FULLERTON (CBS) — The Fullerton City Council has agreed to launch a special investigation into a controversial police beating that led to the death of a homeless man.

Kelly Thomas, 37, suffered from schizophrenia. He died five days after suffering severe neck and head injuries when he was arrested on July 5.

An angry crowd of Fullerton residents chanted and shouted at the mayor and council members during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The council approved a contract that could cost the city as much as $70,000 to hire independent investigator Michael Gennaco.

Gennaco will review Thomas’ death, as well as the department’s policies and procedures.

Thomas’ father says the independent review should bring some clarity to the situation.

Fullerton police confronted Thomas while they were investigating reports of car break-ins near Fullerton’s transit center.

Witnesses and Thomas’ family say six police officers beat, kicked and used a stun gun on him.

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  1. charlie says:

    Probe ??? investigations ? i thought everything was done according to Fullerton Police Department’s training and procedures ? Council is finally admitting this is worth investigating ??? Wow !!!

    i won’t be surprised if the probe clears all parties involved of any wrongdoings,

    1. John says:

      The rich in Ca are no more than a bunch of gang bangers that use the cops to do their dirty work. STOP RAPPING THE PORE PIGS, and the FBI better star protecting the people from the PIG gang bang.

  2. Vernon says:

    It is only legal when it is a minority beaten to death!!! Just like certain drugs were not a problem until it entered the white community!!!

  3. Vernon says:

    LAPD will trat you like a King!!! Rodney King!!!!

  4. Enough already says:

    Holy cow, let this go and move on. Parents didn’t care enough to take care of him so what do you want?

    1. American 1776 says:

      Do you have children over the age of 18? Try inflicking you wants on them and see how far you get. Do you do everything your parents want you to do, if you say yes, you’re a lair.This family tried, but the law was against them Kelly was 37, the family couldn’t make him do anything he didn’t want to do, any more than your family can force you to do any thing you don’t want to do. This family has suffered for years with this young mans illness, and now they get to seffer because of the way he died.

      1. SAD DAD says:

        yes american i do and he has the same issues as kelly and we as in my wife and i have a court order to make sure he stays on his meds our son lives in west covina my wife and i in fontana and one of us drives to his place daily or he drives to ours and we watch him take his meds as per the order is this extreem? sure it is but my son will not die in the streets. am i sayin the police did this exactly right NO but i do place some blame at the feet if the parents who did not do enough to help their son. and its not about FORCING my son to do my will, its about getting him the help he needs. not only does my son have to take his meds in mine or my wifes presence but he also has to go for regular doc visits to make sure the meds are correct for him and also to see a theripist. when he hurt me 4 years ago when he went off meds he felt horid after he came down, he and i are very close always have been. he knows how much i love him so he felt extreemly bad SO THAT is what really gets him to do what he needs to, the desire to never end up doing what he did before. so in short YES A PARENT CAN get the court orders to make their child safe and for who ever asked what happens when i and my wife pass on? the order falls to our daughter or to my sons wife should he be married so things CAN BE done to safe guard a person like kelly IF YOU WANT TO

      2. Bad Grammar says:

        Wow are you an illiterate- you from the south, boy?

      3. wgaf says:

        SAD DAD”S SON is just as ret@rded. To begin with Morons like him shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, then there wouldn’t have been a problem.

    2. nrse says:

      I think it’s sad that the father was on the news demanding “a big settlement”. Seems like he was really concerned about that. This guy was homeless and apparently not receving any type of treatment for his mental health issues. I understand that we can’t force treatment on others, but I think it should be known how far the family went to try and get help for him. Do they really deserve any settlement money?

      1. wgaf says:

        Testing, testing, DUMBF**K.

    3. Jade says:

      I agree, the only information we have that the parents did anything was what the father has told the media, they could have had him arrested and gotten help when he choked his mother, but that didn’t happen. Now the father is inciting people to take things into their own hands, he is in it for the money, when he says he wants to set something up for homeless people and give money to Kelly’s siblings, the homeless will never see a penny of the money and why do his silbings deserve money, none of these people have had contact with him for years and now they care, it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$. All of the people who came to the first city council meeting to get up and speak, most were not from Fullerton, they just wanted to complain about the police, it didn’t have anything to do with the case at hand. Ron Thomas is looking for his 15 minutes of fame, sad that he lost his son, but also even sadder that he is using that to gain money. if any money is awarded from this it should go directly to homeless shelters if that is indeed why he is doing this.

      1. jerky says:

        strange…..I thought the city of fullerton offered the father close to a million dollars to settle this outside fo court and he refused, did he change his mind suddenly? sad sad…but i still hope something comesout of this…the fact that these officers weren’t able to handle a sick man means they would do this to another sick person….there needs to be traning on how to retrain this person…cuff him…and put him in a car…i don’t think it means you need to beat and kick the dude in the head..especially when there were tazers involved…are you telling me the taxers didn’t do anything???

  5. Stubby says:

    Use the $70K to keep a teacher on the job. Why waste it on this.

    1. Stubby says:

      Excellent post Stubby.

  6. TJ says:

    Did you know that people with schizophrenia can CAUSE DEATH TO YOU??? They have the power within to do so. I worked in a hospital for a year as a security officer, the Dr. told me if this patient would decide to get up and leave I was to let him go and stay away from him while he left or I could be seriously hurt or killed. They have the strength like a person on drugs. If the family tried to help him and he refused, it was the best that someone put him out of his misery.

    1. jerky says:

      that’s not good….there are a lot of sick people out there that we would have to kill…..you gonna start the death camp for the mentally ill?

  7. Pat says:


    1. jerky says:

      i know but the guy was 37…..you can’t force someone to stay under your care all thier life…or else there would be lots of “sick” people living with thier parents forever…and what happens when the parents die…do we put him down like a dog? it was his responsibility to take his meds..although being homeless doesn’t exactly help get you into the doctor to get help…one thing california is natorious for is letting the “sick” wander the streets homeless, confused, and scared. until they commit a crime or hurt someone else.

  8. John says:

    Maybe one of these days someone will put you out of your misery. I say this because you look at him as bad just because he was pore. It seems like in this country the people that are free are the ones that can justify lying and cheating and call it capitalism and then that want to call rape love. Remember not everyone is a Zionist and think money will make him or her happy. remember with the Zionist free we are all slaves.

    1. tanya says:

      It is not because he was poor and what does that have to do with Zionists? John, take your meds and put on your foil hat.

  9. EverydayGuy says:

    I have no doubt all the Fullerton residents who are up in arms will each find a homeless person and take them into their own home.

  10. Father Vag says:

    The funny (and sad) things is the people who are most preachy about this and want to see the family vindicated, are the same folks that would cross the street to avoid a man like this (Kelly), and never give him a dime if he was looking for hand outs. Look within yourselves first, ya’ll.

  11. John says:

    It means that the USA is all about blaming the pore for all their problems. Some people do not want to be rich for it has its own hell. You think that the only way to be free is to have the right to have the Zionist concept of capitalism. By the way, you probably take more drugs then I do. So take yours.

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