LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There may be high drama in Washington over the nation’s economic future, but local football fans on Thursday warned the president against going into overtime during his address to the nation.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports revelers at a Hooters restaurant in Hollywood are ready for some football next Thursday.

“He shouldn’t be messing with football, that’s for sure,” said one man.

Some patrons even vowed to start drinking during the pregame show before the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints square off in the NFL season debut.

“I would watch it and listen to his speech before the game,” another fan said. “I believe his speech is going to be longer than an hour.”

But with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks just around the corner, a wave of patriotism could very well wash over the suds-soaked sports bar.

Or not.

“As patriotic as most people are — especially now, this time of year, the tenth-year anniversary of Sept. 11 — and his jobs program, which a lot of people have been waiting for, I would imagine that some people would watch the beginning of his speech,” one man predicted.

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  1. noneoff says:


    1. Teresa says:

      Learn how to spell!

  2. Quit Campaigning and Do You Job says:

    Or this clown could quit with all the hoopla and announce his jobs plan today instead of a week from now.

    1. J J Dewey says:

      He could make his announcement carried by all the media on any day he wishjes. He does not need the stage of both houses of Congress. How dumb is it to first schedule during the Republican debate and then move to an even more inconvenient time of the opening NFL?

    2. Teabag Smith says:

      “Laserlike focus on jobs, and by jobs I mean vacations.”

    3. mewp says:

      He does not even have a plan. they are still trying to come up with one. this was strictly a political move to irritate the Republicans and he is learning that the Speaker is the most powerful person in Washington. He should have read the Constitution.

  3. michael says:

    hey john, I would rather watch these jerksin the NFL than the incompetent jerk in the White House.

    1. AnneP says:

      Not to mention an overpaid incompetent jerk.

    2. Dave says:

      … an incompetant Muslim jerk at that…

  4. Nice says:

    I like how John Ashton had to specify which overpaid jerk he was talking about, out of fear most would assume he meant Owebama.

  5. Ostan Crider says:

    I don’t need to watch a speech to know that government can’t create jobs. I’ll sum it up for you.. More spending, bla bla bla, America’s greatness will never be questioned, bla bla bla, more spending, bla bla bla, it’s Bush’s fault.

    Vote for Peace in 2012,

    1. joe says:

      Yeah because Ron Paul will question Americas greatness.

      1. Klaus says:

        Forget Obama. Put Ron Paul on at halftime!

    2. John says:

      You did a very nice Obama impression
      Good Job!

    3. commie_shooter says:

      The left wing Communists that worship The Kenyan will never understand that government does not create jobs, it can only provide an environment in which businesses would want to hire. Government is their god and savior. If the federal government had stayed strictly constitutional most left wing communists couldn’t survive in the real world.

    4. Don August says:

      Ron Paul doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected! While he does have some good ideas, he is also a flake and you don’t know which one will show up!

      1. Dr. Rory Thompson says:

        What are you even talking about?

      2. tom s. says:

        Yeah and your voting for perry and his reorganized constitution since it wasn’t good enough for him and his texas millionaires ! We already tried ideas out of texas, it doesn’t work !

    5. Dave says:

      Well said! But you forgot to bla,bla,bla (slight baritone echo to keep all the obamatrons in their trance) bla bla bla (wait for the teleprompter to tell him what to say next)

  6. Johnny says:

    Some of us already have jobs and don’t really care about a stupid speech,

  7. ironchfofmunchies says:

    Obama could announce his plan anytime he wanted. He hardly needs a prime-time national speech before a joint session of Congress.

    Obama is a narcissist-this is all about his pathetic need for attention.

    1. Teabag Smith says:

      Maybe he’ll whip it out.

    2. jhoger says:

      If Republicans were compliant and standing ready to implement his plan, then you might have a point. Sadly, Republicans are deep into “austerity budgeting” which is GUARANTEED to KILL jobs. Think about it. Why are companies nor hiring? Because demand is low. Why is demand low? Because consumer confidence is low. Why is consumer confidence low? BECAUSE BUSINESSES AREN’T HIRING.
      Get it? The only way to break this vicious cycle is to increaase aggregate demand. Republicans have NO tools to do that. But macroeconomists have a solution: government spending (and borrowing). That money gets spent in the private economy. Government workers are part of the unemployment number. Direct hires, and contract hires will push that unemployment number down, increasing confidence. The government can be the source of demand of last resort. We need more investments in infrastructure, energy production, technology R&D, and education. Those are the keys to getting the engine going again.
      In the medium and long term we need deficit reduction. But deficit reduction is easier when the economy is experiencing solid growth.

      1. FD says:

        What school didn’t you go to??? I have listened to socialists idiots before, but jerk hogger(jhoger) you are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

        You forget to mention that paying unemployment helps the economy too. Obama’s plan to save the economy is to borrow more money, put the country further into debt, increase entitlements, and pick the winners and losers in the private sector. Why are businesses not hiring and holding money? Because they do not know what future regulations and taxes Obama is going to burden them with. Why is consumer confidence low? For the producers, is because we don’t know how much our taxes will go up to pay for more entitlements to the moochers and Obama supports.

      3. jhoger says:

        @FD – nice content-free post.
        When you have have no constructive, reasoned answer, just go ad-hominem on ’em!

        You’re a cop-out.

      4. jhoger says:

        @Alfred – “Because they do not know what future regulations and taxes Obama is going to burden them with.”
        Laughable conservative ideological nonsense.
        The regulatory burden is about the same as under Bush or Clinton. The difference is the downturn created by deregulation under Bush and Clinton.
        No business plan says “We’re only going to invest under Republican Presidents.” No real businessman hides under his bed worrying about the cost of compliance, while he’s competitors made of stronger stuff get out and compete.
        That’s how LOSERS act, not knowledgeable businessmen.

        Conservatism doesn’t give you an excuse to throw out everything we KNOW about business in America. Businesses hire when they see more demand for their product than their current staff can meet. It’s that simple.

        Imagine you put a dollar figure on all the overregulation, overtaxation, and whatever on Bill Gates, and set the figure at $500M, and the government wrote bill a check with an apology letter. Would Bill go out and hire ONE person?

        Nope. He’d throw it in the pile with the rest of the money he’s not spending right now. He has access to all the capital he needs to invest. But he only invests and hires when DEMAND indicates that he should. Why? Because he’s not a moron, and because he’s not a frightened conservative scared of capitalism hating Democrats under every bed. He goes out and competes under the rules as they are, since MANY businesses seem to be doing just fine following the rules. They could whine about them, as you conservatives are wont to do, but who would listen?

      5. Michael says:

        Keynesian, quasi-fascist idocy… looks like you were successfully indoctrinated by some two bit professor that would have made Mussolini proud.

        I had a Keynesian trickster who worked for the Fed teaching my macro class. I was clever enough to figure it out early and drop her ass for a professor that instead espouses Austrian School Economics principles.

        The thing about Keynesianism is it requires brainwashing techniques to program its victims minds with blatant lies and circular logic. Whereas Austrian School Economics is taught rather intuitively.

        Most colleges are not so lucky anymore, they’ve been infiltrated with Keynesians, and only Keynesians. And on the science side – global warming nuts.

    3. Tired of it all says:

      Maybe he’s going to blow up Congress. I think it would make a fine half-time show.

    4. Paul McCain says:

      He wants to give football fans a taste of what he has been doing to soap opera fans for over 2 years, constantly causing interruptions in their programming.

  8. Stop Planning and Start Doing says:

    Why wait a week to announce the job plan?? Why not do it today?!

    1. Jess says:

      I am not a fan of his but the date is September 8th, because Congress is not in session. He requested to address both the House and the Senate… Congress is in recess until September 7. Think any of those knuckleheads are gonna give up their vacation time? Please.

    2. Obama is an idiot says:

      Obama does not need to give a speech before both houses of congress to release his jobs plan
      He can just release the plan right now.

      Obama is playing politics, pure and simple

    3. steve says:

      He hasn’t come up with a plan yet. If he had one, we would have heard about it around 2 years ago.

    4. jhoger says:

      “Obama is playing politics, pure and simple”

      Newflash… Obama is a politician. It’s his job, his craft.

      Saying Obama is playing politics is like saying a chef is playing cooking.

    5. mewp says:

      I read tofay that they can’t even give talkign points because he hasn’t decided what he is going to say. Doesn’t sound like much of a plan. Tell hi to write it in ourline form and send itout.

