(CBS) — Kobe Bryant had surgery in Germany about a month ago according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Times’ report indicates that the 32-year-old received a treatment called platelet-rich plasma therapy, a less invasive surgery that  is very much an unproven science.

Rehab from this procedure usually begins after a week, and results from the surgery are usually determined two months later.

Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have both undergone the same knee procedure.

 Due to the NBA lockout, the team can’t comment on the surgery.

Comments (4)
  1. ceelo says:

    german engineered knee..see kobe coming back with a vengeance

  2. Daniyal says:

    With advances in medicine that are made every year, spinal surgery is becoming much less of a risk to people with back pain. With minimally invasive techniques available, as well as non-surgical alternatives that are developing worldwide, the over 80% of Americans that suffer from some sort of back pain in their lives have relief on the horizon. Spinal surgery Germany

  3. Mark McGwire says:

    HGH surgery

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