DIAMOND BAR (CBS) — Three Diamond Bar PTA mothers are each facing nearly two dozen felony charges for allegedly operating a Ponzi scheme.

Maricela Barajas and Juliana Menefee were arrested Tuesday. Eva Perez was already in custody on an unrelated case.

Police says the trio cheated roughly 40 investors out of $14 million by lying about a deal to sell dairy products at Disneyland.

Investigators say the women earned the trust of their alleged victims while they were members of the Armstrong Elementary School PTA.

About $10 million was returned to investors, but deputies say millions more had already been spent on new cars, lavish hotels and casino gambling.

Comments (15)
  1. Ron says:

    An elementary school PTA group of people invested $14 million dollars in this scam?

    Maybe the moms were just trying to keep up with the Joneses. Perhaps the moms need to go back to school, to learn not to get scammed?

    1. Hmpf says:

      Even the smartest, brightest, and most intelligent people are capable of being scammed. Does Bernie Madoff mean anything to you?

      1. Erick says:

        Just looking at Bernie Madoff ‘s face.I wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes from him.

      2. TT says:

        but wouldnt someone at least make one phone call to disney and talk to administration – if you were spending that kind of money ? Ya that does happen to people…. but this is a tough “pill to swallow”……so to speak…

      3. Ron says:

        Does “If it sounds too good to be true…” mean anything to you?

  2. Dough BOy says:

    Man, I remember when I was a kid, I used to kick it on crenshaw blvd. There was this crazy crackhead named Shtanky who used to talk about selling milk to Disneyland. He always said that was his dream, since his dad was a milkman in Watts.

    1. LA Loc says:

      I remember Shtanky. I grew up right by Crenshaw blvd. Shtanky was a legend. He’d give milk to all the neighborhood kids. He ended up going to prison for a long time, for some reason. Last I heard he was paroled and is living in Compton, and runs a C walkin school.

  3. duh says:

    Protip: If anyone one your PTA board looks anything as fugly as either of these 3, immediately transfer your child(ren).

  4. John Cendez says:

    Now come on Sean that just means they were Hispanic. This just means we need to address their concerns and provide services for them and their families. Let’s just raise taxes and call it a day LOL

  5. John Cendez says:

    Actually I hope they go to prison for life. People like this are evil.

    1. TT says:

      i do not want my tax dollars to pay for them to “sit “in our prison for the next 20 years !! You know – other states plant their own vegetables – grow their own food, they have gardens and fruit trees…I have been hearing more and more about different states with programs that do more than eat up all the states resources……Have them out doing something constructive if they have to be locked up – take some of the expense of locking them up off our already overtaxed economy – Grow food they can eat and make them do the planting n harvesting, and most of all THE WEEDING !!! if it were imoral – other states wouldnt be doing it ….maybe they wont be quite so anxious to come back …..

  6. Paul Castillo says:

    What a shock. An ignorant comment from an imbecile on his computer at 2:30 in the morning.

  7. Rick says:

    Man, you burned through all that $$$$$$ and you cound not even mix in a few bucks to lift those ugly faces of yours.

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