WESTMINSTER (CBS) — A man has been charged with trying to burn down his sister’s home and killing his dog by poisoning him and slitting his throat.

Jamie Arturo Garcia, 30, is accused of lighting piles of clothing on fire inside his sister’s Stanton home with the intention of burning it down on July 24, according to an Orange County District Attorney’s press release.

Garcia shared the home with his sister. The fires caused major damage to the home’s laundry room.

After the fires burned out, Garcia reportedly poisoned his 7-year-old dachshund mix, Dexter, by feeding his various pills, the release said. He then allegedly used a kitchen knife to slit the dog’s throat.

“The bleeding dog ran around the house and into the bedroom, where he died on the defendant’s bed,” the press release stated.

Deputies who responded to the original 911 about the fire discovered blood from the dog and Garcia on the floors and walls throughout the home. Garcia was later taken to a local hospital with self-inflicted injuries.

Officials did not release a motive for the fires or the fatal attack on the dog.

Garcia is facing one felony count of arson of an inhabited property, one felony count of animal cruelty, and one misdemeanor count of unlawfully causing a fire to property.

If convicted, he faces a maximum eight years and four months in state prison.

Garcia’s arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday. No bail amount has been set, but the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will ask for it to be set at $250,000, according to the press release.

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  1. Phiilip says:

    Tough guy, huh? I would love to see him try that with my 145-pound Rottweiler.

    1. Jeezus says:

      i cant kill an insect without feeling some remorse. how could you slit a dog’s throat unless you yourself need your throat slit immediately as well. any more than 8 years and i guess it’s not worth it to house someone like this in our jail system…i’d pay more for a better quality of life though.

      this is all wrong. someone like this, and there’s many more who are even 10x worse, but they need to be terminated permanently from society. you cant change someone who’s like that (w/ rehab) but you can change the next guy by terminating someone like this and setting an example for others who think they can go around slitting throats without real punishment and responsibility. hold criminals accountable and the other criminals will learn accordingly. give them human rights and they’ll further criminalize. you’d think by 2011AD we’d have a process to do away with evil deeds by evil people.

    2. Liz Johnson says:

      another ass hole , slit his throat & watch him die the hard slow way. its the least he deserves , what did the poor dog do to him ? stupid ppl anyway, they dont desrve to live. maybe someone in jail will slit his throat for him & watch while he dies. he deserves it. (( rip fur baby, you deserved better . ))

  2. What the F..k says:

    Lets KILL this “P.O.S……………………….

    1. Pam says:

      Get in line.

  3. CLW in L.A. says:

    What a POS. I like to have just five minutes in a locked room with him. He would never forget me. He will get his in prison, even they have a code for people like him. I hope he rots in prison

  4. AmigoSan says:

    Noted the 8 years is only for people who can’t throw a football or have thug like speed. This guy should be lined up and raped by child molesters……twice a day

  5. Maria says:

    I hope this monster gets the same treatment in prison (throat and private parts). This poor excuse of a human doesn’t deserve to live.

  6. gp says:

    How about unleashing some rabid Doberman’s to rip this POS’s throat out. Quid Pro Quo!

  7. Maury says:

    Somebody slice this devils throat please.

    1. bcb says:

      Amen to that!

    2. Scottie says:

      Hear hear

  8. Efrain says:

    Obviously he’s psycho. They should have sent the Fullerton Police Dept.

  9. Travis Mogren says:

    I’d love to see him try that iwth my Doberman.. good luck a-hole

  10. KeithS says:

    Question-What do you think would have brought more jail time-killing his sister or his dog? I ask because of one of those strange stories many years ago- On the same day a man in New York was sentenced to 27 days in jail for beating, raping and attempting to kill his girlfriend, two teenagers in Florida were sentenced to 16 months in jail for illegally killing a deer. Just wondering…..

  11. Kill Jamie Arturo Garcia! says:

    That’s the max.. eight years and four months?? Who would want this psycho fat tub of lard back on the streets?

  12. disgusted beyond belief says:

    animal cruelty is so heartbreaking. That poor dog. 8 years is not enough. Of course he didn’t kill himself. He should have taken the pills and slit his own throat. Please court system: get this son of a b*tch off the streets quick. Hopefully he gets what he gave.

  13. cloudnine says:

    What he did was wrong & none of us know what is going thru his mind. First of all he is a human being probably dealing with a mental illness. Who are we to judge. You all sound like sickos wishing this guys’ death over a DOG! Seriously people get your priorities straight. Poor dog but it’s only a DOG!!!

    1. MJ says:

      Okay “cloudnine”
      Lets see if this is what “human beings” do:
      1.) Tried to burn down his sisters house
      2.) Took an innocent dog and fed it various pills to poison him
      3.) When that didn’t work took a kitchen knife and slit his throat

      Don’t try to make excuses for pigs like this with the insanity defense.

      1. cloudnine says:

        I feel for this animal but think about it. It might have been either his dog or sister. Someone normal does not do this so he must be a little insame in the membrane.
        Look at the post. Everyone is wishing him a violent death. Do you call that being human? Like it or not a human life will always be worth more than any animal. I seen more hatred here than when Casey Anthony was let go.

    2. Liz Johnson says:

      at least the poor dog has more heart then some ppl do, in this case , it almost sounds like you. you sticking up for this asswipoe or what ? if you are, you’re no better then him. animals have more heart then some ppl out there & yes, that includes you too, just by the statement you made , you sound like you’re no better then him, may god help you….

  14. Duh! says:

    Where is PETA?
    Why aren’t they at the courts advocating the death penalty for this loser?

    This is the type of treatment of animals that they should be going after. And yet, they are strangely absent.

  15. Dennis B. says:

    I’d like to see you die too Cloudnine..since you’re cool with what that fat sob did

    1. cloudnine says:

      You are so funny!! This truly made me laugh. Look Dennis I know you are angry about what happened to this poor animal but you also have to remember this is probably someone dealing with some type of mental illness. What that man did a normal person would not do. All we can do is hope for justice but to wish his death that’s a bit to much. I feel for that animal but I have a feeling it was either the dog or his sister.

      1. Astonished says:

        While I agree that a human life should always come before the life of any animal (and I am an animal lover!), this person needs to be removed from society, preferrable permanently. Of course he has issues, and is obviously mental!
        But studies have proven that people who abuse animals will move on to more satisfying victims such as children and they just get more violent as they go. Not to mention he is an asonist too boot!

        While I don’t especially like my tax dollars feeding and housing this nut job for the rest of his life its better than having him loose in society!

  16. diana says:

    this jerk should just shoot himself, he needs to die in the most ugly way!

  17. jim says:

    i bet he came home from the arcade and found out his sister ate his ben & jerry’s and had a temper tantrum

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