GLENDALE (CBS) — Officials warned residents on Monday to keep their garbage under wraps after a recent rash of bear sightings in the foothills of Glendale and La Canada Flintridge.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the bear was spotted munching on trash near the 210 Freeway.

The sighting near Honolulu Avenue comes weeks after a bear ate some chickens in a La Canada Flintridge backyard in May.

“Bears are hungry,” said Riki Whitman with the Pasadena Humane Society. “They’re probably coming down looking for food, and they spend a lot of foraging, so trash is delicious to them.”

Whitman suggests residents keep their trash cans covered, secured and  inside their garage if at all possible.

The bears have not caused any problems so far, and officials said the lack of natural resources in the burn areas is likely forcing the animals to hunt for food in the foothill communities.

There are no plans to relocated any bears unless they pose a direct threat to residents or property.

“They might even enjoy a swim in the pool,” said Whitman.

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  1. Wynne says:

    I live in bear country north of Los Angeles, and believe me, keeping garbage inside a garage will not deter bears, whose noses are sharper than a dog’s. Bears here have trashed garage doors and windows to follow the garbage scent. If garbage MUST be stored in a garage before pick-up or hauling off, put two open pie tins (or other shallow container) of Pine-Sol Original and place on the floor inside both sides of the garage door. Brushing Pine-Sol on the doorframe will NOT work — it evaporates and dissipates too quickly. Bears really hate this scent and will turn away. Orange or Lemon scented Pine-Sol will ATTRACT bears so be sure to use Original.

    If you must feed your domestic pets outside, don’t leave dishes outside with leftovers when they’re done feeding. And NEVER store pet food outside, even on a high deck. Bears can and will climb. Birdfeeders can also be an attractant, so it’s always best to remove them during the summer months. Birds can find plenty of food through the warmest months of the year.

    Also, keep ALL food and even food wrappers out of your car. Bears here have trashed cars, even those that are locked, if they think there’s food inside. If you must keep trail mix or some other snack food in your car, keep a covered Tupperware or Ziplock dish with Pine-Sol in it, and remove the lid when you park the car for the night. It’s not pretty what a 200-400 pound (depending on age) bear can do to the interior of a car.

    Finally, you shouldn’t assume that nuisance black bears are “relocated.” California Fish & Game typically traps them and kills them because there is either no suitable habitat for relocation (and black bears can roam within 140 miles of their home range); or the animal has become too comfortable around humans and is considered dangerous.

    So do the bears and your property a favor and don’t attract them in the first place. If you’ve done all that, don’t be afraid to yell, throw sticks, and make any kind of noise so that the bear knows it isn’t welcome around your property. Fortunately, black bears are easily intimidated. They’re great critters to watch as long as they stay a respectful distance away, and as long as we humans act responsibly as well.

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