SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — Bryan Stow appears to be making progress in his recovery, according to family members.

Supporters posted a new message on his website,, that Stow is able to open both eyes and respond to simple commands.

“The nurse practitioner told us he had both eyes open, his right hand was either trying to give a thumbs up or hold up two fingers . . . . He also closed his eyes and opened them on command….and, when asked what his last name, he mouthed, ‘Stow,’ “ the statement said.

Stow suffered serious brain injuries when he was attacked by two Dodger fans at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day. He has undergone several surgeries since the March 31 attack including an emergency operation Monday for fluid buildup in his head that caused seizures.

”As always with these steps forward, we are aware that it’s intermittent, and there will still be some steps back. Even before the surgery, when he was at his best, his response to commands were not consistent. We remain cautiously optimistic,” the online statement continued.

Stow is recovering at San Francisco General Hospital where he is listed in serious condition.

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  1. Karen says:

    Praise the Lord. Someone tell him the news that they have additional suspects. The good news may help him more.

  2. CJ says:

    Now that he can open his eyes maybe they can show him some pictures of the 3 suspects they caught. Who would be a better eye witness than the victim himself??

    1. Karen says:

      good idea!

  3. God Bless Bryan Stow & Send To Hell Those That Hurt Him says:

    Well maybe you should be more careful in choosing your friends, Clelya. The police don’t just go around arresting people on a whim; that’s against the law. THERE IS EVIDENCE. People who knew Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, Gary Ridgway, John Gacy, and even Ted Bundy didn’t want to believe that they were capable of doing the crimes that they did. BUT THEY INDEED COMMIT THOSE CRIMES. And I hate to say it, but your “friend” is a thug and a low-life criminal who took the life of a good and worthy man. Bryan Stow may not be dead, but his life is certainly gone and he has your “friend” to thank for it. I feel sorry for you, Clelya.

    1. upyours says:

      Wow, you’re one ignorant f**king moron.

    2. Fry The Thugs says:

      AMEN, God Bless Bryan Stow! You have words of wisdom. Clelya should read them carefully. Maybe her pea-sized brain will grow a tad.

    3. upyours says:

      So there is no misunderstanding I’m addressing GBBS&STHTTHH as the, ignorant f**king moron.

  4. God Bless Bryan Stow & Send To Hell Those That Hurt Him says:

    THERE’S EVIDENCE. PERIOD. You and your familia should be familiar with that term, and all the other terms that land people like your kind in jail. Have an awesome day!

  5. Karen says:

    There IS evidence. Why did your FAMILY beat this man to a pulp?

  6. upyours says:

    Who gives a f**k, Stow is no boy scout either. He has the same police record from about the same age as these,a$$wipes (that is if they’re guilty).

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