ANAHEIM (CBS) — They used to hunt only at night, but some brazen coyotes have been roaming the streets of several Anaheim neighborhoods lately and neighbors are more than just scared…they’ve had enough.

The coyotes have clearly stakes out the wrong territory…and worse, they’ve taken down a few pets.

Residents were frustrated that city officials, in their minds, weren’t doing enough to curb or curtail the coyote activity, so they banded together and hired their own trapper.

The cost, more than $300.

But as Suraya Fadel reported for KCAL9 News at 10 PM Saturday, residents would have paid more to get rid of their problem.

At least 15 signed on to fight the brazen and dangerous coyotes…

And there is even no guarantee that the traps will catch anything. You have heard of Wile E. Coyote, yes?

No matter. Residents here are ready to wait them out…and set more traps if need be.

Lynda Gendreau is an animal lover and hates the idea of the coyotes having to be euthanized. But she told the Orange County Register, “After the horror stories about the pets being killed — and people worried about their children — something needs to be done.”

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  1. Jim Bullard says:

    Does anyone even remember that the coyotes were here way before we were with the expensive homes, just like Monterey Park when I was a kid, the hills were all chopped up for new homes and at night you could hear the coyotes, and in the day see the rabbits, snakes, trantulas, because it was their home,it was there land, they hunted for food and were left alone till man came and destroyed their habitat, THEY deserve to be taken care of, not euthanized, man chases them away, and all other animals here before too, and then they are blamed for killing someoned dog, put your dogs inside, give these coyotes their freedom, they are more brazen because they are starving. You people wake up and leave nature alone

    1. snowballeffect says:

      Is that what happened to the California Native Indians..where did our government put them….Morongo, Indian Wells, When your pet or family gets attack, stay asleep have sweet dreams……..

      1. snowballeffect says:

        and DON”T WAKE UP because you obviously WON”T ..go back to sleep now..

      2. WileCoyote says:

        NO the goverment put them on reservations, fed them foul meat and wanted them dead, sound familiar.

    2. Alyssa says:

      What are you going to say when a child is attacked?

      1. wilecoyote says:

        Where were the parents?

  2. Charlie says:

    Man has Priority over Animals you nut case Jimmy. What are you 10 years old?

  3. Art says:

    It’s called growth Jim. Where are Humans supposed to Go? Anywhere we Populate will have animals put out. Do you think before you post?

  4. Mel says:

    I really don’t care if pets get eaten, but I do care if children are eaten. If you care so much about these wild animals Jim why don’t you adopt them You Goof

    1. Freda says:

      Mel, you are an arrogant idiot. Pets are the children of people who don’t have any. They are family members to most people. They have emotions, feelings and most importantly they have a lot of love to give you unlike most kids today.

      1. Mel says:

        I did not say I wanted them eaten. I just care if the Children get eaten.
        Your must be pretty ignorant since you can’t understand what you read

      2. Kev says:

        Please don’t compare children to pets. I have a dog and have kids. If my dog was killed I would be sad and upset but would move on and would get over it. If one of my kids was killed I would never get over it. Pets are not children they are companions.

  5. mojo says:

    Oh, no, killing coyotes to save people? Unheard of (sarcasm) PETA will surely be saying something about this……


      Mojo your the best!! I heard the Community of anaheim just wants them trapped and relocated:
      They DO NOT want a Ordinance to shoot and kill like IRVINE city had
      we can send a man to the moon but can set up traps in a confined area…amazing

      1. snowballeffect says:

        correction: We can send a man to the MOON but CAN”T set up traps in a nursery that is confined…GO MOJO

      2. wilecoyote says:

        They do not re-locate, they KILL. These people know this. They know the animal will wait in it’s cage or struggle with a snare until The City or the Tapper come to end it’s life. And they will keep coming, again and again. Prob have bigger litters of pups.Who knows maybe the mountain lion will come down next, they will have nothing to deter them, like the coyotes who can smell them and would try to keep them from their territory. Now what are you gonna do? You think the coyote is scary. These guys can take down almost anything you send their way. They are being sited in LA, thats not really that far.

  6. amshi45 says:

    It is your animal…..take care of it. I have an Indoor/Outdoor cat, she runs in and I block her cat door so she wont go out and get hurt. It is your responsiblility to take care of your animal, they are like small children. And the coyotes are only doing what they do naturally, animal instinct.

    1. snowballeffect says:

      Haven’t you been reading the Articles and watching the news: They do take care of their PETS , your opinion will change when one bites on the neck of your indoor/outdoor cat and shakes it violently and eats it alive: WAKE UP

  7. Jack says:

    Hope the coyotes eat your pets


      Hey Jack: are you a father? are you a husband?? your poor family ..imagine having to live with you….your poor kids and wife must be real hard for them to LOVE YOU…YOUR A SAD MAN

    2. Alyssa says:

      I hope you get attacked you SOB

  8. Jessy blonde says:

    Anaheim, down below in the southern part so close to the border. Used to be fighting with the spiking crime rate ever since the drug war started. Now you have to fight with the animal. How many much more animal you have to fight?

  9. Roger1988 says:

    If you don’t want to see wild animals why on earth did you decide to move near nature?? If you don’t like nature or animals why don’t you go back living in the city, where the wildest animals you will ever encounter would be a squirrel! If you keep cutting all these forests and build all these houses where on earth are these animals supposed to find food?? If you are so concerned about your precious kids or pets then WHY aren’t you keeping an eye on them instead of letting them roam around unsupervised?? I live in the country and to protect my pets I put up a fence PLUS i NEVER leave them outside alone, especially at night! Stop complaining and and start taking some responsibilities and protect your kids or pets by actually using your brain and be respectful of your surrounding!

    1. Amshi45 says:

      I Sooooo agree, couldn’t have said it better!!

      1. snowballeffect says:

        you must be rogers girlfriend poor thang..

    2. Steve says:

      Anaheim is near nature?? When I was there it was a huge galleria with smog

    3. snowballeffect says:

      you don’t get out much do you…anaheim is not near some money take your kids on a trip ..get out of your hole…

  10. Crystal Perkins says:

    Is all the F*** city peple fault the coyotes roming around in the city. If they left they nature homes along then it would have been save for them and they nature food and for you all and all your pet animals.
    I feed all wildlife, and coyotes. They don’t attack me nor my pet cats that I have.
    I call back to coyote when I hear them howl all the time.

    1. Steve says:

      Glad I don’t live near you. Are you like a werewolf on true blood??

    2. snowballeffect says:

      you must have HAIR ON YOUR FACE……awwaww ahowllllll the coyotes want you

  11. Phil says:

    What a bunch of towny LOPS….you, and your pets deserve to be bumped down the food chain. My dog kills coyotes, and I kill coyotes, the yuppies have made fur “unfashionable” so the market isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still worth my while to hunt/trap/call them. I wonder how much the trapper is getting for the hides??

    1. snowballeffect says:

      you must eat them to..creeepy Phil

  12. Lesa Rowdy DeRoin says:

    I’d say the three S’s are in order here. Shoot, Shovel, and SHUT UP.

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