    6. Maria-Erlinda Martinez says:

      He announced his “job plan” way back…when he lectured Joe the Plumber about “…spreading the wealth around…” and when rabidly announcing that –once in the White House– he would get fully engaged in “…fundamentally transforming the United States…”…to socialism, that is. In other words, Obommer’s plan was, is, and always will be more and more government “jobs”…at the expense of jobs in the private sector, that is, at the expense of true-wealth-producing jobs. Never, anywhere, ever, in history has government created wealth; government is just an entry in the accounts payable column of the accounting book of society. Government is a black-hole regarding wealth, which is created only by the free-enterprise, by the private sector. An announcement by Obummer that would create jobs –in avalanches– would be one announcing his and Biden’s resignations; then you would see America unleashed towards generalized prosperity and affluence, to a democratic free-entrepreneurism, leaving behind the full-fledged socialist and fascist (i.e., a facet of socialism) policies of the Obama regime.

    7. Paul McCain says:

      Why not today??? Why not before he left on vacation. It was obviously so important that he hated a one day delay, but was OK with a 10 day delay as long as it involved him playing golf.

    8. Greg Palis says:

      That is right it has been almost 3 years and has done nothing new for the pas t2 years. So what is going to be NEW. Show us instead of just talking.

  9. dave says:

    Like any of his other plans worked, these plans are doomed to fail just the same.

    NOBAMA 2012

  10. Lucifer says:

    Boy, I’m sure glad he finally got around to it!

  11. Disgruntled! says:

    Really?! How any speeches can he give on jobs? Stop talking already! Every time he comes on t.v. I change the channel!

    1. Bob Frapples says:

      He’s adept at using a teleprompter. One of the few things he’s good at.

      1. Candy says:

        He’s been working very hard at his golf game, maybe he’s good at that too.

        I say we vote to send him home next year so that he can perfect his golf game. Heck, he can even keep up his speechifying with his multiple teleprompters.

      2. alfred Hussein Neuman says:

        What that line that he uses that I love so much? Hmm, oh yeah, it’s “Present”. That’s a classic. And without a teleprompter.

      3. mewp says:

        I listened to his last outing. Not a planned speech, well, I guess it was it was on the teleprompter. He sounds like someone who it reading the material for the first time . He speaks in 3 word phrases. And he doesn’t end a sentence like it is the end, he ends it like it is just three more words. Next time you listen to him keep that in mind. It is really hilarious.

    2. JL says:

      And my 401(k) gets shrinks.

  12. Rayne says:

    Seriously? Obama has had all summer to deliver his plan, but made sure his vacation would not be disturbed. Give me a break…. He will give more lip service, but there is no real plan for jobs.

    1. Klaus says:

      I found the text of Obama’s upcoming speech:

      “All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. So they can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Obama administration not accomplishing their goal. But they got to get back to the real world at some point.”

    2. CaptainVictory says:

      @Klaus: I found the revised text of Obama’s upcoming speech:

      “All the people that were rooting on me to succeed, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. So they can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being sad about not only myself, but the Obama administration not accomplishing their goal. But they got to get back to the real world at some point.”

      1. Klaus says:


        You got that right, too. Fans on both sides of the stadium are ready to play ball, with him as the ball.

        Obama promising jobs is like Jerry Jones promising seats at his Super Bowl.

  13. Annonymoose says:

    in this day of 24 hour news channels, this needs to be on every channel why?

  14. mojoe says:

    Why doesn’t Obama have a football pre-game party and explain his ‘Jobs Speech’ to his 7 remaining supporters.

    Go Patriots!

    1. Klaus says:

      Let him deliver his speech in the stadium parking lot standing on the tailgate of one of his Chinese-made Chevy’s. With no security.

    2. CJ says:

      HAHAHA! I swear these are some of the funniest posts I’ve read about our dictator and chief. Made my night:)))

  15. Will says:

    If it was so dang important then why did he go on vacation for 10 days? NFL wins, and the President can wait until the game’s over.

  16. Conservativeguy says:

    Typical inept leader!

  17. Tom says:

    Laying out his plan doesn’t create any jobs. Reality, people!
    Just alot more hot air – we’ve heard it all before.

  18. phreetoz says:

    Speaking of overpaid wasting money, obama does. If people want to watch him, there’s many other networks that will carry it, i think NBC should axe him. Not like he’s gonna say anything new, he just blows hot air, and makes stupid comments from his teleprompters.

  19. Donna says:

    He has had 3 years to lay out a plan. Priorities yea…Where have Obama’s been. In case you forgot, Obama was to do a job’s speech last year after his return from the Martha’s Vineyards vacation in 2010.

  20. JaxGuy says:

    ANOTHER speech? Geez, I don’t see the last hundred or so ObamaTalks accomplishing much. Give me the NFL. At least there, you know there is going to be an end result.

  21. patriot says:

    I’m sure this jobs speech will have just as many good ideas and results as the one he gave last year after his Vineyard vaca!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Come on people, Obama is the worst president we have ever experienced as Americans. Time to move on.

  22. ScottieDont says:

    So, after almost 3 full years, and a consistently 9% unemployment rate (which factors to almost 19% in real-world numbers), we can expect that the messiah-in-chief will actualy come up with ANYTHING useful?

    Football is more important than any of the nothing this guy will have to say.

  23. Bob Frapples says:

    He already laid out a jobs initiative. If failed. This one will be no different. Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents in history.

  24. KOOCH says:

    O’Bozo has been in office for almost three years and he has destroyed jobs, not creating a single one, except maybe the 16,000 IRS agents he wants to enforce the unconstitutional O’BummerCare act. His speech will be more of the same BS about shovel-ready jobs, infrastructure, blah, blah,,,,need to get this idiot out of office!

  25. steve maplewurst says:

    Watching football is one of the last bastions of relaxation for what is left of the destruction that this tyrant has victimized the people of the Republic of the United States of America. Everything EVER to come out of his piehole is a CALCULATED LIE and I am sick and tired of him pointing his bony, phoney-bologna finger at me and say… “LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR BS……!!!!

    Let’s Watch Some Football !!!

    1. The Republic says:

      “…Bread and circuses..”

    2. Teabag Smith says:

      He doesn’t say “perfectly”. He says “Let me be clear”. He also says “my expectation is…” and “compromise” is Obamaspeak for “do it my way”.

  26. jimmy says:

    Its a speech that will blame Bush, offer no details, and its not like right after the speech people will get hired that minute. Talk is cheap Obama you have had 2+ years and 3 trillion spent and no jobs.

    1. KP2GMU says:

      You forget that he will talk about bipartisanship and the need to work together and put the country first. He will then immediately turn to attack the Republicans in the room. The Republicans will have to sit there and take it – without the chance to give a rebuttal.

      1. mewp says:

        republicans should take out their IPhone and I pads and keep busy.


    LA has football? Who knew…

  28. Mal says:

    This whole thing is just a game to Obama anyways. Why not give us the plan today? or Last week? or tomorrow? Get on TV right now and tell us the plan.

  29. George Buckner says:

    You guys are missing the point. I could care less about the football game, but I already know what Obama is going to say. It will be nothing new, just the same old bs that hasn’t worked. This guy has had laser vision on jobs for over 2 years. Batteries must have gone dead. For those of you with short memories, it has been about a year since Obama had a major speech about creating jobs. Sounded laughable to me at the time, but I said ok, hope it works. Fast forward one year. What is that old saying about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Just about sums it up. I suppose we’ll have another speech in a year or so. No I’m sure we’ll dozens in the next year.

    1. jhoger says:

      Please. Obama has been on the case with ARRA, with unemployment benefits, with state bailouts to prevent the bottom from falling out of the economy. But now Republicans are going in THE WRONG DIRECTION by focusing on austerity budgets. Balance the budget TOMORROW and not one business will hire another person that wasn’t going to anyway. Businesses hire when they cannot meet demand for their product, and the problem right now is that demand is down, because consumer confidence is down, because of high unemployment.
      So Obama has to go on TV and make the case to Congress and more importantly, the American people that the politicians in Congress are not failing to act in a sound way. Republicans go on about evil government spending and high taxes and regulations. None of those are germane right now. The problem is UNEMPLOYMENT, and we need to stimulate aggregate demand. Any non-hack economist will tell you the same thing.

