LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Brett Sloppy has spent the better part of a year wondering what went wrong.

Almost a year ago, his life behind the wheel of a car took a dramatic turn. After an off-road racing tragedy in which eight spectators were killed and 12 more injured, the deaths touched off investigations, inquiries, calls for changes in the sport of off-road racing.

Many questions, few answers.

Sloppy (pronounced Slope-peey) remained silent. Until now.

(Credit: CBS)

He sat down recently with CBS2’s Pat Harvey to discuss the horrible accident, his life since, and how he puts the pieces of that tragic day in the Mojave dessert behind him.

Or even if that is possible.

Sloppy had been gearing up for the “California 200,” a 200-mile race on a 50-mile course.

He’d been preparing to compete for nearly his entire life. He told Pat Harvey that while he hoped to win, he really just wanted to finish.

He couldn’t have possibly planned mentally for the horror that lay ahead. Sloppy does recall, seeing the spectators and believing many of them were too close to the action.

After getting out of his crashed and overturned vehicle he gasped. “That was the worst visual, worst sight of my life.”

Brett’s mother also recalled the horror. “Everybody was screaming. The screams were blood curdling screams. I had to walk over bodies to get to him.”

Sloppy, currently facing three separate lawsuits for allegedly driving recklessly,  is ready to break his silence. “I didn’t want to hide,” he says, “I wanted to get out and say my apologies and talk to these family members.”

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  1. Bryan Wilson says:


    1. SHIggity says:


    2. rick says:

      your a moron the video of the whole thing was shown by every major news the day after it happen

    3. Chris says:

      Are you serious?? The video actually shows how stupid people are standing that close to a track to where the drivers vision is impaired by the dust, plus at the speed those trucks are moving fast, so it was their own fault for being that close and their families would not be grieving if they had not been ignorant and dumb! I have no pity for stupidity……

      1. wrathofgod says:

        See what I mean about the low ethical standards in this community? Absolutely no respect for life. Why do tax payer dollars support this activity?

  2. Robyn says:


    1. Levert says:

      It is real life, you don’t need a warning. Stop being so sensitive. It will not be the first death your daughter sees anyway. Time to start de-sensitizing and welcoming here to the real world!

    2. ArmyStud says:

      Give a Warning??? Hhmm get real.. they always say “Coming Up next” or “Up Next” even “In The Next Hour” So I guess your daughter cant understand english!!!!

    3. eric says:

      whats wrong with the video?? it hardly shows anything if you call that graphic then your a wuss

    4. Christopher says:

      It’s kind of scary to think you even have a daughter.

  3. Robyn says:


    1. Desertgirl says:

      You need to relax and watch your comments. Everyone has choices in life. Even a year after the crash my heart goes out to the families involved and the driver as well. however all the people made a choice to stand close to the track where there was a race going on this was an unforseen ACCIDENT and by any means not intentional. Please keep you comment to yourself.

      1. wrathofgod says:

        You are just so wrongly in denial. This was not an accident. As you say about choices, Sloppy choise to keep accellerating for his own selfish pleasure. No one had a gun to his head. EIGHT people are dead!! It was his choice to keep going. No sympathy for him here, especially after he crawled over the body of an injured person to try to get away, What a creep!

      2. Mark says:

        wrathofgod are you serious? “Sloppy chose to keep accelerating for his own selfish pleasure,” what are you talking about? Sloppy is not at fault at all

        “Perhaps you are just ethically incapable of understanding the difference between the values of winning and human life?” Perhaps you’re to much of an idiot to understand that a person is responsible for there on life. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that standing next to a RACE course at the bottom of a jump on the outside of a turn is a bad idea.

        PS- learn to spell you dumb-ass.

      3. wrathofgod says:

        Oh, did he have a gun to his head or just visions of “just finishing the race?’ He didn’t finish did he? He could have not finished wihtout killing and maiming people. too. He saw that vulnerable crowd, but he never said his foot hit the brake. He didn’t care, otherwise he would have put his personal needs aside to save a life and put on the brake. What don’t you get about the fact that he saw all of those vulnerable people and made the decision to keep going. NO one had a gun to his head. He was the one with the lethal weapon.

