LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Officials say that a fight over headphones is what led to two USC students being shot at a party being held near the campus.  Stephanie Abrams reports.

Labor day weekend is considered the last opportunity for USC students to party before midterms, but tonight the partying is over and students are on edge after two students were shot.

Police say the shooting happened early this morning at a party in a student-filled off campus apartment complex on the 1200 block of West 37th Street. They say the three suspects in the shootings were not invited guests and were not students. The suspects are still at-large.

Police explained that a student at the party noticed his Dr. Dre headphones were missing. He spotted a suspect with the headphones and confronted him.

Police say when the student’s friends stepped in to help, the suspect pulled out a small caliber handgun shooting both. Police say one bullet hit a female graduate student’s hand and then struck a USC junior in the chest. “The round she took to the finger slowed down the impact of the bullet entering the male victim’s chest and most likely saved his life,” said Captain Melissa Zak.

Both students underwent surgery and are in stable condition at California Hospital.

Police are adding security to the area until they locate the suspects. Officials say they have very good leads and good descriptions on all three. Police are confident they will make arrests in the near future.

Authorities are also advising students hosting parties this Labor Day weekend to be more watchful about their guest lists and to keep the door locked so random people can’t walk in — which is exactly, they say, what happened at the party Saturday night.

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  1. Nonya Business says:

    That area is NOT South Central. And, who said the suspects were black?
    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    1. Edwin says:

      The USC Trojan Newspaper says the suspect is a black male 18-35. The liberal mainstream media omits this fact and you remain an idiot.

    2. JOSE says:

      who else would try to murder 2 people over a set of headphone???

      1. Kurt says:

        A black thug???

    3. Jacquemeoff says:

      Why would suspect have to be black?? Maybe he was a medical student and stole.Dr. Dre’s headphones because he needed them for a class on heart bypass surgery and couldn’t afford his own? This Dr.Dre must be a great doctor is he like Dr.Phil or Dr.Oz??

    4. HMichaelH says:

      Well, I wonder what race the suspects might be? It might help in the search for and identification of these suspects.

    5. crow says:

      It was a black suspect. According to USC DPS:
      Suspect: Described by witnesses as an African American Male, 6′ 3″, 180 lbs., approximately 19-23 years old with protruding front teeth. The suspect was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, no shirt and dark pants. He also is described as having script writing on his chest area, shoulder to shoulder, with a cross and unknown tattoos on both biceps.

      1. FedUp Florida says:

        You can’t rig a ni66er, it’s already rigged.

      2. Hondacop says:

        “Suspect: Described by witnesses as an African American Male, 6′ 3″, 180 lbs., approximately 19-23 years old with protruding front teeth”

        Lock up your daughters!! Stymies’ grandson is on the loose!!

    6. John Chris says:

      “HEAD” phone not “haid”, no wonder the Chicoms are smarter than us.

    7. steelers01 says:

      You can always tell when the liberal media doen’t name a race that they were black, Hispanic, or arab. It’s what is now expected of them and is no longer a surprise.

    8. Bruce Brinkmann says:

      Right! If the shooting had been done by whites the article would have said so. Since there was no mention of the race then…….HMMMMM…..Let me guess

    9. Jakob Agaetis says:

      You mean the Dr. Dre headphones sold in ever Apple store in the world? I didn’t know Apple had a sign out front of each store saying “Blacks Only”.

      You’d think this website was ran by the KKK. Racists

      1. jnsesq says:

        Yeah, dat who it be “ran” by.

    10. Hollywood HIck says:

      I think the shame is on you for being such a politically correct moron.

    11. Beto says:

      Well guys. I am black. Please understand there is a difference between regular blacks and conservative blacks. This shooter must have been an Obama supporter hence a liberal. Do not paint all of us with the same brush….

      1. Disgusted says:

        You sound like a complete idiot. Technically, if you are black I would beg to differ that you are regular. Just like any person of any other race. You can’t pit regular against conservative. That makes no sense. If you said liberal vs. conservative than that would make sense. The shooter may have not had any political affiliation whatsoever. But, it is funny how people like to give associations based on race especially when they feel they have a point to prove or need to seperate themselves.

    12. George Buckner says:

      Beto. sorry for posters painting with a broad stroke. But, you have to admit, being a black conservative is certainly a minority. With that being said, welcome to reality.

