SAN DIMAS (CBS) — An afternoon hike turned into an overnight ordeal when a couple, whose 80-pound dog joined them for the trek, couldn’t make it back down the trail.

Officials said the dog, Baxter, a Labrador mix, suffered cuts to his paws from rocks on the trail at the Angeles National Forest, just north of San Dimas. The walk became too hard and he grew too tired, forcing his owners to call police for help.

The couple couldn’t carry the dog themselves, so they waited overnight for help to arrive.

On Sunday morning, a rescue helicopter arrived and had to completely shut down to calm the frightened dog enough to board. The couple and the dog were eventually airlifted to safety.

The couple, who did not have clothing or camping supplies, was cold when they were picked up, but were said to be doing fine.

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  1. Reagen says:

    AW, that poor doggie Does look so beat. I’m really grateful that we have kind rescue services here that will take the time to help our canine friends. Thanks so much to all of you!

    1. upchuck says:

      I so glad we spent our tax money on this. Its not like we are running a deficit in California or anything. Our state has plenty of money for this.

      1. gary says:

        absolutely agree upchuck. these dog people have so over played their hands. I am SICK ot their imposing their doggie animal agenda on those who dont want their flea bag carriiers sitting next to me in McDonalds. What in the hell. The damn mutt should NOT be allowed in public places….not even national forrest. If they don’t like these thoughts and words? Challenge me.

      2. NotMichaelVick says:

        Gary….I thought I was the only one. Animal LOVERS are crazy. Its a dog, not a human. Why don’t these people invest in human beings (kids/elderly) the same way they invest in animals.

      3. James E. Unger says:

        They should horses, don’t they. This dog should have been shot.

      4. Chris says:

        Tax dollars were spend and will be recouped. This couple will get a giant fat bill for the helicopter ride.

      5. Media Blackout On Kenyan Theft Continues... says:

      6. love my pets says:

        upchuck, these people will be paying for this not the tax payer. I wd have done the seame for my dog too!

      7. jennifer says:

        Gary, I certainly hope that when you get lost, that the dog that comes to find you has been able to train in those same national forests.

      8. Leslie says:

        Because sometimes you just have to do the right thing.

      9. Rob Thierry says:

        I’m sure the people complaining about tax dollars being spent on this have no problem spending billions a year on illegals.

      10. fred says:

        We have plenty of money, it seems, for illegals, this dog rescue is small potatoes.

      11. Jeff says:

        You are correct upchuck. Californians have more important things to spend their money on such as free healthcare, housing and education for illegal aliens.

      12. James says:

        Anyone who actually read the story can see that actually, the people were airlifted too. In all probability the airlift was because THEY needed it, and then some reporter decided to put a sensational headline on it. We should all be annoyed with this disingenuous reporting.

      13. Scott says:

        Get your facts straight Upchuck.

      14. upchuckonchuck says:

        Just because I can I think I’ll do this with my dogs next weekend.

      15. Roger Wallace says:

        Our state doesn’t have money for this, and the owners should be charged the entire dollar amount for whatever it costs to bring in that chopper. As I understood it, anytime anyone (or their pet) needs to be rescued from a state park, they are to incur the costs of the rescue. Is this still not true?

      16. freecheese says:

        What are you saying? You would let the poor thing die? I hope some day, you get into that dog’s prediciment. Maybe, some birght human with your brain power would say you aren’t worth the tax dollars. Duh!

      17. ericlb says:

        I would much rather my tax dollars go to this than a pay for an abortion or fund illegal children. I would much rather have my taxes go to this then fund 50% of the American poplulation that does not pay any TAXES! I would much rather pay for this than let a violent, convicted murderer eat off of my dime. Just shoot the POS and move on!

        Looking at the society that we are living in today, I would much rather spend tax money saving a dog.

      18. drew says:

        I would rather help the poor dog than all of these illegal aliens,and welfare rats.

      19. Brian Miller says:

        A.) The owners will get a whopping bill for the rescue efforts.
        B.) It’s not the dogs fault California can’t get its #$&% together.
        C. What worthless sorry excuses for human beings some of you are. It’s a nice heart-warming story of people working together to help an animal. Dogs offer unconditional friendship and love, and I’d rather spend the majority of my time with them rather than in the company of most of you.

      20. patsypastsy says:

        Right on the family getting the bill.
        Resuce crews take opportuniteis likes this to test out rescue.
        Foolish to not take better care of thier dog and not be more prepared.

      21. renee kargen says:

        This story shows the world what makes the US different from the rest of the world! We are compassionate, caring, even if an animal is involved.. You “upchuck” just dont get it. How sad . I hope you are not my neighbor! or god forbid someone I know!

      22. Bruce_Almty says:

        I hope the owners were charged appropriately….I’m thinking several thousand dollars for a helo rescue.

      23. Mangas Coloradas says:

        They’ll be getting a nice fat bill from rescue services. Time to put the pooch on diet dog food.

      24. Bogartofnorwich says:

        To NotMichaelVick
        Invest in human beings? They didn’t even invest in CLOTHES!! This must have been a “nature” trail. Who takes their old dog on a hike…. naked? 🙂

      25. _Andy says:

        I bet the rescue was cheaper than Pelosi’s wine bill for the day.

      26. ol yeller says:

        I’d really like to read a followup story to see if the owners did in fact pay for the chopper ride and how much it cost them.

      27. Tom says:

        I am an animal lover, but I do agree with you.
        Are the owners to be billed for this?

      28. KaD says:

        Agreed! The authorities should give these morons a bill for the ‘rescue’. All that was needed was for somone to bring them a stretcher; they should have both taken an end and carried their dog out themselves. Either way; good lesson for these stooges.

    2. J Vans says:

      Actually, the owners of this dog are gonna have to pay for this. I know a couple who were pulled out of the backcountry in Washington and payed thousands for it. They didnt hesitate or feel bad about it either. And by the way, Animals are wonderful companions. I was once a miserable soul like you GARY and my dog has made my life a hundred times better.I spend a lot of money on my dog and I dont think twice about it. My dog probably has better healthcare and a better life than you idiots. Stay in your miserable lives and continue your hate blogs…and I will continue to bring my dog in public places and hike in NATIONAL FORESTS a little more now just for you guys….Try not to slit your wrists.

      1. Bill H says:

        Actually you sound pretty miserable to me and misanthropic.

      2. Zwolf says:

        Wow JJ you are so pathetic it would be funny if you were not so hateful. I think I know why you would resort to animals for companionship – because no person in their right mind would tolerate someone so vile.

        You leave the rest of us to wonder how far you take this bizarre companionship with your dog…someone hide the peanut butter JJ loves his dogs in a strange way

    3. Re: J Vans says:

      You’re probably right, your dog likely has better healthcare that “us idiots”

      Just please: if you take your dog into the “National Wilderness” of the suburb you live in, pick up his doo-doo, keep him quiet, and be prepared to carry his lazy arse out yourself if he get’s tired. Don’t waste the time of our Rescue heli’s.

      Correct, there is nothing wrong with dogs (they are great! I have one myself), it’s the ignorance and pampered lifestyles that their owners indulge in.

      1. gary says:

        I agree, it’s the the dogs. Take J Vans of the world. They got this animal agenda to impose upon folks like us. We apparently are all “miserable souls” if we don’t care to french kiss Gidget like they do.
        The J Vans don’t quite get it though, I’m afraid. I will not allow them to inject their militant education they got watching Scoobydoo and endless episodes of Lassie on this one blogger. Nope. They don’t know this dog lover…or “hater” as they as quick and inaccurately to reply. Oh the stories I could tell.
        Keep you dog away from me. Law or not on your side, I will make your day for your defiance to delibrately bring your dog to a public place. Hope I am not there at the time. Again to make a complaint about this crazed dog “rescue”—-try the LA County Fire Dept at :(323)881-2411.

      2. mikeq says:

        You Know it was the lazy arse owners my man not the dog but the story wouldn’t get any attention without some stupid headline and story

      3. hunter says:

        Gary, I’d like to see you try that with my dog

    4. Don says:

      This story is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with our country. Human life is trivial (Surely a person suffered needlessly somewhere because there wasn’t a helo immediately available), “adults” are void of the type of common sense and toughness it took to make this country what it was, up until a relatively short time ago, and try as you may, it is a futile assertion to say that these dolts willay even a fraction of what the flight actually cost. But then again, like most Americans, you are likely a product of the government school system. If America were a movie, I’m sad to say it would be Bambi instead of Old Yeller. My heart breaks as I see the country my children will grow up in.

      1. john says:

        if you don’t like our country, leave don. your children don’t have to grow up here if you’re so ashamed.

      2. RedSonya59 says:

        Don, you are so very right! Most of these people who go hiking in such places couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. And yes, it said that the owners of the dog didn’t have diddly squat for provisions for their overnight stay…what? We have to bring food and water? What? We should be prepared for an emergency? What? Our dog is fat and out of shape and we didn’t bring booties with us for his feet, why should we worry about that? Hey, they can just send a helicopter for us, we’re entitled to that, right? The ride out is free, right? This country is in real trouble, and the time will come when the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Sigh…

      3. Josh says:


        This country was built on a grand idea. Unfortunately, many of the people living in it forgot what it was. Just imagine people came here to start a new world, and a few hundred years later, 42% of the people cant even provide themselves food, housing, or other basic necessities

      4. Don says:

        John, you miss the point. If not, then I’ll assume you either disagree or just felt it easier to avoid constructing a cogent response to my assertion. As for your misapplied cliche…the “love it or leave it” command was given to those people who were fundamentally opposed to our country’s founding notions, values, and traditions; or who were simply averse to responsibility of any kind (hence the mantra of the day to “tune in, turn on, and drop out”). The erosion of the former in favor of the latter, manifests itself everywhere; which brings us back to this pathetic story. Follow?

      5. Hayseed says:

        Plenty of sadness to go around. I’ve seen dog owners’ force their dog to walk with them on a sidewalk when the temperature there is hot enough to cause blisters on the dog’s paws. I’ve also seen people who don’t toughen up their dog’s pads before taking them for a ‘little hike’ in the mountains where there is more rock than grass, more cactuses than verbena.

        Owner’s like that really need to relieved of their owner respnosibilities and let someone who really knows how to treat a dog, adopt it.

      6. Swordsman says:

        I really liked Red Sonya – a real class warrioress…

      7. y777 says:

        I agree with John. If you’re that down on America, GO!

        Your twisted spin on and lengthy articulation of facts speak for themselves. Your self-righteous so-called cogent generalizations are equally disturbing.

