SANTA ANA (CBS) — A San Juan Capistrano man is behind bars Friday after allegedly assaulting his neighbor with a flashlight over a noisy generator during a blackout that left thousands of local homes without power.

Peter Quill, 45, is accused of hitting his neighbor, Anthony Morales, over the head with a flashlight after complaining about the loud hum of a generator he was using during the widespread power outage, authorities said.

Neighbors say Morales is a Los Angeles firefighter.

Quill reportedly confronted Morales on the 27800 block of Via Estancia shortly before 11 p.m. on Thursday and asked that he turn off the generator due to the excessive noise, said Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino.

When Morales refused repeated requests, Quill then allegedly returned to Morales’ home with a flashlight and attempted to turn off the generator himself, said Amormino.

Morales was hospitalized with lacerations and a possible concussion, said Amormino.

Residents in Orange County used gas generators to power their homes overnight during the outage that lasted through early Friday morning, according to officials.

Quill was booked into Men’s Central Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, Amormino said. He is being held on $25,000 bail.

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  1. Raymond says:

    I might suggest that Anthony Morales see about putting some Solar Panels and/or a Wind Turbine on his House to prevent a reoccurrance of this Incident. I might also suggest that Peter Quill “Grow Up!” Mr. Quill is probably lucky that Mr. Morales didn’t have a Gun to defend himself with!

    1. Costa Mesa resident says:

      Raymond, I wish Anthony Morales had a gun. Peter Quinn would deserve to have his brains blown out for what he did, trespassing on someone’s property and assaulting that person.

  2. David says:

    If any generator is too loud you know it is not a Honda.

  3. Crosscut says:

    The cheaper the generator the louder. Mine would wake the dead. But it gets the job done. It sure is a blessing during an outage to run a fan, t.v., make coffee and run the fridge. Where we live we don’t live on top of one another and noise ain’t a problem. No homeowner should be without one.

  4. TheschoolofAustrianeconomicsolution says:

    Get all the pot pies and frozen pizzas outta the freezer and deep freezer, and have a major feast. Turn that quiet running hidden and sound proofed gen on after a couple of days and make tons of ice and watch TV too. Then get armed and get a family member to load up a wheel barrow with bags of ice and go around the block selling ice to the highest bidder. Anything less of a Prez than Ben Franklin is sheet out of luck. When the power comes back on, take your earnings and get the hell out of that rotten state overrun by illegals and commies.

    1. billybob4 says:

      ….he shoulda been Prez then again, he was kinda gay. Anything less than the equivalent of 100 federal reserve notes. If they offer gold or silver(real money), follow them home and rob them.

  5. bubs says:

    I armed myself then started my generator, then freshened my water storage contianers. They said the outage would last for days. My generator was off before 9 but I don’t think anyone enjoyed the noide up to that point… With Quill it would have been a case if he would have gotten off my property when told to do so or if he tried to kill me with the light and invade my home. I would not want to kill him but if he had forced the situation & attacked me with a weapon I would have no choice but to protect myself and family. I do not want to shoot anyone for anyreason, I know this for a fact. So I hopr I am never but into a possition where it comes done to me or them……

  6. Mike Allen says:

    They are noisy as fk, I would assault him too.

    1. Gary Gilkerson says:

      and you be a dead mofo too

  7. Duh says:

    I didn’t mind the noise, it was the nasty a$$ diesel smell coming in my windows.

  8. retiredat44 says:

    I agree,, they are too noisy, the noise we have to live with here in California is insanely high! we don’t want or need any more noise… people that don’t enjoy quiet are nutjobs… we finally got a couple hours peace and the with things to make noise ruin the peace…

  9. David Walterman says:

    Beat his arse! With the same flashlight, then use the generator to administer electric shocks to his genitals until he begs for mercy!

  10. Justan American says:

    “Can’t we all just get a long?”

    Noise ordinances are still in effect even if there is a power shortage.

