LOS ANGELES (CBS) — For the first time since their tour of North America began, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were met by protesters Saturday.

About 35 people carried signs calling the royals “war criminals” as Prince William and his wife, Catherine, visited cancer patients in Montreal.

However, protesters were far outnumbered by excited fans.

On Friday, the royals head to Southern California.

Their first night in Los Angeles includes a reception at the Beverly Hilton for U.K.trade interests, as well as another reception with the U.K. Consul General.

Also on the royal itinerary is a polo match in Santa Barbara, a black tie gala and a trip to Skid Row.

  1. Seriously says:

    Well if the royals were far out number by interested fans, then a a reporting group, paint a great picture in the story, not a grim one. Stupid new reports…

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