        IF you are really so concerned about your chldren be more bent on teaching them to be passionate and kind to animals rather than whine about our country, and judging others for being void of the common sense and toughness you say it took to make this country what it was, [and I believe will continue to be.] Curb the copious so-called futile assertions and confusing pontifications and oracles of Don.

        Consider blogging elsewhere if you expect others to cogitate more intensely and opine more to your liking and expectations. This blog is simply about a pooch who was put at risk by his irreponsible owners but who at least did what they thought best to help him. Unfortunately, like too many people often do concerning animals, they used poor judgment exposing this poor animal to such a grueling experience. They were indeed selfish in doing so, and IMO should be held accountable somehow, someway.

        The only thing truly pathetic, however, is your take on this report. To reiterate, if you are so concerned about your children’s future teach them to be compassonate and kind to animals. Therein lies a cogent, simple but great truth for a better country, and world!

    5. JCkingofgeorge says:

      I don’t think it was the dog that was to tired. How many times have you ever seen a dog so tired it couldn’t walk or play. They were lazy hikers just using the dog as an excuse to get a free ride home.

      1. swissik says:

        A responsible dog owner does not take a dog on a hike on natural trails with rocks, granite etc. unless the dog wears special booties. The article mentions that the dog’s paws were cut up that is why it could no longer walk. I knew a dog that regulary ran marathons with its owner, never tired and paws were used to asphalt. Medium to large size dogs don’t get tired unless injured. They can walk 30 miles/day.

      2. Leslie says:

        Wow, you people are something else. I believe it is peole like you JC and Gary, James and Upchuck that make this world the sad place it can be. I believe the phrase “mean people suck” referes to all of you. I much rather spend the remainder of my days with my dogs than I would with any of you. Plain and simply put your just mean. I feel sorry for whoever has to deal with you all on a daily basis. It must be very exhaustung.

      3. James says:

        @ swissik: “…unless the dog wears booties.” HA! You put shoes on your dog to go hiking? You’re out of your mind, dude.

      4. RedSonya59 says:

        JCKing and Swissik, you are right on as well…but Leslie, you need to toughen up a bit. The bleeding hearts of this world will drag down the working class taxpayers of this country and bleed us to death. It’s already happening–just look at the new health care “deal” they came up with. The hemorrhage continues, and the mighty juggernaut that was once the American economy is just a feeble shadow of its former self. Self-sufficiency and preparedness is an after-thought to those who look to their government to solve all their problems. We are not “MEAN”, we are realists who have gotten over wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

      5. Randy says:

        A free ride hone? Hardly, you idiot. The owners will be paying the tab.

      6. Conan says:

        Good gawd, Red, I like you even more. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that you know how to swing a sword.

      7. hunter says:

        @James, let’s see you stay outside in the elements barefooted and see how you fair. Unless I am mistaken I bet my bottom dollar you wear shoes, don’t you? Why? Are you afraid of getting your feet cut or something? Oh poor baby!

    6. JJ says:

      Reagen Reality.
      Complain all you want but I am for it. It is no different than the fire department purposely setting a building on fire for training exercises. As long as it does not interfere with other waiting rescues it is just another way for the rescue squads to keep their skills sharp for the times when they need to rescue your sorry butt.

      1. JJ loves his puppy says:

        But it could have interfered with a real rescue. If people do this in the future there might be legitimate rescues that don’t happen because of some idiots and their dog. And how do you know that what happened here was good training? Maybe they train some other way that is cheaper and less risky? Maybe they have already been properly trained for the year? Please prove to us that you are aware of the status and procedures of training the rescue workers. Otherwise, you have no clue and are just making stuff up. You are just upset that others don’t share your weird love of dogs. You need to form some normal, healthy relationships with people…

    7. rsmig29 says:

      Send the doting owners if this loser pooch the bill for this idiotic misuse of resources.

    8. sistaelle says:

      I’m with JVans. The animal was more than just tired.. he was injured. The owners were at risk being responsible owners and unable to leave him. The choppers are run on training missions anyway. No harm in performing an actual rescue. The couple pay taxes like anyone else and are perfectly justified in making use of the rescue. To leave a domestic animal alone and injured in a National Forest would be animal cruelty. The only reason I’d be embarrassed for the whole human race is when I read responses like Gary and Reagen Reality. What a miserable lot.

      1. Irresponsible pet owners everywhere says:

        How do you know it was a training mission? I didn’t read that in the article. And if the money hadn’t been spent on this stupid rescue, it could have been spent on something else more important than a dog. So in your opinion, paying taxes makes these people perfectly justified in what they did? What if there were a real rescue (of a human) that needed to be done but didn’t get there in time because of these idiots and their dog? What if the helicopter had crashed on the way and killed those on board? The money spent and risk taken here was not justified to save a dog. Bottom line – tax payer services should NOT be used to rescue animals. Sorry if that offends your emotion-led logic where anything is justified to save a cute fluffy animal.

      2. shawn says:

        agree, but i will stretch it to stupid people also. we have to clean up our gene pool, too many stupid people breeding. they should have been left to die a hopefully slow painful death 🙂

    9. Fred says:

      The angry replies here just show that there’s people who don’t like other people and will pick any reason to minimize or crab at them…in this case a dog. Gary, Upchuck and others here will find their true calling as bureaucrats who can administer the rationing boards for medical care in a few years. Just a bunch of road ragers that don’t happen to be in their cars at the moment, or their spouses are at work at the moment so they can’t take out their frustration on them.

      1. Don says:

        No Fred. Look at Randy and Diana’s comments to see angry, meaningless responses. The “angry, hateful people” YOU see are, in fact, presenting clearly defined, logical arguments. I, for one, learned as a child that when all someone could come up with was the “Oh yeah, well your ugly” argument, it meant that they didn’t have the ability to see through the oppressive cloud of debilitating emotional overload to even take a stab at a logical argument, and knew it. I refer you to my first post, as it dovetails with my overall perspective. I would take pity, if not for the fact that their type are portrayed in the mainstream/popular culture as the victim; a point you made for me quite well.

    10. Mannie says:

      That’s now about a $10,000 dog. I hope they are charged every nickel of the rescue costs.

      What a joke.

    11. eric says:

      The dog is their responsibility, not the taxpayers. They should be charged every penny for the cost of the dog rescue.

    12. nichols says:

      My 75lb hound saved my son’s life on a hiking trip, but took 7 copperhead bites in the process. My son, 14 at the time, and his grandfather took turns carrying the dog out on their shoulders, 5+ miles. You get in, you should get yourself out no matter what!

      1. Idyler says:

        What happened? One snake or several?

    13. Member548 says:

      Know who else loved his dog so much it had better health care then a lot of “poor miserable humans”?

      Adolf Hitler.

      Caring more about animals doesn’t give you any kind of moral high ground, matter of fact it probably means you are socially underdeveloped and lacking in empathy if you identify with, or value any non sentient being more then one that is self aware.

      1. Mr. Common Sense says:

        I agree, to many lift pets up above humans, and would never think of having children but love thier pets like kids, they have missed the purpose of life.

      2. diana says:

        your a Moran!

      3. Mathew Sewell says:

        AND THERE IT IS, folks, the Hitler comparison. Congratulations on once again proving Godwin’s Law, you bumbling moron.

      4. Mathew is a putz says:

        Mathew, you are a putz. People can make Hitler comparisons if they want. Quit trying to tell people what they can and cannot say.

    14. kjh says:

      Land of animal worship….no surprise California’s broke….

    15. quarvis says:

      The dog should have been left behind or shot and left for the forest critters.

      1. diana says:

        there is an ass just everywhere!

      2. jim calrk says:

        no you should …you inbread fool of lowbrow brain matter…if you need help understanding this pelae write i will put it in more trailer park terms for ya…..
        .jim clark boone nc….

      3. diana says:

        go and shoot yourself, no one would give a damm!

    16. Ther Guy says:

      Darwin was right!

    17. Generica Dudes says:

      The should have slapped some some turpentine on his ass…..he would have ROCKETED out of there yelping to get home, little doggie. Just sayin’.

    18. mountain bill says:

      That may be true but who ends up paying the thousands of dollars incurred for a rescue that could have been prevented if the owners had not been unprepared for the conditions. I hope they bill them for the services.

    19. Tyrone says:

      It would be nice if the reporter could pass a 3rd grade grammar test.

    20. Disgusted says:

      It’s a stupid dog! Yes, if it was my dog, I would have left it. I will not risk my life to save an animals life, no matter how long I’ve had them. I am sick of how people treat animals like they are human beings.

      1. y777 says:

        You’re a stupid person! a real winner bragging how despicable you are. I’m sick of people like you looking to impress others with your sick mindsets and ignorant comments.

      2. diana says:

        your a disgrace to the human race, just go and commit suicide, I promise you no one would give a damm!

      3. NGCares says:

        Dear Disgusted – – you are a useless human being – – not even worthy of being called an animal.

      4. Diana Mora says:

        and your a stupid person! your ignorant, heartless, and worth nothing! Your JERK

    21. Rick A Hyatt says:

      Too bad they weren’t Boy Scouts. Then they would have been prepared, to say the least, and had a Swiss Army knife with them. With that, they could have put the old mutt to rest, built a fire, and had a warm evening with a grand meal to boot. Think it’s anything else in the rest of the world, or do we in the US just live by Liberal Utopian Dreams and self-delusions? Next time they should bring pepper and salt and sidearms. I always do in these Wyoming mountains, and ain’t got et yet. Haven’t had the need of Federal expensive helicopters I’d just pay for in my next tax bill, too.
      It’s really time to turn the clock back to self-sufficiency, the American ideal.

      1. y777 says:

        talk about self delusions. What would you know about the american ideal, you uncivilized sicko?

    22. a says:

      Hrm, I don’t want my taxes paying for this.

      Why didn’t the woman walk home, leave the man with the dog overnight, and the woman bring back a wheelbarrow or a human-team the next day, to hike out the dog?

    23. Looneytoonsindville says:

      I hope the helo ride costs them a small fortune. Next time, maybe they will decide that Doggie Day Care is cheaper than taking the tyke along!

    24. Fred says:

      Although dogs licks their balls…they don’t speak English …..just leave that dog in the hills nd buy another one….winning

    25. jim clark says:

      you are right ..thankyou..the few idiots that dont understand are not men or women they are p..suies and weak stick peices of of self absorbed s**t…probably illegals that ate p-ssed they are lossing out on some free bucks for them and thier 12 freaking loud brats,….
      wait till your stranded somwhere you couch potatao, and lets video your pathetic begging for help …then lets see how you look when hurt and in need … f–in looser…gezz i hate self absorbed m-fcrs….id like to .308 yer ass….not the dog…..jim,boone nc

    26. jim clark says:

      thanks for yer comment ..great

    27. Tim says:

      Yea, Gary I will. There is nothing wrong at all about service animals in McDonalds or anywhere else for that matter. Federal laws say so. If you don’t like it, oh well.