      1. Disgusted says:

        Beng conservative DOES NOT equate to having a better perspective on reality.

    13. NOAMSAYN? says:

      This is actually a reply to BETO (Sep 5 @ 9:06 pm).

      Hey Beto, the difference between regular blacks and conservative blacks is that the USA has MILLIONS of regular blacks and only about 58 conservative blacks.

      1. Disgusted says:

        So we are now creating divisions within race? So, there are regular whites and conservative whites? Regular hispanics and conservative hispanics, etc.? WOW!!!!!!!!

    14. Al Schork says:

      Specifically DR DRE headphones !!!

    15. Beatdude says:

      IF they were black, they would have said so or had a picture! Don’t you know that by now? Obviously not black. Get a grip!

    16. jabusse says:

      spare me. USC stands for University in South Central. 99% of crime in the area is committed by blacks. The reason the article left it out was (1) bigots at CBS don’t want to offend and (2) why report the obvious.

    17. Lee says:

      If you don’t know the highly probably race of the suspects then you are a blind fool. Sure anything is possible, but these suspects race is highly predictable. Politically correct people are blind and ignorant of the world around them. Ask a PC person a simple question like who committed this crime, and he will be clueless. While everyone else easily sees the obvious answer, the PC person ignores the correct answer and says “I don’t know who could have done it, absolutely no idea.” You failed the real world common sense test PC liberals. You don’t know anything because you are blinded by your theoretical ideals. What’s the color of grass? Whats the color of the sky? I wouldn’t be surprised if a PC person says “Duh, I don’t know. It might be this or it might be that, I just don’t know” How do we fix the economy? “Duh, I don’t know. Maybe we’ll try this idea I read in a book and maybe we’ll try that idea I heard in class.” But PC liberals do not really know anything about the real world that is right in front of their ignorant faces, like enacting economic policies that have been proven to work outside a liberal-biased college classroom. They don’t know what race committed the crime in this story and they don’t know how to fix the economy, because they are idealogically blind fools. That’s just pure stupid. Wake up people. Look at the world around you. A non PC conservative-minded person is not so blind and ignorant. A non PC person can give you answers about the world around you, while the PC person can only wallow in dumb ignorance and say I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. Thank God there are not more PC liberals or nothing would get done, and this country would really be ruined. If you want to fix this country, vote out the PC liberals who can’t see or choose to ignore the obvious answers to be found by looking at the world around them.

      1. SOB1313 says:

        Couldn’t a said it better myself…

    18. jamal says:

      how much do you want to bet?

    19. Phil says:

      SUSPECT DESCRIPTION (provided by complainant):
      Suspect: Described by witnesses as an African American Male, 6′ 3″, 180 lbs., approximately 19-23 years old with protruding front teeth. The suspect was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, no shirt and dark pants. He also is described as having script writing on his chest area, shoulder to shoulder, with a cross and unknown tattoos on both biceps.

    20. Phil SC says:

      The complainant said he was black…
      SUSPECT DESCRIPTION (provided by complainant):
      Suspect: Described by witnesses as an African American Male, 6′ 3″, 180 lbs., approximately 19-23 years old with protruding front teeth. The suspect was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, no shirt and dark pants. He also is described as having script writing on his chest area, shoulder to shoulder, with a cross and unknown tattoos on both biceps.

    21. VANESSA says:


    22. Disgusted says:

      Really????? Funny, I am white and live in a big city and know plenty of other non-black people that live in big cities. Get your facts straight.

  2. Marco says:

    Did anyone call Dr. Dre to let him know?

    1. gary says:

      when the media, won’t release the color of suspects in a murder,
      that’s code: for 2 black males.
      if it were white or Asian suspects, they would just say so

  3. anon anon says:

    Trojan Jennifer is right…….. never drive past the LA Coliseum unless you need to go to the airport , oh the airport is in Inglewood …………………

    1. Ofailure says:

      The airport is NOT in Inglewatts, dummy. No excuse for your ignorance.

  4. Izel says:

    Just to be fair, being middle class, educated or with a usc degree does exempt anyone of personal flaws or commiting criminal activities. Has anyone heard of white collar crimes? Thank you!

