LOS ANGELES (CBS) — When it comes to using taxpayer money to pay the salaries of future Cal State University presidents, even higher education officials sometimes need a little guidance.

The chairman of the Cal State Board of Trustees told lawmakers “we need help” to determine compensation structures as the state struggles with mounting anger over six-figure salaries.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports the board expects a new round of hiring executive replacements in the coming months and years.

Chairman Herbert Carter said trustees need to know how much state lawmakers are going to commit to compensation packages for university presidents before any compensation guidelines can be established.

“In the not too distant future, we’re going to have to replace four or five more presidents or more,” said Carter.

Trustees hope to avoid the public outrage created by the $100,000 pay increase that the new president at San Diego State received over his predecessor.

But faculty representative Kim Geron says trustees are blind for doing this while hiking student fees and ignoring others.

“We’re all very frustrated, we all basically had our salaries frozen, and being told there’s no money for us, and yet the new guy comes in and gets a $100,000 bump from the last guy,” said Geron.

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  1. alg says:

    The executives in Universities can’t see the forest for the trees.
    They are all so consumed with their importance and entitlement that they are blinded
    by their greed and lack of understanding of the value of their jobs.
    What do these executives do that anyone else could do on a $40,000 salary?
    NOTHING. Most of the higher executives sit in their offices doing nothing. Oh, they go through the motions of appearing to be busy, of looking important and doing the most important job of their lives. JUDGING OTHERS., and forgetting where all the money comes from to fund these colleges.
    To make matters worse our illustrious Governor Brown now believes that ILLEGAL ALIENS deserve financial help OVER American citizens.
    With leadership like that no wonder our state is in a mess.
    With pensions out of control, with welfare out of control, with salaries out of control, with self importance and a sense of entitlement over the wishes of those that pay those salaries, is it any wonder there is such anger in this state.
    When you look for someone to blame, just look in one place. A place where there is hatred and disgust for the taxpayer: THE UNIONS. Ripe with fraud and law breaking at every turn, the Unions insist that they are deserving., while the unemployed lines grow every day., foreclosures occur every day.
    Will there ever be any justice? Not unless we take the bull by the horns.
    I really believe that they governor should be impeached. He has not kept his word on anything.

  2. wobbles says:

    For all the outrage levelled at all the little guys in public service, it’s time we got fixed on the right target and start looking at the tops of these organizations, not the bottoms. It’s not street cops, or firefighters, or teachers in classrooms that are breaking us. The elephant in the room is that the cancerous growth in the public sector that public executives be paid and compensated on par with the private sector. It’s simply not feasible. The private sector pays and compensates executives on an order of magnitude greater than their average employees. The argument that if you don’t pay the public execs exorbinant ammounts they’ll defect to the private sector simply lacks merit. If they could make it there, they’d be there already. Peaople gravitate towards the public secor for it’s long term stability. We don’t need to have executives living in luxury while laying off teachers and such. I promise the public execs won’t suddenly disappear overnight.

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