      1. Wake Up says:

        Hey Jhoger, you seem to be vainly trying to tell all these people that the Emperor DOES have clothes on WE are just too ignorant to see it. Really hiring is up? And obama’s economic stimulation package is really, really working! Just tell that to all the workers at the GE (you remember THAT corporation right? The ones who is so cuddly with your Emperor) plant that were told that the plant is SHUTTING DOWN and that GE is reopening it ……. IN CHINA!!!
        And here’s a news release from today, “A solar energy company that intends to file for bankruptcy received $535 million in backing from the federal government and has a cozy history with Democrats and the Obama administration, campaign finance records show.
        Shareholders and executives of Solyndra, a green energy company producing solar panels, fundraised for and donated to the Obama administration to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

        They are laying off 1,100 workers, but then for the HALF A BILLION dollars that that Corporation and it’s stockholders received from obama at least they were able to keep working for two years.

        Now quickly jhoger find something in your playbook to find a retort for that bit of news.
        Oh wait, I can hear it already… It’s Bush’s ….no.no.no that was soooo last year. It’s the fault of those %^&# Republicans in Congress.

      2. jhoger says:

        @Wake Up
        I know all about the Solyndra plant. What you don’t seem to understand is that government and private sector actors (look up “venture capital”) make bets on various businesses and research initiatives all the time. It is UNDERSTOOD that some portion of those loans and investments will fail.

        Only someone who fails to understand business and capitalism would think that means you should never invest. Safety is valuable, never wasting a dime is valuable, but GROWTH, return on investment can be much more valuable.

        No risk, no reward.

        In any event, it is clear you don’t understand the concept of stimulus in general. SImply spending the money in the private economy is a big part of it. Ideally, you also multiple that by investing in projects that redound to the long term benefit of increasing growth. But the Solyndra investment certainly hired 1500 hundred workers for a length of time.

        The stimulus of course worked. The only problem is we need more. It’s simple arithmetic. If you are dying of thirst on a thimbleful of water a day, it doesn’t make drinking water a failed theory. It means YOU NEED MORE WATER.

  30. Melted Ice says:

    The overpaid jerks(football players) are much more entertaining that the overpaid jerk giving another speech condemning jet owners.

    1. Mike Connor says:

      don’t forget the other talking points brainless libs use…the buzz words are, billionaires, millionaires, mansions, oil companies, etc. it’s the same dang phrases every talking head uses.

      1. greycoat says:

        I just love how the Dems demonize “Big Oil” yet the Dems (Feds) make more money in tax on a gallon of gas from us than the oil companies do. It is not the oil companies ripping the taxpayer off. Or they rant about CEO’s flying in jets, jets the company paid for, yet the Dems fly around in jets WE pay for, i.e. the taxpayers. Such hypocrites.

  31. KP2GMU says:

    I can always read the President’s complete transcripts the next morning and not miss anything. BTW: Why does the President have to speak in the evening? He should speak first thing in the morning so Congress can start to get to work on implementing his plan, assuming there is something to implement.

  32. SJ says:

    Who can beleive Obama? Wheneve his lips move, he’s lying! He told us months ago the Stimulus Bill was going to solve the employment issues. He’s done everything he can to destroy our Economy and our American Way of Life.

  33. Bob Frapples says:

    Why didn’t he do it instead of going on vacation for 10 days just recently? I haven’t had a vacation in almost a year. Why? Because we’re fortunately very busy and there’s work to be done. Obama is a complete joke of a president.

    1. jaime says:

      Congress wasn’t in session, genius.

      Now Republicans are upset because it’s gonna mess with their TV time. Let them eat Oil subsidies.

    2. Ken Drift says:

      Better yet, why did he wait 3 years and then run to “panic mode”?

      Design a plan, hammer out details with congressional leaders and then speak to nation. Until that happens, he is just wasting everyone’s time campaigning in front of us all.

      One word: Inept

    3. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      As Obama;s press secretary said, “It’s just one football game out of many during a season, on one channel out of many channels”.

    4. jhoger says:

      @Ken – “Design a plan, hammer out details with congressional leaders and then speak to nation. Until that happens, he is just wasting everyone’s time campaigning in front of us all.”
      That’s nuts. To PASS a plan, he needs a Congress willing to work with him. The Republicans are NOT playing if you didn’t notice.
      So he needs to talk to them, and PASSED them to you and me so we’ll light a fire under Congress’s rears to get something done.

      It’s called the “Bully Pulpit” in American History class.

    5. Bob R. says:

      Jamie said “Congress wasn’t in session, genius”.

      Uhhh Jamie.. going before a joint session of congress to announce a jobs plan is not how it is supposed to work.. Obama could have given this political speech from the oval office any day of the week.. Calling a Joint session is supposed to be reserved for major things such as the Constitutional requirement to the state of the nation or asking congress to declare war on an invader.. not play politics so he can have a “Cool” campaign commercial..

    6. The Arbiter says:

      Yes Bob and pay no attention to the IDIOT who said that ‘Congress wasn’t in session”. If he could DEMAND that the GOP NOT HAVE THEIR DEBATE, which is significantly more important than a vacation, he could have DEMANDED that congress STAY IN SESSION BECAUSE OF THE GRAVE EMERGENCY FACING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, to use BS poli-speak.

    7. jhoger says:

      @Bob R –
      “Supposed to work”
      Um, Who says? Please, talk beyond the talking points and tell me WHO says when and whether a President can request a joint session of Congress?

      The President can request a joint session of congress any time he wants. Certainly the American people care about jobs and economic prosperity.

      I think I cannot think of a topic that the American people want more at the forefront of government than fixing the economy and creating jobs.

      1. RaptorCon says:

        The Keynesian brainwashing is merely comical to watch you repeat the many-tried lies of Socialism and Communism.

        Listen Lib, think about this, what product (save GM) does Government produce? Nothing. They have some utility, but pay themselves over-market wages, benefits and pensions on the private sector’s dime.

        Think of it this was, If a Government employee pays 32% in Federal taxes, the other 68% comes from the private sector.

        We could cut Government jobs by 50% and no one would notice.. LAUSD has 6,300 employees NOT IN THE CLASSROOM, that earn $88K per year, for life.
        They also have over 400 consultants that make $200K per year.

        For what? Failing test scores? Gay sex instruction? GoreBull Warming fear? Muslim appeasement?

  34. Things that make you go hhmmm says:

    Not a football fan but, let’s just put this into perspective shall we? President Obama has had months to give us his plan for getting the economy and jobs going, instead we have seen him play golf, go on vacation and eat. Now, I don’t begrudge a hard working man some r & r but the last thing he said on the subject before he went on vacation to the Vinyard was I’ll tell you all about it when I get back from vacation. Could someone on his staff calendared a date that would be open for all to attend oh, I don’t know before he left for vacation? Just a thought.

    1. Teabag Smith says:

      “Now, I don’t begrudge a hard working man some r & r”

      Who is this hard working man?

  35. OBRon says:


    Where were Obama’s priorities when he was vacationing up at Martha’s Vineyard playing golf the last couple of weeks? Obviously his concerns over his golf game and rubbing elbows with rich, fat-cat donors were more important than all those millions of hungry unemployed workers with mouths to feed.

    Better yet, where were Obama’s priorities when he took office and decided to go all out for cap & trade and his signature, budget-busting ObamaCare. Had he waited on those bills and took care of jobs FIRST, I might have been a little more open minded towards his Keynesian wet dreams.

    So sorry, don’t bother preaching priorities when the POTUS has no clue what the real priorities should be.

    Just the facts, ma’am.

  36. DB says:

    Funny thing is when we are watching the president we are not “creating or saving” jobs.
    But when we watch football we are maintaining or boosting ratings which draws or maintains advertising dollars which saves and creates hot dog vendors, ticket takers., clean up crew, ushers and on and on and on.
    I’d rather go with what is working than more Obama rhetoric. Let’s pass a flat tax and we’ll get more revenue to pay our bills and people wil spend more and it will be fair across the board and the 51% who aren’t paying any federal taxes get to participate. Now there’s a game plan!

  37. Daniel Cygrymus says:

    We need jobs, we need him to do his job. NEITHER of which equate to a campaign speech during a primetime sporting event.

    This is ego, pure and simple.

  38. doesntmatter says:

    Drama, drama drama. It’s obama’s middle name. He’s exhausting.

  39. joe says:

    NBC will get the highest ratings for any opening day game if he tries to go up against this game. Most Americans are so sick of this guy they would watch anything rather than hear him say the same rich hating things over and over again.

    Heres his speech. Bush sucks, Private jets bad, spread that wealth, shovel ready, I am God.

    1. Leigh says:

      Love it – go, babe.

    2. Moogie says:

      You fools are proving my point. You’re using an NFL game as a political statement of ignoring the president.

