STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Author Randy Gage visited the KCAL 9 studios Monday to talk the “Habits of Prosperous People.”

Gage is a former criminal who rose from a jail cell as a teen to become a self-made multi-millionaire. He has also written eight books.

10 Habits of Prosperous People

-Choose their desires, passions and thoughts. They mold the inner world of their mind and reconcile it to external things to develop a prosperity consciousness. It’s not about earning money, finishing projects, or acquiring things. It’s about rising above the turmoil and becoming your true nature – becoming prosperity.

-Live by universal law. They understand that every thought you have, statement you make, or act you perform will bring about a result in exact accordance with its nature. Loving thoughts produce harmonious conditions. Spiteful thoughts create discord and negative energy. It works that way all the time, with no exceptions.

-Practice affirmations to create a prosperity mindset. Once you create the right mindset, you attract the people, circumstances, and opportunities you need for abundance and prosperity. You literally change the way you think.

-Are committed to learning and working on themselves everyday, developing skills, collecting knowledge and most importantly, gaining wisdom.

-Are committed to earning for and bringing value to others. They understand all true prosperity is a value-for-value equation, so you must go out and create value for the people around you.

-Practice being thrifty and prudent. They spend wisely, save deliberately, and gradually expand their lifestyle as their growing means allow.

-Are independent thinkers. They don’t buy into the negative and erroneous beliefs around them. When they are told something is too difficult or not possible, they simply smile at the thought. They are not easily swayed by the cowardly cautions of the crowd.

-Are always expanding their vision of what is possible. Abundant people see opportunity. They never think something is too good to be true. They expect good things.

-Are dreamers. Instead of thinking about what is “realistic,” people with prosperity consciousness dream about what they really want in life. They imagine a better way, then work to make it so.

-Are always yearning for something better. Your desire for more causes you to become more.

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