LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There may be high drama in Washington over the nation’s economic future, but local football fans on Thursday warned the president against going into overtime during his address to the nation.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports revelers at a Hooters restaurant in Hollywood are ready for some football next Thursday.

“He shouldn’t be messing with football, that’s for sure,” said one man.

Some patrons even vowed to start drinking during the pregame show before the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints square off in the NFL season debut.

“I would watch it and listen to his speech before the game,” another fan said. “I believe his speech is going to be longer than an hour.”

But with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks just around the corner, a wave of patriotism could very well wash over the suds-soaked sports bar.

Or not.

“As patriotic as most people are — especially now, this time of year, the tenth-year anniversary of Sept. 11 — and his jobs program, which a lot of people have been waiting for, I would imagine that some people would watch the beginning of his speech,” one man predicted.

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  1. Dennis in WV says:

    Before Obama left for vacation in 2010 he said he’d give us his jobs plan when he returned from Martha’s Vineyard.

    Before Obama left for vacation in 2011 he said he’d give us his jobs plan when he returned from Martha’s Vineyard.

    You can’t make this $%^ up.

  2. sfitz says:

    Just another summer rerun…bla..bla..bla..

  3. Richy Hicken says:

    The best thing Obama could to do create jobs is to resign as President.

  4. Ben says:

    Who let him off Marthas Vineyard? The country was safe and secure for a whole 10 days. He comes back to town and America is once again divided. Give me a statesman now!

  5. Lihansen1 says:

    Why didn’t he announce it before he took his family on their most recent taxpayer paid vacation?

    He was asked to.

    I don’t think they should cancel the opener. Let people decide for themselves which they want to watch and tape the other.

  6. Jim says:

    Ummmm… Wake up… Do you realize that his policies encourage businesses to outsource to India. That might be your Democratic priority, but it’s not mine.

  7. AfriSynergy says:

    It’s not going to matter, football or the jobs plan because you will likely be witnessing a hurricane tearing up the east coast on Thursday of next week.

  8. SockRayBlue says:

    Who wants to watch him make another political speech? Beside that he lies…just watch his mouth move….he’s lying again. Watch football you’ll get more out of it and be able to sleep at night.

  9. 747 says:

    Amazing how similar these comments all read. Almost like the same 5 people are commenting over and over. Nah, no way!

  10. Mark in St. Louis, MO says:

    No need to tune into B. Hussein Obama’s “job speech.” It iwll be the same old stuff from a Communist Democrat – more Government spending (of taxpayer money) that it doens’t have; class warfare; higher taxes; “free” health care for everyone, green jobs (which the companies are going belly-up after given Government (taxpayer) funding, this is a crisis and we need to fix NOW, more stimulus (taxpayer dollars), which this time it will be more that $q triilion since the last stimulus wasn’t enough, etc. etc, etc.

    January 20 ,2013 the end of on big ERROR!

  11. Bucko says:

    What does “patriotism” have to do with listening to yet another hollow, obnoxious, cozening, platitude-riddled speech from the self-fixated Windbag-in-Chief?

    Surely you jest, CBS Los Angeles.

  12. hihoze says:

    Blah, blah, blah or Rah, rah, rah….not a hard choice.

  13. Will Malven says:

    The Bamster’s “clever” little ploy backfired on him big-time.

    He thought he could bully Boehner and the Republicans to accommodate his petty plans to disrupt previously scheduled debate with this POLITICAL speech. We know what he is going to say, the same old worn out things he’s been saying since day one.

    Every time he says he will present “specifics,” he has presented generalities. What, is this the third or fourth time he has promised to “focus on jobs?” If the speech was as important as he professes, then he should have given it BEFORE he went on his little 10 day vacation.

    When this narcissist says something is “important,” he means important to his ego. Remember the “urgent” stimulus bill that had to be passed immediately so he could WAIT THREE DAYS TO SIGN IT at a politically propitious occasion?

    He thought he could bully the Republican, he failed. He thought he would win the PR war over their rejection, he failed. He thought he could give his speech opposite the NFL season opener, he failed. This is a President in the dying throes of a failed administration making a desperate play for sympathy and attention.

