LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new study says Los Angeles teachers are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate.

The U.C. Berkeley study says teachers at Los Angeles Unified inner-city charter schools are up to three times more likely to quit their jobs than teachers in other districts.

One of the study’s authors says it’s probably the result of ongoing, difficult teaching conditions.

The study will now be presented to the school board.

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  1. Rob says:

    You try teaching Hispanics and blacks.Just keeping classrooms peaceful is nearly impossible.

    1. peter says:

      Now that is a realistic teacher who has been thru the ropes of “inner city.” I am with ya Rob. Worst of the worst in my opinion are the BLACKS.. they are rude, talk way to damn much like they know it all..and they are the least educated. Then you meet their parents and they are the same way…ALL TALK but nothing to offer their children. The kid acts like a turd in the classroom and when you tell the parent this info..they are shocked and guarantee it is gonna stop..but doesn’t????? NOPE!

      Most people may not like this cause it may sound stereotypical…but if you ask most black teenagers they don’t give a rats bottom about education. Most are aiming to become ballers, actors, rappers, and dancers.

    2. Dorthea says:

      …see Dorthea’s comments to ‘peter’… they’re meant for you too.

  2. Arns says:

    You try teaching Hispanics and blacks.Just keeping classrooms peaceful is nearly impossible.

    1. LP says:

      It’s like a WW day after day.

  3. Jose says:

    The problem is Gloria Molina of the LAUSD. She and all the other hispanic members are destroying the school system. Forcing bilingual education instead of forcing the kids AND parents to learn english.

  4. jim says:

    i don’t think it’s teaching conditions why they’re leaving. i think these fat cat, money hungry, greedy teachers are bailing to make more money by taking jobs at target or flipping signs on street corners advertising new apartments.

    1. peter says:

      you must have been thru the special education program…cause your obviously an IDIOT.

      1. Dorthea says:

        Well…if Jim is an idiot, he’s found fine company here.
        If you all wish to be shallow racists; you have every right.; but please don’t blame it on BLACK people.
        Stereotypes are just that. You must know an individual to know an individual. Otherwise you’re just making presumptions
        Every poor, black person is not automatically doomed to a life of ignorance. Just as every white person is not destined for fame and riches.
        Every latino is not a ‘low-rider’; every asian is not good at math.
        Get over yourself, ya bigot. And find something helpful to do with your time besides poisoning us all with YOUR IGNORANCE and OBVIOUS LACK of a ‘real’ education.

  5. GiGi says:

    What Jim said.

  6. bob says:

    Gee what a shock!

  7. Angel J. Perea says:

    If true, this obviously speaks to the current climate that has been created by the present school board and its leaders!

  8. dan says:

    If the kids are HOME SCHOOLED they would be better off.

    1. James says:

      That may be true, Dan, but not your kids. See, in order to home-school your son or daughter, you would need to learn to capitalize words correctly. Need some help? Okay: Capitalize the first letter of your name, Dan, and don’t use all-capital letters for the phrase “home-schooled.”

  9. Anthony says:

    The headline is misleading, LAUSD teachers are not quitting, it’s the Charter school teachers, those schools are super corrupt! Giving kids the answers to state exams.

    1. peter says:

      Anthony …..corrupt schools are everywhere. However, what I will say is that it makes sense that the Charter school teachers are quitting more than regular schools. For those that don’t know….the reason is quite simply. Charter schools don’t have unions…so admin can FIRE YOU ON THE SPOT. They have the ability to do pretty much anything. And what does that translate too: teachers will have more responsibility outside the classroom. And if you are new teachers with no union….you pretty much will shut your mouth and do it.

      1. James says:

        That’s right; I’ve heard new teachers brag that their students have their cellphone numbers and can call them in the evening with questions about their class assignments or homework. After a year or so of fielding calls at night, organizing afterschool and extracurricular events for students, and on top of that, taking home piles and piles of work to grade on the weekends, and getting very little acknowledgment for all that extra work, those new teachers decide it’s time to “go back to grad school,” which is often a P.C. way to quit the teaching profession (nobody wants to admit they’re burned out). Second thing they do: Change their cellphone numbers. 🙂

  10. JC says:

    Why should anyone care if the teachers are quitting. If the working conditions are to rigorous either because of the adminstration or the students, then these teachers should look elsewhere to find work or employment. There is no shortage of teachers to fill those positions up. For every teacher quitting there are 20 more to fill the position.

    1. James says:

      JC, for every teacher whom the profession has chewed up and spit out, there may be twenty just-out-of-college young people willing to try their hand at teaching (though I guarantee that few of them are qualified to teach high-school math or science). Then, after a year or two, they will quit as well. I have taught in inner-city schools in LAUSD for thirteen years, and I know that the system is flawed and we need change, but charter schools are not the answer. The “leaders” of such charter schools are politicians first and foremost, and few of them spent much time (if any) in the classroom themselves. I’m not defending the status quo or the union; UTLA has resisted any effort to develop methods to evaluate teachers, so there is a lot of dead weight in the district’s classrooms. But working conditions at many schools are horrible, and until that changes, it’ll stay a high-turnover profession.

    2. peter says:

      You must be talking about PE or Art teachers. There is a huge shortage of math, science, and special ed. The void isn’t being filled.

  11. CHARTER! says:

    Anthony is right. The article says “Charter Schools”. There have been a plethora of issues trying to get these charters off the ground. We should have just kept the regular public schools going.

  12. Steve A says:

    How many teachers does it take to cram 10th grade material into the 12th grade student.
    The reason it so important for the kids of today to go to college is so they can catch up on the 10th, 11th and 12th grade material they lack from high school.
    The schools have always taught at the pace of the slowest student, but now, we have So Many, slow students, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to complete 12 years of class material in 12 years. You need to give the kids at least 15 year to finish a 12 year education,

  13. peter says:

    For those of you who read this and thinking of in the inner city…take my advice (10 year teacher, a 6 years inner city). Stay away from pre-dominately black schools, or you will be sorry. Call me racist….but I am not saying this out of hatred. My bottom line is: blacks are the hardest ethnic group to teach….BY FAR! I know there are scholarships after you graduate (APLE) that will forgive your debt…and if you go this route, I wish you the best of luck. Choose an inner city school that has a good mixture of ethnic groups. Stay away from those charter schools that have “high college acceptance” rates. As a math teacher I can tell you from personal experience, they “filter” their data.

    If you love teaching…choosing a rich school will pay down your debts much faster…eg: private tutoring opportunities. Choosing a charter school..you’ll be working to death. Choose a black neighborhood, you are going to burn out and most likely not able to teach. That’s why I say take the middle road and you will stay and do what you love forever.

    1. Dorthea says:

      I Will call you RACIST and more. I’ll say that you’re a direct contributor to the kind of pervasive ignorance that you claim such disdain for. A self-fulfilling prophet!
      Do you really think that ignorance is genetic?
      Perhaps not. It could be that you’ve just always had that racism simmering beneath the surface just itching to get out!
      Or, given the benefit of the doubt…maybe you’re only limited because of your lack of exposure. Maybe you can’t draw distinctions between a person’s race, economic status and appetite for education or lack thereof.
      I’ll agree with you though, that If these ‘inner city’ schools are populated with staff members like yourself; they’re in trouble alright.

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