SANTA ANA (CBS) — The top acting public official in Santa Ana has apologized for comparing a local Jewish businessman to Adolph Hitler in a City Council meeting.

KCAL 9’s Stacey Butler reports Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez regretted the remarks she made about constituent Irv Chase during a special meeting about property taxes for downtown business owners Wednesday night.

“I specifically told him, ‘Hey, if Hitler rents you a place and is giving us a great deal, so who cares what he stands for? We need to put a stop to this,” Alvarez said at the meeting.

While some members of the crowd cheered the mayor pro tem, others walked out in protest, including fellow council member Carlos Bustamonte.

“What she was saying was just so egregious and so vile, I was shocked she would say something like that,” he said.

But Alvarez said her words were not aimed at any particular person or constituency.

“My intent was not to offend the Chases or the Jewish community by any means, or to trivialize anything that’s happened to the Jewish community,” she said. “But the words came out and I do apologize to all of them.”

The remarks were aimed at a heated debate over whether property owners should pay additional property taxes to fund marketing services that they claim do little to benefit them.

The panel that decides how the money will be spent is apparently run by Irv Chase and his son, whom supporters say is trying to diversify downtown in an effort to weather tough economic times.

But at a meeting last month, Alvarez accused Irv Chase of ethnic cleansing in the popular shopping and entertainment district.

“What we’re trying to do is broaden the appeal into the downtown, pure and simple,” Chase said at the meeting. “This isn’t a matter of race, this is a matter of business. I’m sick and tired of the race issue being played over and over and over again.”

Chase couldn’t be reached for comment, but he did tell the Orange County Register the comments are a classic case of anti-Semitism.

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  1. rjsmitty says:

    That not surprising she is a racist . She only does things for the “brown” community , but don’t listen to me check her out for yourself.

  2. George R says:

    Santa Ana is an old community in OC. This women is a Mayor??????????
    God save the good people in Santa Ana!

  3. KeithS says:

    Agree a racist Latino is not exactly earth-shattering news. Charlie Sheen-Estevez brought that to light when he knocked his TV producer for being Jewish.. Someone I know who was a professor of religion used to alarm me with the stories of how much hatred of the Jews was still preached within Latino communities.That was a couple of decades ago but seems like the beliefs are still being passed down.

    1. Moonlight says:

      Dumb ass Charlie Sheen is NOT a latino. His Grandfather is of Spanish orgin., not of Latin American heritage.

      1. Vincent Paul McCormack says:

        Agreed. Dumb A$$ he is as a$$es go, but he’s here legally.

  4. sue says:

    Another hispanic supremacist. I love the way they compare everything from deporting illegals to expecting assimilation after invading our country as ‘ethnic cleansing’. Deprting illegal foreign nationals is ot the same as putting them in ovens and gassing them. I am so sick of the racist, demanding hispanic groups and our politicians who empower them.

  5. Katlyn says:

    This country has more racist in all ethnic groups, most people want to live where there are people like themselves. Santa Ana is mostly Mexican South Los Angeles is Black, East LA is Mexican, we have China Town which has Chinese, Garden Grove mostly Vietnamese and called Little Siagon. Irvine has the most ethic diverst population in Southern California. The mayor needs to resign as she is a racist of the worst kind a public official.

    1. Ron says:

      If a NON-Hispanic, WHITE politician made a racist comment like she did, the Hispanic and/or Black community would DEMAND that politician step-down. And of course, Jesse Jackson and his Hispanic equivalent, would be there to get face time, in front of the camera and in print.

  6. eyeonwales says:

    Wow, these comments really shower the States in a positive light, people battering Jews, people battering Latinos for battering Jews, Sue above in particular, I wonder if you can see the irony of what you have written…?

  7. Clash715 says:

    This story is hilarious, two incredibly ethnocentric groups both complaining about the others racism. Both are hypocrites.

    All americans should read the book “culture of critique” by professor kevin macdonald to see why the western world is doomed.

    1. eyeonwales says:

      Good call Clash, good read as well!

    2. Graciano Barraza says:

      Yep!!! they are like 2 hungry sharks just waiting for the opportunity to attack eachother.By the way all of them are losers.

  8. Jeff says:

    What an ignorant woman. The people of Santa Ana should be ashamed of themselves for electing someone like this to public office.

  9. madtaxpayer says:

    why would a city be named after a defeated general of Mexico? its time to change the name!!! otherwise it count be part of Mexico soon!

    1. madtaxpayerequalsnobrains says:

      madtaxpayer are an uneducated fool. it was named by Junipero Serra (Vallejo de Santa Ana, name after an old catholic calender, the day he arrived into the region in 1776). If you are going to invade California, and don’t pay any taxes, at least know the history.

  10. Pam says:

    I would NEVER live in Orange County. EVER. If it isn’t a white councilwoman being racist, it’s a brown mayor being racist. Orange County is just too weird for me. It”s creepy. I know white republicans who wouldn’t live in this white republican county because it’s so weird!

  11. Lonnie Fehr says:

    sounds like only HITLER here is the oc mayor , a mexican for mexicans only . if she really wanted to help city , she would crack down on the illegal mexicans draining the city of tax payers money etc etc etc ,

  12. PL says:

    Just read 12 million Americans out of work
    Deport 15 million illegals to various countries
    China India Ireland Canada el Salvador Guatemala
    China, Not just Mexico
    bring in 3 million motivated educated people who have been waiting
    their turn in line

  13. Vincent Paul McCormack says:

    The US would be much better off if Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez returned to her Country of origin which she loves so much, and be a Mayor of one of those fine Cities.

  14. Wants her gone says:

    What she said about Mr Chase is only one of many things she has done to the residents in SA. She is one very nasty person. She not only gets mad but will hunt you down until the end of time.

    She is the most vindictive person you will ever meet.

    The media should talk to the residents about their experiences with her.

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