SAN CLEMENTE  (CBS/AP) — Nudists say California park rangers are harassing them by following them to a federally owned beach since they have had to ditch a state beach where clothing is now required.

The Orange County Register reported Tuesday that naturists have started moving from a strip of San Onofre State Beach to a nearby beach at Camp Pendleton.

Nudists say state officials have followed them and told them to put their clothes on and leave the military base.

State officials say they are letting the naturists know they are trespassing by crossing onto federal land. However, there is no federal law banning nudity on the military base.

State officials started cracking down on nudity on a strip of San Onofre beach that has been a traditional nude sunbathing spot for decades, citing complaints about lewd behavior. Nudists fought the effort but a court upheld the state’s right to cite the naturists.

Recently, Camp Pendleton officials had to call state rangers for help on July 17 to clear their beach of some nude sunbathers, the Register reported. Nudists say state rangers have recruited military officials to help them crack down on them, but officials say there is no formal agreement between the two agencies.

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  1. greg says:

    I really thought the motto “protect and serve” was the police motto, not “chase and harass” Shouldn’t the police be available to arrest criminals and protect the public? Arresting sunbathers is not protecting or serving….

  2. jbird says:

    if you’re on the federal property politely tell the state rangers they have no authority. let the military waste their time kicking you off the beach or trying to prosecute you for trespass (does it pass the trespass test if there is no criminal or commercial intent?)

    1. Duh! says:

      Yes. All you need to do to trespass is to be on the land that you are not supposed to be trespassing on. Intent has nothing to do with it.

      The military base asked the state to remove the bathers from the base, so that gives the rangers the authority. Didn’t you read the article???

      1. Derp Derp says:

        you didnt read the article. so DUH on you. there is no formal agreement in place and the “base” asked for help. The rangers have zero authority to do anything but inform the bathers they may be trespassing. in fact rangers, without a formal agreement in place prior, may be guilty of trespass as well if they go in federal land to inform the bathers. If there are no visible or correct signage the bathers may not be guilty of trespass; regardless if the ranger informs them as without formality they have zero authority. You have a lot to learn about reading comprehension and law. I suggest you never ever open your mouth near me again.

    2. icecream says:

      Regardless of intent, If the owner/custodian of the property tells you to leave and notifies you that you are not welcome on the property, you can be arrested if you return.
      But why, all of a sudden, all thid drama ? Can the Park rangers just stop those engaging in lewd conduct ?

      1. Chuck U Farley says:

        Yes but apparently many of you have poor reading comprehension skills. The Rangers are neither owners or custodians of the Federal land. The military informally supposedly asked for help. This means they asked the Rangers to inform persons that part of the beach is federal property and they may be at risk for trespass.

  3. Jerry says:

    A military base is -and should be- monitored for trespass. I was an active duty Marine at Camp Pendleton in the late 90’s and there were instances where trespassers on the base were killed because they stumbled in to areas of the base where firing exercises were taking place. In one instance an illegal took shelter in a derelict tank which was fired upon early in the morning. The areas are marked as live fire ranges and no trespassing signs are clearly posted. There are very real safety concerns for trespassing on the base.

    Fortunately the beach they are discussing is not near any of these firing zones, however the military does do water exercises near there. Someone in the water could potentially be injured or killed as boats are maneuvering in the area.

    On top of safety issues, there are ammunition holds and areas of the base that are secretive. If sunbathers are allowed to trespass, who is to say somebody with more sinister intentions slip into the base the same way.

  4. davy altair says:

    dey wuz nekkit

    1. icecream says:

      Yeah, butt nekkit !

  5. HooDatIS? says:

    im 490 lbs and i love being naked
    im coming to the beach and show my flubber

  6. eek says:

    oh god, most nude sunbathers look awful, and some are past their prime. If you must be nude, do it in your own back yard on your property. Don’t make us look at you in public. GROSS.

  7. lighten up says:

    derp derp — calm down.

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