NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney used a campaign appearance in North Hollywood Wednesday to continue his criticism of President Obama’s handling of the economy.

Romney, who is vying for the Republican presidential nomination, has said Obama has made both the recession and America’s recovery process worse.

“He has not created jobs,” Romney said.

“He’s lost jobs, a half a million jobs here in California. And, you know, as a president, you can’t control everything but you sure can control your use of time and what you focus your energy on, and he didn’t focus on the economy.

“… I simply don’t understand why the president is insistent on raising taxes at a time when we’re trying to put people back to work,” he said. “You recognize if government takes more money, it means less money for individuals, for families and for employers.”

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian, who represents the area Romney visited, lashed out at the presidential hopeful for using the Valley Plaza shopping center as “an easy backdop for a cheap photo op.”

“For the people I represent, it (the center) is a glaring testament to the failed policies and economic collapse that led to its demise during the eight years of the Bush administration.”

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, blasted Romney in a morning conference call with reporters on behalf of the Democratic National Committee.

“The fact that Mr. Romney is using L.A., and I emphasize `using’ L.A., to blast what he sees as the president’s failed economic policies I find appalling,” Villaraigosa said. “Unfortunately, like much of the country, we’re dealing with high unemployment rates, but we need to be putting people back to work, not just pointing the finger and playing the blame game.”

The mayor went on to criticize Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts, when Villaraigosa said that state was 47th in the nation in job creation.

Romney had an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination in 2008 when he was defeated by Sen. John McCain.

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  1. lori says:

    the jobs lost now were caused by greedy people . but you went to reconstruct companies by laying off people and shipping the jobs overseas.

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      When you consider the taxes, regulations, lawsuits, etc, no wonder companies go overseas.

      1. James says:

        Yeah, the taxes, regulations, and lawsuits — and the fact that we pay our workers a living wage. We’re a first-world country, Everyday Guy, and we shouldn’t try to compete with a dictatorship (China) to see who can squeeze the most work out of their poverty-stricken employees for the least amount of money. We’re better than that. We have to have taxes and regulations, and average workers need recourse if their employers mistreat them. That’s what makes our country strong. If Americans care about keeping jobs here, then we need to support American manufacturers, which means paying more for the products we purchase.

      2. Karen says:

        Exactly. It’s just common sense that when the tax is higher, the entity paying that tax has less money. Less money means less spending. Less spending means lower demand. Lower demand means layoffs.

        The President positions it as if millionaires should pay this. I think I might be happier with zero subsidies paid to companies who set up in FOREIGN countries, tax breaks to oil companies, and zero money paid on government getting involved in my business.

        In California, the tax rates and regulations are OUTRAGEOUS. That is why we have a 12% unemployment rate in Los Angeles when the national average is around 9%.

        Who voted for the clown Jerry Brown who wants to TAX CALIFORNIANS to PAY THE PENSIONS for state employees who can retire at age 50 and 90% of their salary. That is OUTRAGEOUS.

        You do realize that very pensions were touched in the last budget.

      3. NeilE says:

        Karen, you have your supply and demand theories backwards.

        Trickle down economics is supply side economics. Wal-Mart and the Walton enterprise is the symbology of that practice and it’s been held in the US for decades. It isn’t working. Why? No matter how ‘affordable’ suppliers make their products, a consumer who is struggling to afford their kids college tuition or their parents retirement home bills is not going to go on a spending spree updating kitchen appliances or buying that new HD flat screen TV. No matter how great the sale or 0 interest for however long, people don’t make luxury purchases when they are trying to get by with necessity.

        The corporate welfare we allow the largest companies increases -supply- not demand.

        In order to boost demand – which is needed desperately – money needs to be put back in the middle class’s pocket.

        That pension plan you mentioned sounds ridiculous, but at the same time it -boost- the economy because that retiree can go out and buy that TV.

        Personally I’d prefer my tax dollars going to him so he can enjoy his golden years and boost the economy by staying an active consumer instead of my tax money going to some fortune 500 CEO so he can throw more pennies in his hedge fund piggy bank… that’s going untaxed.

      4. Nick says:

        NielE, Supply and demand only works the way Karen said it. She is certainly not backwards. What is absolutely killing CA is the pensions, they give way too much to the retirees on the backs of current workers.

        Sure Wal-mart is cheap, but the true cost that people face are rising costs associated with necessities, food, fuel and shelter. Combine that with wages that have not kept up with inflation over the years and you have a perfect storm.

        The reason why wages have not kept up can be debated for hours. But I personally believe that it is a result of our tax system. We tax the wealthy greater percentages and in turn open up a pandoras box of spiraling wages for the wealthy. Taxes are an economic tool that can be used to increase gross wages. This is why personally I think we stand to gain the most by taxing everybody equally from a percentage standpoint.

      5. Rabbut says:

        That or they just enjoy the slave labor overseas, which increases their profits immensely and kills, the middle, class, These are nothing but rehearsed, regurgitated and trite right-wing talking points without a hint of truth that you spew.