    There is no exception written in to it.

    The Public employee apparently thought hat being a privileged member of the government sector he was above the law.

    First thing he told the police was probably that he had a badge.

    1. Rodney King says:

      You respect Rodney, Justan?

    2. Costa Mesa resident says:

      Justan American, I’d like to club you on the head with a flashlight!

  11. Rick O'Shea says:

    So let me get this straight. A man goes to someone elses property, attacks him and then walks away. You people out in California sure have odd behaior because if that occured here in Texas the generator owner would have to call the meat wagon as well as the cops.

  12. Bobby Ray says:

    I have a generator and use it when power is out and under Georgia’s Castle Law, I can and will legally shoot any SOB who tries to turn it off, or any SOB who attempts to hit me with a flashlight or anything else. You libs are going to learn that some of us don’t care that you are offended and if you make an aggressive attempt to let us know that while you are on our property, it will be the last dam thing you ever do. Come on down to Georgia, Florida, or better yet, try it in Texas and see how far you get.

  13. Indy says:

    That’s it!
    We need to do gooders to ban flashlights.

  14. James Woods says:

    This is an example of what will happen if outages like this are extended.

    Some people have a liberal mentality of planning for emergencys. They think that if they stock away food, have a generator, etc… that in time of trouble they will be prepared.

    Wrong, in time of trouble these people with the generators and the food will be robbed unless they are able to protect themselves with arms.

    Even arms may not help in areas of the country where firearms are prohibited by law-abiding citizens.

    The cost of a generator will out shadow that of a fridge full of spoiled food. I could quickly see where the guy with the flashlight (deadly weapon) was coming from.

    Imagine the power being out, you live in california so the weather isn’t like it would be in alaska, and what else can you do but get some quiet time and you have some random piece of otherwise heavy equipment running.

    I wouldn’t take the same path he did but unless the area was designated a disaster area I do not see how ordinances would not be in effect.

  15. Tony says:

    As a Sherriff officer I can tell you that generators are allowed to run and complaints should be called into our office. Neighbors don’t have a right to be lawless, trespass and assault other neighbors. You get arrested for doing those forms of “crimes”. Also if a neighbor is on your property assaulting you with a weapon you have a right to use any form of protection to keep yourself safe and unharmed. The arrested party should have asked the victim to turn off the generator and then called law enforcement, period. Now he is facing up to five years of jail time for aggravated felonious assault with a deadly weapon and criminal trespassing. The perpetrators family could be required to move if the victim files a restraining order with any nominal boundaries. This is not a game of Redneck Rampage. The perpetrator is probably in county lockup now with a few huge cellmates, all called Bubba getting his first lessons in jail romance rituals. The law of logical consequences is never forgiving. Be kind to your neighbors or meet Bubba.

    1. Costa Mesa resident says:

      Tony, thank you so much for your post, you’re the only one that spoke sense. I really am sick of people like Conservative Redneck who defend that cretin.

      1. Briggs and Stratton says:

        Costa Mesa, it is obvious you are hated in your own neighborhood. In an actual emergency nobody will come to your aid. Congratulations.

        “As a Sherriff officer I can tell you that generators are allowed to run and complaints should be called into our office.”

        All night long? Everywhere? Welcome to modern law enforcement – can’t even get a simple concept straight. How do you spell Sheriff, Tony?

      2. Costa Mesa resident says:

        Briggs and Stratton, maybe I should move in next door to you so I could make your life miserable.

    2. Michael D Baudry says:

      I do not call the police,,, nor do I whine to a lawyer. I have 3 generators, I share with my family/friends when needed. My main toy, yes toy, is a 2cyl model 1927 Lister diesel,,,, EARTH SHAKING is a under statement. My second is a ETQ 5kw diesel, noisy but great runnung. The most used is a KIPOR 1000ti. Just right for my needs, most of the time. Emergencies happen here often, so being prepared is a way of life.