    1. anon anon says:

      white collar crimes include “higher education crimes” such as Insider trading, illegal hedge funding, ponzi schemes

    2. smdh says:

      Izel, just to be fair, do not exempt them from crime…don’t you pay attention to the news, they have those parties, get drunk, date rape their students, the girls get pregnant and toss their babies out into dumpsters, don’t you listen to the news…smh Then those students get a job an that is when the white collared crimes are consider “low priority” thanks Tom for that part!!!! As for all the other mumbo jumbo uncle Tom is talking about that is just his opinion so don’t feel to sorry for him! Speaking from someone that has lived in a mile radius of USC all her life 34yrs!!

    3. Forgery is a FELONY! says:

    4. me says:

      “White collar crimes” Oh you mean “Crimes that sort of takes brains” rather than shooting someone over a set of Dr. Dre headphones, over being “dissed”, or for wearing the wrong color doo rag?

      1. JOSE says:

        dat wha im talkin bout willis

    5. HMichaelH says:

      If you “…dont want nobody to have guns.,” does that mean you want everyone to have guns? (Look up the grammatical explanation for double negatives, you moron!)

    6. White Cracker says:

      Why does it have to be a “White Collar” Racist!!!

    7. RA0725 says:

      White Collar Crime would be like:

      Giving huge amounts of taxpayer funds and userping federal bankruptcy laws and the rights of investors to give a union controlling interest in a major corporation in return for large donations to a political fund. Right?

    8. montavious says:

      Yes I agree, and if you need proof just Google “Walter Williams” articles for some eye-opening statistics. The numbers will blow you away.

  5. Our Brightest says:

    Ahhh… the future elite of our country…

    Looks like that THUG criminal culture POSTER they have of that hooded gang-like-member POINTING a GUN at you, in their dorm room there… CAME TO LIFE.

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for anyone who supports, loves, glorifies criminality, thuggerism and then cries about when it rears it ugly head.

    Luckily no one was killed but if you live by the sword…

    Even if you use gang-associated products like Dr. Dre’s Beats overpriced junk (yes, amazing that today, gang bangers have million dollar making products), its bound to attract just that sort of violence, that culture. It’s tied to that regardless of what you think, its by association.

    And whats up with that USC Security/Police… I mean they are EVERYWHERE around USC and they weren’t around on this one? I really thought they had their stuff together. Very odd.

    1. Tiffany says:

      No @smdh, actually it is you that is very odd. You and your kind a a freak show to most Amerians and you ghetto language really shows who you are.

    2. Our Brightest says:

      I love it when they defend the wrong!

      Using spelling like “azz” and getting all thug on me…

      Your kind proves me right everytime. EVERY… TIME.

      I must of hit a what I call a ‘truth-nerve’.

      Continue on your path.

    3. White Cracker says:

      She, he, or it? SMDH, Shut up! Our Brightest I will vote for you! I hope your in the Tea Party like me!

      1. Our Brightest says:

        Funny! No White Cracker! I’m not in the Tea Party but have lived amongst this krapp for way to long to know them like the back of my hand.

        They always deflect responsibility, love to live the life but when it the grimster comes a knocking, they’re all like “waaaaahhh mamaaa! get me out of here!”

        Such is thug-life.

    4. George Buckner says:

      smdh : You might have more credibility if you could spell. The correct usage is
      you’re and don’t say it was a typo. Silly me, it’s not YOUR grammar, it’s YOUR thought process.

  6. Mexilangeles Resident says:

    Yet they hang gangsta rap posters with violent imagery in their dorm rooms and listen to hardcore thug hip hop… they bam… and they run crying back to mommy and daddee.


      Welcome to our http://www.NewNation.org

      It’s for the children.

      1. Ben says:


  7. SokNoo Ramos says:

    Unreal. Wat a bunch of animals.


    if you listen to rap/hip-hop music, your inviting the boogeyman whether you like it or not!!

    1. JOSE says:

      dont insult music by calling rap music plz

      1. White Cracker says:

        Hahaha! Word up! Music and rap in the same sentence? Not!

  9. xxx says:

    The real blissful ignorance comes from idiots like yourself who go through life with their heads in the sand.

    1. JOSE says:


  10. moose lyme says:

    get over it whitey,and just apply for your minority benefits. and it was dumb whitey who voted for this trash from mayor to pres

    1. White Cracker says:

      Huh? Did you say something? Dude I hope you dont represent USC?