    28. David Clark says:

      At a time when California is circling the financial toilet will this couple pay the $10,000 it cost to fly their dog out? And what if a human needed immediate help while transporting this dog to somewhere?

      Not that it would make it all better if the dog was in critical condition but he was just tired, TIRED! Would they rescue a human who was just tired? Only in California.

    29. Kirsten says:

      People like this annoy me. Why didn’t they have booties for their dog? Why couldn’t the two of them manage to carry an 80lb. dog? Why didn’t they have first-aid supplies, food, water, etc.? If you’re going to go hiking, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Personally, I always take things that I probably won’t need, but at least I’d have them just in case. The last time we took our dogs camping I brought a doggy first-aid kit and a human first-aid kit just to be safe. C’mon dog owners, wise-up! I wonder if they even remembered to bring doggie bags…

    30. diana says:

      Reagen: Thank you for your kinds words on this blog! There are so many ignorant people on this site.

  2. snf says:

    Oh, poor Baxter! He looks like a good boy. Hope is ok and the rescuers too.

    1. c'mon says:

      Please tell me this is sarcastic. Do you realize the resources that are wasted when Rescue has to save a “poor doggie” and it’s ignorant, lazy owners from a mild/moderate day hike? I’m literally embarrassed for the human race to read stories like this. And even more embarrassed when I read comments from people who are so spoiled and short-sided that they would actually applaud the ignorant canine coddling and waste of our dollars.

      1. Mathew Sewell says:

        What wasted resources? Have you ever worked in rescue? Ever? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This is no different than a training exercise. If there was a higher priority rescue, a secondary team would have been sent after the dog and its owners. Obviously there were no other rescues needed.

        How is this ANY different than a weekly training exercise? You use the same resources, same manpower, etc. to go “rescue” a mannequin. Does that make you feel better, when we fly ourselves out to rescue plastic dolls? It’s necessary practice, and I would much rather be on standby and go rescue an actual dog than “rescue” a piece of freaking plastic.

        “Wasted resources”? SO us “resources” would be less “wasted” If we were lying in our beds and sleeping while waiting to get a call? You’re an absolute fool.

      2. James says:

        Take the time to read the story. It’s just a sensational headline… the rescue was for the hikers, not the dog. This has nothing to do with “canine coddling.” The hikers needed rescue because they are stupid, weak humans. The dog is incidental….but hey, they got you to read it, didn’t they?

      3. searsbigtex says:

        Thank you Mathew Sewell for giving us this insight. As one of those spoiled people I would pay whatever it took to have one of my canine babies rescued.

      4. Aaron says:

        So, does anyone want to guess what Matthew Sewell’s annual pension going to be? Retiring at age 40 for what, $100k/yr, $120k/yr? California’s hard-working public servants deserve every one of our dollars.

  3. ST says:

    So this cost about $4 or 500,000 dollars.

    1. John Chris says:

      LOL $4?! Thats not even going to cover a miniscule of fuel for the chopper, let alone the salaries of the rescue workers.

      This probally cost tax payers atleast 100k.

      1. Mathew Sewell says:

        You do realize you’d be paying our salaries whether they went out and rescued the dog or not, right? And you do realize you’d be paying the helicopter’s maintenance, repair, and fuel costs whether they went out and rescued the dog or not, right?

        Here’s a quick tip: Rescue training is done constantly, with the frequency increasing as the number of actual rescues decreases. SO, if this hadn’t happened, guess what? You’d still be paying the costs.

      2. CNILE says:

        $1200/hr PER ENGINE for fuel, and that’s a way low estimate. The dog was probably fat and out of shape, and should have been left at home in the A/C. While I see nothing wrong with the dog in the park, the dog can’t tell you that it would rather be in the hotel room watching HBO. I agree that it was animal cruelty.

      3. James says:

        You’re out of your mind; they just flew a chopper out and picked them up. The fuel for one chopper trip is NOT $100k except in the vast depths of your vivid imagination. Please let me know what you are smoking so I can try it, too.

  4. Den says:

    Thanks for this heart warming story.

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      Toto, Toto, are we home now?

  5. cm says:

    oh poor baby

  6. Woody McBreairty says:

    Do people do stupid things because they’re actually stupid – or do they just not think beyond the end of their nose? People go “hiking” just before a flooding rain storm, snow storm, or go “hiking” in freezing weather, then have to be rescued at a great expense to the public and should be requried to repay it. They should also required to perform community service for being such careles idiots. I love that Baxter was rescued, he too is an innocent victim of these people’s moronic behavior.

    1. bounce says:

      Sad but true. It should have been obvious to the owners on the way up that Baxter was slowing down and running out of energy — I hope he’s going to be OK.

    2. Steve says:

      Ha! That’s what I tell my son (19) all the itme – you gotta think beyond the end of your nose!

    3. konc1 says:

      John Wayne said it best, “life’s tough, it’s even tougher when you’re stupid. send these morons a bill for the cost of the rescue. let them chaulk it up to the cost of being stupid.

    4. Scott A says:

      They do stupid things because there is no real consequence for their actions. Tired dog? Call a chopper to airlift it out. If they were forced to either carry the dog themselves or leave the dog to die, they would never make that mistake again.

      People are not held accountable for the stupid decisions they make so they keep making them.

      1. sistaelle says:

        Our govt and insurance companies give benefits to a whole plethora of people who indulge willingly in behaviors that are proven to put them at risk on a regular basis. I’d rather give it to animal rescue services myself.

      2. Mathew Sewell says:

        The dog shouldn’t have to suffer because of stupid owners, Scott.

      3. Scott A says:

        Matthew: the dog DID suffer because of the stupid owners and I am willing to bet it wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last.

        Stupid people will keep on doing stupid things as long as there are people like you out there to make justifications for their actions.

  7. HollywoodSaint says:

    ….a canine catastrophe…cats rule forever!

    1. Kiall Hill says:

      I wonder when these ppl are going to be called out on animal abuse.

      1. sistaelle says:

        Abuse would be leaving a domestic pet injured in a National Wilderness area unable to protect itself. They are heroes for staying with him and making sure he got out.

    2. CNILE says:

      Cats are too smart to do something as stupid as hiking in the forest. No internet, cheese crackers, or vodka.

  8. tracker says:

    I hope they were made to pay for the rescue. I’ve been on that trail and there is no danger there. I also had a black Lab. who fell off a 50ft cliff and still walked a mile back to camp with no complaints or broken bones, I saw it happen. Who are you trying to kidd No wonder our state is going broke when we waste money like this.

    1. Steve says:

      You know the area and said the trail is not hazardous, so I believe you. The couple could have been a little more resourceful and made a stretcher and carry the dog down. I am very compassionate to animals but how much did this cost the tax payers?

      1. Mathew Sewell says:

        It cost you the same as if the rescue workers had been out “rescuing” a piece of plastic during a training exercise Scott. I don’t see you up in arms when that happens every week, do I?

      2. Rick A Hyatt says:

        Much more than the ingredients for the Filipino recepite for Black Dog Adobo would have been: Shoyu, garlic, vinegar, and a sharp knife. Check out the rest of the starving population of the world, and that would have been their solution. Not we, in the Socialist State of America, we waste $ at every chance we get, in order to drive us into Communism. I’m surprised they didn’t airlift the dog to some far off Veterinarian Specialist Hospital, and give him, like, human organ graft surgeries, or the like.

  9. Brenson says:

    Shut up.Latin ape.

  10. Eric Slowik says:

    wow 2 gallons of fuel a minute to save a lazy dog and his dumb owners seems a waste.

    1. Mathew Sewell says:

      So you’re happier when 2 gallons of fuel a minute is used to go into the wilderness and save a mannequin or another rescue worker during a training exercise?

      1. James Bryant says:

        definatly am. Problem?

      2. Veritas says:

        Parrot much buddy? sheez…….How do you know for a fact that helo had a flight op scheduled? You are talking out your rear as if it were fact. If that “emergency call” had not come in that bird could have sat on the pad all day, you have no idea either way. You berate anyone that questions this waste of a finite and precious resource\ while giving a complete pass to the individuals that got themselves and their dog in over their heads. Welcome to the “NEW” America where people like Matt make any and every excuse they can.

      3. Really? says:

        If this counts as their next training exercise your logic holds. However, I am guessing that they will not cancel their next exercise which would make this rescue an unwanted expenditure. The people who risked the safety of themselves, their dog, and the rescue party should be held responsible.

  11. TT says:

    Nice Job Rescue Team !!! that was awsome !!! wish more people cared about their animals as much as this couple…

    1. Titty says:

      Yes, I wish more people were as out of shape, soft-footed, and lazy as this couple and their animal!
      That way EVERY weekend in the LA “wilderness” we could rally our taxpayers to fund the rescue of an overly coddled canine and it’s fool masters.
      Oh, what a splendid world we would live in.


      1. Mannie says:


        {Thumbs Up}

      2. Wendy says:

        Is that “Spay and neuter your ignorant and pampered pet, Owners–or is it “spay and neuter your ignorant pet-owners? Are you telling the pet to spay his owners, or the owners to spay their pets? And do you think a pet could pay the medical bill? And if you want the pet owners altered, do you really think the dog is reading this?

        I’m just imagining my 117-pound Newfoundland (yes, he got neutered at the shelter when I adopted him) conking out somewhere… my husband and I (and no, we did not let our dog neuter and spay us) might be able to manage an eighty pound dog between the two of us, but the 117 – pounds would be a real challenge.

    2. FRANK says:

      If they cared about the dog or had any common sense at all, they would have never taken the dog into the park. It would have been better for every taxpayer for all of them to stay home!

      1. Deb says:

        I agree, if they cared about their dog, they wouldn’t have taken him there. I love my dogs dearly but these people should pay for the rescue. I wouldn’t expect ANYONE else to pay for my stupidity!

      2. Mathew Sewell says:

        Why would it be “better for the taxpayer” Frank? You do realize you’re paying the rescue workers whether they’re rescuing people or not, right? Just like the military, a salaried job means that you don’t need to be doing anything to be earning the money.

        Furthermore, as the helicopters have required maintenance and operating schedules, they have to be run whether they’re rescuing people or not. The pilots also have to maintain flight hours and proficiency, so they fly whether they’re rescuing people or not. And guess what? The fuel used when they’re flying for no reason other than to log more flight hours is paid for the same way as the fuel was here!

