NEW YORK (AP) — Tracy Morgan had just finished apologizing for his anti-gay jokes, and now the comedian is in hot water again.

In his standup act in New York last weekend, Morgan mocked the mentally disabled, according to The New York Times. This has led to a demand for an apology from the “30 Rock” star by a group promoting the rights of the mentally and physically disabled.

Morgan’s wisecracks reportedly included a warning not to “mess with women who have retarded kids.”

His remarks are “far too offensive to be excused as comedy,” Peter Berns, head of The Arc, said earlier this week. He called for an immediate apology.

Thus far, Morgan has offered no response.

Earlier this month, he apologized for a homophobic rant made during a stand-up routine in Nashville.

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  1. rick says:

    people need to get a life comics have always mocked various sectors of socity if you don’t like what they say its very simple either don’t buy a ticket to the show or if its on the tube mearly change the channel

  2. Efrain says:

    Open mike is open mike. If you’re sensitive to ruthless comedy then stick to your christian comedy. Don’t apologize Tracy. No need to.

  3. mister s says:

    I would be very disappointed if Tracy apologized to anyone for this one.

  4. Digg Johnson says:

    Why such high standards of decency for a dirty comic? There’s a reason ( why they call it performance

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