      4. john says:

        ahaha is your screen name really wrathofgod?ahahaha

      5. wrathofgod says:

        Finally, someone who gets the irony. ; )

      6. wrathofgod says:

        Still waiting of the video of the gun to Sloppy’s head…let me know when it posts.

      7. Erin18 says:

        You are such an idiot… I think the only people ready to point a gun is at you for being a F*#&ING MORON!!

      8. Nick says:

        Who ever you are you are really annoying me and you do seem like a stupid person that would sue over something that you personally choose to do. If I was in a crash I know I would be concerned about my safety first. It’s just like any crash in Motorsports the driver and safety team no matter who they are go help the driver, I’ve seen it in every Motorsports crash its not due to him being a creep. I also feel like if some one came to you and hit you that you would sue for some stupid reason like ” I had sever personal trauma that prevented me from working” you use excuses to get away with life instead of honoring your decisions and choices. And excuse my spelling I’m on my phone.

      9. Mark says:

        Are you referring to me Nick?

      10. Nick says:

        No the idot that keeps pushing man slaughter down our throats. I think everyone knows who that is !!

    2. Desertgirl says:

      Seriously your an idiot. There’s no denial here. I’ve been around offroad for 13 years your negative comments are not need. Grow up and get a life. You must not know anything about offroad for you to continue your negative un wanted comments. All of the people involved made there life decision unfortunate it happened.

      1. wrathofgod says:

        I see the off road criminal tresspass all the time. Ethics are in short supply in this community. I live out in the wild desert and the idiots on orvs think the whole world is theirs to tear up.

      2. RIP says:

        So its ok for the people of this world to build on and destroy the land of this earth then? Each and every day I see a new area of nature being completely torn up by bulldozers and graders to build a new mall or housing development? And that is ok? But its not ok for us to go out and enjoy the little bit of nature that is left, we have less of an impact then a construction company leveling out 100 acres for a new shopping complex every ten mins

      3. Brandi Hearst says:

        exactly!!!! There are more empty new homes in my community then imaginable. They killed 100’s of desert tortoises to build homes that aren’t even sold, yet they say we can not race out here in las vegas./henderson on most of the land because of the tortoise going extinct. That makes a lot of sense!

      4. wrathofgod says:

        Well hop on your orv and see if you can kill the last few that are out there. You go giorl. Kill them all – and try to do it today okay? Low ethical standards, again!!

      5. TWOCENTS says:

        Wrath — I would think that this tragedy would please you; you must see it as God’s way of thinning the herd (or the like). Desert = devine retribution.

    3. TTR125RIDER says:

      And what…your ignorant comments will!?!?!

    4. YOUR MOM says:

      SHUT UP LOSER!! AND STOP WITH THE CAPS LOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Brandi Hearst says:

      why is your kids watching videos on the computer… why don’t you step up and be a parent instead of blaming everyone for your kids actions.

    6. Mike says:

      You’re a complete moron. To bad you were not the one ran over, this world would be a better place without you in it!

    7. joe says:

      andrew should has used his head and not been standing there.

  4. Nick says:

    I’m standing on both CBS and Brett Sloppy side for showing the footage even more the footage from his race truck. It’s vital footage that no one has seen from the out side of his truck and from the drivers seat. It helps show what what going on when he went threw the rock pile. I also believe that Brent Sloopy shouldn’t be in a lawsuit even more for driving recklessly it’s an offroad race and the spectators knew what the offroad racing is and how it can be dangerous. I had a guy that I knew who died but it was because he tried to save others now that is completely different then a large group standing around on the back side of a rock jump. People who follow offroad racing should know to keep there distance due to it being an offraod race and that accidents do happen. A part of me has no pitty for them if they knew they were too close to the course, some of them made bad decisions and lost there life or body parts from it and that should be a reminder to keep a safe distance. I’m done with this !

  5. Tim says:

    Yes, this was a tragic accident and, in the aftermath, Mrs. Sloppy had to “walk over bodies” to get to her “baby”, Brent, who had to crawl out of his wrecked truck, “over a guy who looked bad.” I dunno…just didn’t sound like the thing to say, when you were the party who caused the “mayhem.”

