LOS ANGELES (AP) — A promising athlete has been convicted of murdering the South Los Angeles mother of a girl set to testify against him in a robbery case. Two previous trials ended with hung juries.

Prosecutors say 23-year-old Tyquan Knox was convicted Monday of murder, robbery and witness intimidation for the 2007 shooting death of Pamela Lark. He faces life in prison without possibility of parole when he’s sentenced Sept. 7.

The Los Angeles Times says Knox was a Crenshaw High School football player who had attracted college recruiters from top-tier schools.

Knox had been charged with the armed robbery of a 17-year-old girl and her boyfriend. Lark, the girl’s mother, insisted that her daughter report the crime to police.

Knox’s mother and others had warned Lark and her daughter about testifying.

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  1. Ron says:

    I am sorry for the family of the murder victim, but very happy that this is 1 less spoiled, criminal that won’t make it to become a spoiled, criminal in college or the NFL. We already have too many of them now. At least he won’t get the LEGAL payoff that he was hoping for, in the NFL.

    1. Karen says:

      I completely agree with you Ron. I am pleased that the family WAS NOT SCARED of this jerkoff and helped put him away.

      1. THE TRUTH says:

        It is a damn shame people don’t have anything better to do other than gossip or make fun of someone’s freedom being robbed from them! For every one of you that have something negative to say, try being Tyquan for one second; accused of crimes you didn’t do but because your accusers come from a family of law enforcement background and have the ability to steal your case files and do whatever they want with them! Remember Michael Slider, former LAPD Det. admitted stealing Tyquan’s files and leaking them. God only knows what else this ex-dirty cop (who was fired for leaking information) did with Tyquan’s files. Michael Slider has a history of misconduct as an LAPD officer. L.A Times archives (1997), Slider is sued by the surviving family of Tracy Mayberry for beating him to death while hogtied and ignoring Mayberry’s pleas for medical treatment! Sounds like murder to me, hypocrites. NOTE: this killer is seeking to get his job back WOW!! Khristina Henry’s uncle was found guilty one week before Tyquan’s third trial in court room 106 at Los Angeles Criminal Courts, WOW!! Let’s talk facts: every witness for the D.A. was impeached (caught in major lies).You idiots think about this, Khristina testified she was never robbed by Tyquan, her boyfriend was, so what reason would he have to kill her mother?? The D.A. along with the family would have you believe Tyquan did this to shut Khristina up. The problem I have with that is Khristina said Tyquan robbed her boyfriend, not her. What reason would he have to kill her mother? It’s not like she would or could testify against him. Now, let’s evaluate why Tyquan would kill her mother to shut Khristina up. If that were true, wouldn’t that give her more reason to testify against Tyquan, huh?? Tyquan was also convicted for witness intimidation, however Khristina testified Tyquan never threatened her or even called her. He was convicted of witness intimidation because Khristina’s mother called Tyquan. By speaking to a family of someone who’s accusing you is viewed as witness intimidation! Turns out the family was on section 8, didn’t have money to move, so they claimed they were in fear of their safety to get relocation funding!! How damn sad is that?? Fact, Donovan Diaz testified Tyquan stole his gold chain (valued at $275) and wallet but Tyquan already owned a gold chain valued over $1000. LAPD took Tyquan’s chain and placed it on hold. It wasn’t until trial, we found out Tyquan’s chain was melted down and sold (evidence destroyed) WOW!! Facts, the initial description Khristina and Donovan gave the police in the robbery report was: male black, 5’7”, 5’8” thin build with a minnie afro whose name is Tyquan Knox. WOW?? Tyquan is 6’0” and never had an afro, WOW!! Fact, granddaughter Dajanae Lane, the only believed witness, testified she could never forget the eyes of a murderer despite the killer’s entire face being covered. But wait, she couldn’t make an I.D. the day of the murder, according to police reports but was able to I.D. Tyquan 6months later! WOW!! The truth of the matter is this is a sick family who has ignored the facts and used their authority and influence to get Joel Ruben and Scott Glover (reporters) to spread lies painting a picture of guilt on Tyquan!! But don’t take my word, Tyquan’s case is over, EVERTHING is public record now PLEASE check for yourselves or shut the hell up

  2. CB says:

    This POS’s own mother warned the victim not to testify against him. It sound like she did this not as a threat, but a warning because she knew that she raised a bad seed.

    I hope he rots!

  3. Noneoff says:

    How do you know that this person is black? There is no mention of ethnicity in the article.

    1. theblackestguyyouknow says:

      oh yeah cause Tyquon Knox from Crenshaw sound like he’d be a white ginger. you idiot, even as a racist I have more common sense. I hope someone cages you too

      1. Leslie says:

        Maybe that is why maybe everyone should have an easily pronouncable and spellable name.

        I had a friend from Nigeria. He was a 6’5″ black man. He changed his name when he became an American to LEO O’WILLIAMS.