        And when we go out and train guess what? You’re paying for that fuel too.

        You could not sound more ignorant if you tried.

      3. Rick A Hyatt says:

        Listen. This whole “Feel Good Story” is to take your mind off of the budget deficit going on now. Grab your remote, turn on some propaganda movie stuff and dumb down, OK? Woof! Bambi!

  12. Roger Sunderlin says:

    and the people of california picked up the tab

    1. Mathew Sewell says:

      You do realize you’re paying the rescue workers whether they’re rescuing people or not, right? Just like the military, a salaried job means that you don’t need to be doing anything to be earning the money.

      Furthermore, as the helicopters have required maintenance and operating schedules, they have to be run whether they’re rescuing people or not. The pilots also have to maintain flight hours and proficiency, so they fly whether they’re rescuing people or not. And guess what? The fuel used when they’re flying for no reason other than to log more flight hours is paid for the same way as the fuel was here!

      And when we go out and train guess what? You’re paying for that fuel too.

  13. BillyGoat says:

    Puh-leeze! Two adults can’t carry an 80lb dog? They should charge them for the flight and add another $5000 “service charge” for being lazy dubazz’s

  14. fred flint says:

    wonder how much this couple is going to have to pay for the rescue? Oh.. .forgive me, this is California, they just take it from someone else through redistribution of wealth.

  15. mark says:

    Give the bill to the stupid to the friggin couple that took the dog up the MOUNTAIN… uhh hellooooo… maybe you should leave the mountain alone. Maybe you should take your dog around the block and take your dumb selves up the mountain to forage and look for cute cuddly bears on your own. Maybe all these friggin morons in this world could start using common sense and sound judgement.

  16. Louis says:

    Couple tree branches and t-shirts and voila, improvised stretcher that didn’t cost 30 to 50 thousand.

    1. TW says:

      Only one problem “The couple, who did not have clothing…” Were they hiking naked?

      1. Louis says:

        Haha! Apparently so were the other fifteen “hikers” that showed up to lend moral support after spotting the cool helicopter. My state (un-named) has encouraged learning what a day pack is through outdoor education. Also, dog paw booties prevent bleeding feet which keeps the mountain lions at bay.

  17. jen wilson says:

    I do not find this a heart warming story.

    How much intelligence does it take to know if your dog is in condition for a
    sternuous hike.

    How lovely that the tax payers got to foot the bill for the helicopter rescue, which is several thousands of dollars.

  18. commonsense says:

    the rescue unit doesn’t own an ATV?

  19. Fozzie says:

    The dog’s owners should be made to pay the cost of this operation. The taxpayers should not have to pay for rescues when people make moronic choices like this.

    1. T says:


      The dog’s owners should be made to pay the cost of this operation. The taxpayers should not have to pay for rescues when people make moronic choices like this.”

      Thank you, Fozzie. This needed to be said.

  20. Paul says:

    How much is the couple going to reimburse the rescue service for this? I would hate to think a person would die a year from now because the rescue service used up funding now on a dog. Wake up people. It is a dog!

    1. Mathew Sewell says:

      What the hell are you talking about? Why would someone “die” because we went out and spent an hour doing what is essentially a training exercise by rescuing a stranded dog?

      DO people die whenever we go train for a day because we “don’t have resources”? What on earth does that even mean? What, we’ll run out of fuel and just say “OH SHUCKS sorry folks, would love to rescue you, but our ‘helicopter fuel fund’ is running low!” Are you insane? You do realize there’s an unlimited budget for things like fuel, right? And you further realize that you’re paying rescue workers’ salaries regardless of whether they’re rescuing someone or not, right? And you do realize we do training exercises constantly, right? And you do realize that the pilots have to maintain proficiency and fly the helicopters a requisite number of hours regardless of whether or not they’re rescuing anyone right?

      Obviously you didn’t.

      1. Rick A Hyatt says:

        Glad to hear that.
        Would you mind doing a “Training Exercise” on myself?
        I’m financially destitute because of my psychotic wife, who’s trashed our finances, and all my personal goods, and left me unemployable..
        Could you please send a helicopter to send me food rations, preferably gluten-free MREs, food, and cash?
        I live at 406 W. Bridge in Saratoga, Wy. if you would.
        I’ll be watching the skies for you.
        And I don’t bark, nor bite.

    2. y777 says:

      used up? just a dog? Speaks volumes. Paul, YOU wake up! You’re a FOOL!
      ps Your question has been answered over a dozen times on this blog, FOOL.

  21. cheezis says:

    Stupid Liberals

  22. NotMichaelVick says:

    I’m not Michael Vick, but that’s f’n crazy. Leave the dog or carry it. Spend money on kids and education. People have the wrong idea about who/what needs help.

    1. zeropopulationgrowth says:

      The rest of us need help protecting the world from the breeders. I’d rather rescue a dog than someone’s screaming brats.

      1. Wendy says:

        Perhaps you plan to have robots changing your diapers when your golden years turn a bit creaky? But then,perhaps you intend to euthanize yourself before that becomes an issue? If not, you will be in need of other people’s brats eventually.

  23. Lou Stennes says:

    Clearly a Democrat dog pawing for taxpayers’ dollars.

  24. Fed up says:

    Morons…They should be paying the substantial bill for the airlift. I think the police should have done the right thing and told them no. That or give them the thousands of dollars cost in advance that they will be required to pay. If they are not made to pay then someone should be prosecuted for misuse of property intended to save human life only.

    1. Blaine Hislop says:

      the authorities are never around when you really need them – like in a rape situation or when your house is burning or when you get lost in a national park – but they can come running for frivolous garbage like this. How silly.

      1. y777 says:

        the authorities were contacted in this situation. your comparisons are not fair nor are they true. Just silly.

  25. greg says:

    This is pure BS. Our dog has been blind for 9 years and leads us all over the national forest…see Colfax Record, July 27, 2011. These idiots should have been forced to carry him out. I think a little community service as repayment should be in order.

  26. Pghgirl says:

    No wonder your state is broke – this was beyond ridiculous.

  27. DigitalBob says:

    They could have sold him to some Chinese. For Chinese? Whatever

    1. Wendy says:

      When we were in the Grand Canyon in the summer of 2010, our Landseer Newfoundland garnered much admiration from a tour group of Koreans. Several had their pictures taken with him. My husband intimated –well, never mind.

  28. Marvin says:

    Typical liberals. A thinking couple would have sent one of them down the trail with the car keys to go buy a wheelbarrow and return to pick up the dog. Problem solved.

  29. Chihuahua says:

    Unbe-effen-lievable! And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are STUPID! There are people on this site that actually think this was a great act of compassion for the animal kingdom, and they are the liberals who want to run this country? These dog owners should be made to pay every cent it cost the state and then do community service for a year cleaning dog kennels at the local pound. They are morons.

  30. Animal says:

    And stupid always uses Caps Lock.

  31. tward says:

    if they were cold they could have killed the dog and used its insides and its coat for warmth and they could have eaten part of the dog since they didn’t bring any food. .

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      No, that only works with big game like a buffalo. But they forgot salt and pepper and shoyu sauce and a sharp Swiss Army knife nor firearms, and matches, so…

    2. Wendy says:

      Curling up with the dog would probably keep them warmer for longer than killing it. Have you ever heard of the source for the term “3 dog night?” Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. When it’s cold, you take your dog to bed with you. If it’s colder, you need two dogs. When it’s really cold, it’s a 3-dog night.

  32. GRIZZ says:

    I love California.
    I hate what it has become.
    I will never spend my money in that nanny state again

    1. artdogs says:

      Then don’t buy anything from companies based there. Don’t watch TV shows produced there, don’t buy anything from Apple, don’t go a Google search, and check where all your produce comes from.

  33. Mountains Majesty says:


    Dave: Did you want the dog to suffer?

    To the owners”

    1) Don’t take a dog on a hike that you are not prepared to carry him out.

    2) Reimburse the state for costs of the rescue. And give a tip to the rescuers.

  34. Blaine Hislop says:

    Awww, poor widdle doggie. Good to see tax dollars being properly prioritized.Yes, I am being sarcastic.

  35. Andi says:

    Hey heads up butt – you’re such hot stuff you’re going to ‘hike”, but…no provisions for an emergency, and you’re far enough that you can’t carry the dog five minutes and rest ten if necessary? And there are no caring friends that would come help you out??? Oh that’s right, that might be embarassing, better to rip off the taxpayer with your frigging idiocy.

    So, since you are likely not to learn any lesson from this – all dogs need water and lots of it during exercise; this sounds like heat stroke. Also for rough trails there are paw guards which head off this type of thing.

    Your welcome.

  36. Bubba says:

    Darwin is rolling over in his grave

  37. Todd says:

    My momma always said…STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

    Let’s just hope these dog “owners ” don’t procreate

  38. linna says:

    The owners are paying for the ride,RIGHT!!!!!

  39. SailorV says:

    Dog food.

  40. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “A Dog is very religious and its religion is free from superstition. The god it believes in is its master, and that god actually exists, and is actually concerned about its welfare, and actually rewards it and punishes it, on a plan comprehensible to Dogs and meeting with their approval, for its virtues and vices. Dogs need not waste any time over insoluble theological problems. Their god is plainly visible and wholly understandable — they have no need of clergy to guess for them, mislead them and get them into trouble.” ~ H.L. Mencken


    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      And that’s why many Asian cultures have publicly available Dog recipes Like Dog Adobo. Never go anywhere without your dog, shoyu, gingers, vinegar, and some cooked brown rice..

  41. Richard says:

    And you wonder why nobody takes personal responsibility anymore? It’s because no matter how stupid, frivolous, silly, or reckless your decisions, the Government is more than willing to step forward and relieve you from the consequencies of your ill-advised actions, no matter what the cost to society.

  42. Tom says:

    I am also in the Angeles Forest on my mobile phone, which thankfully I remembered to bring along my solar powered battery charger and leather carrying case so that I can comment and carry my phone in style. Anyway my pet hamster seems out of breath and I just don’t want to risk triggering his asthma! I don’t need a helicopter but maybe someone could afford to land a tiny Cessna or something? HELP!

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      Not to worry. A CA National Guard C130 is on it’s way to air drop you an emergency air lift bag. When you get it, inflate the special ballon after you have attached said afflicted rodent in his special harness, and signal three times. The C130 with catch the floating wire and airlift your pet to emergency safety hospital right away. The CA government specifically protects the Rights Of Rodents.

  43. libwithIQ says:

    Send those people a bill. It was their choice to take the dog up there. Let them pay for his rescue.