      1. George Buckner says:

        probably an honor student

    2. SmarterBecauseIStayedInSchool says:

      Was that even English?!

      Dumb ghetto trash didn’t even finish middle school, I’ll bet.

  11. Dominic Carabello says:

    Sorry GENIUS…it wasnt a ghetto back when USC was founded!! Packing up & moving a huge university is NOT an option & police usually do a great job at keeping the area relatively safe. The stupidity comes in students not using CAUTION…

    1. White Cracker says:

      Yea, leaving those black and latino’s of the invite list!

    2. greybeard3 says:

      Actually, USC could have VERY easily moved to a safer location. Pepperdine University used to be located in the Vermont Knolls section of South Central LA, but chose to move to Malibu in the 1960’s specifically because of crime and urban decay.

  12. Ryan Mouk says:

    Let me guess. The shooters were ghetto fabulous, or at least thought they were, and they were “disrespected” by those kids which made them “represent” with guns because they were to cowardly to use their mouth or fists. Cowardly gang-banging maggots.

  13. Zipperhead says:

    Well as long as there was a good reason, I guess it’s alright.

  14. SdM says:

    Ignorance and apathy are symptoms of the decline and fall of a once great nation. Its over. Education is a joke.

  15. Ken says:

    Ah, good old minorities. I don’t take my kids to the zoo, but sometimes when I’m alone, I like to drive by all the brown animals to watch them kill each other.

    1. Micheal says:

      OMG really dude, see it is people like you that god spoke of in the bible, burn in hell.

    2. White Cracker says:

      I hope I dont burn w/you! Damn, that was funny!

    3. HansJurgen says:

      I’m sure Charles Darwin is smiling in his grave as the Darwin’s Theory is once again proven that some of us just haven’t evolved much past apes.

    4. "ghost buster" lol says:

      your just a: “cheesy white maggot, shlt-bag ghost”!!!!

  16. David says:

    My God, it’s 2011 — haven’t we all figured out by now that race and culture have absolutely NOTHING to do with these sorts of incidents? For all we know the perpetrators could easily be Jewish guys from Westwood or Vietnamese girls from Santa Ana. Who knows, maybe it was three Amish kids from Iowa who just happened to show up at the party and wanted to cause trouble. But there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to think that the three bad guys here were black or hispanic thugs. Right?

    1. Iowa_Amish says:

      Yes, it very well could be Amish kids from Iowa. In fact, that’s the most likely explaination. Go with that.

      1. White Cracker says:

        If it would be Amish, wouldnt they have homemade wooden guns? Dont they make there own tools to kill with! (wooden guns and wooden bullets?)

      2. Jacquemeoff says:

        Another case solved! I bet it was Rumspringa!!!

      3. Scott Martin says:

        Amish anarchists riling against technology – I go bezerk when I see headphones, but Dr. Dre’s is like a liberal seeing Glen Beck at an event in a NYC park. DOWN with electricity!!!

      4. chas says:

        Amish guns have an orange triangle on them.

    2. steelers01 says:

      Sorry sport but since it IS 2011, we know better. We have watched the animals far too long to not recognize their antics. Race and culture have EVERYTHING to do with and sadly, that will never change. It may be time to put the rabid dogs down!

      1. ol' cracker says:

        Wholly correct steeler01.Separation from this vile ” gibbs me dat ” parasitical race is the only answer.

      2. Disgusted says:

        Let’s start with you first.

    3. Bulls Balls says:

      What world do you live in, talk about ignorant.

      1. Scott Martin says:

        Think that was sarcasm dude…here – (sarc) – does that help?

    4. Kurt says:

      You’re an idiot. Race has EVERYTHING to do with this type of crime because blacks are the ones who will willingly murder someone for something as insignificant as a pair of headphones.

      1. Disgusted says:

        Correction Kurt. Only stupid people commit these types of crimes over something insignificant. Black and white. I’ve heard of blacks doing it for material things (this and other incidents) and whites doing it for nothing at all (Jared Laughner, Casey Anthony) and vice versa. These people don’t represent the whole race they are all individuals.

  17. Edwin says:

    The USC Trojan Newspaper says the suspect is a black male 18-35. The liberal mainstream media omits this fact. Just thought you would like to know.