    BTW, productivity was down for the third straight month. The last time that happened was in 1979 . . . can you say Jimmy Carter redux?

  14. Wake Up says:

    NOW HEAR THIS! He does NOT have to give this speech in front of the Congress. This is NOT the State of the Union. He could give this speech today or tomorrow in the Oval Office, where in essence in should be given. He does not have to wait until Congress is back, this is purely political posturing on his part.

    Coincidence that he tried for Sept. 7th when the first Republican debate takes place? I don’t think so!

    Betcha his lecture is going to blame Congress on the economic woes. PLEASE remember he had control of the Senate and CONGRESS for TWO years and watched as the economy continued it’s downhill spiral. Back then he was all about blaming Bush

  15. Jorge Kostanza says:

    After this tool of the fed reserve bankers is voted out, another tool controlled by the fed reserve bankers will take his place. Perhaps his job speech will be about creating the citizen army because the boogymen brown people are hiding all over to get you. Of course they may need to round you up too just in case you have been talking with the enemy…

  16. Kent says:

    Great – I hope football fans have to look at old purple lips for the entire first half – Obama’s approval numbers will drop another five points – he-he.

  17. Jim says:

    Are you people talking about NFL games, each of which lasts three hours, with the ball actually being in motion for an average of 12 minutes per game, and the rest of the time filled with talking heads and commercials? Grow up.

  18. Dale C Scott says:

    Hey, Barry Soetoro —– As you begin your “groundbreaking” jobs speech on the 8th, be sure to give one of your “shout outs” to NFL fans everywhere. It will surely calm the reastless natives and be oh, so, presidential . Once again, Mr. President, you and your ilk give the distinct impression that NO ONE, including you and your advisors, has any inkling as to what the Hell you are doing. Your minions are in a depth WAY over their heads and you are trying to grab the spotlight to merely say “Present” once again. So self indulging and really quite pathetic. A pundit recently stated that you are either delusional or provincially arrogant. At this juncture, I am disinclined to object to his conclusion.

  19. fthomascain says:

    His job plan will be more money for union pension funds and more SPENDING for non existent “shovel ready jobs” that he will call “Investing” WITH MONEY WE WILL BORROW FROM CHINA. This incompetent boob has no plan except to keep funding welfare and growing public sector jobs and entitlement programs and getting himself re-elected. He has never stopped campaigning and is more the “FUND RAISER IN CHEIF” than president or commander in chief!

  20. fthomascain says:

    Anyone that believes this totally incompetent empty suit has a plan to stimulate the economy- is dumber than those that still support him and believe he is qualified to do so!

  21. Major Beatdown says:

    Baracky OCarter doesn’t have a “jobs plan”. He can’t. He is the reason businesses WON”T hire. They will get taxed out of business. They will have punitive National Socialist Democrat heath care bills to pay for. This pretender IS the reason unemploymet is CONSTANTLY going up! I wouldn’t hire a soul, knowing this socialist is bent on destroying my business.
    All hail Barack The Destroyer! Destroyer of liberalism, socialism, marxism and communism. We ain’t gonna pay fer it no mo’!

  22. sheilaL says:

    Obama always schedules his sleep inducing speeches during important events so he will get his drones to watch him. Most people who were duped or who had white guilt and voted for him in 08 – have hopefully made the intellectual determination that he was “All hat and no cattle”. The most unqualified man to ever hold the office and he proves it every day. Hi s policies have all failed and he has indebted this nation more than all the presidents that preceded him-including the man he blames everything on (GW)-when he is not blaming the tsunami, earthquake, ARAB SPRING, or whatever else he can blame for his incompetence!!!

  23. Frederick Cian says:

    The only job plan he could come up with that would cause the economy to rebound – would be for him to announce he is not running for re-election. The economy would take off like 2006 if he did!!!!

  24. Maria-Erlinda Martinez says:

    In full-fledged socialism –to fulfill Marx’s dictum (“From each [forcefully, of course], according to his abilities [and assets, of course]; to each [rationed, of course], according to his needs [as the government sees fit, of course]”…or, as Obama says, “…spreading the wealth around…”)– the government MUST own ALL the ways and ALL the means of ALL the production and ALL the distribution of ALL goods and ALL services in society, so that the government becomes the only proprietor and employer.