  44. kim says:

    “The couple, who did not have clothing or camping supplies, was cold when they were picked up, but were said to be doing fine”

    What is it with “journalists” not editing their stories? The couple was cold???

    1. Big T says:

      Yes, that is correct English grammar. “Couple” in this context is a singular noun (one couple vs. two coupleS) and therefore calls for a singular form of the being verb. “The couple WERE cold” which you implicitly suggest, would have been incorrect. As you had no hesitation to offer your fault finding I shall offer you some unsolicited advice: perhaps, you ought not be so quick to criticize others in areas in which you have little or no actual expertise.

      1. Rick A Hyatt says:

        “The couple was cold” is typical Hawaiian Pidgin English, meaning whatever, standard English Orwellian MisSpeak.
        Deal with the propaganda Mind-Think.
        Past, present, all mixed up… Standard.

  45. ed says:

    They should be made to reimburse the taxpayers for every cent this cost…I don’t care if their car has to be confiscated a sold….it must be done. Stupidity must be punished..just like America is being punished right now for electing Obama..these people should have to pay as well.

  46. Andrew says:

    Ok, so I am an animal lover; the type that one poster (and all his other identities in this comment section) hates. Instead of insulting the domesticated animal, how about you insult the owners for being unprepared and downright mentally ignorant. Any person with an ounce of intelligence would know enough to make a make-shift stretcher or carry the dog together (that’s 40lbs each….) OR LOOK for others to help carry the animal out. Additional proof that this couple is mentally ignorant is the fact that they did not have foot protection for their animal. Why would you bring a dog and force him to walk over jagged terrain without any protection?

    Some people shouldn’t own animal\s.

  47. jbourneidentity says:

    Has it really come to this in California? Mark my words, in 10 years, people will be marrying their pets in the blue states, starting with California. It’s a right, you know? This is the most asinine waste of state resources I have ever seen. If the helicopter had crashed and killed everyone aboard, people would’ve been more worried about the dog. Folks, at some point, common sense has take root and we must win our country back from these neo-lib fruitcakes.

  48. common sense says:

    husband needed to hike his fat ass outta there. call a friend and bring (r make)a gurney, then hike back in with supplies and a friend to carry his dog out.

  49. crosspatch says:

    I hope they get billed for every penny of this. Our tax dollars shouldn’t go to rescue out of shape dogs that idiot owners drag into challenging situations. I gladly pay taxes to have rescue services for humans in danger. They should have packed the dog out on their backs.

  50. bigsense says:

    Bill the owners for the rescue.

  51. carl says:

    I thought this was ridiculous until I realized it was California, now I just figure its business as usual.

  52. ELIO says:

    bill them

  53. Brian says:

    “The couple, who did not have clothing or camping supplies, was cold when they were picked up, …”

    Is this the end of naked hiking?

  54. JP says:

    Who paid for the airlift?

  55. Frank M. says:

    The dog’s owners will be charged for the costs incurred by the state for the rescue. This is standard procedure for all rescue ops.
    Stop crying about “oh the poor tax payers” when you people clearly have no clue how these things work. Believe it or not, not EVERY SINGLE THING ON THE INTERNET is politically motivated enough to require endless waxing about the unfair government. Yes, our government is a mess, but the rescue of this dog has nothing to do with it. Please learn to grip reality.

  56. Rrichard says:

    Can you please do a follow up to this story as to the cost of the dog rescue, and if the dog owners have to pay? Thanks.

  57. BILL EM says:

    These nitwits should reimburse all costs of this fiasco

  58. Jason says:

    Sure they should get a bill and you bet if there was another emergency on deck that this little training run would have been postponed.

    It was probably the wife that was tired, sounds like the dog wanted to run home all by himself.

  59. 1953 says:

    i had rather my money go for saving dogs, than for education which is a waste. education is available to all that want it, but you have to go to school to get it. nor do i want my money going for these hateful drug addicts on here. i’m also tired of paying for food for people that breed indiscriminatly with little regard for tomorrow. so yes, i want my money to go to save dogs and they people that love them.

  60. SauceQuatch says:

    Perfect example of a community that doesn’t value “man-skills”. Thousands of years of evolution and empirical research insulted by civil disobedience and fruity ideology. Can only imagine the emotionally charged conversation that ensued before reaching the consensus that calling 911 on the cell phone was a good idea.

  61. Bozidar118 says:

    What kind of flunky, fake outdoors (man or woman), can’t carry their own freaking 80 pound dog out of the woods themselves– if you’re not prepared to do that, don’t go hiking with your dog — Common sense and individual responsibility…. if this is life or death for the dog you DO IT YOURSELF, otherwise stay the F out the woods. Could they not have called a couple friends, neighbors, family members to come help, maybe send one of the two back to the car for help…nah, send in the helicopter… 2 adults smart enough to drive to the national forest, hardly smart enough to get out. PATHETIC

    1. John Chris says:

      I know, how hard is it to put the dog on your shoulders with his paws on your chest.

    2. sistaelle says:

      You’re making a lot of assumptions here. You have no idea how old the couple is or how tall they are or what type of disabilities they might suffer (bad back/ bad shoulders don’t preclude a hike in the woods.) There’s no mention of how far they would have to go either. Tho relatively young, I’m only 5’2” tall and the dog weighs 2/3 my weight.

      1. Bozidar118 says:

        Boy typical nonsense… The point I guess you are missing in lieu of your “we don’t know the whole story” is that if you are so weak, or out of shape that you cannot physically carry your own dog out of this situation, then the responsible action is to leave the dog at home, and go on the hike taking those things, people, animals that YOU know you CAN be responsible for, or go hiking somewhere else besides say a National Park, try the DOG PARK.

        In your case, unless you are a skilled handler of animals, I wouldn’t suggest that at 120 pounds you should own a 80 pound dog, because as you suggest, you wouldn’t have the ability to control the animal in a National Park, or in your home neighborhood. Agreed!! And if these folks found themselves at 120 and 5’2″, then perhaps we should add a BMI component to animal ownership, then perhaps you’ll have to be both sober and under a 20 BMI to purchase a dog, or maybe inexperienced folks should cut their teeth at the dog park before ole’ Red out. People crack me up. Use some common sense people.

      2. Rick A Hyatt says:

        So cook him, instead, and get the protein necessary to get down the hill the next day.

    3. eric says:

      dont take in what you cant carry out very simple.

  62. Mallory says:

    Gary you and ur stupid followers are heartless. If you have a dog then you would know. Having any animal as a pet is just like having children. Would you do that to your child? I hope you rot in hell with ur friends. By the way I do not have children yet but I do spend more money on my parents then my dogs.

    1. carl says:

      “I hope you rot in hell with ur friends”. Like most of you crazy animal people, you value an animals life over human. You sure sound compassionate..

    2. gary says:

      I ask. I beg.

      All dogs are more caring than people people: P l e a s e. Try not to compare children to dogs again within my viewing area. Thanks.

      1. Rick A Hyatt says:

        I lived in a mostly Filipino neighborhood in Lahaina, Maui. When my big black Laborador would have pups, they would eagerly take them from me. I watched as one neighbor never took it on walks, etc., but just kept him chained and fed it rubbish. Then, when there was a new party, a ‘Baptismal,” the dog would disappear. I was invited down to these parties, and given “Dog Adobo,” and rice, a Filipino recipe.
        Get pragmatic, would you, and understand that with the burgeoning population of this planet, we will be turning to “Soylent Green” at some point?
        Most other Asian countries are already past that point.
        Learn to eat insects, etc.

    3. eric says:

      wow you obviously dont have kids, id kill a dog in a second if i needed to not so much with people…

      1. y777 says:

        wow eric. brilliant! you’d kill a dog in a second, but not so much with people?!! duuuh! If in fact true, pity on your kids for having the mindless, heartless likes of YOU as a parent and role model.

  63. Walt Dukehart says:

    They should have shot all three of them !

  64. john says:

    for all of you complaining about the fiscal responsibility of this decision, i’m with you. a helicopter to airlift a dog seems a little absurd. but for those of you who think they should have left the dog there, or carried it themselves, you are derailed. no dog owner who has an ounce of compassion would leave there dog to die on its own in the middle of a park. and have you ever carried a dog? they’re basically dead weight, and eighty pounds turns into a lot to lift. and it’s hard to split that weight between two people. maybe they could have just gotten a stretcher from the rescuers and just carried the dog out.

    and these people will probably pay. just as people do for ambulance rides.

    1. SauceQuatch says:

      This is absolute proof that an Mountain Rescue tv show is required to equip the general public with basic outdoor recreation skills. Advanced warning that the reality of nature is different than the truth hollywood fiction creates. I nominate the Gypsies from Expedition Impossible. California girls are a close second.

  65. Kirk says:

    My Jack Russell terrorist is laughing his ass off.

  66. Stephen Keefe says:

    Cry, the beloved country!

  67. Terry Knows Moore says:

    Send the bill to the hikers, simple.

  68. ce says:

    Welcome to california…the future of the whole US. the land of pelosi and waters! Will the last one out close the door?

  69. Red Burton says:

    I love dogs and I used to like letting them ride in the car with me for a quick errand. Stupid arse people are the ones that show up at your house with thier dog(s) and never asked permission to do so. Or take a dog on a long, arduous hike. Stupid arses…they will be billed and they SHOULD be billed for their stupidity.

  70. fgill says:

    “Gary” writes:

    “Keep you dog away from me. Law or not on your side, I will make your day for your defiance to delibrately bring your dog to a public place. Hope I am not there at the time.”

    Gary, if I am ever in a “public place with my dog you had better make your own day by minding your own business. Because if you lay a paw on my dog you’ll be a candidate for a hand transplant. I suggest you spend your time taking remedial spelling and grammar instead of threatening other people’s pets.

    1. Tom says:

      I agree fgill, Gary’s an idiot. My dog has every right to be in a public place as long as all applicable rules are obeyed.

    2. gary says:

      did i threaten someone’s pet?

      1. Mathew Sewell says:

        I hope someone’s pet mauls you to death, gary.

    3. gary says:

      fgill you have no idea how pent up i am over years of closing my eyes. you have no idea. no idea. defend your mutt. i am not at issue with your mutts. why do you not get it?

    4. eric says:

      keep your dog on a leash and away from me, i happily killed one running at me barking, didn’t get a ticket, the cops actually thanked me. keep your guns close 🙂

  71. ben dover says:

    They was?

  72. Yaboo says:

    It’s a good thing this dog isn’t Trans-Gendered. In addition to rescuing him/her, The State of California would be legally bound to performing a gender-repair-surgery on him/her.