    3. daniel says:

      You are a “Sherriff?” ha ha yah sure. even crazier is somebody like Costa Mesa believes you. Guess he has the same education as you.

      1. Costa Mesa resident says:

        Daniel, go have sex with your mother.

  16. warden says:

    I think you are all missing the point. We must enact some sort of legislation that requires citizens to obtain a background check and permit to carry such flashlights. Those things are dangerous and only created out of such heavy materials so that you can assault and possibly maim someone. This story proves that there is no situation in which government bureaucrats should not intercede and limit the personal liberties of it’s subjects, thus making life safer for all and paving a way to a new utopia.

    1. Bobby Ray says:

      I applied for my conceled carry permit for my five cell flash light today. I hope I pass the background check. I know i”ll have to register it and if it is ever used in a crime that I will go to jail. But all honest citizens should not care about having to get a permit and go through a background check if they are on the up and up huh? I mean, what’s the beef? All gun owners have to do it and it’s just an extension of the same way of thinking to apply it to flash lights. Dang. Next thing you know, you’ll have to register your tire tool because some guy used it to pry open a window and enter his neighbors house. But, hey. We have freedom in this country because our government is taking care of us. Boy. I sure am glad for my government always looking out for me and my freedom.

      1. Sally2times says:

        Hey Bobby Ray, do you have to apply for a permit for that freedom thing? What happens if you can’t pass the back ground check for that?

  17. stan says:

    The neighbor was being a jerk for complaining about a generator. Problem is one never knows how long the temoprary outage will last.

  18. tiredrider says:

    Temperature when this occurred was probably about 60 degrees. Not familiar with that street but residential is normally very quiet. That generator probably sounded like a trash truck stuck in soft sand. That said; MANY O.C. citizens are spoiled children who know nothing of reality. Police calls for service include “Barbeque smoke disturbing the peace”, “Swimming Pool Pump disturbing the peace”, “Wind Chimes disturbing the peace” and my favorite, “Tennis Court Lights disturbing the peace”. Check it out, these were all real calls for service. Have fun in La La Land.

  19. Claimjumper says:

    This isn’t the end of this story. I wonder what will happen the NEXT time there is a power outage?

    I wonder how many other similar incidents occurred that weren’t reported. Moral of this story is “if you have a generator & others don’t they will get mad & want what you have.

  20. John says:

    I recently met Peter Quill at a 2 day class and he is a very nice guy and there is certainly more to the story here. You armchair judges have apperantly forgotten the most obvious point and instead talking about generators and food and walking down stairs.

    THE MOST OBVIOUS POINT IS THAT QUILL GOT INTO AN ALTERCATION WITH A FIREFIGHTER. That is like getting into a fight with a cop. Of course he was arrested and the fireman cried victim.

    I don’t know anymore of this story that what this site says, but hey, that puts me in the same situation as you nitwits. Even if I hadn’t have met Quill I still would have keyed on the fact that a firefighter wouldn’t be arrested in an altercation with a citizen. Cops and Firefighters look out for each other and lie for each other.

  21. Biffster says:

    Generator guy should have put a couple rounds between the eyes of fleshlight guy.

  22. Todd Cool says:

    no kidding, the courts ought to use this simple prick as an example, and prosecute to fullest extent of the law. For crying out loud, the neighbor that is complaining should be used as an example, and have the book thrown at him. People need to grow up, like this jerk off complaining, what he couldn’t take a drink to take the edge off and simply goto bed. He had to confront this man about his generator. Why is this even a case. Hey man complaining, grow up, by some ear plugs and got o hell to sleeo

  23. Ed P says:

    I’m not condoning his actions, but did the neighbor really have to run his generator at 11PM? The fridge would not warm up overnight if he shut it down. Sounds like they both need a lesson in manners.

    1. robert says:

      For several hours after the OUTAGE, there was NO concrete estimate of when the POWER would be back on! I have a generator and I’ll run it stay up to date on TV and stay cool! It was 103 in SD.

