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On the occasion of the opening of the final Harry Potter movie, meet the winner of the “World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan”- competition. Steve Petrick, 22, is a freshman at Kent (no relation) State University, in Ohio. He won some kind of online contest. (Scroll down past all the empty white space.)
steve petrick Photo Proof: When Harry Potter Fans Go Bad
Now, either he got the tattoo as proof of his devotion, or to celebrate his win, or on a drunken dare (you never know), but we have just one word picture of caution. Meet “Iggy” (would you tell people your last name, or face the camera?- Ed.) from Alberta, Canada. He likes Neytiri, from Avatar.
Avatar tattoo guy 550x412 Photo Proof: When Harry Potter Fans Go Bad
Maybe some day, medical science will invent an ointment that can help. Note to Steve: stop now.  Before it spreads.
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  1. kent says:

    I don’t see the pics

  2. sibila says:

    yeah, pics aren’t showing up

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