SAN DIEGO (CBS) — Officials on Friday warned the public about two Northern California women who have been spotted in San Diego County asking for donations to cover the cost of an infant funeral.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports the heartbreaking appeal is nothing more than scam straight off of the Internet.

Drivers have spotted Tiffany Lyon, 27, of Modesto and Chasity Doll, 20, of Sun City, at intersections in San Marcos and Escondido.

The duo reportedly was seen holding up a sign with a picture of a baby asking for money — a picture the sheriff’s department said is from the internet.

“You see stuff all the time, people claiming to be collecting money for this or that, but I’ve never seen one for a funeral let alone a funeral for a baby,” said San Diego County Sheriff spokesman Sgt. Daniel Deese.

A quick search online reveals that the baby is “basically nonexistent”, Deese added.

baby sign Alleged Funeral Scammers Spotted In SoCal Holding Dead Baby Photo

The women are reportedly using this sign to solicit donations from the public. (CBS)

The women were arrested back in June for running the same scam in Modesto, Calif., in which officials said the two women collected $640 in donations before being busted.

The suspects were charged with taking money under false pretenses and conspiring to defraud the public.

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  1. Ray Duncan says:

    One of these girls is from Sun City where I live and about 2 weeks ago there was something very similar to this going on at the corner of Murrieta and Newport in the old Albertsons shopping center. They were holding signs for a “Baby Funeral” and they had a car wash setup in the parking lot. My wife and I are new first time parents and we donated $20 without having our car washed. I wonder if these were the same people. The girl we gave the money to was a cute blonde but I am not sure if it is one in the photos. Just thinking about loosing our baby brought my wife to tears. Oh well $20 is not going to kill me if indeed it was a scam. If it wasn’t a scam I wish I could have given more.

    1. James Matsukov says:

      I live in Sun City too. It probably was a scam, but it doesn’t matter. Your hearts are in the right place, scam or no scam. You are lucky to have healthy children and always cherish the time you spend with them. God Bless You.

  2. Joe says:

    People who use ways to obtain easy money without breaking a sweat due to honest labor has dispose of their conscience and given in to the evil ways of this world.

    Though this scam may look new, it has actually been pulled by many people all around the world for generations. Evil people have reaped bags of money by tapping into the thin emotions of people who seek to do the right thing.

    People who pull this scam are actually ravage wolves wearing a Red Riding hood’s dress. Pitiful!

    These two needs to learn that here in America, there is true value in a hard days work. Money obtained thru a clever scam is coated with a foul smell of sewer.

    Money earned the honest way is honorable.

  3. jkaang says:

    Whites are always committing crimes with children and babies. Either they’re having sex with them, murdering them or using them to support their meth habit.

    1. James Matsukov says:

      That’s weird because the articles I read the “WHITE” people who kill kids, molest them etc have such a tan it’s hard for me to tell they are white. Thanks for setting me straight. Loser.

      1. Denny says:

        They’re white
        Must use the money at the tanning salon

    2. Astonished says:

      I guess they all must be white inside, because most sure don’t look it on the outside!

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