    1. JOSE says:


    2. joeshmoe says:

      I’m not stirring the pot but I am a police officer and I personally have given local news agencies descriptions of suspects including race/skin color. One guy was dark with dreadlocks!!. I get home watch the local news or read the paper the next day and I see ” The suspect is described as a male 5’10” 200 lb blue jeans red shirt” They purposely leave out race color or anything that would make you think he was black. If it’s a white suspect the say white male with buzz cut. So yes this is fact!

      1. White Cracker says:

        I live in Louisiana and the local paper does the same thing… Why even print such stupity? It is a disservice to the public not letting us know the RACE of the individual!!!!

  18. smashicus says:

    Thanks for adding to the entertainment.

  19. stevefraser says:

    iI prefer Sennheisers.

    1. PHD says:

      Indeed… Only a stupid black would kill somebody over such horrible sounding headphones as Dr Dre’s.

  20. tom in toronto says:

    The cops shouldn’t have a problem tracking down the shooter and friends. I mean how far could three Amish guys get in a horse and buggy?

    1. George Buckner says:

      now that was funny

  21. slob says:

    they aree always black wake up!! you bleeding heart fool!!!!!!!!

  22. snicker says:

    Being black is beautiful???????????? I would be ashamed of being black or hispanic, oh but they blame whitey ha ha, lets face the facts affirmative action hasn’t got um out of the hole they have been in? Poor black/hispanic people… lets call it like it is their trash!!!!!!! stop the political correct BS.

    1. White Cracker says:

      Now you did it! LA is now going to have a RIOT because of you! Meany!

  23. Morey Ladini says:

    Please, will some more liberals here post how there is no apparent difference in people’s minds between VIOLENT STREET CRIME vs. FINANCIAL WHITE COLOR CRIME?

  24. Jacquemeoff says:

    You never hear of people getting shot in Wyoming over a pair of Brad Paisley headphones!!!

    1. White Cracker says:

      OHHHHHHH no u di-nt!

    2. George Buckner says:

      In fact, you don’t hear of many people being shot in Wyoming over anything. Wonder why? hmmmmm. Something to ponder.

      1. Disgusted says:

        Nah…they just kill people with their cars (vehicular manslaughter) and call it a day.

  25. Jesse James Ettebe says:

    Those are the same bloody headphones, someone stole right off my brothers head a few months back.

  26. White Cracker says:

    I dont think you can say that word unless your black… Are u black? If not please erase!!!

  27. PCP Smoker says:

    USC, University of South Central! Imagine paying top dollars to attend a medium rate school in the heart of the ghetto.

  28. Roger Dodger says:

    The sad part in all of this is that Dr. Dre headphones really aren’t that great in terms of audio purity. They are very dark and bottomy with very cloudy highs. Most high end studios don’t own these unless they are requested. They are $20 cans sold for $200.

  29. freecheese says:

    Seeeeeeeee ! Givz a white kid a gun and dis iz whuts you gits

    1. Tyrone says:

      White kid?…..its USC, surrounded by a cesspool of brown and black. Gives Yale a good run for its money on being in a BAD neighborhood. But at least, unlike the liberal Yale attitude, USC actually is aware of their surroundings and hires lots of security and police. Yale is just in denial.

  30. nowswimback says:

    Obama’s peeps showing us their “culture.”

  31. Walt Kaiser says:

    Stephanie Abrams reports, isn’t she the weather channel chick?

  32. walter12 says:

    The sad truth, and everybody does know this truth, is that the blacks and Mexicans in LA are completely insane. They will kill someone for a pair of shoes or whatnot. They are out of their minds and vicious. Only a fool or a death wish person would voluntarily live in LA today. But wait, it will be ok, the big one is coming.

  33. THE TRUTH says:

    Let me quess
    Suspects description
    Black male 16 -25 years old
    thin build / shaved head
    falling baggy pants with underwear showing
    gold front teeth
    black pants
    black hoodie
    low i/q
    long criminal history/short time served
    fake gold chains

  34. john says:

    3 guys walkin and just steal whatever they find attractive.
    Typical minoriites. whatelse do people expect from punks like this?

