LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will continue paying his ex-wife $225,000 a month in spousal support pending a trial in November, according to an agreement reached between their attorneys today with the help of a Los Angeles judge.

Judge Scott Gordon also ordered that Jamie McCourt sell all seven properties the couple shares, one of which has already been sold for $1.1 million. Attorney’s said that money will be placed in an escrow account.

“Frank McCourt ought to be paying support in the same amounts that he was paying before. There’s no change except Frank now has more money,” said Jamie McCourt’s attorney, Dennis Wasser.

Jamie’s McCourt’s defense argues that Frank McCourt has made $44 million since last June in addition to a recent $150 million load from Major League Baseball.

Jamie McCourt also wants her husband to pay $9.9 million in legal fees.

“Neither one of them are running out of money but when you compare the amount of money she
has to the amount of money he has. That’s the standard. And the amount of money he has is substantial,” Wasser said.

A non-jury trial will take place, beginning Nov. 17, to determine spousal support.

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Comments (8)
  1. Noam says:

    Sell the Dodgers and we dont want to hear about you or your wife anymore. Go dig a hole somewhere far and get in it and never get out!!!!

  2. hruthwulf says:

    Agree, sell the Dodgers (maybe the O’Malley’s will buy them back) so the McCourts can handle their divorce. I hope the attorneys get all their money!

  3. RICH says:

    if they are spliting the team prceeds or the amount it might sale for, then what does he need to pay her ANY spousal support for she will have enough money of her own GREEDY WITCH

  4. Marco says:

    OH MY LORD…….this poor lady has had to put seven of her properties on the market……Frank McCourt and ALL the Dodgers Fans should be ASHAMED of themselves for allowing this to happen.

    Shes already sold two. Poor lady….only five left that have to be sold.

    %&$#*% Crock O $%@& !!!!

  5. doc says:

    “she said she has had to put seven of her properties on the market and has already sold two of them to make ends meet.”

    OMG you mean the rich have to sell their assets too to make ends meet?????

    toooo baaaad, soooo saaaad….

  6. rich says:

    i do not get it divorce someone and still have to pay for their life style? i see it about the same as quiting a job because your not happy. does the boss at said job owe you money after you leave the whole concept of alamony is nuts

  7. ginny says:

    Cry me a river, I look at this couple and it almost makes me glad I’ll now ranking as part of the working poor. These people are just sick, greedy individuals.

  8. Cue up The Price Is Right music. Bum buh da da mewwwwwwww


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