LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Unified school district junked a plan Tuesday for an early start to the school year.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports the idea originally called for classes to begin in mid-August and and end by mid-June — which parents and officials both ultimately rejected.

While parents were upset primarily because their kids would likely be in class on very hot August days, they said the proposed schedule would also interfere with family vacation plans.

But Superintendent John Deasy said it’s all about the money.

“My worry is its financing and the instability of the school year’s budget,” he said.

Deasy wants to postpone the early start schedule for at least another year, while other district officials warn implementing the plan could cost as much as $4 million.

But beyond the economic cost, Deasy pointed to the educational benefit for students applying for early entry into college — a benefit that he said many schools have already utilized.

“Semester course work is done before the holiday break,” said Deasy.


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