just tell us? Life would take an interesting turn for all of us if we had to consider something outside ourselves.

  79. awaitingtheend says:

    Just a forward piece of Planet X. It is coming soon, look for major disturbances the closer we get to 9/26. Make peace with your neighbors.

  80. frank says:

    It was Obama’s job bill going on a fast tract to Washington.

  81. Bob Nelson says:

    As an astronomer who grew up as an amateur astronomer, I have seen literally tens of thousands of meteors. The above descriptions describe a “Fireball” often called a “Bolide” meteor.

    They can be large enough to subtend what appears to be a larger diameter due to the ionization they cause. It was primarily my observations as an amateur astronomer that made me somewhat expert on the sky. I know professional astronomers who do not know the constellations by sight at all, let alone what a Fireball meteor looks like.

  82. Hank Warren says:

    Fake UFOs, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  83. The Dude says:

    Sweet reporting. The picture you submit with your story is that which a 5 year old drew? Go back to J-School!

  84. GD says:

    I saw a dark brown streak in my underwear.

  85. Nutjob says:

    Goveemint covering up the 911 inside job with the UFOs that George Bush didnt want anyone to No about from oil money, as tower 5 couldnt burn cuz it’s metal rosie o donnel says so, she smart, you beleeve what govt tells you u sheep people and dont listen to smart people like me who No that big conspiracy illuminnati and ufo’s all round they cover up bigfoot also, and been bombarding our brain with strange signals as the immunize shots are really to control your brain and u beliebe whatever they tell u, becuz you dont know conspiracy, get smart like me, drooool.

  86. nomechifles says:

    It was Superman carrying a dead satellite to burry it on earth for the posterity. Don’t you people believe in Superman?

  87. MireyaAyala says:

    It was all of that HOPE & CHANGE that Obama promised. It was finally confronted with the real world, and such ambiguous and misleading campaign promises simply burned up in the atmosphere.

  88. Wilbur Mullins says:

    It sounded like a train. I run and got the kids out of the trailer and we headed out for walmart to get supllies and what not.

  89. Sgt. Schultz says:

    I saw NOTHING!! Col. Hogan, NOTHING!!

  90. Joe D says:

    And meteors dance around the sky? What the F. Stupid scientist guy.

  91. chemtrail monster says:

    it was a extra-terrestrial flying saucer that got H.A.A.R.P out of the sky by the military!!!

  92. JoeB3 says:

    It’s called an electric discharge. Comets and asteroids discharge the solar capacitor.

    also see James McCanney’s “Plasma Discharge Comet Model”

  93. Tom says:

    Another meteor or satellite explanation from the media and the scientists? Right. Neither fly with quick changes in diirection…last time I checked anyway. Use your common sense media people!

  94. GSH says:

    “Shooting stars” don’t travel that slowly, or change direction back and forth. Whatever that was, it wasn’t hurtling through the atmosphere.

  95. coy4one says:

    My friend in Houston, Texas at about 3:30 AM CDT took about 20+ pictures of what he thought was a UFO. It came across the sky and stopped for a long period of time in the sky. Changed shapes, went from one light to 3-4 lights and even looked like a cresent moon at one time. He said the duration of his picture taking while is was stationary was over 5 minutes. That does not sound like a fireball, meteor, space station, or anything else to me. I’ve seen the pictures and you have to look and thinkm hmmmmmmm…..

    1. coy4one says:

      Sorry….about 3:30 AM CDT on Wednesday morning on Sept 14, 2011

  96. Mag says:

    I saw this same thing last night around the same time and it was not falling from the sky, but caught some weird streaking like what they are showing here in the video.
    Mine was captured in Maine.

