NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A 25-year-old man arrested in connection with murder of a 43-year-old North Hollywood man was held on $1 million bail Sunday, police said.

The shooting occurred just before 1 a.m. Saturday in an apartment in the 7600 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, said Officer Karen Rayner of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Upon arrival, police found Rafael Flores Vaca suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, Rayner said.

Vaca was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

“One suspect, 25-year-old Caitan Arrequin, was initially detained attempting to escape from the perimeter,” Rayner said.

Police searched Arrequin’s home, and he was later arrested for the killing, Rayner said.

The two men apparently were neighbors, and Arrequin confronted Vaca over a party he was having, shooting him on a stairway landing, according to police.

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Comments (30)
  1. Arod says:

    Hummm…wonder if he thinks it was worth it now while sitting in jail.

  2. pedro says:

    that’s what you get for being 43 years old, and partying like a stupid teen ager,

    1. DUMB^ss says:

      Where did the article state they were partying like a teenager? Drunk and loud and being rude and ignorant. Why the age issue? What dose that have to do with any thing? It was two bafoons that were uncivilized to each other and those around them. One is jail and hopefully will stay there. The other is dead and society no longer should be bothered.

    2. Candy says:

      How stupid can you be seriously!???

    3. Karen says:

      Instead of killing him, he should have called the police but in LA, they never come over noise complaints. Someone should. Noise causes stress.

    4. pat says:

      If there was a neighbor hood watch this wouldn’t have happen and why are these stupid ass kids carrying guns!
      If theses stupid ass kids want to play with guns send them to Iraq and put in the front line give them a gun and have them start shooting.
      My nephew was a good man and loving single parent, those stupid ass kids must not have parents or they have NO control over them.

    5. William Levy says:

      To El Ignorante ymaricon de Pedro
      This is what also happens when a stupid teenage pretends to be old enough to kill people. Jail for life…. Sweet,,,, I love it!!!

  3. Alexander Medrick says:

    People have parties all the time, sensless killing. For Dan Senior Vaca is dead why drag his name around he is dead , wake up and learn to read the story.

  4. Jay says:

    Dan, really? Their status is relevant how? A man is dead and another apparently was cruel enough to perpetrate that. Why add more darkness on top of that?

  5. Ben IncaHutz says:


    Dan is a Tea Bagger which means knowing all the details of a story is simply too time consuming. Its better just to draw assumptions and conclusions based on someones name. Remember that while GW Bush was making up lies about WMD and getting us into two wars during his 8 yrs there wasnt a single Tea Bagger saying a word. Not a word.

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      Ben, you ignorant fool. Pick up your leaf blower and get back to work.

      1. m says:

        jewish shlt-bagger!!!!

  6. JB says:

    1 am in an apt. and your outside partying…..I’d want to shoot you too. I don’t understand people who think it’s cool to party loudly until 1 am when living in an apt……what if the other dude had kids or had to get up early?

    it’s insanely rude.

    but calling the cops would have been a bit easier. although sometimes they don’t show up for hours.

  7. Nita says:

    My cousin was a very responsible single dad raising his 3 children alone! 2 of them were not even his biological children! You stupid idiot how dare you assume something when you don’t know anything! PEDRO!

    1. Pedro says:

      Apartment = neighbor on the left, on the right, above, and below.
      Party at 1 am = upset neighbors, all it take is one guy with a gun.

      I rest my case.

      Remember to VOTE

      1. Nita says:

        It’s too bad that the article doesn’t state that the killer was having a party. Just remember that all facts are not reported and for a complete stranger to respond with such an ignorant comment just pours salt into the wounds of the grieving families.

      2. Karen says:

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there was a party. It was reported on by CBS. Puh-leez.

        I am so tired of this BS of loud music in people’s apartments.

        The police need to start coming.

  8. Nita says:

    FYI bam I don’t really understand what you’re insinuating but yes we were all born in the US, so were our parents, our grandparents, and some of our great grandparents FYI

  9. Spelling is Important says:

    People, please proof read before posting. Please spell check so we know what you are trying to say. Why is it the ones who bag the most on others are the uneducated ones?

    1. Spelling is important says:

      “Proofread” is one word.

      1. Spelling is Important says:

        it can be one word or two

  10. The Big Logic says:

    Conflict resolution within the ‘community’ of Third World, should be denizens.

  11. Marco says:

    I think you meant to say “Senor” not “Senior” when referring to the gentleman.

  12. Vix says:

    Nita, I am sorry for your loss. I met Ralph once and from what his sister has told me over the years, he was a good man. The people leaving some of these comments can’t see that he was a father, a brother, a cousin, an uncle and a friend. He did not deserve to be shot, and his family do not deserve to go through this.

  13. sheri says:

    I worked with Raf for over a year. I am speaking for myself and all of us here at Dynaroll who knew him, that he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family.

  14. Mary says:

    Why would anyone give up their life for the hatred or dislike of someone else???

  15. BuckwheatsMomma says:

    The fool that did the shooting is a low-life disgrace, and he is where he should be, locked up like the stupid animal he is!

    No person in their right mind would shoot someone over loud noise, no matter what race they are.

    These fools have guns and they will use them. This is why I stay as far away from these types as I can get!

    Pure low-life ignorance.

    Nothing else to say about it!

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