SAN GABRIEL (CBS) — It’s a telephone scam that may not sound all that convincing, but police on Wednesday warned San Gabriel residents they could be ripped off if they regularly use mail-order prescription drugs.

Police said crooks posing as agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration tell the mark that a shipment of illegal prescription drugs being sent to his or her home has been intercepted in the Dominican Republic.

The addressee is then threatened with arrest unless a fine is paid, according to officials.

The call shows up on caller I.D. as being a U.S. number, but they typically originate in the Dominican Republic. The target is then told to wire money to an account, and given a number to call, police said.

At least one woman in San Gabriel has reported getting such a call, police said.

The crooks appear to be preying on mostly older people who regularly mail-order prescription drugs.

Dialing the call-back number can also be costly, police said, adding that it is set up to bill the caller up to $100 per minute.

Anyone targeted by someone with a similar story is urged to report it via the Federal Trade Commission website.

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Comments (2)
  1. The Mad Man says:

    If someone from the DEA calls me for anything, I tell them to call the police. First clue…Dominican Republic.
    Second clue…The addressee is then threatened with arrest unless a fine is paid, according to officials.
    If I get a call like that, I call the FBI!
    No one calls me about my drugs being mailed to my home except the company that mailed it. I only have drugs (legal) coming from 2 places and both #’s are listed on my caller ID. I have no reason to call them back unless my drugs don’t get here. Then I call the # I KNOW.

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