LANCASTER (CBS) — Authorities Friday identified a man whose body was found in the Lancaster area.

The man was identified as Omar Romero, 29, of Pacoima, the coroner’s office said.

Romero was discovered about 5:30 a.m. Thursday near Sierra Highway, between Avenue B and Avenue C, said Sgt. Diane Hecht of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

Investigators told CBS2 that the victim was shot in the head and then dumped from a vehicle. They say Romero may have been robbed after winning a large amount of money at Diamond Jim’s Casino in Rosamond.

Officials are investigating Romero’s death as a homicide.

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Comments (20)
  1. ramon says:

    @toms didnt you read. He was robbed after winning a large sum of money at a casino. He was probably driving back home and was followed. where did you get the illegal from? just because of his name? poor guy god bless him and his family may he RIP

    1. cat says:

      I was going to comment on toms post but people like him don’t need the extra attencion. Tom just talks cause he has a mouth and no brains. Thanks ramon for your post. May Omar RIP.

  2. 1stman says:

    Yeah, there’s always a white devil person behind it.

  3. Ron Solano says:

    I knew him…May he rest in peace. He was a good man and a father and husband…n So unfortunate he left us this way. I knew he’s with God!

  4. Tonyparker says:

    Illegals don’t deserve to be buried here!

    1. cat says:

      @Tonyparker…. STFU!!!!

      1. Byron says:

        Deport that stinking carcass.

      2. Confidential says:

        Byron you seem to be a amorphous dummy. Do You even know what that means? inorder to Judge this man you have to apply the law, but you sir are not qualified to do that. The bible says thow shall not judge and you should head that warning. Real judges are there to apply there passions and emotion which you Byron have neather quality. That it’s more than just about BLACK LETTER LAW. or racial fealings as you seem to have sir, but Its about human beings in conflict and all of the emotions that human beings feel, and if a Judge don’t embody these comon emotions then they can not be good judges.

      3. Spelling is Important says:

        please spell check before posting comments

    2. Deejay Smash says:

      @tonyparker ! keep your mouth shut cause your some racist ass foo you dont even knw anythinq about him !

  5. sig228 says:

    TO TONY AND BYRON ABOVE its trash like you most likely not hard working or a single indication of intelligent am surprise you know how to turn your computer on am pretty sure he was a better person and smarter than both of you with more compassion than both of you put together .its cowards and any other with negative replies .guys above probably cant even go to a casino and enjoy them self’s cause they have no life ,job or brains just some slugs laying around surfing the internet living of tax payers like OMAR and others like us . and please don’t talk about freedom of speech you haven’t earned that right

  6. Precious says:

    Ty to those that left sweet caring comments. I knew him and he was a gd man. His gf and his daughters and family are in so much pain that they dont need those ignorant ppl leaving racist comment. May he rest in peace, Mat GOD give his loved ones the strength and forgive those ignorant racist ppl….

  7. Jason H says:

    Omar was a good man who didn’t deserve any negative comments from moronic talking heads. He was born in the states, by parents who cared about their children. He leaves behind 6 brothers and sisters and two young daughters. It’s that complete lack of humanity that is sending our society down the tubes. People need to learn to care for their fellow man, no matter who they are. How can anyone assume the quality and character of a man’s soul just by reading his name? Shame on you mindless idiots.
    Parents of morons like these need to stop letting their children be raised by their TV. We are raising a society of hypocrites without the ability to care for their fellow man. I long for the days of old when character counted for everything; children were dealt with harshly if they didn’t achieve basic goals. They learned that there were consequences to their actions and words.
    I hope they find the perpetrators of this heinous and cold-blooded murder. Maybe justice can be done…It’s mind blowing to me that someone could take anyone’s life without any thought of the human being he/she is; just for their personal financial gain…I just don’t understand.

    Omar RIP – You will made a difference peoples lives and will be missed by everyone you ever met!

  8. Miggy says:

    I knew Omar. He was my best friend growing up. He was a good man always talking about his daughters. Never was he into anything negative. He will be missed. RIP Omar.

    1. mando says:


      I knew omar. We work in the same company for cupple of years he was a good man. Sorry to hered what happen to him. I would to know more info. On he’s services. I would like to pay my respect to he’s family. Rip omar!!!

  9. kevin17 says:

    I knew Omar… I worked with him for a couple months. great guy, hard worker. I feel bad or his 3 daughters and wife. so tragic what happened tl him. I still don’t understand why he went to the casino alone. may he R.I.P

  10. oteB says:

    i just found out about omar today at 2pm, the reason i know omar is because his cousin is my fiancee. omar was a good kid, funny story-> i remember when he got me a job in an air conditioning company, i knew nothing about the job but he was trying to help me out, he showed me the basics and i’m sure he got frustrated with me a couple of times but he basically carried me on his back for about 6months. then they changed me to another partner and the company found out i knew nothing and they released me =). i feel bad for his kids and family……..omar you will be missed.

  11. M says:

    Byron, you silly kid. Didn’t your mother teach you anything, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” GOD forbid something tragic and horrific happens to you or any of your loved ones. Since you are ill minded and heartless, let me try to simplify this situation. Omar, was a great person, influential father, loving husband, great son and a supported friend. That’s all u need to know because obviously U were missed informed and your ignorance baffles me. I love you Omar may you RIP, You will be missed!

  12. rick says:

    Damn just heard this week. RIP Omar.

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