      Okay, lets say Obama is not re-elected – you think Republicans with their Tea-Parties are going to instantly, magically FIX jobs and the economy?

      I think you’re all dumb but I’ll give you benefit of the doubt that you actually KNOW thats not going to happen.

      Or maybe you do, since you say such un-intelligent stuff about I rather watch overpaid jerks than over paid jerk giving a speech.

      You believe your own idiocy.

  40. David says:

    John, I love how you had to clarify that the overpaid jerk you were talking about were the football players. Because we could obviously believe you were talking about the guy in the Whitehouse.

  41. Richard Henkle says:

    priorities huh? And where was Obama last week? oh that’s right, following his priorities. The office of the president does not make jobs, what we need is to create an environment that encourages growth in the private sector. You can feel free to watch someone read to you if you wish, but when you do please listen objectively to what he says. Me, I’ll read it myself on Friday.

  42. Louie Louie says:

    Where are the jobs Mr President? Submit your failed “plan” to Congress and stop with the nonstop self promotion. Nobama 2012

  43. J says:

    I wonder if Michelle is still at Marthas vineyard getting toasted?

  44. Stevie Bob says:

    Government doesn’t create jobs. The sooner you learn that, the better off we’ll all be.

    1. Texas Freedom says:

      You got it, Stevie. They can only get in the way. But the sheep will never understand . . . .

    2. jaime says:

      Yeah, those soldiers don’t have jobs. They are freeloaders sucking off the government teet.

    3. Sharon says:

      Oh, jaime! You should be embarrassed! Unless you really are that dense.

    4. pitter43 says:

      Government doesn’t create jobs but they create the atmosphere for jobs to be created by people that do. Obama has stifled that at every turn.

    5. John Q. Publik, LLC. says:

      You got that right, brother! Corporations create jobs. That’s why Republicans Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul all signed pledges to Grover Norquist that they would protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Republicans know when to stop beating a dead horse, that’s why they’ve given up on helping American workers back in 2000, and have been focusing on the most important constituents: the super-rich, and the corporations.

      1. oldtimer1001 says:

        The answer by democrats is to raise taxes to buy votes from dummies who believe government creates jobs. Wonder what the early America was like since there was little government. I guess no one worked; matter of fact i missed two weeks of work in my working lifetime of over 50 years. I guess I can blame politics for missing the two weeks.

    6. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      @Jamie must be a progressive liberal.

    7. jhoger says:

      It’s an absolute fact that government creates jobs by spending money. To say otherwise is conservative nonsense. Answer me this: does the unemployment number include government workers, and those employed by government contractors?

      Well guess what… it’s the unemployment number that is holding down consumer confidence, and therefore demand for goods and services that drives hiring.

      So every one of those non-jobs you get say “So Be It” and get rid of perpetuates are current crisis.

      Wake up folks. You’re being lied to by the right wing propaganda machine, and their lies couldn’t be more transparent.

  45. Jens says:

    sure – go ahead and p*ss everyone off by giving us a “obamabowl” American loves it’s Football – obama not so much. Unless he’s going on TV to resign – don’t think he has anything new to say –

  46. John Boehner says:

    What a dimwit … cant wait till hes gone !!!!

    1. mdlr says:

      This jobs speech is 3 years too late, leave my football alone!

  47. Stevie Bob says:

    Obama is just a moocher. LIke this dillweed knows anything about running a business.

    1. steve maplewurst says:

      hey Stevie Bob…..

      … Don’t Be Pickin’ On Dillweeds…. 😉

  48. DJH says:

    The reality is not many are tuning in to his speeches anymore, we’re tired of constant lies and attacks, blatant falsehoods and an overreaching, inept, inefficient gov’t and he just wants more of it.
    He’s an inept, empty suited, race baiting liar – that’s all he’s ever been, we’re tired of hearing it. This will just be his excuse for why no on listened to him this time.


  49. Bob Frapples says:

    You’d rather watch and listen to some bozo read from a teleprompter? Obama has nothing to offer this country except more debt.

  50. john says:

    It appears that the Prez waited until Labor day week to curry favor with the union bosses and it bit him

  51. John Kaizer says:

    I read all comments posted here. It’s overwhelmingly critical of Obama. Amazing.

    1. Mike Connor says:

      it’s because people are sick and tired of his BS…simple.

    2. Edgar Friendly says:

      uhm…because he’s a fool maybe?

    3. jhoger says:

      Maybe it’s because the right wing indoctrinates and pays folks to post negative bull all day long?
      Well, at least someone has a job.

  52. Bryan Cook says:

    Obama has no plan. Waste of air time. Might as well watch Simpsons reruns.

  53. Kpm says:

    Obama is an idiot and anything he has to say means jack squat for Job Creation.

  54. Paz says:

    If Obama was serious about creating jobs he would lay down his plan in writing and let it be scored by the CBO. This is nothing but a political stump speech and a retread of his failed ideas.

  55. Mike Connor says:

    sd this idiot in chief has had 3 years and billions in spent stimulus to fix the problem already…day late, dollar short. He is useless.

  56. Frida says:

    Obama has had YEARS to make a difference and he has only made things worse. Obama is playing a losing game and if you beleive his lies shame on you for letting him fool you twice.

    1. jhoger says:

      If you believe a President can do much of anything with a minority party dead set against any policy he might propose, then you are a sorry example of an American citizen. You need to learn more about how your government works (or doesn’t.).

  57. Dave says:

    Basically, I bet this is going to turn into a campaign speech. He’ll use any way he can to beat down anyone who has been against hiim. He’ll chastise the Congress for inaction and say that he needs 4 more years to finish killing off the USA. What a puke!

  58. Mike Lee says:

    Jobs? What kind of jobs? Government jobs produce nothing and the payroll comes from all of our pockets. That isnt a job it is either welfare or redistribution of our collective wealth. Shovel ready jobs? In what industry? The housing market is crushed and all of those jobs go to illegal aliens. Heavy industry? Oh, they all moved to China, Mexico, India and a host of other countries. Hi-tech jobs? There are no I.C. houses left in the States or p.c.b. houses or advanced machine shops or other tech industries. What jobs that dont involve Government money and where does that money come from? It is all incestuous income with nothing being manufactured here in the U.S. by citizens, not guest workers or visaed workers or illegals. What jobs?

  59. Mike Connor says:

    I will watch only if Obama invokes Johnson, “Accordingly, I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.” Otherwise, I could care less what that empty suit windbag says.

  60. Green Hornet says:

    When will this man just leaves us alone? He’s in way over his head and not fit to manage a shoe store.

    1. jhoger says:

      He’s the President. Show some respect.

      1. Jim says:

        Just like you did to President Bush!!!

  61. J Masta says:

    …not overpaid. NFL players are world-class athletes and EARN their market value. What do you do for a living? Are you at the world-class level of your “profession?” If millions of people wanted to see you I’m pretty sure your market value and income would exponentially increase making you and “overpaid jerk.” This is something you should have learned in high-school. I will, however, concede that their are jerks in the NFL…and their value is self-evident.

  62. Bmoney says:

    Only a USDA Grade A idiot would vote for this moron in 2012.
    Obama Voters=DAs.

  63. bill says:

    Sad that football is so important. That may be the reason teh country is tanking. No time to read, discuss or take action concerning the looting of the country by the republicrats (ii.e. commun ity organizer marxists and the trust fund baby/country club republicans.

    1. Not Robin Hood says:

      Oh Please !
      Save it for your liberal bleeding hearts!
      Life is NOT FAIR.
      You work for what you’d like to have, not take it from someone else
      I’m tired of paying for my low life neighbors who are “too proud” to take a job “outside of their field” but not too proud to take hand outs.
      Give people hand ups, not hand outs
      Then you will see a positive society

    2. sick of it says:

      Poor Bill
      I hope you enjoy giving the nerdowells your hard earned $.
      Maybe you can pick up my slack because it’s getting real old watching them with $300.00 cell phones, high end electronics, nice rides,etc on my dime

  64. Candy says:

    You want to hear his jobs plan? He’s already given the speech several times. He’ll have no new ideas — it’ll be about more spending by dumping money into failed green businesses that eventually go bankrupt.

    Even his shuffle-ready plans went bust. Remember his crack, “Shovel-ready wasn’t quite as shovel-ready as we expected.”

    I wish you Obamabots would get a clue about priorities because we need an economic recovery — an impossibility with Obama as POTUS.