    In that half-backed form of socialism called fascism (read FA Hayek’s short essay “Nazi Socialism”, within the crystal-clear understanding that National Socialism, i.e., ” Nationalsozialismus”, is just Hitler’s version of Mussolini’s fascism) the government must co-own or at least control directly or indirectly –either for their boosting or for their busting– SELECT ways and SELECT means of SELECT production and SELECT distribution of SELECT goods and SELECT services in society, so that the government becomes both kingmaker and grim reaper in the private sector.

    Obama’s “job plan” has always been, it is and it will always be a mixture of, firstly, full-fledged socialism –e.g., the nationalization of the student-loan program, Freddy Mack, Fanny Mae, etc.—and, secondly, fascism –e.g., the government co-ownership of GM and Chrysler, and the patronage of “green” businesses, that, not by the way, but unavoidably, go bust, such as Solyndra, the solar –panel manufacturer in Fremont, Marxifornia (aka California) so much touted by Obama…that went bankrupt yesterday.

    So much for “family jobs”, “federal-family jobs”, that is; within the context that the Obama regimen refers to the government as “the federal family”.

  25. JoeKidd says:

    I was just thinking about next Thursday night, when the NFL season kicks-off with a dream match-up featuring the last two Super Bowl winners, and I wondered who’s gonna punt first??? My money’s on Obama. And it’s a lock.

  26. polishsniper says:


  27. MAC says:

    He should be more concerned about keeping his own job

  28. Jocksdontruletheworld says:

    Really? Jobs are not as important as meaningless pablum that is known as sports? NFL is more important?

    How dare the White House interrupt my kick off? Really?

    Do jocks run this country? Are jocks going to provide the USA with economic recoveries and plans to improve job growth rates?

    In the end of that NFL game, what did it all mean? You’re satisfied with final score numbers? Those numbers are more important and pressing than economic and job growth numbers?

    Utter idiocy.

    And Boehner encouraged that “how dare President Obama interrupt my game” a psychological game so that air headed sports fans would disrespect the President and set him aside as a society when we need all the attention on this pressing matter.

    So the Neanderthals tune out and tune into … NFL.

    There was a time, regardless of what party was in the White House where people would stop and listen THEN go about their things.

    Now, as a society we cry that the economy is bad and then we tune out and ignore a major speech on it. Sure, yeah, oh ANOTHER speech, but there will solutions in it.

    And at this point we need ANY solutions regardless if you don’t like President Obama.

    Fools, FOOLS.

  29. John says:

    During a football game will insure the 10 negro families that were going to watch won’t be !

  30. jhoger says:

    “Keynesianism” is about as intutive as it gets. Austrian School/ Lassaiz Faire/Libertarianism is for the lazy and weak minded that can only fit one simple theory into their heads: Deregulate and Pray.
    Sorry, we tried your broken theory. It is EXACTLY why we are where we are today. Clinton and Bush deregulated the investment banks. Bush let his regulators browse pr0n instead of keeping an eye on the mortgage industry. And so, here we are.
    There’s nothing more straightforward to understand than the idea that when consumer confidence/demand is low, generally due to high unemployment, that businesses won’t hire. With me so far? Businesses won’t hire if they don’t foresee sufficient demand for their good/service to demand extra staff. When they see that demand, then they do.
    But it’s a vicious cycle: as long as consumer confidence is low, and businesses don’t hire, we’re dead in the water. Enter the government: it can borrow and spend, do massive hiring and put a dent in the unemployment number, raising consumer confidence, and therefore demand, and higher employment follows.
    Really, this is no brain teaser.
    Further we could get no stronger signal as to the result of “doing nothing” than we have been getting since we have been force to forego further stimulus since the election of Scott Brown, and therefore filibuster power for Republicans. Our economy has stalled out. No new jobs. And doing more of doing nothing seems obviously unlikely to fix that. You of course advocate doing even less as a solution. Talk about “unintuitive” strategies.
    Thanks for the opportunity to spread the good word. I hope a few of the sharper students were able to follow along.

  31. Bobby Dias says:

    Quiet fools! Our God Obama is running for reelection. If any of your children ruin his chance to collect another 17 million in left over campaign money He will cast you into Hell.

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