LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Southland charter school operator that was  brought in to clean house after a local cheating scandal may be shut down over a scandal of its own.

The Los Angeles school board on Tuesday voted against renewing the operating agreements for the Crescendo charter school at 49th and Western in South L.A. and five other locations.

The move came after the school board learned that one of the principals involved in a cheating scandal had been hired by the new company appointed to oversee the charters.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the action caught many parents by surprise — and left even more angry over the disruption.

“We should be able to send our children to school with no concerns of cheating, harm, any danger to our children at all,” said one concerned mom.

Crescent was brought in after founder and executive director John Allen was fired for ordering principals and teachers to use actual test questions to prepare students for the state standardized tests.

Comments (6)
  1. diosdado1001 says:

    The children should not be the ones to pay for what the old people have done. They should be prosecuted and remove any teaching licenses and ban them for working in the education field here and everywhere, just like sex ofenders get registered for life. The school system is bad enough because of this kind of people, and panishing the children is not fair. Those teaches and principals should be replaced, after all, there are many good teachers who just lost their jobs due to cuts.

    1. ALL4KIDS says:

      And all these LAUSD teachers who lost ltheir jobs are credentialed teachers. Many chater school do not hire credentialed teachers and administrators. The question you should ask is “Is my chater school teacher and administrator qualified and do they even have a college degree?”

  2. Steve says:

    Charter schools have not improved the education of struggling students. Look at the statistics. Charter schools are a crock for the most part. Just part of the propaganda against teacher unions.

  3. Randy says:

    Why do people wonder why our Ed.system is broken? Too many people who have no business in education are making decisions, without the teacher involved. There is no retention system to FORCE the student and the parents to shape up and get serious. The star and it’s Infinite wisdom dictates what is taught and what they deem important. Leave the education to the professionals. There are many ills in our public Ed. System but, 99 percent of the problems are the ones who interfere.

  4. Honey Bunz says:

    We need good education for our kids
    this is pathetic im tired of this kind of behavior and mismanagement