    2. max frisson says:

      I live in Louisiana, storms take out power here frequently so virtually every one has a generator. During Irene we lost power at 6AM on Saturday. Ours kicked on and I made coffee and read the newspaper. It’s a LP powered marine industrial 8KW on a 2 foot tall concrete block, it will power a couple of houses and it’s just a dull hum. Short of one of those big units on a trailer, I’ve never heard one loud enough to be of any notable bother. So I wonder it there aren’t other issues with these two neighbors.

    3. Ghost says:

      Ed P…..You’re an IDIOT

    4. Charlie Harper says:

      Actually, you have a good point. Good neighbors work with one another.

  24. joe says:

    Happy 9/11 Mr. Firefighter…bang!!!

  25. Mr.Morals not MORALES says:

    I think Morales is an ILLEGAL operating an ILLEGAL generator obtained by ILLEGAL means, and that gas it was running on was ILLEGALLY siphoned from a World War II veteran who was recently denied medical care at the local VA, thanks OBAMA!!@

  26. MM says:

    After hurricane Ike came through Houston, there were generators running all over my neighborhood day and night for two weeks. The temps were in the 90s – even at night, and the humidity was 90% plus with all the water on the ground / flooding. You had to sleep under a fan or sleep in a pool of sweat. Those who had generators shared our electricity with our neighors.

    In Texas, if you come onto someone’s property at night and attack them, you better be packin’ more than a flashlight.

  27. Carlo says:

    People who run these noisy-ass generators non-stop are selfish idiots — plain and simple. Go get a motel room if you can’t hack the power-off situation. No reason to torture your neighbors. They’re few and far between, but they’re very much disgusting and beyond a nuisance.

    Selfish, noisy, oblivious creeps with not a shred of consideration for their fellow man.

    1. Your Neighbor says:

      Hey Julio,
      Remember, most hotels and hotels are on the same municipal power grid as homes, and usually without generators themselves. Or didn’t they teach that at Tijuana Tech?

    2. Texasbil says:

      Once again a bunch of liberals trying to tell someone else how to run their lives. This would never happen in Texas If it did the fellow with the flashlight would have risked being shot. If and when I run my generator is my business and has nothing to do with manners.

    3. MarkBench says:

      Right, so attack your neighbor with blunt instruments.

    4. Ghost says:

      Carlo….You’re an IDIOT

  28. Battle Cat says:

    I have 2 generators…and a locked curtilage….you try to turn off my generator, you get a 7.62mm NATO 150gn FMJ in the chest.

  29. ert says:

    the thin veneer of civilization crumbles so fast and easy…

  30. Costa Mesa resident says:

    All you fascist Nazis who defend Peter Quill, you all need to be clubbed in the head with a flashlight as well!

  31. TillieTurtle says:

    I live in the area of Alabama that was hit by the tornadoes back in April. Nearly everyone in my neighborhood, including me, had a generator. some of which ran 24 hours. After the power came back on, it was too quiet.

  32. Sleepless says:

    I fully understand how someone could go after a noisy generator. No sleep, stress from the power outage, and endless noise can drive anyone crazy. My new neighbors have a fancy pull with 4 pumps that run 24/7 and I’ve not slept in weeks. I’m wondering how many jello packs it would take for the pumps to explode.

  33. Michael Gibson says:

    He should have seen his flashlight and raised him a .45.

  34. Rodney King says:

    How many buddies of Rodney King are here? Make yourselves known!

  35. Rodney King says:

    How many buddies of Rodney King are here? Make yourselves known! Let’s generate some excitement and some green jobs!

  36. Pilot.Dave says:

    There are 2 types of people commenting here.

    Those of us WIth generators because we are independent and shelled out cash to be prepared when the establishment failed to provide us (sell us) power,

    And those who are not independant and think this FIreFighter’s preparations to be ready to go to work well rested and clean are not warranted.