  73. gary says:

    Your dog has no right to be in a public place. Not even a national forrest …hate to have to imform you. (I know these hikers probably never let the mutt off his lease.
    These dog people do tend to be militant. Defiant. Certainly they have issues with their fellow human being. The get the dog to replace some lacking need as they can’t turn the light bulb on in their thinking to realise, dogs are nice but shouldn’t I consider grandma at least as high as I do Gidget? I know a freak when I see one. Allow them to have a special part of the public park (on the tax payers dime) to run their pets and I can guarantee you -you they will be diliberately take them off their lease and have them down on the beach pooping.
    This is really true. But I am tired of closing my eye. If you want to make a complaint about the animal rescue in the Angeles National Forrest, try calling the LA County Fire Dept at: (323) 881-2411

    1. J Robles says:

      Hope the next time there is an earthquake in So Cal you will get buried under a building. And when you and crying and prying for the rescuers come with the DOGS to find you remember what you said today. It maybe a Lab mix like this dog who saves your sorry ass and your family. God I hope you don’t have a family.
      That being said, people who decide to take their dogs on a day hike in the mountains without properly letting the dog toughen up their paw pads before hand should also walk the trail BAREFOOTED!
      A dog just like humans has to toughen the skin for such ordeals.

      1. gary says:

        a dog is not just like humans

    2. Fred says:

      Gary is right, many dog owners are as bad as he says…by the same token, I find that hostile jerks like Gary who crab about caring more for people actually don’t, they’re just as hostile to people…just another road rager type who doesn’t happen to be in a car.

      1. gary says:

        all I’m saying is man is to have dominion over the beast. I am not a bible thumper by any means. But hey, it hurts when it is suggested I don’t care for fellow human beings. I do know the human race needs a hell of a lot of work. But these pets are not a substitute for any human compasion. Remember it is easy to love the lovable. As many have said on this blog, ya dont have to look very far to know how much dog food is selling in western cultures. And as have been admitted several times here also, these animals have more attention and health care than many humans. It;s all backwards.

    3. diana says:

      you sound so dumb, and an idiot! Any person who does not have a heart for animals needs to go to heaven….

  74. OneSecondAfter says:

    My wife works at a big box food club. What really kills her is how people will buy $1200 worth of food on foodstanps and then wheel up the second cart with $400 worth of dog food and pay for it with cash. If this economy takes a real dive, you’ll be eating your beloved pooch.

    1. Rochelle says:

      I’ve seen this, too. Years ago, I worked with a gal who openly admitted she could not feed her children anything more than tuna, crackers and milk due to the lack of finances. But the dog! Oh man! She just HAD to have a black lab of which received ample amounts of dog food. The dog was then tied to a clothes line in the backyard until someone could see fit to giving it attention every few weeks or so. We’re such the society anymore that we think we NEED that dog!

    2. Rick A Hyatt says:

      That’s survival strategy. Good for them.
      Woof! The German saying is to not waste any part except the squeal.

  75. Bill S Preston Esquire says:

    San Dimas high school football RULES!!

  76. keith ross says:

    WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. diana says:

      you ass! who else? cheap ass

  77. Amy says:

    It’s really sad to read the bitter, hateful comments on here about this story. I’m sure the couple will be appropriately billed for the rescue, and I’m sure they are grateful and will find a way to pay what they owe. What is the big deal? It’s not like this happens every day or even on a regular basis– this is an unusual incident. The level of anger in our society (as evidenced by the comments here) is unbelievable.

  78. Fuzzy says:

    Give the dog a rid on the chopper but make the dumb a$$ owners hike out.

    1. Fido says:

      animal lovers are people haters, these comments are proof

      1. says:

        you are so right! People are idiots….

    2. eric says:

      wow, i agree with that, and they should have towed the car and sold it the next day when the cost of the rescue couldn’t be paid in full. also take the home if they own it, this is ridiculous.

  79. TiggerAndMe says:

    These stupid, stupid people probably brought a pooch that is getting too old for such trips. They should pay for the airlift as they will pay the vet bills. A pooch can only show us they are having health issues… some people are just too stupid to understand they can’t explain to us.. This pooch did all he could do…. just lay down and not get up. My sympathy is with the pet not the jerks who dragged him away on that trip.

  80. Marge says:

    To all you jerks who think humans are more important than dogs, when people in genreral start showing the same level of caring and compassion that most dogs exhibit, I’ll agree. Until then, I think it is a positive sign that even four legged life is as significant as those of us who are bipedal.

    1. gary says:

      an admission?

    2. Rick A Hyatt says:

      If you believe in what you say, you live in the Dog House.

  81. sean patriot says:

    I’m assuming the owners of the dog are going to pick up the tab for this right? It is California, so I’m sure they expect the rax payer to pick up the tab.

  82. stacie5 says:

    This is ridiculous but it’s not the dog’s fault. Hold the owners responsible.

    All life is precious, both human and animal. Until we have respect for everything we’re doomed. It should never be “just a dog” or “just another dumb person” or “just a chicken”. We need these animals and they should be treated humanely. Abusing animals or any living thing is just sick.

    1. lukuj says:

      You are a voice of reason. The owners were irresponsible, but the animal shouldn’t have to pay for that. The owners, however, SHOULD have to pay for the rescue.

  83. Scarf says:

    If the taxpayers pick up the tap for this helicopter rescue, we got ripped off. What a complete waste of money. Sorry the mutt could not cut it but who is stupid enough to take their dog on such a long hike. Bad decisions have consequences and the dog owners need to pay the tab.

  84. The Scmoogie Avenger says:

    A dog is not a wolf and it does not belong in the woods. Anyone who puts a bandana on a dog must be eliminated.

  85. DMC says:

    It is sickening to read the comments left here about leaving the dog due to cost of a rescue operation. Everyone is insane. Two words to describe 100% of the drudge readers: INTERNET TROLLS

    1. bill.1942 says:

      I see you got here OK.

    2. Scott says:

      Thanks for the update… troll

    3. Spencer B says:


  86. John Cliff says:

    HA HA! HA HA HA. Air-lifting a dog!! HA HA! Good God. That is funny. What a HUGE waste of resources and time.

  87. teddyk34 says:

    Why all the dog hate? I’ve had dogs my entire life. Yes, they’re part of our family but they don’t come before anyone else. They’re not off leash when they’re out in public and we always clean up after them. I understand that some people don’t like dogs and I would never impose my dog on someone who doesn’t like her. In general, we just want animals to be treated humanely. Nothing should be made to suffer because a person wants it to. We have the right to have them so all of you self-righteous haters back off. I don’t tell you how to feel so don’t tell me.

    1. shawn says:

      i would be angry if a child molester died because he couldn’t get rescued due to this, ANY person is worth thousands of times more than ANY animal is.

  88. bill.1942 says:

    We cna’t feed hungry children, we can’t repair our roads, we are so far in debt that we can never repay it. But we can still rescue the tired doggie and the idiots who took it into the woods. No wonder the country is hosed.

    1. Rochelle says:


  89. DigitalBob says:

    Send these morons a bill.

  90. Barry Schiffer says:

    It’s amazing how stupid so many of the people here are making comments. So many are complaining about the cost, yet they don’t read the many, many times people are writing in telling them that the couple will have to pay for this. At least they would in most states. In California it’s possible the stupid voters who’ve allowed their state to fall into the hands of politicians who’ve created a financial disaster for their state don’t even know enough to fight to get some common sense government instead of what they have. That’s why I left there 20 years ago. But back to the point of this article, if the state doesn’t bill the couple then the taxpayers need to demand that the laws be changed so that they do bill people for rescues.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with rescuing the dog, I would, but I would also understand that it would be at my expense, not the expense of taxpayers. In addition, they are doing a terrible injustice to take an animal on a hike that is not in shape to do so. Animals are just like people and if they don’t get exercise they can’t stand much physical exertion. The owners need to learn to build up the dog’s stamina for exercise just like they would their own.

    1. diana says:

      I totally agree with you! I can not believe all the idiots that are so heartless!

  91. Tom says:

    The owners should be billed for the rescue service.
    A less expensive alternative would be for one of them to stay with their dog and the other to go out to get a horse packer to come in and get the dog. Because they went in just intending a day hike, they would not have been into the back country more than a few miles.
    Did Baxter give some initial symptoms that he wasn’t up for the trek that went unheeded? I suspect he did.

  92. Jill says:

    I think the owners are stupid to take a dog hiking on rocks for his paws to get cut up on a hot day. How stupid can a dog owner be? Bill the owners of the dog but don’t blame the dog. I bet he would have rather stayed home in the air conditioning.

    1. shawn says:

      dogs like being outside and anyone who owns a dog withtout at least a large back yard is imo guilty of animal cruelty, i would also charge these people with that crime because they didn’t bring the dog adequate equipment. they make shoes for this exact purpose, my dog has 2 pair…

  93. Tom says:

    Just a follow up to my earlier comment made a few minutes ago.

    A good newspaper reporter would have mentioned the rescue cost issue that is clearly on many of our minds. Think how if he or she did address this, so many f our comments would have been focused on other things.

  94. Vincent Gambino says:

    I thought this is what pistols were for

  95. vidgirl01 says:

    If this couple had any common sense none of this would be an issue. Know your surroundings and know your animals. Only the fittest survive.

  96. IllinoisJoe says:

    Gonna be a really expensive afternoon hike.

  97. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Bill them of course. Do the Boy Scout thing and build a branch stretcher to drag the dog back or do a stretcher rescue. What is wrong with these owners if the dog is too tired to take a hike? Maybe the dog needs better owners for the dog’s sake.

  98. Scott says:

    So why couldn’t the owner(s) carry the dog out? All you have to do is drape the dog around your shoulders and neck… what’s so hard about that? There’s work involved… that’s probably the issue the owner(s) had…

  99. rangerone says:

    What kind of Lazy person cannot carry their 80 lbs dog out on their back???? In the military we pack this much weight daily and much much more and hike miles and miles. These people wasted an emergency service for something they should have been able to take care of themselves. LAZY.

    1. nichols says:

      My 14 year old son did just that with his 75lb hound. Take care of your own business people!

      1. Mathew Sewell says:

        Nice lying. I’m so sure your 14 year old kid could do a packmarch with 75lbs on his back.

        You think it’s easy? Try being in the military, or being in actual rescue services, and do a 20 mile march with 75lbs on your back. I’m sure your snot-nosed teenager would do just marvelous at it.

    2. shawn says:

      well i can carry that weight its in a pack not a still alive animal that will be moving around. so thats not a valid comparison.

