VENICE (CBS) — Three men broke into a Best Buy store in West Los Angeles Tuesday, crammed a U-Haul van with $20,000 worth of electronic goods and led officers on a pursuit to Venice.

The chase started before 3:30 a.m. in the 11300 block of West Pico Boulevard when a business alarm was set off at the large electronics store, according to Los Angeles police Officer Bruce Borihanh.

The burglars abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot in the area of Milwood and Electric avenues, Borihanh said.

Authorities said the vehicle and its contents were recovered, and the suspects were arrested for burglary and evading police.

Comments (11)
  1. MoreOfTheSame says:

    Bill burns, you are an a*hole. The fact that you used coloreds shows you ignorance as well as your age. And, what would you say if the perpetrators were white? Probably, the typical double-standard remark like the guy had to steal because of the bad economic times, right?

    Personally, you have a right to feel the way you feel as a human being. But, if you’re going to be a racist, be an intelligent one and comment when all the facts are clear. Or, get off of your lazy bum and do some research on this event through another source. Maybe you will find out the offender descriptions.

    1. deen says:

      MoreOfTheSame has made a great comment…..”.bill burns” what the hell is wrong with you boy.

  2. MoreOfTheSame says:

    Shows your ignorance…corrected.

  3. stix says:

    Must we brand as ‘racists’ or make accusations of having nazi/klan affiliations persons who correctly state that negroes and persons of mexican ancestry are responsible for the vast majority of crime.

    Rather than use the word ‘racist’ a better word would be ‘realist’.

    Incidentally, I would executive caucasians such as whitey bulger, or charles manson, etc.

    1. stix says:

      execute NOT executve

      Get real folks–let’s flush political correctness down the drain!!

    2. MoreOfTheSame says:

      Didn’t say that. If you use “coloreds” instead of “black”, there’s more than just correct statistics at hand. Plus, all I said was he should comment when he has the facts. No race was mentioned, so how can you make an “informed” comment? Obviously, you are someone else who “jumps the gun” which is something intelligent people DON’T which probably means you have a low-skill job. My question again is what if these guys happen to be white? How are you going to defend it? Unlike you, I wait for the facts.

      1. Bonnie says:

        I believe they are white. At least that’s what one of them looked like as he was taken into custody.

      2. MoreOfTheSame says:

        If they are Bonnie, I guarantee you will not see one response post from stix or Bill burns which is the double-standard I believe is America’s biggest problem but won’t admit it. As far as I’m concerned, I keep a watchful eye on everyone in these days and times.

      3. stix says:

        If they are caucasian burglars I’d give them maximum prison time and severely punish them. My point is that the VAST MAJORITY OF these crimes are committed by negroes & mexicans.

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