FULLERTON (CBS) — The mayor of Fullerton has no plans to resign after the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man that died after a confrontation with city police.

Mayor Richard Jones met with Thomas’ father, Ron Thomas, privately for about two hours Wednesday behind closed doors. Thomas wants and was certain that Jones would leave office, but Mayor Jones told KCAL 9 that he has no plans to resign.

“I understand his concerns and the concerns of the citizens,” Jones said.

The meeting followed a City Council meeting Tuesday night during which the council voted to hire a consultant to investigate the death of Kelly Thomas. Thomas, 37, suffered neck and head injuries during a fight with Fullerton police on July 5. He died as a result of his injuries five days later.

City officials say they will hire Michael Gennaco, the head of the Los Angeles County Office of Independent Review, to carry out the investigation. The probe will cost as much as $70,000.

Six police officers involved in the arrest have been placed on paid leave while investigations are conducted internally, by the FBI and by the District Attorney’s Office.

Comments (6)
  1. John Estrada says:

    Hell! Let’s get the bus drivers, meter maids, teachers, grocery store checkers, and just about every other worker in Fullerton to resign too.

  2. Poe says:

    Have you even watch any of the city council meetings? If you did, you might understand why people are asking this to happen.

    1. Ron says:

      I owned a home in Fullerton from 1975 till 2009 and I think some of the old timers on the council were there since the city was incorporated. It’s time for some new blood and new thinking. The mayor is definitely out of touch.

      And how can you ever justify beating a person’s face in like the 6 officers did, instead of simply cuffing him and taking him into custody?

  3. Jose says:

    To Poe: I have and much of the crowd’s anger is misdirected, we are a nation of laws and due process. The crowd seems to have lost sight of that fact, if many of those individuals had ever served on a criminal jury trial they would understand that an investigation has to follow a prescribed path and all evidence discovered.

    1. wgaf says:

      So Jose, tell me about the due process those six dumbazz incompetent cops performed.

  4. I am not a crook says:

    Those 6 fine upstanding murders are getting there due process with there paid Hawaii leave until the city can find a way to cover this whole thing up.

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