  100. Leslie says:

    If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.
    -Mark Twain

    1. Reality says:

      Elementary but not always true. The principal difference between a dog and man in the 21st century, who the latter have proven to be largely irresponsible with caring for the former, one of nature’s domesticated creatures, unfortunately, would make Samuel Clemens turn in his grave.
      Poor souls in this country will make a run on any dog/puppy/whatever that is shown in the latest movie release. It’s an industry. 101 Dalmatians for example.
      Your response had flair, if no relevance.

  101. J HART says:


  102. Scott says:

    Companies make doggie booties just for such hiking expeditions…For sure, the couple will be billed for the rescue, but it’s improbable if the state will ever see a dime…

    1. shawn says:

      which is why they shouldn’t have ever went to look for these morons.

  103. jack davidson says:

    two lazy ass people that can’t figure out how to carry a dog calls a helicopter for a ride…

  104. Bill Carson says:

    Obama Investment and Recovery Funds at your service!!

  105. jej4675 says:

    I just don’t understand how we can have financial problems in this country or state. Oh… I just read this article. It’s because of the complete selfishness of people like this. Tax payers should sue to have them repay the expenses.

  106. Bama T says:

    Government waste.

  107. Chris A says:

    Poor dog, the owners should be arrested for animal cruelty and cited for stupidity. Hope the dog finds a good home with responsible owners.

  108. Mr. Common Sense says:

    What a waste of money, they should have cooked and ate him ….

  109. DAX says:

    Animals are Better than most people and a lot of the comments on here are proof.

  110. harkin says:

    Never understood why people insist on taking their dogs on hiking/backpacking trips. They scare the native wildlife plus they leave their cr*p behind. Leave them at home fools. These same tools also love taking them to the beach whre they leave us all little land mines.

  111. Mathew Sewell says:

    To everyone complaining about “oh lordy the taxpayers have to pay for this”

    You do realize you’re paying the rescue workers whether they’re rescuing people or not, right? Just like the military, a salaried job means that you don’t need to be doing anything to be earning the money.

    Furthermore, as the helicopters have required maintenance and operating schedules, they have to be run whether they’re rescuing people or not. The pilots also have to maintain flight hours and proficiency, so they fly whether they’re rescuing people or not. And guess what? The fuel used when they’re flying simply to log more flight hours is paid for the same way as the fuel was here! Amazing, isn’t it?

    And when we go out and train guess what? You’re paying for that fuel too. So regardless of what whether we’re lifting a dog a person or simply sitting on standby, you’re footing the EXACT same bills.

  112. Larry David Sandwich says:

    When I saw the headline, I was pretty much certain that we were talking about California. Man you guys are fvcking lame.

    1. diana says:

      yes, leave your heartless ASS where ever you are from there and don’t come to California!

  113. bob says:

    well the funny is …….the owners are illegal and the dog has no license total free ride…….. HAHAHA

  114. Steve says:

    Amazing amount of comments that would risk anything to rescue a dog, including the name-calling of others who disagree with the gross expenditure of funds and risk to human life in this search and rescue effort.

    If this were a child, not a dog, that child would be taken away from the parents for making them hike ill-prepared through a forest. If you treat your dogs like family, then demand that the injured dog be removed from the household.

  115. SnoopDog says:

    Does the dog have affordable health insurance?

  116. Chris says:

    What exactly is the cost? The helicopter and crew are already on call and paid for (other than the fuel)l. If there is nothing else is happening, why not pick them up and bill them for the fuel?

    1. clueless Chris says:

      Yeah, there is no wear and tear or scheduled maintenance on a helicopter. The only cost of flying a helicopter is the fuel. And how do you know the people involved didn’t get overtime or some other additional pay as a result of this trip? I am 100% sure there were signicant costs above just the fuel cost. And don’t forget that insurance probably factors amount of use into their insurance premiums. And don’t forget this just encourages idiot dog owners to do this in the future, where the helicopter might crash resulting in loss of valuable life (human). Also, there might not be a helicopter available for real emergencies. Ignorance is bliss, right Chris?

  117. J.V. says:

    It’s wonderful that these people & their pet dog are safe & sound. Now, they must reimburse to the government all of the costs associated with the’ search & rescue effort due to their dumb choices. Send them a bill!

  118. JimmmyTheKnife says:


  119. concerned grouch says:

    Why couldnt the couple carry out the dog? Im sure they are oh so sporty and healthy hikers, fit for the mountains. Im sure they have$200 nike hiking boots, spandex shorts, dont smoke, drink, dont drink soda or eat fatty unhealthy foods and only have sex on saturdays. Let em carry their own damn dog out.

  120. EAT THE DAMN DOG says:

    They had to stay there overnight without food. Why not just EAT THE DOG and save everybody a headache. It would kill two birds with one stone. No dog to get out anymore and a healthy well fed couple. Too bad they werent Vietnamese.

  121. Outlaw all cats and dogs says:

    We need to outlaw all cats and dogs except those used for purposes such as blind people, police dogs, etc. I would normally be on the side of freedom of choice for people, but the vast majority of pet owners in this country have proven that they don’t have the brains to take care of a pet or prevent that pet from infringing the rights of others.

    1. Rochelle says:

      I agree! I am so tired of watching people tie their dogs to trees and clothes lines or lock them in a kennel to leave them barking for hours, days and even weeks. I’ve lost hours and hours of sleep listening the all the wonderful neighborhood dogs barking. And if I complain? I am told to stick it. Seems non-pet owners have no rights. Outlaw dogs unless they are needed for guarding, farming or some other really decent reason. Dogs WANT to work. They do not want to be tied or caged up. THAT is cruel.

  122. top dog says:

    Please tell me that the couple were given the bill for this little ride. Please.

  123. 2BFree2B says:

    Who’s going to foot that bill for stupid irresponible pet owners?

  124. robert says:

    These comments are like a who’s who of people who should have been aborted. And “Upchuck” tops the list. You are making the world worse because you are in it, friends.

  125. Drew says:

    Look at all the crybabies. Don’t believe for one second that these folks won’t get an enormous bill for this. I’m surprised some of you found time to break away from your immigrant bashing to comment about a dog rescue

    1. Drew is a doofus says:

      If it is “immigrant bashing” to want people to follow the immigration laws, tax laws, employment laws, etc, etc., then you may be correct. Those that have common-sense on immigration issues probablty also have common sense when it comes to dogs, unlike you Drew. Why don’t you try to be a little more honest and less partisan?

  126. BOB says:

    The whiners here are Liberals who have no problems aborting babies either.

  127. AnneP says:

    Pity the poor dog who is attached to these irresponsible silly nutjobs. I hope they get the bill for their poorly thought out actions, not the taxpayer. You know, there’s this thing called personal responsibility, and people who migrate to California seem to lack it.

  128. msnurse says:

    It doesn’t surprise me reading some of these comments from the west coast liberal land of the usa–if the libs are for abortion–I can see why they would get so upset over saving the life of anything–I am sure if the dog could have picked it’s owners–it may not have picked these 2—with pet ownership comes responsibility–anyone thinking that a dog could make the trip is got to be a nut!!! Maybe the people should compensate for the cost of the resucue–and if that’s not possible maybe they could do a ton of hours of community service in an animal shelter or something like that–

  129. keith says:

    charge them for having to come rescue them and their dog.

  130. Peter in Buenos Aires says:

    Ah, California. Still the land of fruits and nuts. Carry on!

  131. Corinne Anderson says:

    Gary and his aliases and his ilk perfectly demonstrate why animals are better than people, and more deserving. Perhaps if those humans are someday in need of rescue, the dogs sent in to sniff for survivors will smell their hatred for animals and pass them by. Thanks to Matthew Sewell and a few others who are the voice of intelligence and reason here.

  132. bitters says:

    I hope Baxter’s owners..who were stupid enough to take him on a hike he wasn’t up to..pick up the tab for this.. I’m tired of paying for other people’s stupidity.

  133. Steve says:

    I am so sick of inconsiderate Dog Owners.

    Grow up.

    I sure hope these owners get the bill and not taxpayers.

  134. Danielle says:

    I love all these judgmental assumptions – dog is fat and lazy, people aren’t going to pay, these people are stupid, these people have a dog lover agenda that they are shoving down your throat. Things happen people and sometimes with the best intentions, mistakes are made. That is why we are fortunate to have brave people working jobs like Rescue….because it’s needed. I know the world would be perfect if everyone was a genius like you. We would save millions because we could just get rid of Rescue/Fire/Police…etc… I mean you would never be stupid enough to make a mistake or gasp, own a dog.

    Such a bunch of hypocrites. If it was you needing the help because, the weather changed, you were unprepared because you made a wrong turn and you hour hike turned into an overnight ordeal or you didn’t know the trail you took was rocky and now your dog, who would do anything for you, is injured because although he has endurance, his paws aren’t use to the terrain – you too would need the help and you would be outraged if anyone turned you down because “your stupid.” Good grief! * roll eyes*

    1. shawn says:

      yeah rescue for PEOPLE not dogs, i dont think they should have even sent someone to look for these morons, some people need to die, keep the gene pool half way acceptable. and no i would TOTALLY understand not spending thousands of dollars to save my stupid dog.

  135. Bob says:

    Where are the coyotes when you need them.

    1. Rochelle says:


  136. Jsmith says:

    Nice of the rescue guys to come get him, now his mom and dad can pay the bill for their mistake.

  137. ash young says:

    I am an animal LOVER and a proud owner of 2 wonderful pitbulls. As an owner you should be responsible enough to understand what limits your animal has…and if an injury occurs you should be able to provide rescue for them. I take my dogs on hikes many times a week and have come into some situations where they have not been able to get out of themselves. Creek with too strong of rapids…I jump in there and get them. If they hurt their feet and can;t walk anymore…I carry the 70 lb dogs myself…I am 110 lbs soaking wet. Just be SMART people!

  138. sandalwood says:

    If you are stupid enough to go on a hike LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME!!!

  139. shawn says:

    god this is stupid, i hope she has to pay every cent of that expense as its her fault. and yeah what if an actual emergency occurred while they were wasting time with a stupid dog… should have been put down. not on my tax payer dime sorry dont care at all about your dog. and oh btw they make shoes for dogs…

  140. laguna says:

    They should have ALL be left-the world would be better off.

    1. shawn says:

      YUP. totally agree

  141. Jimbo96 says:

    All I can say is that the dogs owners better have a lot of money to pay for this bovine scat…the public doesn’t have enough money to waste on this kind of “rescue” when the people who own the dog are completely responsible…

  142. Dienst says:

    Why use an expensive helicopter when a four wheeler or a horse would have been so much less expensive? Seems the State has it’s priorities mixed up.