    1. FaceIt says:

      No, there is a third person, me..

      I run my generator long enough to maintain refrigeration. Period. A one or two day power outage hardly qualifies as a life or death emergency…unless your on oxygen…which is unlikely considering how loud you bray.

  37. Rodney King says:

    Am I the only one here trying to be a “generator” of green jobs? We need to get on the green jobs bandwagon and move toward a greener future. Let’s all join together on this! Who’s with me?

    1. Gunther says:

      Shut up, idiot!!

  38. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:

    One jerk is fat dumb and happy sitting in his nice Air condition House while
    his poor neighbor sweats his you know what off, open his windows to get fresh air and he cant sleep because of the FD&H guys Generator?
    The old type Generators are Loud as in Very Loud!
    The old type Generators are very high RPM motors and they scream!
    The New Generators are very Low RPM high Torque and are very quite!

    Bottom line they were both WRONG!

  39. sailordude says:

    He went whats known in So Cal as “Loco”. What other reason, when you attack someone that is your neighbor? Loco.

  40. AtTheRUbicon says:

    I just finished reading an article describing how Liberals are on a campaign to convince us that good is evil and evil is good, etc.

    And here on this very thread we watch Liberals taking the position against a guy who thought ahead and was prepared enough to the situation when it arose.

  41. 3rdworldMike says:

    A flashlight is a dangerous weapon, not a deadly weapon.

  42. Man on the Silver Mountain says:

    “Face It” and “Briggs and Stratton” said it right.

    Costa Mesa and Joe Marshall – you guys will be dead in the first three days when a real emergency actually strikes – either because you are so arrogant, ignorant and stupid that you will not have any idea how to get along without your lattes and air conditioning or because your neighbors will finally see an opportunity to rid the world of your sorry butts and blow your brains out. A TEMPORARY black-out is not an emergency – and if you think it is, no matter whether or not anybody knows how long it will last, you are pathetic. If you REALLY need electricity for your O2 generator, I suggest you plan for that NOW. You idiots haven’t got a clue what the hell you are talking about. Good luck when the SHTF for real. Buh bye.

    1. Costa Mesa resident says:

      Man on the Silver Mountain, if you ever came on my property to try to start a fight with me just for using my constitutional and legal right to take care of myself, that will be the last stupid mistake you make. You tea party extremists have this attitude that people like myself are not allowed to take care of ourselves whether it’s getting a government job that pays generous benefits, 9/11 victims applying for the Victims Compensation Fund or me using a generator when the power goes out. Hillbilly mountain people like yourself have dumbed down our society and have made the U.S. the most unpleasant nation in the world. Plus I feel threatened that people like you own guns. You are the reason why all guns should be outlawed. Plus your communities reek of urine and feces. You’re also a bunch of paranoid psychos capable of committing domestic terrorist acts in this country. It’s people like you that cause me to have no respect for this country.

    2. Costa Mesa resident says:

      Man on the Silver Mountain, I’m willing to bet you don’t even have a high-school diploma. People like you are dumb, stupid and ignorant. You probably live in a shack similar to that other hillbilly idiot that was constructing this hazardous wooden house in the mountains in which he ran afoul of authorities’ orders to take it down. Your shack is very likely not built to code and will very likely collapse on top of you when the Big One hits. When that happens, I will laugh at you and dance on your broken property.

  43. Diego Roswell says:

    Hey Quill, next time either bring a bigger flashlight or stay home, you whiney d-bag.

  44. Phil McKann says:

    Two A-holes meet, one winds up in the hospital and the other in jail. The wise neighbor would have burned their two houses down while they were predisposed.

  45. papercut says:

    I have a generator that makes no noise, I just feed it some plutonium every 20 years or so.And the neighbors glow in the dark so they don`t even need flashlights.

  46. DAX says:

    This Qull Guy Is An A-Hole I Hope He Gets Clocked A Few Times In Jaiil

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