WESTCHESTER (CBS) — Lakers center Andrew Bynum was allegedly spotted parking his BMW across two disabled spots before he went grocery shopping at the Bristol Farms in Westchester Tuesday.

A parking enforcement official reportedly took photos of the athlete lifting shopping bags into his car, posted on NBCLA.com. There were apparently plenty of available parking spots available.

The DMV deputy director of public affairs has confirmed that Bynum does not have a temporary or permanent handicapped placard issued in his name.

Bruce L. Gillman of the L.A. Department of Transportation said the department is launching an investigation into this matter. The Department of Transportation wants to know why one of their parking enforcement officers took the video without issuing Bynum a ticket.

An employee said Bynum shops there often and that he’s seen the NBA star park in the handicapped parking before.

A Laker spokesperson released the following statement: “Due to the current NBA work stoppage, league policy forbids teams from commenting in any way about its players.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bynum was seen leaving his car in handicapped parking when he stopped at a Bank Of America in Playa Del Rey.

The fine for parking in a handicapped spot without the proper permit can be anywhere from $300 to more than $1,000.

Comments (31)
  1. brian says:

    fire the parking enforcement officer also I hope god will make bynum handicap
    after all if wants to park there he should be handicap also I wish somebody from the ADA will sue the store and the parking enforcement division on the grounds for allowing a person to park in a place for not warning them and enforceing there policy I wouldnot care if it were the prersident himself I would told him or her he can’t park if he got mad then I would call the parking enforcement

    1. Stryker 21 says:

      Just another mudflap with out consideration for others. Tow the car and fine him the max.

  2. metrogirl says:

    Let me guess, because he has money and is an athlete he can do whatever he likes right? I’m willing to bet if I parked there, I would have had a big ticket right on the front window.

    When does favortism towards celebrities and athletes end? They are no better than the rest of us honest working class people.

  3. JOKER says:

    The fine is chump change to him compared to the rest of us? We should all park in the handicapp section? No one is doing nothing about it?

  4. Andy says:

    Hey !!! he is handicapped!! Don’t you see how poorly he moves around on the court??? LOL!!!!!

  5. alan hastings says:

    interesting, did he go to UCLA ?

  6. Russ says:

    Maybe he could be qualified as mentally handicapped…

  7. Chris Ruh says:

    Andrew Bynum is a self-centered, egotistical, entitled dirt bag. When he is not cheap-shotting a smaller, helpless opposing player, or rehabbing his gimby knees at the Playboy Mansion, he is cheap-shotting the disabled people of Southern California. I’ve read as much as I could find on this and it appears that Andrew not only decided that he ought to have the right toi use handicapped spaces but actually used not one but two spaces in this incident – parking his Beemer across two such spots. By doing so he potentially deprived two handicapped people of their opportunity to live their lives in something like a normal trip to the store.

    For most of us, respect for our fellow citizens and the sizable fine keeps us from parking in handicapped spaces. But since Andrew cars not a whit about you and me, and the fine is, to him, such a small amount as to be a mere trifle, nothing his going to keep him from parking where he likes.

    I wouldn’t care if he were the best player the Lakers ever had, and believe me, he is not, he should be sent packing as soon as possible He is a lousy player and an even worse young man.

  8. userna says:

    Well he can afford the ticket,park where he pleases.

  9. Mel Gibson says:

    Most places have way too many handicapped parking spots. It actually punishes people who are not handicapped. I see golfers at the local course who walk the course have handicapped placards

  10. Mark says:

    A$$hole is too good a word for him.

  11. Lou says:

    He does that as well at the Ralph’s on Sepulveda. I can remember on 2 separate occasions him parking his purple car (possibly mustang). Yes, there were plenty of parking spots available.

  12. Shiggity says:

    All you lames talking about him being this and that. I just LOL at you jealous idiots. Yes, he is wrong for doing what he did. But going by the video sure doesn’t look like people were fighting over the handicap spots. Hey the disabled say it all the time, treat me equal. That means park with everyone else. Also most of the people with a handicap sticker are abusing it anyway. We have real world problems than to worry about where this guy parks his car. Advice to Bynum. Stop feeding the trolls. They’re starving right now.

    1. NYU1232 says:

      Good luck with your GED shiggity.

    2. suzie says:

      ok shiggity, shaggity, raggity

  13. Roderick Bingley says:

    Is this news? you kidding me.

  14. EP says:

    The video sounds like a Joke. He doesn’t want to get his car scratched. He doesn’t want to get hassled by anyone walking back to his car etc. What a jealous petty world we live in.

  15. Rickey A Reed says:

    Are they really wasting air time for this?

  16. Not For Me says:

    I will not watch the NBA, nor do I attend any games. These people aren’t getting any of my money.
    I would rather support my local high school games before I pay one red cent or watch one single minute of this garbage.

    1. Shiggity says:

      Well there goes the NBA. Idiot

  17. CT says:

    If youre refering to his (Bynum) mentality then it was appropriate for him to be in a handicapped space

  18. Maximo Robles says:

    A friend and I witnessed Andrew Bynum park his Ferrarri in a handicap stall in front of Noah’s Bagel Shop in El Segundo near the Lakers Training Center. He has no respect for the law…punk ass!

  19. AmigoSan says:

    Being black is a handicap. You ever hear these guys talk? Bynum, violated no crime.

    1. will ashton says:

      You’re a coward punk.

  20. Shaq says:

    Bash this clown’s knee so he can be Handicap’d for life!

  21. Bynum's knee says:

    If the cops not around then there is no Law!!!

  22. JimB says:

    He’s mentally handicapped, so he should be allowed to park in those spaces.

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