  97. Marc Dantonio says:

    The news report is actually very misleading in the imagery that they showed. They showed the object several times but then the reporter said of another video, “here is another, different view of it” and she was referencing someone who shot a video of a bright star or planet in the sky. It was not moving at all. Then they showed a photo that was a time exposure resulting in an orange streak. The photo was not that of a meteor. In the other videos, I saw a slightly moving object but couldnt really tell if it was a meteor. Even meteors that miss the Earth and are overtaking the Earth after midnight such as this sighting was, move faster than what I saw although the object COULD have been moving AWAY from the observers. A piece of reentering space debris would move at roughly the same speed but it would last longer and shed large chunks too.

    Chief Photo/Video Analyst

  98. Colt4DFive says:

    Super Grover finally had enough of Big Bird and Oscar.

  99. Aaron G says:

    I saw a green/blue light to the south of SLC, UT last night around 8:45 MTN time. Large looking falling star, but nothing spectacular

  100. sinister says:

    I recorded something similar on sept 6th in Montreal Quebec and septh 7th. other videos from aug 31th-sept 8th are on yt spotting ufos around the Montreal area and in Denver, there’s videos of fleets setting up camp or something. but yeah, there’s been ALOT of ufo activities in the last few weeks.

  101. Greg says:

    Well, whatever was in that video was no meteor moving back and forth like that, maybe something remote cotrolled. Sounds like two seperate events.

    1. V says:

      Yeah I’ve been reading two lights that moved left to right, up and down, and then stopping before dissappearing

  102. V says:

    Maybe a sattelite from another planet sent to study us

  103. joeH says:

    I used to see these things all the time when I lived in Las Vegas. The weird thing about them is they seem shoot in real quick and let slow to a stop before they go out. The “fireworks” description is pretty close. They seem to drip for a few seconds green the most prevelent color, but we’ve seen them multicolored as well. A few seconds after they stop they go out. Did see one once or twice that flared into a very small rainbow blotch and hung there for a few minutes. The Nevada test site once claimed they were testing flares or that was the story anyway. They’re very cool, and the first few times you see them it kinda makes the hair on the back of neck stand up. Kinda unreal, like one of those “that should not be there moments”. Remember, if you never look up, you’ll never see them.

  104. W says:

    Mayby a fragment of Elenin

  105. PFR says:

    I typed the info into my facebook account from my phone last night. (Addl note – it looked like it was travellign a southward course; if it was falling at the time instead of stay ing level, it would have been a southeastward course, since it’s not possible to judge distance.) As an astronomer and a mathematician, I wanted to post as much directional and timing information as possible, in order to calculate a crash site of any meteorites. Of course, if there were more than one, then the observations would need to be separated. Started yellowish-white and ended green right before breaking up – really looked like a horizontal bottle rocket.

    ‎19:47 MST just saw interesting firework or meteor heading S-wd to the W of SR51. Either someone got a firework to travel horizontally over quite a long dist, or very slow meteor – visual mag about -5 or less
    Broke up at end w/ greenish tint… Oh no, now the UFO nuts will be coming out of the woodwork. 🙂
    Turning onto 51 from 101, altitude about 30 deg, started just S of W and broke up and faded approx direct SW
    If anyone else in N valley noticed, please zsend obs details – if meteor, would like to estimate path & crash site if any meteorites

  106. sueinmi says:

    …psst…someone check Area 51…

  107. CDC says:

    Hey CBS new. Why don’t you ask one of your experts to comment on the videos and pictures sent in????????

    You give them the easy way out with the simple “fireball” excuse when in reality many of the pictures and videos look nothing like a “fireball”. Put them on the spot and ask them to comment on the videos YOU ASKED your viewers to send in!!!!

    C’mon CBS news, try being real reporters and ask tough questions…you guys are soft and letting your viewers down by not doing your job as reporters.

    1. Linda says:

      Maybe they’re all involved with it, whatever it is

    2. dude says:

      I have been seeing these things that have seemed to multiply. I saw 1 then a month later 3. In a year and a half I’ve been seeing this take over of our night sky AND WONDERED WHY IT FELT LIKE I WAS ALONE IN SEEING THESE THINGS & NOT SEEING IT PLASTERED ALL OV ER THE TV NEWS Channels?