    And, Brent; when you go to court, show some respect and concern for those families who lost a loved one in this accident; tone down your earrings and spin your hat around frontwards.

    1. Karen says:

      Betty – I feel sorry for you if this is the only thing you can say. It’s probably a typo. Get over it and get into life.

    2. Rose says:

      Thank you! One of the mom’s of a victims.

      1. eric says:

        how would you two morons suggest he get out of the truck if not crawl over any bodys in the way i would have but my size 10 boot square on their dumb ass after all it was the victims faults they were dead in the first place anyone who stand right at the edge of a race path is askin to get their ass run over i blame the victims totally not the driver

      2. wrathofgod says:

        Eric’s reply points out the low ethical standards that hold sway in this community. Why the BLM supports these activities with taxpayer dollars is beyond me.

      3. uncle butt says:

        I was there. The truck came to a stop less then half a truck length out of the racing line. The spectators were too close. Seeing the video took my breath away. This accident was not the drives fault. Don’t attack him because you don’t like how he looks. Everyone that’s bashing him are idiots. I had friends that had the truck go over them and they say they Wrecks too close. My nephew had someone die in his hands.

    3. Mike says:

      Hey Tim, show us all respect and shut your mouth.

  6. Erin says:

    Well Tim,
    Maybe if you we’re in his shoes, or his mothers shoes ( if your a parent) your reply would be diffrent.
    Dont judge a book by his cover, and he has the freedom to wear whatever he wants.
    He lives with this grief every morning, every day, every moment.
    I have nothing but 110% percent respect and support for him, and I feel that way with most of the off road community. With that being said, he didnt “purposely” cause the mayhem, it’s called an ACCIDENT.
    At a moment like that, everyone probably would have had the same reaction. IF my child were spectating or racing.
    and with the footage, personally I think that was a little too much…
    replays that day and havent gotten much sleep.
    I have nothing but respect for brett, and everyone who was lost, injured, or attended that race. We all will never forget.

    1. mike says:

      You are a f-ing idiot with no comprehension of what motorsports are. Although by your screen name I’m not surprised by your backwards thinking.

      1. wrathofgod says:

        Your ideas are certainly different. I bet you would love to see the gladiators of Rome return with their carnage – on chariots of course!! When did sports become a place to throw away ethics and hold human life at a lower value than winning? When did it become a place to lie on applications and neglect to have the medical aide staff on hand and control the crowd?

        Are you that big bully Mike froim Landers?

      2. Mike says:

        I have no idea who Mike from Landers is. But if he has common sense like I do then he sounds like a great guy. I find it funny how you think motorsports and the off-road community is at fault here. It’s the stupid ass people who stood mere feet from a RACE COURSE and then were surprised when a RACE vehicle came by at a high rate a speed. And when something went wrong, as ALWAYS happens at ANY race they have audacity to think they are entitled to some kind of compensation.

        I bet you are the kind of person who would sue SDG&E for getting shocked when they stick there finger in a light socket.

        People are responsible for there own safety. If they jump from a plane with out a parachute they deserve their fate. If they stand right next to a race course, they deserve the consequences.

      3. Rose says:

        Why do you make the assumption that all the victims were within feet of the race course. What about the individuals that were in the path of the vehicle when it rolled?? Does anyone know how many feet it rolled away from the course?

      4. Erin18 says:

        It didn’t roll… It flipped onto its roof is all It didnt “keep rolling …. And yes, everyone was tooo close there were people saying they were right behind the truck when it stopped who were back where they should have been and they weren’t hurt…

  7. BD McGee says:

    Hey Robyn
    Try not typing in all caps, it makes your illiteracy more obvious. And trying being a responsible parent. I feel for your daughter. With an idiot like you for a mother she has no chance in life.

  8. Karen says:

    I feel sorry for those who died but THEY WERE TOO CLOSE TO THE TRACK. It’s a tragedy that happened.

    God bless their families and give Brett the strength to move forward. He did not cause this accident and is not to blame.

    And some of you need to grow up. That footage is no worse than in movies or tv. I barely saw a thing anyway there was so much dust.