  35. Really People says:

    All of theses little blurbs here and there are intended by the media to distract us… To keep us unaware of the real issues… Bickering amoungst ourselves we lose sight of the significant. Does it matter what race shot what race, no. Open your eyes see past the interference. Come on people

  36. evefromeden says:

    What a bunch of loser maggot “students.” Just another batch of lowlife drunks. All should be expelled.

  37. Eric Olsen says:

    I’m just going to say it: black people being black. Seriously, white people, we did this to ourselves, bringing them over here in the first place. Shame on us. But at this point, hundreds of years later, it’s time for some damn civil responsibility. I am appalled at the lack of character and education of these mongrels. Who the heck shoots someone over a pair of headphones??!! Don’t these imbeciles know this type of black on black violence only perpetuates the stereotypes and cycles? Obviously not, because I’m sure they wouldn’t even know the definition of “perpetuate”. Go ahead, call me a “hater”, call me “racist”. But I’ll tell you what., I am a hater. I’m sick of this country being brought to its knees but senseless acts of crime and thuggery such as this. Whenever senseless crimes seem to happen, generally it’s black people involved. Take a look at the flash mobs across the country – BLACKS. It is sickening. You don’t want to live here and follow the guidance of the law? It’s fine – leave. The majority of this country doesn’t want you here anyway. /steps off soapbox/

    1. Truth Monger says:

      For the last time………WE did not bring them over here – they were brought over here by BLACK slave traders. Their own race sold them out to make a buck. Let them kill each other off as payback. Sooner or later the news media will get tired of retelling the same stories every week, and then these incidents will carry as much importance as a Tuesday luncheon at the local garden club.

      1. HansJurgen says:

        Yes, even their own people in Africa didn’t want them. And you wonder why. Name any country that is dominantly black and you’ll see a country that is killing each other, raping, burning, looting, pumpin’ out babies to starve, …. They themselves are fueling the fire of racial hatred by their own behavior. Charles Darwin was right – some of us just haven’t evolved much past apes.

      2. Disgusted says:

        Really??? I am white and honestly say that most Africans were brought here against their own will. It shames me that some white people act as though we are totally civilized when the truth is we’ve stolen land killed millions in the process. Your comments make me a shamed to be white. I read the news all the time and see plenty of crimes all over the country being committed by White, Black, Hispanic and Asian. Until you all come to terms that this land belongs to many, not just whites and stop acting like you are the only entitled, nothing is going to change. I often wonder if racist, whether White, Black, Hispanic or Asian really have an underlying issue truly within their own lives and try to displace the blame in order not to point their finger at the man in the mirror. Get a life people! We are all in this together whether you like it our not. Also, none of us have a right to tell anyone to go back to any country. If that is the case then I guess we need to pack up as well and head back to Europe. Oh yeah, for the idiot who said, “Whenever sensless crimes seem to happen, generally it’s black people involved”. Really??? Can you really say that with a straight face? Look around. Casey Anthony, Jared Laugner….shall I go on? My point is, stop trying to blame everything on one race when it is all races commiting crimes. I cannot ignore it just because I am white. I am not racist as I have everything in life to be happy about. Maybe you need to find your own happiness and stop with all the hate.

  38. Lou Ann Watson says:

    well, this is just a taste of what lord maubama is bringing to our society. better arm yourself for the big,bad summer and his defeat in 2012 got my ar, ruger and browning welll stocked for the new welfare elimination party.

  39. Charles Chimpout says:

    Yo! Gibs me dem haidfones muhfugga befo ize cap u azz an sheeeit!

    1. jnsesq says:

      no whut am sayin’, yo?

  40. theJackal says:

    Kinig-knogs shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. They have absolutely ZERO control over theri emotions. Friggin’ animals they are.

  41. Pedro says:

    You gotta love blacks. They go to parties uninvited to rob the homeowners, plain and simple. This is no surprise that they shot someone when they got caught. I went to a wedding reception and they tried to crash that. They had to call the cops to get them out of there when they pushed the for-hire DJ off his stand to play that beautiful jungle music. Hahaha. You think I am a racist? Well, when a black face accounts for 80% of violent crime, I don’t want to be around those people without a firearm. Do you know how we all know they were black? they didn’t say the race. It’s a black99% of the time when they don’t give the descriptions. I would like the thank the media for hiding this just in case someone else encounters these brain dead morons. We wouldn’t want the NAACP to be offended by the truth or anything, pricks.

