RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Authorities say a 51-year-old Riverside man is behind bars for allegedly stabbing his wife to death.

The couple had three children. They have been taken into protective custody.

Bernardino Martinez was booked on suspicion of murder, according to Riverside Police.

One of the Martinez children allegedly called 911 about 7:50 a.m. Saturday.

When police arrived on scene at the house in the 6600 block of Chadbourne Avenue, they found a woman fatally stabbed.

The woman, whose name was not released, was pronounced dead at Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center.

The children have since been turned over to relatives, according to County Child Protective Services.

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  1. Big John says:

    what is really going on so many guys are killing the ones they say they love. if you read this post you do not have the right to take the life of a loved one. taking a life should only be used to save a life. but so many think that they own the partner & they really need to grow up. a partner in life can be a wonderful thing but you have to work at it every day. that means even on days you do not feel good & are mad at the world you still start the day with i love you & if you work at your relationship good things will happen, everybody wants to be loved but you will only get what you put in. if things do not work out then you walk away & wish them well. you do not know but that person might become the best friend you ever had. but you will never know if you take that persons life

  2. nomechifles says:

    The guy fund the Sancho with the |3itch. This should be similar to “killing in self defense” charge applicable to either spouse. Who would enjoy finding the other half with the afair?. In this case, the sancho should pay for the release of the woman’s husband and probbably explain to his wife he has been cheating on her for so long with the victim.

  3. Ohms says:

    No right to even hit a woman
    let alone stab and kill her
    What a P___sy

  4. T.C. says:

    Latino men,,…..get your macho head game under control……I have read today 4 articles of Brown on Brown murders. 909-310-714-213….All men killing the females. Are you that jealous that you can’t control yourself or are you just a punk ??? You wouldn’t dare do that to a man….you got no guts….

  5. future gov says:

    well the more they kill the less babies i have to take care of.

  6. pedro says:

    Bernie, how can you stab your wife to death ? the woman whom you had relationship with for all these years, and had 3 kids as a result ? how can you look somebody in the eye as you stab them ? Senseless, use a gun instead.

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