LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A man has been found guilty of killing two pedestrians while trying to get away from police.

Sergio Delgado was convicted on two charges of murder, gross vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crime.

Last month, Delgado hit and killed a man and woman who were crossing the street at the intersection of Wilcox and Hollywood Boulevard.

Delgado was being pursued by police at the time.

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  1. The Truth says:

    I hope this guy gets a very lengthy prison sentence. At a minimum? 25 years before he is eligible for parole. People that break the law need to start being punished. Hopefully this will make people think twice before they commit a crime.

  2. EverydayGuy says:

    Gotta love those illegal aliens.

    1. Nothing New says:

      Not sure if he was illegal, but hit-and-run seems to be the norm in that culture.

    2. Mehrak Michael Cervantes says:

      Actually, you need to get your facts right before placing your racist, idiotic remarks. This guy was formerly in the Army or Navy (I forget).

      1. John says:

        I love how you said “you need to get your facts right before placing your racist, idiotic remarks” then the next sentence you put behind that are unchecked facts.

      2. Christina McKee Bathan says:

        Sergio was Not illegal, was in the Marine corps, has a history of mental illness, and while he deserves to be punished for his crime, I hope and pray that he gets placed in a hospital vs prison.. The people he hit were illegal.

  3. Will Campbell says:

    If indeed the commission of the crime was “last month” as the article states, that would make the speediest trial and conviction in the history of history.

  4. Melvin Blake says:

    Before you made your falsified explanation to this possibly affiliated fella, he ain’t no former military personnel but a rapist on parole. Oh, also, you have to speak to him in spanish. Do not rush to depend your own people…

  5. davidozone says:

    He should be let off like all the other foriegners.Hopefully he will eliminate 2 more greedy foriegners

  6. RubenRojo says:

    This tragedy took place back in July of 2008, during a police pursuit through Hollywood, and NOT last month as stated above. I also happen to be one of the witness’s who held him untli police arrived. Hopefully the S.O.B. get’s the maximum penalty, which is Life Without Parole. However, iin all reality… he might just get 15 years to life and be out of prison in less than 10 years with credit and time served.

    1. Rubenputo says:

      Well throw you a cookie.

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