SHERMAN OAKS (CBS) — The LA City Council and an anonymous donor have stepped forward to offer a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the capture and conviction of a man wanted for the 2006 murder of his live-in girlfriend.

Authorities believe David Weir shot and killed his then girlfriend — a 22-year-old nursing student — in the Sherman Oaks apartment they shared.

Dave Lopez, reporting for KCA9 and CBS2, alleges that after shooting Victoria Ramirez in the head, Weir then calmly went to an area restaurant and had breakfast.

Police say that when they went to serve Weir with an arrest warrant, he vanished.

The victim’s family spoke out today and demanded justice.

A grieving family member choked back tears and said of Weir, “This is not like any domestic violence situation, he was like family to us.”

Lopez reports that after being advised by an attorney on how to surrender and how much time in prison he was facing, Weir bolted.

Detectives believe Weird could be in Mexico and suggest he might be dealing drugs to make a living.

Over the past five years, officials told Lopez they have been close to grabbing Weir but that he always seems to be just one step ahead of them.

Detective Matt Brown says the fact Weir is possibly in Mexico has made the investigation harder but says authorities there “have been cooperative.”

Comments (7)
  1. John Andrews says:

    Would it not be helpful to publish David Weirs photograph??? God you guys really stink at the whole reporting thing don’t you.. I know that CBS is hurting financially but you would think they could still afford to hire an actual journalist…

    1. Seriously? says:

      I looked for a photograph before I read the article. You’d think that’d be the most important thing for them to publish….. DUH!!!

    2. Roro says:

      It’s very stupid of them… so I’m doing their damn job for them and providing the public with a photo.

      Also, good typo in the 3rd-to-last paragraph. Weird. haha

  2. rotten country says:

    i notice mexico is good at catching american criminal, perhaps they dont want to pay for his incarceration, while the u.s will keep the illegals for life.

  3. Roro says:

    Also, who do I call? I swear I saw this guy….

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