    1. Lisa Cassel says:

      True. True True. I know this family well, iIjust posted a comment from my phone with my real name… yet to see it…. but you said what I feel in much fewer words yet perfect! Thank you for seeing life in color. I hope I dont have to retype it all again but I will If I need to.

      1. Karen says:

        That is nice of you to say Lisa. I wish Brett and his family well. I also pray for the families who lost loved ones.

  9. mike says:

    I can’t believe the stupid mother f-ers that think they have a right to sue. Its an off-road race. Its the spectators responsibility to watch from a safe location. Natural selection wins again.

    1. Brandi Hearst says:

      wrath of god….what are you talking about the tax payers dollars? The BLM makes it ridiculously hard to get a race going, they make money on it even! There are no tax dollars being used. Everyone has a right to do what he/she pleases. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else can not do it. What does off road racing have to do with bad community ethics? There are bad ethics everywhere, don’t hate the off roading community,

    2. Earl says:

      It’s not about the suits or the injuries. People died because of stupidity. And speaking of ignorance, it is not taxpayer dollars supporting this. It is paid for by the permits that the promoters pay for to be allowed to race on public lands. Brett was taking part in a sanctioned race. He should not be held responsible. There have been accidents in NASCAR, Indy car racing, Tractor pulls and monster truck shows. Have any of those drivers been involved in a suit against them? I doubt it. If you would take the time and get to one of these races, you will find that the offroad community is a big family. As far as the law suits, money will not bring these people back. It was unfortunate, but also unfotunate that a bunch of money mongering lawyers are looking for a big payday on this, and exploiting the families. Probably taking 30-40% plus expenses. There is a precedent in California that you are responsible for being aware of your surroundings. If these people were following the law, they would not be dead. I have been involved in this sport for almost 20 years. I have seen accidents before, however, I have never witnessed anything like this. I remember a guy getting hit in Laughlin years ago while taking pictures. Two unlimited trucks came over a jump and touched midair causing one to get sideways. Because he was standing on the course taking pictures, he got hit and went flying. Fortunately, he just got bangged up a bit and was able to walk away. Point is, if he was where he should have been instead of on the race course, he would have not been hit. The point is that you need to be responsible for your own self. It is not up to anyone else to hold your hand. Sorry for the rant.

    3. Mike says:

      How do tax payer dollars pay for desert racing?would you stand on the yellow line on the freeway. Think about,common sence people just don’t have it. But they do have lawyers.

  10. Chet Williams says:

    Deathsploitation. You must be proud. Didn’t know Murdoch ran your news group too.

  11. bajaman says:

    It wasn’t the drivers fault. The crowd was WAY too close to the track. why do people have such a hard time realizing that. When bulls jump the fence and injure or kill spectators the bull fighter is not getting sued. I guess everybody needs money…. some, given the oppertunity, will sue EVERYBODY trying to make a dime. I just hope the money makes them feel better about losing a family member.

  12. bajaman says:

    And people stop judging him by the way he looks. Grow up. You look silly with your head up your a$$.

  13. bajaman says:

    I still say the crowd was at fault… too damn close. Organizers responsibility to keep the crowds back. The driver is there doing what he PAID to do. PAID to do it responsibly and in a sanctioned event. I could understand if he was rippin through the desert and plowed into some un suspecting campers. But the people were spectators that were on the track! Personally wasn’t there that day, but still smart enough to know you can not touch the cars as they go by. These people in the crowd were trying to hurt somebody and make them crash… I think it just backfired. Good day all. Please don’t blame or judge… it’s not our job. Peace.

    1. Brandi Hearst says:

      bajaman, i highly doubt he is paid, ad if he is paid it isn’t even going to add up to the cost of running the truck.

      1. wrathofgod says:

        You folks are unreal. Any money he gets should go to help the the other 12 people who were sent to the hospital. Their bills need to be paid, Your low ethical standards have you worried about repairing that lethal weapon. Only someone with no feelings could jump back in that death wagon happily. And that would be someone from the orv community, You bet!!

