HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A person has died after being stabbed aboard a Metro Rail in Hollywood, LA City Fire and Metro police confirm.

Stu Mundel, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says the stabbing happened about 7:35 p.m. Friday at the Hollywood and Vine station housed underneath the W hotel.

The suspect, described as a white male, is at-large. He is believed to be in his 20s and was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt.

An eyewitness told CBS’s Suraya Fadel that the suspect, who was holding two skateboards, calmly got off the train saying he stabbed the victim in self defense.

A LA Times staffer said he witnessed the stabbing and confirmed the self defense story. Todd Martens said the victim had been swinging what appeared to be a bike chain, “wildly,” and “he seemed crazy,” he recounted.

Before departing the train, Martens said the suspect asked his fellow passengers, “You saw him attack me, right? Please say you did.”

Comments (19)
  1. Damon Berd Johnson says:

    thats HOLLYWOOD for you….prob homeless dude did it…

    1. Lisa Elaine Scott says:

      Wow Damon, based on statistics, you’re probably wrong. Homeless people rarely commit violent crimes…very rarely. Period.

  2. nomechifles says:

    Undercover cops should ride the train in each car, for free< at least to spot criminal behavior, and maybe uniformed to deterrent ill intentions., after all, the money they get paid comes from taxpayers.

  3. Heidi Upendo says:

    There are cameras all over the subways….why hasnt a pic been released??

  4. Heidi Upendo says:

    undercover cops ride the trains all the times, but the cameras are the biggest defens they have, I have heard security come over the speakers to tell people to stop tagging, and stopp eating, and stop getting to close to the edge….so the cameras surely have the persons face in full view somewhere

  5. gwendollynn says:

    The young man should turn himself in if he did in fact, stab the victim in self defense. There are cameras everywhere on the trains and all over the stations. Running will surely make things harder for him.

    1. Heidi Upendo says:

      right!! they say they saw a man carrying two skateboards……well not all people carry two…with all those cameras and the tracking they could have tracked him to the stop he got on at, maybe even if he baught his ticket with a credit card get a name….its not that hard….even better put his pic on the news and I am sure someone will talk

  6. Stubby says:

    I am armed when I ride the Metro. There is plenty of trouble if you are looking for it. I am too old to physically fight off some of these punks, but if they start something, I will end it if I can. This kid probably did stab the guy in self defense.

  7. RLR says:

    I hope the kid turns himself in, if it really was self-defense. Sure sounds like it, including what witnesses have said. I have to ride the red line often and don’t like it. There are some really crazy people who try to start things. I never see cops on the subway, just outside on the platforms or at entrances, occasionally checking if people paid their fare. More people are armed on public transportation than you think. And it seems when something starts, people naturally look the other way because who wants the angry guy starting a problem coming after you because you had the nerve to look?! I feel for the kid and hope he gets help/representation and is able to tell his side.

  8. FirstMaje says:

    Even self defence but you just don’t walk away. Big trouble now.

  9. johnny gobbs says:

    I hope the kid turn himself in, if it was self-defense.

  10. Clint_LA says:

    Ive seen a lot of crazy people on the bussed and trains of LA….but I have always felt safe. Someone said “that’s hollywood for you” No…this is very random and rare and something I’d expect to happen in NYC or Chicago or even SF…but not here. If the victim did seem crazy…its too bad the kid didn’t have the sense to just leave him alone.

  11. LARider says:

    A fatal stabbing on the subway is rare and disturbing. There are a lot of “Crazies” on the subway and lightrail. I’m a 49 year old hispanic man that always dresses in a suit and tie for work and I’ve been verbally threatened by black gang-bangers on the Blueline. I don’t interact with street thugs, so I walk away or get off at the next stop. People are trapped on subways when threatened and self-defense is a real possibility. Turn yourself in and tell your side of the story. There’s plenty of video evidence without witnesses having to step forward.

    1. Dave says:

      It’s murder
      Carrying a knife is illegal
      When problems arise
      The cars are 60 feet long
      Move away, put space between you
      I’m sure the white meth head skateboarder did not
      According to other reports
      The victim was working on his bike
      Innocent men don’t run

  12. Huero says:

    I’ve seen undercover and uniformed cops riding the subway
    They seem to be interested in only those
    who do not have a fare

  13. Tyrone says:

    there go whitie killin an innocent blackman fo ridin the train

  14. Press your Luck says:

    what a loser
    i hope they find him and slice him in the crack of his azz

  15. Mr.Michael says:

    The old man had a plaste chain,talking load. He was 59. The 20 year-old had a hard skate-board and knife,Who do you think should Win?

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