    1. Disgusted says:

      NOT true. Normally, in the news when they are describing the suspect, if he is white they don’t mention the race. I love how you lump all blacks into one category. I am white and know plenty of blacks and hispanics that are more civilized than some whites. Whenever I see racist comments like yours, I just have to laugh and pray for you. You must be very unhappy with your life. My friends (yes black and hispanic) would run circles around you and the other racist on posting here with their intelligence and social status.

  42. Jon Liebowitz says:

    He made the right move…Dr Dre BeatsAudio headphones are the best, and worth killing over. I use them with my TouchPad and if anyone took them they would have to die.

    1. jnsesq says:

      Spoken like a typical white Jewish thug,oy. 😉

  43. Sir johnny rotten says:

    This is why, Africa will never be able to have a democratic goverment . as soon as someone gets something nice they kill each other and slaughter. This is why our President that is from Kenya cant manage our govt.

  44. JM in San Diego CA says:

    I was amazed, 30 years ago, to listen to my new police scanner and hear the reports from the dispatcher to the cops on the street.

    Almost all the perpetrators were described as either black or brown — Negro or Hispanic. Say whatever you want about racism. Nothing can ever change the words that came out of that little speaker.

    The PC weenies at CBS News think they’re doing good by excluding certain racial details. They’re pretending we don’t already have a good idea. What fools!

    1. Conrad McCowy says:

      Why were you amazed? Are you a slow learner?

  45. Guess Who says:

    Go NewNation.org

    Could this be anything other than niq q ers?

  46. Ken Drift says:

    What is the description of the assailants? What if people in the area could help, yet cannot cause…there is no description of the assailants. Why?

  47. NH Voter says:

    Jim Crow had it right. End all poverty programs and starve them out.

  48. BLU BALLS says:

    Race relations suck in this America. Race was on the back burner, since Obamanation arrived on the scene relations are non-existant. Blacks have got a free pass on race hate crimes, which 100% conform to. Obama is a racist just check out his past friends, Opps forgot that only white folk have ability to be racists.

  49. Redistributes says:

    Dey just be redistibutes the wealths like da man Barry Obama say be good.

  50. Boots says:

    I wonder what model they were after?I have Solo HD and the ear bud… I don’t live in the slum, tho..

  51. Ace Walker says:

    When will we wake up and see that the 1865 Lincoln plan failed? Why are we allowing even 1 black to live in our civilization? Does everyone finally understand why the South was so opposed to the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s. The South is being proven right daily!

    1. Disgusted says:

      You are a complete IDIOT!!!!!! You make me ashamed to be white. Your society???? What have you ersonally done to be able to claim this as YOUR society? You think being white gives you entitlement? You are a disgrace! Their are many hard working people of all races. I bet you are so unhappy with your pathetic little life and blame everyone else but yourself.

  52. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Why can’t you racists admit that the real killer here is global warming? Clearly this would have not happened if cap n trade had been enacted. I demand climate justice.

  53. Lilly says:

    The modern day Black culture is condusive to crime and social failure. Not all Blacks adopt that culture. Diversity race doctrines instill an attitude of victimhood, race pride and race hate. It is time for that garbage to go just as the doctrines of segregation have gone. The socialists have done race hate for power thing this forever – first with whites then with blacks. People stop cooperating with them.

    1. ol' cracker says:

      Lilly the self-hating liberal!

    2. Disgusted says:

      Funny…why is it when you make a true statement you are called a liberal? I am a moderate, maybe a little more conservative and see the truth in your comment. Thanks Lilly. The sad thing is people are too stupid to see who is really pulling their strings.

  54. phillip.mckann says:

    Now, now, let’s not judge too harshly. These weren’t any ordinary headphones, the were Dr. Dre headphones.

  55. White and PROUD! says:

    Suspect was a Black male….USC paper has the balls to identify the piece of garbage’s sorry ass. I hope they find this $hit head.


  56. A.C. says:

    “Who says they were black??”

    This report does…by NOT saying they were white. Anyone with a brain stem knows that this is how the press works in situations like this. Believe me, if this was a white kid from Minnesota, Texas, or, God forbid…ALASKA, you would hear about it.

    Lib reporters are always VERY careful about reporting on “Brown People Behaving Badly”. Nice to see so many people are onto this long-standing media scam.