  14. Eddie says:

    its a very sad situation and I feel bad for the families who lost loved ones, but any off road racing fan knows there are 2 places you should never stand. This part of the course consisted of both parts; after a jump and on the outside of a turn.
    Most your comments are simply uneducated remarks. Before you comment on things make sure you know and understand the sport and what happened.

    I know what happened and saw it first hand.

  15. 1stman says:

    Well at least he isn’t an illegal, right guys?

  16. Desertgirl says:

    Seriously wrathofgod,

    Get off your high horse and come back to the real world. You keep mentioning that he left his foot on the throttle IT’S WAS A RACE. What does race mean: ” to go, move, or function at top SPEED or out of control…” (merriam webster) hmmm wonder why his foot was on the gas dumb a**. And didn’t know that the blm, police, drivers in the race needed to police the every people or person who were standing close to the track. They should know the risk there getting themselves into. Sorry to be so insensitive but everyone is responsible for there own action if they choose to stand that close to the action then the consequence to tha action can and was devastating for some. Please keep you ride inceptive comment to yourself and GROW UP.

    1. wrathofgod says:

      Perhaps you are just ethically incapable of understanding the difference between the values of winning and human life???

      1. Desertgirl says:

        Wrathofgod REALLY…..

        Wow maybe you have some under line issue or are a left wing idiot. I undertstand racing been around it my whole life people. I really have nothing else to say cause obviously your never going to see all sides being that your pea size brain doesnt understand it so have your self a fantastic day and maybe one day you’ll see it was an ACCIDENT…

        Oh one thing this isn’t the first race accident that has killed people in the world of RACING.. Educate yourself might be good for you. Have a great life a$$..

    2. Brandi Hearst says:

      thank you desert girl…. my thoughts exactly

    3. Brandi Hearst says:

      you act like it was purposeful. you are an idiot.

  17. johndoe says:

    wrathofgod = overcast????

    1. Erin18 says:

      Yes I think sooo!!! Or at least they have to be related!!!

    2. Earl says:

      BWAHHHHAAAHHHAAAA!!!! Didn’t even think of that. Overcast=dip$h*t. Funny Johndoe!

  18. RIP says:

    For a few of you, all I have to say is that your ignorant and pathetic.

    1st of all this was a race.
    2nd of all Brett stated he started to slow down as he came upon a slower truck before the jump.
    3rd he had no chance to help anyone because he was immediately escorted off the course.
    Finally if you had just watched your son or family member crash, would you run too see if they were still alive first or stop and check and see if everyone else was okay before running for your loved one? Its a natural instinct for a person to run and look for the one they love in a time of tragedy.

    This was an ACCIDENT they happen every day and every minute of our life. People were to close and that’s it. If you have never been in a vehicle and had a steering wheel ripped out of your hand or had something uncontrollable happen, there is nothing you can do. Brett was responsible he made sure to shut off his fuel supply, batteries, ignition, etc to make sure nothing else could happen. For him to be able to think of doing this after the accident is incredible, because the average person would of panicked and the end result could of been a lot worse if a fire or explosion occurred.

    This was a tragic event, and my heart and prayers go out to the lost, injured, affected, and Brett. For those lost RIP, and those still dealing with this keep your heads high because we will get through this one day at a time. Show some respect for Brett and his mother for coming out on public television for this interview, that was courageous! For the rest of you with your negative comments and biased opinions..I have no words for you.

    1. wrathofgod says:

      I still say this is an activity with low ethical standards. When unhurt people walk, crawl, and jump over the bodies of the injured, there is something VERY wrong. How anyone could be so unfeeling after slaughtering so many people is an indication of low ethical standards. That mother could see her son, she knew he was standing when she jumped over the bodies of the injured to get to him. Fine family.

      The esxcuse that he was “escorted away” holds no value. The driver, his mother and his team were all just fine and not in the least concrened about the injured. The mother was only concerned about hiding her son, not helping anyone else. How can a boy grow up compassionate if that is the kind of example he sees. Such shameful behavior.

      1. Brandi Hearst says:

        wrathofgod….your are all high and mighty aren’t you? There is nothing unethical about the sport. You can hate on the actions of others, but you can not give everyone involved in the sport the unethical label. These people don’t do it for money or for fame, they do it because they love racing. What is it that you do that makes you so dam ethical anyway? Do you work for free, or hand out all of your hard earned dollars to homeless people on every corner? What do you do that helps out members in your community?