  65. Walrus808 says:

    Some of us have been waiting every single day since the Super Bowl ended for football to resume. The President and the geneouses who advise him tried some trickery to do it on Wednesday and it backfired, so they moved it to Thursday. This speech should have been given BEFORE he went on vacation, not that it really matters anyway, we all know he’s going to say the same things he has in all the other “jobs” speeches. Get to work Mr President, less talkey and more doey!

  66. Edgar Friendly says:

    Let me explain his “plan” for you:

    The rich are evil. Hate them and take their money. Flash mobs, whatever it takes, show your enemies you mean business.
    My policies are failed because of my own Congress, Republicans, the weather, Libya, all the “racists” that disagree with me, most especially George Bush, now Rick Perry, Romney, Bachman, Putin, Afghanistan, ad nauseum…

    There, I just wrapped up The Lame One’s speech.

    Take a shot every time he uses the word “I”, “me”, “mine”….dare ya…you won’t even get to the kickoff of the game.

    1. jaime says:

      Dear Edgar

      You are not rich and you’ll probably never be rich. Whose side are you on?

      1. Obama is an idiot says:

        The side of common sense, I imagine

        The success of others does not make them evil, nor does it mean they owe you anything.
        Unlike with quasi socialist societies, where you actual do have to steal or be royality to become rich, a free market system give opportunity to everyone and their successes depends on them,
        We are no europeans .

  67. Brad Rebers says:

    This is a prime example of what is wrong with America, the country on verge of ruin,rather then get involved in politics a bunch of uneducated drunk slobs worry about some stupid game.

    1. Mike Connor says:

      Generalize much???

    2. mdlr says:

      With the country in the verge of ruin the last thing I want to do is listen to more failed plans from the very same person who got us to this point. I would rather spend the 3 hours watching the stupid game than wanting to destroy my TV listening to this guy campaigning for presidency.

      1. Mike Connor says:

        right on mdlr!

      2. omstrat says:


    3. NaniB says:

      wow, tell us how you really feel, Brad. I recognize your tactic, resort to name-calling. Sounds like you’ve taken a play out of the BHO playbook – Lesson 2:. If you can’t make a valid point, then start insulting people.

      Are you really saying that people who watch football are UNEDUCATED, DRUNK (sic) SLOBS? Nice. While America is on the “verge of ruin” all you can do is come up with a few insults?

      I’d put my IQ up against yours anyday, and TAKE IT TO THE BANK, I am very involved in politics – the politics of putting someone in the White House who knows what the hell they’re doing.

      1. jhoger says:

        Name calling? Like the majority of the knee-jerk El Rushbo dittohead conservative posts here?
        Welcome to the Internet.

    4. ricky lizardo says:

      Most of the commenters here are ‘involved’, Brad. We’re involved in trying to save this country from ruin at the the hands of this administration. 9% unemployment( 19% if you count the terminally unemployed) and a spending spree to the tune of 14 trillion dollars doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in Joe Average Citizen. Being called a terrorist or racist for voicing our opinion also keeps a lot of people from telling their representatives what they should be hearing; NO more spending. Creating make work jobs on the government dole will never succeed in bringing this country back from the brink of collapse.

      1. Jaime says:

        When Obama took office, we were losing 750, 000 jobs a month. Now we’re adding jobs and the Dow Jones was in the 6,000 area.

        Obama already brought us back from the brink of collapse. That is a fact.

        Your lies make the baby Jesus cry.

      2. Soylent Greed says:

        Right! Republicans have the right idea. Republican Andre Bauer of South Carolina knows what to do. He said of unemployed people, “You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that. And so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior. They don’t know any better.”

  68. mdlr says:

    Bring on the speech season kick off party!!!!

  69. Derick says:

    Really terrible reporting. No details regarding the original time requested to give the speech, or the Speakers request to change it. Hell, you don’t even give the time the speech is currently scheduled. Speaking of jobs, somebody should be hired by CBS Los Angeles to replace you.

  70. Ben Dover says:

    You sportsholes will be shot down in the street when the crunch comes….no food, kicked out of your house…go see Jerry Jones for a handout…bet he has the Texas Rangers(cops, not twinkie ballplayers) surrounding his house with shoot to kill orders…have a nice day….

  71. Candy says:

    Football players are overpaid jerks? They may be overpaid, and some may be jerks, but if they don’t perform they get fired.

    I say we fire the overpaid jerk in the White House next election. Who’s with me?

  72. Pilot.Dave says:

    Don’t you get it We the Sheeple ? D.C. IS a Football game – Red team VS Blue team !!!!!

  73. Tuldog says:

    People, people, the entire concept of giving a “jobs speech” at this point in time is just plain silly. All he is going to do is read a story to you from a teleprompter. Really? You’re really going to sit there like a third grader on Thursday night and listen to someone reading to you from a teleprompter? The plan could and should be released TODAY, in writing, outlining a point-by-point detail of how jobs will be created by the plan. How many PRIVATE sector jobs will be created? In what sectors? When will these jobs materialize? Why will private companies begin to hire? In what towns will these jobs be created? Etc., etc…

    The time for speeches has long past.

    1. jhoger says:

      Tuldog, I don’t think you understand that concept of American government. Obama can make plans, with great ideas all day. But if they don’t PASS into law, they don’t matter.
      Obama goes on TV to make his case to Congress and the American people.
      The teleprompter meme just makes you look dumb. Every President uses a teleprompter. It’s like a really good form of note cards. So what? The fact that the President uses a teleprompter does not make the speech less important.

  74. Mike Connor says:

    that’s pretty harsh…quit his current job, I am totally for though 😀

    1. greycoat says:

      Harsh? With the doubling down on his destruction of the country and his destroying lives and livelihoods which Obama is intentionally inflicting? What I said is too good for him. He and Michelle should get the same fate from the American people that Mussolini and his wife got from the Italians. This man Obama is a devil. Evil. A destroyer who hates America.

    2. Klaus says:

      greycoat, Americans hate soccer, but many wouldn’t mind trying to kick his head over the goalpost.

  75. Paul says:

    It would seem all you idiots forgot who put us in this to begin with ! 99% of his ideas failed ! OBAMA 2012

    1. Mike Connor says:

      Still blaming Bush? Can’t let go of that Bush derangement syndrome can you? All you need to do it look at metrics and failed policies since O-blame-o took office. You cannot blame the previous administration. Maybe 3 months into his term…but we are at 3 years…not 3 months, 3 years.

  76. brad says:

    A game? The NFL is a multi-billion dollar international industry which affects and benefits millions. Obama’s administration has damned millions.

    1. Pilot.Dave says:

      Correction, NFL is indeed multi-billio $$$ But D.C. wtih Obama’s leadership has spent Trillions of $$ in the past 2.5 years 😉

  77. kdb says:

    The only way this country will see more jobs is when the nitwit in the Whitehouse finally loses the one he has — and been doing poorly at that. Obama is a bufoon!

    what is up with Carney? How does that guy keep standing up there and lie… “honestly” REALLY? He needs to go with his boss…. how stupid do they think Americans are?

  78. Joe Bagoda says:


    Let them know that you are against changing the season opener next week to fit into the “President’s” speech.


    1. jhoger says:

      Your President. My President. No quotes, you infant.

  79. denhamblin says:

    If Obama were to tell us all he knows about how the economy works I don’t think he would need more than a couple of seconds.

  80. Jaxonsd says:

    The business of Football has created and provided more jobs than all of Obamas efforts combined.


    Everyone knows Moslems and pigskins don’t mix! Bye, bye, Emperor Obama Keenyatta. On to Antichrist!

  82. John says:

    Lying Obama or Exciting NFL Football????

  83. Alex Scipio says:

    I’d love to hear Obama lay out a realistic jobs plan. Unfortunately for America – and the world – all he’s going to do is read from TOTUS about class warfare, play political games demanding his politics be followed while telling people to stop “playing politics,” and double-down on the utter and complete faillure of Progressive politics: Tax more, Borrow more, Spend more, pretending that his will stuff – which has NEVER WORKED IN THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION, somehow will work now. Having watched the Blue Stae Progressive model destroy Portgual, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Michigan, Illinois and California, he and his ilk want to do even MORE of what ALWAYS FAILS.

    Nope – the NFL is more important than that. Nice to be entertained at least as Obama and Pelosi and Reid destroy what’s left of America.

  84. John says:

    Does anybody believe Obama anymore?. You’re a fool if you do.

  85. Lewis Barry says:


  86. Mike D. says:

    Following football and sports in general is for morons who have nothing going on in their lives.