        He LOVED to go on interviews. They were expecting an Irish dude and then they meet him.

        It was priceless. God rest his soul.

    2. CB says:

      You’ve got to be joking!!!

      You probably think someone with the surname of Goldstein isn’t Jewish, Castillo isn’t Latin, Hsu isn’t Asian, etc.


      1. uncle cracker says:

        Well there could be the possiblity…i have seen white women married to other ethnicities and take their last names…and the same goes for all kinds of interracial marriages…its wierd at first until you find out its their married name

  4. noneoff says:

    Who ever this person is, he will be lucky if he just receives life without the possibility of parole.

  5. Robby Logan says:

    So long there, Tyquan! You can spend the rest of your life with Tyrone and Jamal and all your little cousins in the pen. They say being assraped stops hurting after the first 100 times, so good luck with that.

  6. anita says:

    I have been following this case since I first heard about it. I now wonder what is going to happen to his girlfriend who drove the get away car. Sad and sick society.

    1. bounce says:

      I hope she gets charged as an accessory to murder (at the very least). If Knox’s mother tried to intimidate the robbery victim and her mother, I hope she gets charged as well.

  7. KOBE says:

    People lets keep the hate against illegals from Mexico and below. They are the one’s who have ruined California. Black people are bad but they do not cost as much as illegals. And both races commit equal amount of crimes.

    1. uncle cracker says:

      Actually, blacks DO COST as much as illegals and most likely, EVEN MORE. They take a toll on the taxpayer through welfare and other forms of public assistance, crime and the associated costs with that such as police services, sustainment while incarcerated, even higher insurance premiums in high crime areas (aka black areas) because of robbery, theft, ect. And that is just the tip of the iceberg…..

      1. ActUp says:

        @ “Uncle Cracker”…Despite prevailing stereotype, WHITES, not Blacks, collect greatest share of public aid dollars. SAY the word “welfare” and immediately the image of the lazy Black wellare queen who breeds for profit surfaces in the minds of those who have come to believe the hideous stereotype. It is a myth that persists despite government figures and authoritative studies showing that Whites overwhelmingly reap the lion’s share of the dole.

        Most people who depend on welfare are White and live in suburbs or rural areas, a recent study shows. The study reveals that Whites make up 48 percent of the poor, followed by Blacks, 22 percent, and Hispanics, 22 percent. The information for the study was compiled from 1994, 1999, 2004, 2007, and 2009 Census and Private Government data statistics. CHECK YOUR JIM CROW FACTS BETTER NEXT TIME!

    2. Karen says:

      Who cares WHAT RACE a criminal is? Put the legal resident criminals in our jails and deport the other criminals so that their countries can pay for their upkeep.l

    3. Stryker 21 says:

      A lot of blacks use welfare as a career while were busting our *****. Drug screen all welfare folks and get a job within two years or you loose benefits. hat will save money.

  8. Noneoff says:

    To those of you narrow minded people calling me an idiot; I simply mentioned that there was no mention of ethnicity in the article. If you want to believe that a name and a city location locks in an ethnicity to one person, you certainly entitled to that opinion, but don’t call me an idiot for my observation.

  9. AmigoSan says:

    Why is this news? It’s just another black on black crime? Report about gas prices and debt, or white kids getting hurt please!

    1. ActUp says:

      Okay here goes ur “white kids news”…A 17-year-old White boy ‘brutally and mercilessly’ killed his parents before having a house party while their bodies were still inside a bedroom, police said. Love the white kids…they kill their parents faster then the “klan” killed black people!

      And for your cherry topping…The son of a prominent Fresno family was convicted Tuesday of murdering his parents and sister with the help of a college dorm mate in a plot to inherit the family’s $8-million estate. 26-year-old Dana Ewell “whose white”, hired his college friend, Joel Radovcich, to kill his family so they could split the family’s fortune. When he said he wanted another new BMW…he meant that huh??!!

      1. Guido says:

        You ignorant hateful people. You’re all a bunch of morons as all these cases are truly sad. It’s funny that white people are considered racist but other races are just as bad if not worse.

        By the way you might want to go back to school and learn spelling/grammar. It’s “who’s” when you are saying who is white not “whose.” Wow ignorance is bliss.

  10. richie kotzen says:

    they have a football team in pelican bay, right?/

  11. "even" says:

    black music: rap, hip-hop is satanic music, it makes blacks, & latinos kill each other!!!

  12. NoBetterThanYou says:

    You guys have strayed from the article and your ignorance causes you to slander one another. So much hate in this world it’s ridiculous. My heart goes out to the family.

  13. 1stperson says:

    its funny that this article meant nothing to all of you arguing over race. It actually saddens me because it is proof of the evil and ignorance in this world. Ignore the color of your skin and think about the article. A woman was murdered in front of her grand children. A girl is now without her mother. But it doesnt matter because it’s not you but take it from me, someone who has been deeply hurt by this

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