  19. BEN says:

    cbs should have never shown that footage!!! i hope ur building collapses. RIP andrew, and all the others. def was not sloppy’s fault LET SLOPPY RACE

    1. Mike says:

      Apparently you have not looked in the mirroe lately. If you would, the only LOWLIFE you would see would be in the mirror.


    2. wrathofgod says:

      Truth hurts, MIke. And you have been left angry and yowling like a scalded cat.

      THis is a trash activity with low ethical standards, That is why this tragedy happened.

  20. Corey says:

    this website blows… you have to much going on and the damn video keeps refreshing, get your web department in check or your website will for ever be at the bottom… 8-14-10

  21. TTR125RIDER says:

    I refer to my comments on the youtube video; this is not Brett’s fault at all. He is a seasoned and highly skilled driver. There is always that unknown element (i.e. “steering wheel jerked out of my hands…”) that “you” have to account for in racing. By “you,” I mean the spectators, they are responsible as well. Shame on MDR and/or BLM for turning the focus onto Brett in order to take it off of them. They had a legal responsibility to enforce crowd control, especially in the larger spectators spots like Rock Pile, and they failed to do so. People congregate here because if there is going to be a crash THIS is where it will be, everyone knows that (incl. officials). Many of us lost a friend or family member, incl. us, but this is an equal parts fault situation — equal parts spectators for standing too close, equal part MDR and/or BLM for lack of crowd control. Any suit against Brett has zero merit, especially when it involves those standing too close at a “spectate at your OWN risk” sport. To drag him through this all over again is foolish and heartless. P/S: assclown who says this was manslaughter, pull your head out. We see news clips day in and day out where people are killed in ACCIDENTS by no fault of the driver and the driver is not charged, as it was not his fault. Being off pavement makes it no different. It drives me crazy when you get the “gotta get my two cents in on a topic I know absolutely nothing about because I’m Mr. Know It All….” If you don’t know the sport, don’t know the in-and-outs of it, and don’t know the liabilities of being involved in it, keep your two damn cents to yourself and instead spend it on buying a damn clue.

  22. Bigfoot says:

    People should slow down at those things

  23. VAL BARRETT says:


  24. nascar sucks says:

    with a name like sloppy he sure lives up to it
    he looks like a sloppy wet fool
    he should go to jail for 88 yrs

    1. Mike says:

      And you should be anally raped for 88 years!

      1. wrathofgod says:

        Another example of the low ethical standards of this community. Just looks at what MIke wants fot others who disagree with him. SOUNDS LIKE he would be the first to line up to rape the guy.

  25. SSQSA says:

    First of all I can tell you that the race community that was involved feel very bad about this tragedy. These people will do anything for you and are the best grounded individuals you will ever know.
    I have raced OHV for many years and now promote a race series. Their are two groups that are at fault. The first group is the promoter of the series and the second is the group of people that had no common sense to stay away from the course.
    I know with our series and the insurance that we have to pull there are things that must be in place for us to even get the insurance. The first is to insure the safety of the spectators. IMO that was not done.
    I do feel for the families that lost their loved-ones but for them to sue over their own negligence is unbelievable. They are the ones who put themselves in danger.

  26. Nick says:


    What about other motorsports where they do race in a road course, where they do have actual guard rails and fences. I want to read your excuse when and which it has happened that they do go over the safety fence and do land in the crowd. Are you going to put that the race driver knew what he was doing when he lost control and tried to use the crowd as a cushion so he could walk away ? Your thoughts are stupid and point is really pointless. Go watch accidents from NASCAR there has been a good amount of accidents there and a few where they did hit the walls and did hit the fence and did go over and kill fans but it is called an ” accident” and that’s what happened during california 200. I want to read what stupid and idoitic oppinion you have.

    1. Tristan says:

      Your a dumb a$$. You just hang out on this web site and post about other peoples tragedies. You probably don’t even have a job. You just get off on talking $h!t about other people. And you say :” I still say this is an activity with low ethical standards” . Look at your hobby. Talking about a video and trying to hurt people. Mistakes happen.