    The same goes for believing what our politicians say.

    1. Teabag Smith says:

      “Following football and sports in general is for morons who have nothing going on in their lives.”

      Being a pedophile doesn’t count as having something going on in your life. Seek help.

  87. richard says:

    Blah blah blah. When he isnt playing golf he is running off at the mouth. How are those green jobs going Barry?

  88. John says:

    Lets see watch the game or listem to Obama tell lie after lie after lie???

    UUMMM! I say are you readty for some football!

  89. omstrat says:

    Such bull are you kidding me> ARE YOU FOR REAL. Where;s he been for 2 years . JOBS MY BUTT , he don’t have a clue. He’ll give the same old blame game speech and then a plan on how to TAX AND SPEND AND BORROW . The clown hasen’t a clue how to creat a job

  90. TC says:

    God help us. After the speech, next stock market opening will drop another point per word he read off the teleprompter. 🙁

    Let’s be real people, he has no plan, he surrounds himself by yes man who have no idea how to run a small country country, let alone the United States.

  91. Imagine if Thomas Jefferson was told he had to reschedule a speech because it messed up popular television programming. He’d be like, “what the f is television?” After his chief of staff explained the notion of moving pictures and how important they are to people, he’d decide the future of his great nation is a steaming pile of population controlling manure. Or maybe he’d be a big “Jersey Shore” fan, I don’t know. Got to run, Maury just came on.

  92. gary-bg says:

    He should just face the facts nobody wants to hear him regardless of what time it is.

  93. no to big gov says:

    sounds like a sure way to get a bunch of viewers who wouldn’t normally care to watch the liberal spun propaganda machine……….

  94. Klaus says:

    Why doesn’t he perform his speech during halftime?

    Or just run the teleprompter across the bottom of the screen during the game?

    Why do we need to watch him read it when we can read it ourselves?

    He has no clue what it’s gonna say.

  95. Joe says:

    As if Obama will actually do anything other than spout rhetoric… same as every other speech he’s ever given. At least NFL fans would get to see results if they saw the game instead of the Blowhard In Chief.

  96. fanomando says:

    I really don’t need another lecture from Obama, I need him to get off the golf field, get off his and his wife’s everlasting vacations and get to work getting rid of the tariffs China imposes on our USA made export products while we allow their cheap garbage import products to flood our markets tariff free, then we can retool our manufacturing complex, hire back the greatest workforce ever (the men and women of America) and begin to get this country back to the greatness we all once shared.

  97. Randy says:

    I have heard enough of his lie’s and of him blame others. I will not watch this turd again. Obama is hell bent on destroying the U.S.A. Everything he says is a lie. Anybody but Obama in 2012

  98. The Rifleman says:

    Only the truly brainwashed would want to see/hear his droning over ANYTHING on TV…

  99. greycoat says:

    With all the anger in these comments, which is totally justified, I can’t imagine the vitriolic comments there would be if Obama interrupted a NASCAR event! LOL

    Obama is so incompetent in business and economic that he couldn’t even manage a Dairy Queen successfully even with assistance from Rahm Emanuel and Barney Frank.

    However, when it comes to destruction and taking advantage of “chaos”, “Uncle Tom” Obama, serving his white Marxist and Islamic elitist handlers, is a genius.

  100. omstrat says:

    2 years ago site like this Yahoo and a few other news/blog site had a lot of Obama supporters on it .Im seeing (happily ) that the VAST MAJORITY hate this Marxist POS.
    NOW LISTEN TO ME ..Come election time get out there and vote CONSERVATIVE OK Get it ..Dont make the same damn mistake. And if that Marxist beast HILLORY jumps in don’t listen to her BS either..Remember where we are now and remember that we need , on all levels, CONSERVATIVES WINS..Now go watch the game and ignore that man behind the screen

  101. brettrix says:

    who is Ron Paul and why is he trying to save America?

  102. Brian says:

    REALLY, if it were so important he should have done it before HIS vacation!!!!!!!!!

  103. Nutty says:

    This speech is like a little lost puppy looking for a home. Too bad nobody really wants it. If Obama had anything worth listening to, it would have already been said.

  104. pisd@obama says:

    just another reason to HATE this guy

  105. Jim T says:

    How many jobs speeches can he make in 3 years?


    it would be funny if it wasn’t true.

  106. Caucasian from VA says:

    bush had 3 times as much vacation time as our current pres at this point in his first term, something like 230 days for W compared to 70 days for O. might need to do a little research before you bite your tongue off there, loony. and i believe one of the last golfing outtings he had was with…um…oh yeah! John Boehner! so, um, not really sure what you’re getting at. as for your wonderful quote which you made up, he caves to every GOP desire, so i’m REALLY not sure what you, your lunatic friends at Fox, and the Tea Baggers really have to complain about…oh wait. i forgot what color he is. i just want to say that i voted for him because he’s white!

    1. libs suck says:

      I’d rather be a tea bagger than a c**k sucker like you…

    2. NC Mountain Girl says:

      Hosting the head of another nation at your own home hardly counts as a vacation. As for race. It is irrelevant to this discussion.

      Your thinking is every bit as precise as your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    3. Ben says:

      One desire of the GOP is that he does not return for a second term. I hope that is one desire he will “cave” for.

  107. commie_shooter says:

    Chairman ObaMao needs to be impeached or retire to a hut in Kenya. He is a failure and knows nothing of free market economics or how to create jobs. The government doesn’t create jobs fools, it can only provide an environment in which businesses will hire.

    Don’t mess with our football you Kenyan POS!!!!!

  108. not a profesor says:

    how bout the day before??

  109. gc says:

    the idiot in chief couldn’t run a hot dog cart let alone create employment. the biggest employment boost he can provide is to resign. shut up already with the lousy speeches. i am sick of his shared sacrifice and millionaire and billionaire stupidity. the worst president ever!!!

  110. Sam says:

    “As patriotic as most people are — especially now, this time of year, the tenth-year anniversary of Sept. 11 — and his jobs program, which a lot of people have been waiting for, I would imagine that some people would watch the beginning of his speech,” one man predicted.

    Resisting 0bama is Patriotic!

  111. Laryen says:

    haha lets hear his plan today? He has all kinds of time why mess with what people like

  112. Duncan says:

    5 reasons why you should watch football instead of Obama

  113. J Masta says:

    Uh…it’s just a speech. Also, Obama is what we call in pharmacology a competitive antagonist. Look it up.

  114. Cynthia says:

    Oh, please. Anyone who doesn’t think that this will be the same re-packaging of the same foolish drivel he’s been putting out to “create jobs” is missing any sense of logic in their thought processes. Frankly, the NFL game will create more jobs than Obama ever will. Besides, why in heaven’s name does he need to do it before a joint session of Congress? Just make the speech from some place in the White House and be done with it.

  115. clipper says:

    We’ve heard his BS already, hasn’t created the first job, but plenty of welfare money, out of my pocket.

  116. Texas Freedom says:

    Please . . . this is nothing but a campaign speech. He could provide a written jobs plan any time and send it to congress for debate. This is a PR stunt. The guy is a tool . . . .

  117. davo says:

    This is on CBS LA. LA does not have a NFL Team. The people of LA should be forced to watch Obama speech on a loop until thier eyes bleed.

    1. Klaus says:

      I’d rather the camera show Villaraigosa on the sidelines with his pom-poms cheering his man’s speech.

  118. Bill says:

    Priorities? You mean more stimulus? How about giving illegals, workers rights? More shovel ready projects? Maybe he’ll come up with another idea after next years vacation. No thanx, not watching. Football is more important.

  119. john ashton says:

    You mean to tell me you racist bigots want to watch a bunch of black men play football?

  120. progressivelibssuck says:

    Caucasian from VA , you have some fussz math there my friend. Obummer has taken more time off then any President in his first 2.5 years……THANKFULLY….Imagine the damage he would have done if he had actually been doing something

  121. Seth says:

    @ Caucasian from VA

    Yet, how much money did Bush spend on those vacations? Bush mostly just went to Camp David & his ranch, yet Obama’s wife alone has spent 10 mil.

  122. matt says:

    Hasnt he been focused like a laser on Jobs for three years now?
    Yeah, Priorities.

    Obama is a D-Bag and you are worse for actually still drinking his B-Bag flavored Kool-Aid

  123. Scibs says:

    Like he’s gonna have a plan. If he does, it’s 1-1/2 years late in coming.

