Looking to refinance your home loan? Make sure you’ve taken these steps before you submit your application.

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  1. Traci says:

    Trying to replay this for my husband & it’s on women who are mechanics & NO financial stuff.

  2. A. McWilliam says:

    Yep, it’s nothing to do with refinancing. What a shame!! Refinancing is incredibly important, so it’s stupid to make this error,

  3. Carmen Alvarez says:

    Dear Bob:

    please give some ideas to refinance to house. we want to save some money that is why we are planning to refinance our house, What I heard is the bank is charging us an Insurance for mortgage. is this right? Please give some idea or what way to refinance the property.
    Thank you Bob

  4. Monica Rodriguez says:

    I wanted to listen again to Fridays show and Wednesdays’ show. Can I ?
    I wanted to know where in Hermosa Beach the seminar to get a state job is being held. Not on community center’s calendar.

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