STUDIO CITY (CBS) — David Foreman, the “Herbal Pharmacist,” visited KCAL9 Wednesday to discuss the dangers of overusing antibiotics.

The World Health Organization is currently working to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

“If we don’t dramatically cut down on the use of antibiotics, they will not work for us when we really need them,” Foreman says. “If you have a health condition that is not life-threatening and your doctor prescribes you an antibiotic, you should really think twice before getting that prescription filled and look at alternatives.”

The misuse of antimicrobial medicines, in some cases, leads to increased suffering, higher health care costs and even death.

“There is a delicate balance of bacteria in our bodies and antibiotics cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria,” says Foreman. “Overuse of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, can seriously disrupt the normal ecology of the body and cause you to be more susceptible to disease causing bacteria, yeast, viral and parasitic infection.”

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