    1. Robert Jackson says:

      2 1/2 late. Some of us cannot even afford 2s

  124. WyoRider says:

    Most of Bush’s working “vacations” were at his Crawford ranch. That’s a big difference from Oblamer’s vacations at five star resorts with large entourages of friends and backers on the taxpayers’ dime.

  125. Wake up amwrica says:

    Ok he goes on vacation, and he made Americans wait until he was good and ready to give his 20th speech on creating jobs and we’re suppose to drop everything we’re doing to listen to his campaign speech. What a joke! This man has to be the most incompetent fool we’ve ever had in the White House. It’s time to move on and admit that the affirmative action president didn’t work.

  126. Robert Jackson says:

    It is just a game and Obama is just a 100% politician. This is his 32nd month as President. He says he is focused on jobs then quickly gets distracted buy vacations, trips to Europe, golfing 80 times, raising campaign money…Not heard from on jobs for months at a time between travels. Even finally New York Times noticed it.

    His green jobs failed and it seem no one wants a 41k government motors volt or to drop 10k on solar panel in a bad economy. Speaking of which GM isn’t honoring warranties from old GM.

    There is talk of another stimulus. Well if they had not given the first one way to prop up overpaid government workers few like we might had got some value out of the stimulus. The thing about jobs is the president can only create the environment for them be created. Had he done this from the start we’d be 2 years into jobs.

  127. Hank Warren says:

    Obamanomics, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  128. Jackson says:

    We need jobs initiative you say…………….he should have thought of that two years ago instead of messing with our health care.

  129. marg1 says:

    The jobs will be temporary. And they will cost a gazillion dollars of taxpayer money each.

    Please show me his ECON 101 grades.

  130. Jianka says:

    How can he lay out his jobs plan now? He is too busy setting guidelines for commemoration of 9/11. He needs to go on a permanent vacation. Just think, we have to pay to protect him and all his family for the rest of their lives.

  131. John H says:

    If he is serious about Jobs, then he will propose that the biggest Job Killer bill in history, his health care plan, be repealed.
    Or he can just announce he won’t seek a second term, and the economy and hiring will bounce back ever faster!

    1. jhoger says:

      Ridiculous. Most of the law doesn’t even go into effect until 2014! What jobs exactly is it killing, and do you really believe everything Freedomworks and Rush and the RNC tell you? Because you’re really good at mouthing the talking points. Perhaps it is your job? If not, you’re a genuine sucker to debase yourself like that for free.

  132. Leigh says:

    These comments are so much fun – let it all out, folks – 2012 is not that far away.

  133. Booger says:



  134. Sal says:

    Why go before congress? Make a plan and send it to Capitol Hill. Why all the grandstanding? He’s been on vacation playing golf for weeks. What’s the emergency? It’s going to be the same old government spending program which will produce useless jobs to get the unemployment rate down so he can get reelected.

  135. Saints fan says:

    Obummer does not me in attendance.

  136. joyce s says:

    Both Obmaa and Boehner could care less about the NFL
    or any kind of sports that make them look bad.
    Give the speech next Tuesday night and get it over
    with. The NFL will appreciate it and so will the fans..
    Give that speech sooner rather then later Mr. O.

  137. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” ~ Thomas Pynchon

    ———– http://911essentials.com

  138. John H says:

    Obama needs all those vacations – destroying the entire economy is hard work!

  139. John West says:

    We can all watch the analyses of this next in a line of long winded boring teleprompter reading on Fox News after the game or after whatever you may be doing that will, not doubt be more important and interesting that anything that Obama may read to you on TV at prime time.

  140. Kamehameha XIII says:

    Most of you Los Angelinos (did I get that right?) voted the Clown-in-Chief into office… and most of you will try to do it again come Nov-2012… I just hope there are more of “us” that can “out-vote” you…

  141. Ken Drift says:

    Obama is a tool. What does he need to address congress? A real leader would have done this years ago for starters…but..

    With that said, a real leader would design a plan, discuss it with congressional leaders, hammer out the details and THEN speak to the public about the DEAL JUST MADE!

    Obama is all words on the teleprompter, nothing more.

    He is pathetically inept at this point.

    1. Dennis in Wv says:

      Obama is not pathetically inept at THIS point. He has been enept his whole political careet.

  142. NO MORE SPENDING says:

    Ask the employees of Solyndra how this administrations jobs policies are working out.535 million dollars of stimulus money poured into a green jobs money pit, backed by heavy contributors to Obamas campaign, only to fail and go bankrupt a year later.

  143. kevin says:

    wait we were told about a week he left for vacation, yet again! he tells us his plan when he get back know over a week after he returns.It’s going to be yet another week? somethings telling me where in for yet another stimulus scam. buyer beware.

  144. Jon says:

    Just more evidence that these folks are a bunch of incompetent fools.

  145. AAA says:

    yeah like he’s actually going to do something about jobs now. Its just another empty promise so he can ensure not only the votes from his illegal alien freinds, but from the poor people that have had no work for months, years.

  146. Ted says:

    You miss the point. The speech is important,, but Obama goes on vacation for 11 days, then expects everyone to bow down to his schedule. He tried first to make the Republicans look bad then when he had to forfeit to them, he goes after football hoping to get sympathy. As usual his lack of leadership shines very brightly.

    1. lihansen1 says:

      I think I would fire my staff for not being intelligent enough to know what’s scheduled.

      Looking REALLY inept.

  147. potvin says:

    More like “Signed, an Obama @$$ kisser”!

  148. Dennis in WV says:

    Before Obama left for vacation in 2010 he said he’d give us his jobs plan when he returned from Martha’s Vineyard.

    Before Obama left for vacation in 2011 he said he’d give us his jobs plan when he returned from Martha’s Vineyard.

    You can’t make this $%^ up.

  149. sfitz says:

    Just another summer rerun…bla..bla..bla..

  150. Richy Hicken says:

    The best thing Obama could to do create jobs is to resign as President.

  151. Ben says:

    Who let him off Marthas Vineyard? The country was safe and secure for a whole 10 days. He comes back to town and America is once again divided. Give me a statesman now!

  152. Lihansen1 says:

    Why didn’t he announce it before he took his family on their most recent taxpayer paid vacation?

    He was asked to.

    I don’t think they should cancel the opener. Let people decide for themselves which they want to watch and tape the other.

  153. Jim says:

    Ummmm… Wake up… Do you realize that his policies encourage businesses to outsource to India. That might be your Democratic priority, but it’s not mine.

  154. AfriSynergy says:

    It’s not going to matter, football or the jobs plan because you will likely be witnessing a hurricane tearing up the east coast on Thursday of next week.

  155. SockRayBlue says:

    Who wants to watch him make another political speech? Beside that he lies…just watch his mouth move….he’s lying again. Watch football you’ll get more out of it and be able to sleep at night.

  156. 747 says:

    Amazing how similar these comments all read. Almost like the same 5 people are commenting over and over. Nah, no way!

  157. Mark in St. Louis, MO says:

    No need to tune into B. Hussein Obama’s “job speech.” It iwll be the same old stuff from a Communist Democrat – more Government spending (of taxpayer money) that it doens’t have; class warfare; higher taxes; “free” health care for everyone, green jobs (which the companies are going belly-up after given Government (taxpayer) funding, this is a crisis and we need to fix NOW, more stimulus (taxpayer dollars), which this time it will be more that $q triilion since the last stimulus wasn’t enough, etc. etc, etc.

    January 20 ,2013 the end of on big ERROR!

  158. Bucko says:

    What does “patriotism” have to do with listening to yet another hollow, obnoxious, cozening, platitude-riddled speech from the self-fixated Windbag-in-Chief?

    Surely you jest, CBS Los Angeles.

  159. hihoze says:

    Blah, blah, blah or Rah, rah, rah….not a hard choice.

  160. Will Malven says:

    The Bamster’s “clever” little ploy backfired on him big-time.

    He thought he could bully Boehner and the Republicans to accommodate his petty plans to disrupt previously scheduled debate with this POLITICAL speech. We know what he is going to say, the same old worn out things he’s been saying since day one.

    Every time he says he will present “specifics,” he has presented generalities. What, is this the third or fourth time he has promised to “focus on jobs?” If the speech was as important as he professes, then he should have given it BEFORE he went on his little 10 day vacation.

    When this narcissist says something is “important,” he means important to his ego. Remember the “urgent” stimulus bill that had to be passed immediately so he could WAIT THREE DAYS TO SIGN IT at a politically propitious occasion?

