SAN DIEGO (CBS) — What’s big, green and smiling? The Gumby robber whose life of crime has come to an end.

Gumby and his accomplice surrendered to San Diego police Tuesday morning after media reports and tips led authorities to the suspects.

Media nationwide broadcast the surveillance tape showing the costumed bandit attempting to rob a clerk at a 7-Eleven in Rancho Penasquitos on Labor Day.

Watch The Surveillance Video

The tape shows the costumed bandit telling the clerk he is being robbed and reportedly demands a pack of cigarettes and cash. The flexible suspect then tried to pull out what he said was a gun from his costume.

Apparently flustered, Gumby dropped 27 cents  on the floor and left the convenience store empty-handed. The clerk thought the incident was a joke. He didn’t report the crime to police until his boss saw the footage hours later.

“It was clearly difficult to identify Gumby, but there was a clear shot of the accomplice,” said Detective Gary Hassen.

A $1,000 reward was offered through Crime Stoppers about information related to the attempted robbery.

“We found out through Crime Stoppers who Gumby’s accomplice was,” Hassen said.

Jason Giramma, 19, told police that he was the man seen in the video and identified Gumby as his friend, Jacob Kiss, also 19. The two men voluntarily agreed to meet with San Diego robbery detectives Tuesday, bringing the Gumby suit with them.

(credit: San Diego Police Department)

Kiss and Giramma admitted to the attempted robbery of the 7-Eleven, however they were not arrested.

“The case has now been handed over to the District Attorney’s office,” Hassen said.

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office has not said whether  they will file charges.

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  1. Luis says:

    What? And the other guy couldn’t be bothered to dress up as Pokey? Or one of the Blockheads?

  2. Erin Duncan says:

    I hope that the Gumby estate sues those blockheads.

  3. Jack Demps says:

    lol, OK so he is clearly not the brightest bulb in the pack lol.

  4. Alexander K says:

    Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed

  5. Anne says:

    Yeah, where’s Gumby’s poney pal Pokey???

  6. D_Va says:

    …And why were’nt they arrested???

  7. Rocky says:

    Gumby needs some gummy balls

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