      6. Fayse says:

        Guy, You have bought into a flawed set of rhetoric. Before retirement I worked for some very large Corporations and I observed many others. They began a ritual of layoffs and through attrition they reduced their workforce. They still had the same amount of work but, they simply piled the additional workload on those employees that were left. who were afraid to complain. Their profits went up consistenly. Many of the Super large Corporations have Worldwide holdings and many of their “Stakeholders” are foreign. The Corporation dosen’t care anymore about the “people” than the GOP does.

      7. Richard Munnell says:

        Are you saying the we should go back to the days of child labor, workhouses, indentured servants? The last few reports I have heard come out of India, Philippines, and a host of other Asian countries is what you want for your kids and grand kids. Not Me!!!! I am glad we left those business gems back in the past.

    2. Lin says:

      We have high unemployment because there are too many that are unemployable.

      1. Usa says:

        I have seen most peoples don’t even want to work. We have so many lazzy, dumb around who just wan rely on gov’t by have 12 kids. If you can’t feed your own kids then why would you have ant kids??.

        China & India are in best place in this economy downturn reason people up ther make their own money to leave not depending on Gov’t to pay them.

      2. Old Salt says:

        There is no lack of jobs because of a lack of employable folks. The two are unrelated. Just the opposite would be true. If there were a surfeit of unemployables, there would be too many jobs going unfilled.

  2. reagen says:

    This country is not going into the toilet Fast enough for Obama, who still hasn’t figured out that subtraction is not addition.

    Candidates have a right to speak wherever they want. I did not vote for Villaraigosa and he shouldn’t think that he owns L.A., just because he has the honor of ‘representing’ it.

    When I heard him say that ‘there is no such thing as an illegal alien” – then I knew what His agenda was … more illegals and more money going out of this country.

    I did not like that he had a violence charge against him and I did not like when he had an affair behind his wife’s back and then kept her name tagged onto his – because his didn’t have the status that hers had. What a pig.

    1. James says:

      Hey, you misspelled the name of your hero.

  3. Tyson says:

    I love the live commentary on the 8 o’clock news “Mitt Romney criticizes Obama in North Hollywood appearance. It doesn’t take long for Democratic leaders to gang up on him.” Really? ONE Democratic leader RESPONDS, after poor Mitt Romney criticizes President Obama. Look, he comments on a Democratic president, he’s fair game, not ganged up on. Who writes your teleprompter?

  4. Just Cirroc says:

    Check out one of Krekorian’s goons tearing a Romney supporter’s sign @1:20.

    All part of the Democrats “new civility”.

    1. Stella says:

      Kind of like all those tea baggers showing us their guns at the health care townhalls a couple of years ago. Boy were they civil!

  5. Bush Shoe Thrower says:

    We haven’t forgotten why the Republicans were kicked out. Sorry Repubs: you’re not getting another chance for a Bush rerun. Obama 2012.

    1. Dan says:

      You do know Bush is not running again and yes everybody is looking for something new no matter the party. But the Democrats are stuck with Obama and the only thing new will come from either the Republican party or third party.

  6. tnwoman1948 says:

    @Bush Shoe Thrower:

    Though I don’t believe in throwing shoes at anyone, not even George Bush II, I like and agree completely with your comment.

  7. Debbie Hanrahan says:

    How can Romney say Obama has lost jobs. Companies lay off people and companies hire people. Obama has not lost any jobs any more than Romney has created jobs. Jobs lost to policy were under Nixon (opened to China) Reagan (less regulation) Geo H Bush (Free Trade) Clinton (NAFTA) Geo W. (little regulation) and with Obama he has been unable to have any effective policy. Romney can blame Obama but its corporations that have killed jobs in the US. We don’t need a Romney or an Obama for President we need a Theo. Roosevelt. Trust Buster!

    1. GToy says:

      Like many politicians from BOTH sides, Romney is a political opportunist. He’ll say anything to get elected.

  8. 2cents4free says:

    You live in the globe too you ignorant sh!tbag. 9/11 Happened because of our policies and actions elsewhere in the globe! Get a clue you !d!ot.

    1. GotU says:

      @2cents4free You are clueless when it comes to radical religions, 911 and US policies. Suggest educating yourself on topics you plan to comment on prior to opening your mouth. Wanted to ask you how does shoe taste?

  9. Mikey72 says:

    It’s sort of like weight loss. What took eight years to put on will not come off in three. America is dealing with jobs. The amount being lost has slowed. The probem takes a long-range long-time solution.
    As for focus, if Mr. Romney’s firoends had not insisted on a campaoign of Obama is not American, thus cuaisng him to take time to stop them, he might have focused more on jobs.
    Same with dealing with lefover wars. He’s doing fine. Of all the GOPers so far, none of them seem capabale of derailing the resident president.,

  10. krissmith777 says:

    The news story says: “The mayor went on to criticize Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts, when Villaraigosa said that state was 47th in the nation in job creation”

    This is just rich. The LA mayor has no place to criticize Romney since his record is not any rosier than any other. He has been a horrible mayor of LA.

  11. Neecee says:

    I looked into my crystal ball and guess what. Let’s not get upset over this mess. Remember if they don’t raise taxes on the rich, we can all get jobs that the rich will create. It would have been nice if they had created those jobs before . Help me to understand what’s wrong with this picture.

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