LOS ANGELES (AP) — The California Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a Los Angeles law designed to protect the jobs of grocery workers.

The state’s high court decided 6-1 Monday that the grocery “worker retention” ordinance, which limits a company’s ability to replace workers following an ownership change, is legally enforceable.

The California Grocers Association sued the city in 2006. The group argued the law is pre-empted by federal labor laws, conflicts with state health and safety laws and improperly dictates rules of employment.

The court found that the law is “fully consistent” with state and federal laws, reversing an earlier decision by an appeals court.

A call seeking comment from the association was not immediately returned. The association represents 500 members with about 6,000 food stores in California and Nevada.

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Comments (17)
  1. George says:

    Labor unions continue to rape this country. If you don’t think you’re paying for all this special treatment, you’re kidding yourself.

    1. Ray says:

      Someone struck a never but I agree with George.

    2. Ron says:

      Dave T., YOU are the LOW life Union @SS KISSER that has sponged off of all us hardworking taxpayers for TOO long. Any job that you do at union job, takes no talent, brains or hard work. You are a joke, as is all union jobs and members. You are the IGNORANT, LAZY @SS !!!

      And in case you haven’t noticed most people HATE unions and that is why YOUR GRAVY train will end and you and your lazy @SS unions buddies won’t be able to survive in the REAL world.

      1. lakers2k177 says:

        What a moron Ron, “And in case you haven’t noticed most people HATE unions”, can you say Wisconson Ron? If you base your assertion on the comments here you are more delusional than I thought. Every great thing in this nation was bulit with union labor. Go back to your minimum wage job, jealously doesn’t look good on you. My baseless fact: You probably got fired from a union job or just was not good enough.

      2. Just a Thought says:

        Well said. Thanks =)

      3. Ron says:

        @lakers2k177: You are stuck in the past. Yes unions were beneficial to the common worker in the OLD days, BUT NOT anymore. They have taken the FREE out of FREE ENTERPRISE, removed COMPETITION from contracts and MONOPOLIZED most industries. AND Monopolies ONLY benefit the monopolizer. HIGHER prices, LOWER productivity. Have you heard of OPEC? What are you paying for gas? What choices do you have in that MONOPOLISTIC policy? Politicians supported/elected by unions, that then NEGOTIATE(what a joke) service contracts to the public sector. TOO SWEET an arrangement. But I guess you believe the union PROPAGANDA and CANNOT think for yourself. And NO I was NOT fired from a union job and would NEVER sacrifice my character/morals to TOTE the union line !!

      4. Just a Thought says:

        FYI, it’s “tow” not “tote” =)

      5. Ron says:

        It should have been TOW. It must have been my speed typing. Thanks teacher.

  2. Alan Hart says:

    Again, the liberal California legislature has passed a law protecting it’s union friends. This is another blow to business in California. Have you noticed the many new Super Wal-Marts, Trader Joe’s, Fresh and Easy, 99 markets springing up all over? Can you say NON-UNION!

    1. Dave T. says:

      Have you ever worked at a Wal Mart? Do you know what the workers go through? I bet you would not last a week working there and you would cry like a b!tch! You must be some lazy, easy money dork that works in a nice comfy office building.

    2. Ron says:

      Yes, build more and BUST the UNIONS !!!!

    3. lakers2k177 says:

      Did you read the story? Where do you get “California legislature has passed a law”, I see reading comprehension isn’t your thing. So lost in your ideology can’t even read straight.

  3. Just a Thought says:

    @ Ron: Look here sir, I am a teacher and therefore a UNION WORKER. I work my a$$ off for my students AND get taxed0at the 28th percentile so don’t you dare assume that all union workers are the same. Why is it that it is perfectly reasonable for doctors and lawyers to have “assosciations” which are the same as unions? But heaven forbid teachers, nurses, and law enforcement do the same when we spend our lives in service of our fellow man?

    1. Ron says:

      @Just a Thought: I actually support teachers, just NOT the Teachers’ Union and I know of teachers that are opposed to being told how to vote by the unions.And teachers DO work their a$$es off, so THANKS for your service. But the BIG difference between the private industry associations(doctors, lawyers, etc.)and the PUBLIC unions, is that WE taxpayers are on the HOOK for the MASSIVE UN-funded PUBLIC PENSIONS. So if you are a taxpayer, then you too are responsible for that HUGE debt. How does that make you feel?

    2. alan hart says:

      How much do you pay for your health care and how much do you pay for your retirement? You claim to work your butt off but in fact, you only work nine months of the year. Stop whining! Private schools have better results and their teachers get half your pay. If I had my way, vouchers would be used for all education.

  4. Ron says:

    It should have been TOW. It must have been my speed typing.

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