GARDEN GROVE (AP) — A report says the Rev. Robert H. Schuller has been voted off the board of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, a church he founded more than 50 years ago.

Schuller’s son Robert A. Schuller tells the Orange County Register Sunday that his 84-year-old father wanted to enlarge the board, but members instead voted him off. The younger Schuller was himself ousted from the church in 2008.

“It’s a very sad day and unfortunately, I know how that feels,” the younger Schuller told the Orange County Register. “A majority of that board consists of paid employees of the church, and that’s a serious conflict of interest.”

Schuller and the Register did not give details on the vote, but he said his mother, a board member, voted with the minority to keep the senior Schuller.

The move is the latest of several — some voluntary, some not — that have brought a diminished role in the California megachurch for Robert H. Schuller. It is not clear what role if any he’ll still have.

Since 2008, daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman has headed the ministry, which has been plagued with problems including bankruptcy.

A church spokesman reached by phone declined comment.

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Comments (17)
  1. a reasonable person says:

    Hardy Har Har Har, down they go, one by one, good riddens

  2. Marius DePano Evangelista says:

    Wow, Psycho-Sheila. She is such a lame-ass; I can’t stand to even hear her squeaky voice. The talent is in the son and the grandson (Roberts II & III).

    1. lot of good says:

      Psycho for what, being compassionate, normal, accepting? What’s your excuse Weirdo

      1. Marius DePano Evangelista says:

        She is psycho for thinking that she could fill the shoes of her father, or even her brother. Compassionate????…making choir members sign an anti-gay pact!!!! She does not have the persona or intelligence to appeal to a mass tv audience; her sermons are simplistic and boring.

    2. FAMOUS SEAMUS says:

      Talent? Oh ya, the talent of bilking little old women with blue hair of their retirement. Talent of living way beyond their means. Losers!

      1. Marius DePano Evangelista says:

        Hey, I think religion is a poisonous fairy tale, but talent is talent.

  3. a reasonable person says:

    Freedom from Religion – hopefully in my lifetime!

  4. duh says:

    Most organized religions are just passive terrorist organizations, and as such, anytime a leader is taken down, there is an eager colleague waiting to step up. It never ends. The flock will continue to finance the machine, and false leaders will continue to direct the uses of those finances.


  5. Tired of Church Hypocrites says:

    I’m finding more and more Christians want to even control what you do for a hobby and what you do for a living. They want to control your investments, property etc. I’m even finding that if you’re thin they hate you if they’re fat. More and more Christian fraud here. Even my mother’s own pastor was telling her she shouldn’t give to other charities and she should only give to his church. Also, my mother’s church doesn’t want relatives visiting her so they can get more money when she dies. What ever happened to Christianity????? I’m even finding churches lately that SUPPORT tenants who STEAL from their landlords and don’t pay rent and even trash your property. I”m also tired of how people at church ONLY accept your if you are a teacher (BOSSY SCHOOL MARM) or some stupid attorney. People now days just really abuse Christianity.

  6. Marius DePano Evangelista says:

    I think they have put the final nail in their coffin. I expect that they will be out of business by the end of the year.

  7. Shayk says:

    All organized religion is based on fraud. Islam, Christianity, Judasim… The list goes on and on. Wherever, whenever there is doctrination linked to tithing, guess what…greed. It’s a human weakness whether it be the individual, religion or government.

    The majority of Human on this planet inquisitive and wise enough to relate to a belief system based on a religious publishing alonE and live a rich rewarding life.

    Schullerclike many before him lost site of faith and spent to much time with greed. Wether impoverished or wealthy beyond belief, humility and humanity is the foundation of an infathomably rich life.

  8. magAffefolo says:

    Que sur cela direz ?

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