    2. wrathofgod says:

      Sorry, it’s nto a hobby. Killing this activity dead is a great cause for me. But, I’m not worried, you all take care of thinning your own ranks just fine. Eight at one blow!.

  27. Stevve says:

    I don’t understand what they are suing him over. It’s an off road race they went to and that’s what he was doing.

  28. dave says:

    rose from the looks of the video it did not go very far from the course and from officers on scene who i personally know ALL the victims were with in 5 feet of the track when they got hit and thats to close

  29. Josh says:

    Wrath do you have any idea about what you are talking about? Were you there? Do you know any one that was there? Do you have a life? I was there and what you are saying is no where close to the truth! And please stop talking about our friends and families the way you are there is no reason for it! Get a life and maybe show some love! Brett would never do what you are saying he is a very cautious and very skilled driver! There was no fault!

  30. Erin18 says:

    Once again…. Maybe if it was in English you could understand it better??? That is NOT what the rules state… Try again with your nonsense!!

    1. wrathofgod says:

      Specifically, MDR underreported the number of attendees, they falsified the permit application regarding the medical team on site, they allowed spectators closer than 50 ft. The posted speed limit was 15 MPH with in 50 ft. of people. They are all responsible. But the bottom line is that Sloppy said he SAW those people and he never put on the brake. What a creep!!!

  31. Pepper MaShay says:

    I have no meaness toward this young man. Folks! When you put yourself near danger, this is what happens!! I’m proud of this young man for coming forward.
    He’s not a mean person and in this case a bad accident happened. I send prayers to the families who lost loved ones!! Thanks Pat for speaking with this young man!!

  32. Ken says:

    MDR Spectator rules:
    :Do not spectate on the outside of a curve or turn.
    :Do not spectate within 100 feet of the course.
    :Do not stand or drive on the course.
    :Spectate only on the pit side of the course.
    These rules weren’t enforced by officials,they overlook these rules at most offroad races,You decide who is at fault.The spectators for not following the rules or the officials for not enforcing them.

  33. john says:

    wrathofgod- why don’t you go out and count how many desert tortoises are out there? there are thousands

  34. VW GUY says:

    People, this was a sporting event and it was the responsibility of the organizers to keep the general public safe not Brett Sloppy’s. I have always been of the opinion that spectators at all rally races are just too damn close. These drviers are on sand and or dirt and TRYING TO WIN a race which usually entails CRAZY driving. My condolences go out to all family members who lost their loved ones that day but truly you should be going after the organizers, not Brett Sloppy.

  35. Phiilip says:

    Shave the whiskers, remove the ball cap, put on a necktie and show some respect. My generation finds it difficult to even listen to what you are saying, based on your appearance.

    1. TWOCENTS says:

      @Phiilp — your generation must be beside themselves then that the president of our country wears jeans, button up casual shirts (not buttoned up to the top) and mandals, and the first lady wears activewear. Funny, I thought there was a long time saying that mentions something about the “clothes not making the man….” Book….cover….there’s a saying about that as well. It shouldn’t be the clothing that defines a person, it should be their actions and what comes out of their mouth.

  36. YPK says:

    This was a terrible event. I’ve stayed away from offroading since being there that night. I was among the injured that ended up in a hospital that night. It was no different than many other races you go to out there. Over the years people have gotten comfortable getting closer and closer to the track. Its an addicting rush being that close to the action. We as spectators were being unsafe putting 100% of our trust into the hands of the drivers. At the same time the drivers should have driven slower while passing within feet of people. Sloppy was not the only one driving at that speed by us. Most of the trucks that had passed were doing the same speed. It just took dust and an uneven surface to make his story stand out. I do not blame Sloppy for what happened. I blame everyone. The offroad community knows that deepdown it is a dangerous sport. From riding a dirtbike to being a spectator, there is more risk than your normal day to day life. We just need to look out for ourselves and not make bad decisions. Im sorry for everyone that was effected by the accident. Unfortunately we were all part of an event that might make offroad racing safer, funner, and better for all of us to enjoy in the future.