  143. Dog-rescuer says:

    I’ve had to carry my 90+ dog out of a hike in my arms after he developed leg trouble. It also got hot and I had some ground to cover. If I hadn’t been young and strong enough to do this, I would also have wished for help (I had wondered if I could make it). It was no emergency, so a visit by a ranger’s truck would have been fine (it was on a fire trail, but if I had been on a single-track trail, one guy with a stretcher for the dog would have been all I needed, and between us we’d have managed). I wouldn’t have left my otherwise healthy dog to die in the heat!
    I imagine that in the case of these people, a helicopter may not have been necessary, but perhaps the officials chose that because they wanted to (needed an excuse to go for a flight, to get some practice in, etc.) The rescue service is there for a purpose and it isn’t like this is a common occurrence.
    This state wastes so much money on other things including illegal aliens that the cost of this rescue really is a non-issue.
    Among dog owners there are plenty of people like myself who have rescued abandoned pets and give back to society. This kind of situation doesn’t happen to loser druggies, gang bangers, welfare recipients, etc. who are a constant drain on state coffers, so no one should begrudge them the rescue.

    1. diana says:

      hip hip hooray~ Thank you for your much needed input~!

  144. Rochelle Warner says:

    When did we become so obsessed with “companion” animals? They are treated better than abused women and children. Case workers are overwhelmed with their case loads. No one sends a medi-vac helicopter in to save a child thrown against a wall at 2:00am. Heck, we don’t HEAR about that child, but by goodness we need to hear about a dog’s bleeding paws. I grew up on a farm. If the farm dog got sick or too weak to live, it was put down and another dog was brought in to take its place. They are a dime-a-dozen, folks. Bob Barker says so!

    1. y777 says:

      girl, you and your ilk are so warped in your pseudo-intellectual commentaries and comparisons. Being loving and compassionate towards animals doesn’t negate being loving and compassionate towards humans. It’s a lame argument at best and a tired one. ps Quit taking Bob Barker’s comments out of context to give credence to your own. He LOVED animals and would do anything for them!

    2. diana says:

      Your an idiot, go and commit suicide no one would give a damm!

  145. obama lied says:

    Only democrats would waste this kind of taxpayer money.

  146. Bill H says:

    Hmm, so was the couple charges for the airlift fee? And did this, undoubtedly, environmentally sensitive couple pay for carbon offsets for the fuel that was used for the airlift?

  147. CB says:

    I can’t believe I read all these comments with so much BS. Time to leave this country.

  148. russ says:

    Stupid humans! Taking their dog on a hike in rough terrain.

  149. Jill says:

    Bravo for these dog owners and Super Bravo for the emergency personnel! This makes me very proud. Sure, the emergency services could have said no. Saying no is always easiest-but look what happens because they said yes instead. Lots of happiness instead of pain! To anyone who thinks it is a waste of money and resources- ever seen a training exercise? They are even more involved and cost more, so why not use an opportunity like this for training! Yay!

  150. Fat Man from Michigan says:

    A tired dog gets more attention than an unborn child.

    The end times are near.

  151. RobertT says:

    Two people couldn’t carry an 80 lb dog? They should spend less time hiking and more time strength training.

    1. Reality says:

      Funny as hell, but I thinketh they really needed WISDOM training.
      And if they haven’t got it at their age, brother, they ain’t getting it.

  152. ringle 76 says:

    This story is indicative of what’s wrong with a big segment of society today. These people called for rescue not because they had to, but because it was easy. If they hadn’t had a phone, if the rescuers had laughed at them and told them to get off the line, like they should have, they and the dog would have managed to get out just fine. Even if it took them several days, I’m sure they all would have survived. They called for an expensive rescue, that they will no doubt complain about the bill for, because the only thing that mattered at the time was that they were uncomfortable. Given a little time, the dog no doubt would have been able to continue but that was too much to bear because like way to many people these days they’re big babies.

  153. Humpy says:

    James E. Unger? Is that “Unger the Bunger”, king of the bus station men’s room?

  154. Sean says:

    LOL, California.

    Hopefully the rescue chopper was funded federally, so all U.S. taxpayers can help pay to indulge the whims of the Hollywood set.

  155. kawman-sense says:


  156. Allan says:

    Who is paying for this airlift!? We have a mighty unhealthy national conscience when animals are elevated to a status as to deserve such elaborate measures.

    Imagine how decadent stories like this must sound to the millions of people worldwide who eke out a mere existence. We are a wealthy nation and poor stewards of an inheritance we’ve grown to think of as inexhaustible. I love my animals, but in the end that’s all they are animals.

  157. Jose says:

    California is so nice. Rescue came out with divers to find my hamster that fell overboard. the poor little guy did not make it but darn if 50 divers didn’t try. I did not have to pay the bill on that one because i am an illegal.

  158. Joel says:

    Pink Juice, or improvise? Plenty of large rocks laying around I’m sure. To bad the helicopter didn’t go down and take all of them out…. what a bunch of tools.

    I will admit – it was a good laugh. Thanks Drudge.

  159. Doug says:

    odd behavior for a dog, especially a lab. Don’t know of any that tire before a person would. I live in Colorado and I’ve seen dogs sprint at 14,000 feet long after their owners are whooped. Should have gotten him some dog boots.

  160. FiremanBill says:

    Can someone call the Helo crew? I see a downed squirrel on my street.. hasn’t moved for a while.. If we can just save one life people!..

  161. Ralph Pooch K9 says:

    Oh, I get it. These are crazy Californians commenting on this site. Most are so full of themselves that they have no fealings for God’s creatures.
    In case you haven’t figured it out, rescues are funded in advanced by tax dollars because no one knows when they may be the one to need it.

    Next time you get stuck in an elevator, I hope the Fire Department gives you a whopping bill. Next time your toilet backs up, I hope the plumber charges you a fortune. (I use a tree or fire plug. They never back up.) And next time you get bed bugs, I hope the exterminator takes three weeks to show up. (I just pop on a flea collar.)

  162. lairdkeir says:

    I hope they have to pay costs. Imagine with the economy the way it is, sending an helicopter just for a dog!

  163. stolid says:

    I sprained my ankle deep in a park once; lucky thing the ambulance could get to me. EMTs told me the helo would’ve cost $10K – doubt insurance would’ve paid that.

  164. Reality--sooner or later says:

    My name is Tammy. I’m 10 and I feel for the poor dog. I have a cow named Betsy and my parents are sending her to the slaughterhouse. Can you send that Helo over to air lift Betsy to safety? Please. I cry a lot about Betsy. Don’t be meanies.

  165. Wayne McLemore says:

    Send the owners a bill for the search and rescue ride just to pick up their doggie.

  166. y777 says:

    girl, you and your ilk are so warped in your pseudo-intellctual commentaries and comparisons. Being compassionate and loving towards animals doesn’t negate having compassion and love towards human beings. .It’s a lame argument at best, and a tired one. ps Quit taking Bob Barker’s comments out of context to give credence to yours. He LOVED all animals and would do anything for them.

  167. Templar X says:

    Just fine them whatever it cost to get the do out!

  168. JL says:

    How hard could it have been to fashion a litter and share the weight of the dog? These owners were irresponsible and should be charged.

  169. BOLUDEZ says:

    The Chinese are LAUGHING at this story. They EAT these dogs that we airlift at taxpayer expense and money they lend us to keep our economy going. What a joke. This story perfectly exemplifies what is wrong with liberalism in America today. It is called MISPLACED COMPASSION. If we don’t change this our civilization will go by way of the Mayans.

    1. y777 says:

      Hey Gary… what planet are you from?! Your pshyco-babble makes no sense, and your obvious disdain for animals, and people who have animals reeks of ignorance. You’re tired of closing your eye? Try closing your mouth because you obviously have nothing good”” say.

      1. y777 says:

        oooops! re previous comment… intended word is “PSYCHO-babble”

  170. anne hilliard says:

    There are a lot of sick twisted people here who would deny saving man’t best friend. Something is wrong with people who hate animals. No wonder our country is in such a mess. Full of people full of hate.

  171. Bubba Moose says:

    I like dogs, but I wouldn’t call myself a “dog person” So, what is it with dog people that makes them want to take their dogs EVERYWHERE, including places where there are “NO PETS” signs or other places where a dog has no business being. This was totally nuts.

  172. justsaying says:

    Why would a couple who loves their pet so much ever put the dog in such a life threatening sitution? They should be joyous that a rescue was feasbile, and gladly reimburse the entire expense of the rescue.

  173. Chris says:

    There’s a special place in hell for people who lack compassion for animals.

  174. asdf says:

    I can see the mindless drudgereport drones are out in force on this one.

  175. Hank Warren says:

    Wasting taxpayer money airlifting dogs, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  176. Tom says:

    I was hoping to read that tax dollars didn’t pay for all this….and that the couple walked out instead of flying out, if they were able.

  177. Nancy says:

    whoever got the “sensational” story, must have been low on the pole. Of, course the couple would have to be rescued and does it take more $$ to rescue the dog too? As for tax dollars, they(private parties) who use the service pays for the service. What would you think the pilot did? save the dog by “airflight” and let the couple walk out. DUH!!!
    The name dumb works well though

  178. hunter says:

    @gary… I guess you’re going to hell t en

  179. HooDatIS? says:

    what a waste of taxpayers dollars
    i love animals but this goes too far

  180. Maria Gomez says:

    My mexican husband gets dog tired all the times. Why? He is on the run all the time. Why don’t you find someone to rescue him. I never pay tax, but so? You the amelican own us.

  181. Cicada says:

    Ok first of all… I am an illegal person… sucks… I apologies for my family coming here the wrong way
    I was only 3 months old when I was brought here… I’m sorry my mother probably got medical for me
    And I attended public school… every class was crowded and mostly yes…. From immigrant children…
    Probably robbed a few good Americans from a more attentive teacher… sorry for not paying taxes…
    I grew up thinking I was legal till the day I turned 17 and wanted to join the Marine Corps.
    I got the bad news… now I’m 23 and have more Pride of my country …
    Than most people who are born here…. I would fight and die for this country…
    Now to the issue of the Dog… I’ve hiked on that mountain many times… I personally don’t think a
    Helicopter should have been dispatch to rescue a dog… im sure a few men could of carried
    The dog to safety… not to mention the owners… 80 pound between 2 people is not that bad…
    I don’t think the dog should have been shot… that’s just stupid…

  182. jocuri cu trenuri says:

    Simply want to say your article is as amazing. The clearness for your post is simply great and i can suppose you are an expert in this subject. Well along with your permission let me to grasp your feed to stay updated with drawing close post. Thank you a million and please keep up the rewarding work.

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