    He thought he could bully the Republican, he failed. He thought he would win the PR war over their rejection, he failed. He thought he could give his speech opposite the NFL season opener, he failed. This is a President in the dying throes of a failed administration making a desperate play for sympathy and attention.

    BTW, productivity was down for the third straight month. The last time that happened was in 1979 . . . can you say Jimmy Carter redux?

  161. Wake Up says:

    NOW HEAR THIS! He does NOT have to give this speech in front of the Congress. This is NOT the State of the Union. He could give this speech today or tomorrow in the Oval Office, where in essence in should be given. He does not have to wait until Congress is back, this is purely political posturing on his part.

    Coincidence that he tried for Sept. 7th when the first Republican debate takes place? I don’t think so!

    Betcha his lecture is going to blame Congress on the economic woes. PLEASE remember he had control of the Senate and CONGRESS for TWO years and watched as the economy continued it’s downhill spiral. Back then he was all about blaming Bush

  162. Jorge Kostanza says:

    After this tool of the fed reserve bankers is voted out, another tool controlled by the fed reserve bankers will take his place. Perhaps his job speech will be about creating the citizen army because the boogymen brown people are hiding all over to get you. Of course they may need to round you up too just in case you have been talking with the enemy…

  163. Kent says:

    Great – I hope football fans have to look at old purple lips for the entire first half – Obama’s approval numbers will drop another five points – he-he.

  164. Jim says:

    Are you people talking about NFL games, each of which lasts three hours, with the ball actually being in motion for an average of 12 minutes per game, and the rest of the time filled with talking heads and commercials? Grow up.

  165. Dale C Scott says:

    Hey, Barry Soetoro —– As you begin your “groundbreaking” jobs speech on the 8th, be sure to give one of your “shout outs” to NFL fans everywhere. It will surely calm the reastless natives and be oh, so, presidential . Once again, Mr. President, you and your ilk give the distinct impression that NO ONE, including you and your advisors, has any inkling as to what the Hell you are doing. Your minions are in a depth WAY over their heads and you are trying to grab the spotlight to merely say “Present” once again. So self indulging and really quite pathetic. A pundit recently stated that you are either delusional or provincially arrogant. At this juncture, I am disinclined to object to his conclusion.

  166. fthomascain says:

    His job plan will be more money for union pension funds and more SPENDING for non existent “shovel ready jobs” that he will call “Investing” WITH MONEY WE WILL BORROW FROM CHINA. This incompetent boob has no plan except to keep funding welfare and growing public sector jobs and entitlement programs and getting himself re-elected. He has never stopped campaigning and is more the “FUND RAISER IN CHEIF” than president or commander in chief!

  167. fthomascain says:

    Anyone that believes this totally incompetent empty suit has a plan to stimulate the economy- is dumber than those that still support him and believe he is qualified to do so!

  168. Major Beatdown says:

    Baracky OCarter doesn’t have a “jobs plan”. He can’t. He is the reason businesses WON”T hire. They will get taxed out of business. They will have punitive National Socialist Democrat heath care bills to pay for. This pretender IS the reason unemploymet is CONSTANTLY going up! I wouldn’t hire a soul, knowing this socialist is bent on destroying my business.
    All hail Barack The Destroyer! Destroyer of liberalism, socialism, marxism and communism. We ain’t gonna pay fer it no mo’!

  169. sheilaL says:

    Obama always schedules his sleep inducing speeches during important events so he will get his drones to watch him. Most people who were duped or who had white guilt and voted for him in 08 – have hopefully made the intellectual determination that he was “All hat and no cattle”. The most unqualified man to ever hold the office and he proves it every day. Hi s policies have all failed and he has indebted this nation more than all the presidents that preceded him-including the man he blames everything on (GW)-when he is not blaming the tsunami, earthquake, ARAB SPRING, or whatever else he can blame for his incompetence!!!

  170. Frederick Cian says:

    The only job plan he could come up with that would cause the economy to rebound – would be for him to announce he is not running for re-election. The economy would take off like 2006 if he did!!!!

  171. Maria-Erlinda Martinez says:

    In full-fledged socialism –to fulfill Marx’s dictum (“From each [forcefully, of course], according to his abilities [and assets, of course]; to each [rationed, of course], according to his needs [as the government sees fit, of course]”…or, as Obama says, “…spreading the wealth around…”)– the government MUST own ALL the ways and ALL the means of ALL the production and ALL the distribution of ALL goods and ALL services in society, so that the government becomes the only proprietor and employer.

    In that half-backed form of socialism called fascism (read FA Hayek’s short essay “Nazi Socialism”, within the crystal-clear understanding that National Socialism, i.e., ” Nationalsozialismus”, is just Hitler’s version of Mussolini’s fascism) the government must co-own or at least control directly or indirectly –either for their boosting or for their busting– SELECT ways and SELECT means of SELECT production and SELECT distribution of SELECT goods and SELECT services in society, so that the government becomes both kingmaker and grim reaper in the private sector.

    Obama’s “job plan” has always been, it is and it will always be a mixture of, firstly, full-fledged socialism –e.g., the nationalization of the student-loan program, Freddy Mack, Fanny Mae, etc.—and, secondly, fascism –e.g., the government co-ownership of GM and Chrysler, and the patronage of “green” businesses, that, not by the way, but unavoidably, go bust, such as Solyndra, the solar –panel manufacturer in Fremont, Marxifornia (aka California) so much touted by Obama…that went bankrupt yesterday.

    So much for “family jobs”, “federal-family jobs”, that is; within the context that the Obama regimen refers to the government as “the federal family”.

  172. JoeKidd says:

    I was just thinking about next Thursday night, when the NFL season kicks-off with a dream match-up featuring the last two Super Bowl winners, and I wondered who’s gonna punt first??? My money’s on Obama. And it’s a lock.

  173. polishsniper says:


  174. MAC says:

    He should be more concerned about keeping his own job

  175. Jocksdontruletheworld says:

    Really? Jobs are not as important as meaningless pablum that is known as sports? NFL is more important?

    How dare the White House interrupt my kick off? Really?

    Do jocks run this country? Are jocks going to provide the USA with economic recoveries and plans to improve job growth rates?

    In the end of that NFL game, what did it all mean? You’re satisfied with final score numbers? Those numbers are more important and pressing than economic and job growth numbers?

    Utter idiocy.

    And Boehner encouraged that “how dare President Obama interrupt my game” a psychological game so that air headed sports fans would disrespect the President and set him aside as a society when we need all the attention on this pressing matter.

    So the Neanderthals tune out and tune into … NFL.

    There was a time, regardless of what party was in the White House where people would stop and listen THEN go about their things.

    Now, as a society we cry that the economy is bad and then we tune out and ignore a major speech on it. Sure, yeah, oh ANOTHER speech, but there will solutions in it.

    And at this point we need ANY solutions regardless if you don’t like President Obama.

    Fools, FOOLS.

  176. John says:

    During a football game will insure the 10 negro families that were going to watch won’t be !

  177. jhoger says:

    “Keynesianism” is about as intutive as it gets. Austrian School/ Lassaiz Faire/Libertarianism is for the lazy and weak minded that can only fit one simple theory into their heads: Deregulate and Pray.
    Sorry, we tried your broken theory. It is EXACTLY why we are where we are today. Clinton and Bush deregulated the investment banks. Bush let his regulators browse pr0n instead of keeping an eye on the mortgage industry. And so, here we are.
    There’s nothing more straightforward to understand than the idea that when consumer confidence/demand is low, generally due to high unemployment, that businesses won’t hire. With me so far? Businesses won’t hire if they don’t foresee sufficient demand for their good/service to demand extra staff. When they see that demand, then they do.
    But it’s a vicious cycle: as long as consumer confidence is low, and businesses don’t hire, we’re dead in the water. Enter the government: it can borrow and spend, do massive hiring and put a dent in the unemployment number, raising consumer confidence, and therefore demand, and higher employment follows.
    Really, this is no brain teaser.
    Further we could get no stronger signal as to the result of “doing nothing” than we have been getting since we have been force to forego further stimulus since the election of Scott Brown, and therefore filibuster power for Republicans. Our economy has stalled out. No new jobs. And doing more of doing nothing seems obviously unlikely to fix that. You of course advocate doing even less as a solution. Talk about “unintuitive” strategies.
    Thanks for the opportunity to spread the good word. I hope a few of the sharper students were able to follow along.

  178. Bobby Dias says:

    Quiet fools! Our God Obama is running for reelection. If any of your children ruin his chance to collect another 17 million in left over campaign money He will cast you into Hell.

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