      1. Robin says:

        No kidding!!! When I did call to report it I got a girl who said she didn’t know what to do about it…duh.

  108. CDC says:

    Yeah and your radio affiliates are not getting into this subject at all.

    When they do comment, they make the same old stupid jokes and move on to subjects your audience has less interest in

    What’s wrong CBS? Been told to keep quiet?

  109. Ric says:

    please stop your page from auto-reload – I have a slow connection and after 3 tries just gave up –

    1. Natalia says:

      God bless you and the two boys in your life. I’m on the registry and hope I can save a life one day!

  110. Linda says:

    could’ve been time travelers

  111. Diraphe says:

    It’s just a meteor, a really spectacular one but still just a meteor. Sounds like some of you city slickers need to get out more and away from all the light pollution they are more common than you would think ;P
    I’ve even witnessed a few where you could actually hear them sizzle as they burned up overhead.

  112. Linda says:

    There was another one tonight (Thurs. Sept. 15) at 7:15 p.m. in So. Ca.

  113. Kip Noxzema says:

    Meteors turn colors because they have the different minerals sometimes; just like how fireworks are made of the same minerals.

    Also, think of a hot coal in reverse. It starts out bright orange, goes red, cools some more to a dark red, and finally burns out. Reverse that as a meteor enters the atmosphere and gets hotter. Then it bursts sometimes because of all the pressure in front of it.

    There are two meteor showers going on, too. Enjoy one of those this week with your family in your yard.

  114. nraendowment says:

    Satellite break-up.

  115. Nunya says:

    The Director of the Griffith Observatory should be immediately fired. How poor at your profession do you need to be to NOT know that:

    A. Meteors that last that long in the atmosphere are never that dim. They light the landscape up like it’s high noon.
    B. Such meteors travel MUCH faster than what we’re seeing in this video.
    C. If you wish to argue that the meteor was coming toward the camera, you must still explain the low luminosity, as well as the MULTIPLE and clear changes in elevation and direction, all while still traveling much slower than a meteor, and in apparently soundless fashion, sans the usual multiple sonic booms that accompany such entries into the atmosphere by such a large object in free-fall.

    This man should be stripped of any credentials or positions that label him a scientist for sheer f**k-wittedness.



  116. ashley says:

    I am in casper wy and I saw it as looked like an orbiting light that changed colors every once in awhile. I don’t think it was a meteor because it went on for over an hour and never got lower

  117. Anurag says:

    The UFO sighting were : Arizona,Las Vegas, Phoenix, California etc. If you know then Area 51 (Close to Groom lake, Nevada) is not very far from these location. They might be doing some testing on new aircraft and they don’t want people to know about it. C’mon people think about it, why most of the time we see UFO’s only in U.S. is it the best place for Aliens to come for vacation.
    Military people dont want to say anything and they keep us in dark,, because whatever happens at Area 51 stays at Area 51.. Eventually we will forget it.

  118. chucky says:

    I live in Fontana CA and I seen a bright light in the sky and then it nstarted flashing fast and then it started shooting orange like flames out the bottom of it. My son seen the same thing last week. What is it? Its too bad we couldnt ask the government because they don’t do anything about the illegal aliens running around the U.S.

  119. Armando says:

    I live in Upland and I just saw about 6 red/orange lights rising from the southern horizon. I live near an airport so I first thought it was an airplane but they didn’t blink and they moved kinda weird. Other people had to have seen these things.

  120. mrmario says:

    and here it is two months later now and my partner and I see low flying satelites with bright red, white, blue/green lights posing as stars in our night sky nightly!!!

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  122. chimachine says:

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  123. Ray McCauley says:

    I saw some strange lights in the sky above Anaheim last night between 9:30pm and 10:15 pm at first I thought it was Disneyland but the clouds proved to me that the lights were above them I was wondering if anyone else saw them I captured about 30 sec of video

  124. eddie says:

    i was driving south of 405 tonight and i saw huge green light far south waving in sky

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