  57. no says:

    Those are really sh***** headphones. They’re not worth arguing over, much less killing.

  58. Concernedcitizen says:

    Watch any large town U.S.A. 11Pm news for 5 minutes and you will see:
    Man shot, woman shot, vandalized property, gang-related, etc and 99% of the time the stars of the show are African.


    Government playing daddy with welfare and other Maxine Waters give-aways.
    Black America is out of control and no one says a thing.

  59. Obeserver On The Hill says:

    reading all these comments it’s obvious the election of Obama took care of the racist thing

  60. Banderman says:

    Sounds about right.

  61. Scott Martin says:

    That will teach those kids to join a frat…then they can control who comes to their parties (and gets good grades, college degrees, jobs, etc.). Oops, I just described how the “man” keeps us down.

  62. averagegroid says:

    They be killin’ in stereo for a stereo boyee. Just kickin it yall… donst aks me nuttin bout no glcok yall wonst be no problims

  63. HoldenMcGroyn says:

    The suspect is a black male between the ages of 18 and 25, Sgt. Smith said. He was shirtless and wearing blue jeans when he fled the scene, according to CNS.

  64. Tom Walter says:

    North American Ground Apes? Most Likely.

  65. m says:

    Jeez, most of you folks are pathetic. Granted the facts are the facts, at least one suspect is Black, but the narrow minded thinking makes all Blacks criminals instead of each person being looked upon individually. Persons of any ethnicity, culture, race, nationality and religion are able to commit crimes from small/petty to heinous. I dislike reading story comments because there will always be those who love to play the race card by pointing the racial finger. Those writers are comfortably deluded and/or ignorant. I continue to read the story comments because in all of the narrow visions, there is at least one written from an intelligent point of view.

  66. Diggers says:

    Numb Diggers will kill you for a pair of shoes, a necklace, headphones, or looking at them “”wrong”.

    Well Numb Diggers, you ever hear of “legal” concealed carry? Careful who you hood rats point your little cap gun at.

  67. Awe Geeze says:

    Birthday party, picnic, 2nd grade graduation ceremony, game of checkers, funeral, …….who else would whip out guns and blast away?
    Oh that’s right…blacks do.
    Is it any wonder humans hate living near you?

    1. Disgusted says:

      Nope Awe Geeze…humans hate living by racist ignorant people like you. I am white and intelligent enough not to blame a whole race on one individuals crime or stupid decision. When Jared Laughner killed all those people in Arizona, for nothing, I didn’t blame all whites.

  68. natb1 says:

    yea…any one drawing breath could quess ethnicity here, just like when I hear, “suspect charged with serial molesting & killing children”, I figure white male Late 30s to early 60s.

    1. Dave LOL says:

      You have to realize 38% Euro suffer
      from mental illness

  69. alter says:

    USC was founded a by Methodist horticulturist, Irish Catholic former-Governor, and a German Jewish banker. The area was obviously really nice at the time in 1880. You can thank affirmative action, public housing etc. getting pushed up from the Inglewood area right up to MLK Boulevard and beyond. Before affirmative action/ public housing Inglewood was a really nice German community as well. When aa began to take over the Inglewood community the Germans moved out. Remember the first part of the name “Ingle” is German.
    BTY Martin Luther King was a courageous man whom I respect. And he was a Republican. I wish some of the people in South LA would have the same respect.

  70. Pat says:

    Value of a set of over rated head phones $
    Value of life= priceless $$$$

  71. Pat says:

    I don’t understand how you can tell
    One set of Dr Dre headphones apart from
    How can you be sure that guy didn’t have his own?

  72. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    2 days ago r iverside the usual 3 blacks beat a kid over his bicyle steaking as always, ,it’s always 3 blacks, see 3 blacks 8-88 call 911.

  73. alter says:

    USC was founded a by Methodist horticulturist, Irish Catholic former-Governor, and a German Jewish banker. The area was obviously really nice at the time in 1880. You can thank affirmative action, public housing etc. getting pushed up from the Inglewood area right up to MLK Boulevard and beyond. Before affirmative action/ public housing Inglewood was a really nice German community as well. When aa began to take over the Inglewood community the Germans moved out. Remember the first part of the name “Ingle” is German.

  74. global regulatory specialists says:

    I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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