SIGNAL HILL (CBS) — Two misdemeanor charges were filed Tuesday against the man who allegedly broke into a home and got into bed with a 10-year-old girl.

Sergio Osuna, 24, of Whittier was charged with one misdemeanor count each of trespass by entering or occupying and damaging a prison or jail. He was arrested at a home in the 1900 block of Cherry Avenue at 2:20 a.m. Sunday, according to police spokeswoman Crista Martinez.

The girl’s father reportedly pulled Osuna from the bed and called a neighbor to hold him until police arrived, officials said.

Osuna, who may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, has no criminal record and is not a registered sex offender, according to police spokeswoman Crista Martinez.

The girl was not harmed.

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Comments (21)
  1. Efrain says:

    Beans are overrated.

  2. Astonished says:

    This guy was lucky that the girls father was a decent civilized man.

    I don’t care where he came from; whether or not he’s supposed to be here or if he was on drugs or booze, if I caught him climbing into bed with my 10 year-old daughter, it would be the last thing the would do on this earth! EVER!!

    1. adolfo says:

      He would have never climbed into that bed if he did not climb over the wall 1st. I say shoot on sight at the border would prevent these issues.

    2. Karen says:

      But unfortunately in our state, we could not shoot this jerk. I’m certain the 10 year old would rather have her father with her instead of in jail.

  3. Efrain says:

    Damn… you must really live in agony being such racist towards Hispanics and your name being “Adolfo”… I bet you wish it was John or Jim. Too bad. Is it a shock when an American commits these such crimes? You know it always happens. Always.

    1. rjsmitty says:

      How is adolfo a racist ??? Is illegal a race ??? efrain must come from the L.A. school system.

    2. adolfo says:

      Shows how much of a wetter lover you are. Adolfo is an italian name but then again you would not know that. You are the one who brought in hispanic into the conversation, illegals come from many countries. You must have gone to a public school in LA somewhere.

    3. Karen says:

      Adolfo beat me to it but it’s an ITALIAN name. Mutto bene!

      Why in the world did this guy get into her bed? What a psycho.

  4. 1stman says:

    You’re here illegally as well. Only people who are legal are the native Americans. So stop calling anyone else illegal.

    And no your ancestors did not cone here legally either ok.

    1. adolfo says:

      You make a lot of sense, not! according to you 99.9% of the people here are illegal? Did you go to public schools as well? Go was a car or mow a lawn!

      1. gt says:


        Is it necessary that EVERYTIME you leave a comment you must behave like a total prick? You must have a lot of anger inside. It’s nobodys fault that you’re not getting any at home and have to sit on the computer all day and take your anger out on other races. Like Italians are any better??? HAHA PLEASE! You guys give yourselves WAY too much importance!


  5. efrain says:

    being a gay illegal I am in the minority but do not like the fact everyone blames my illegal mexicans for all these crimes

    1. Karen says:

      I think you should go back to where you came from. Americans do not appreciate people breaking the law to get into our country. Not one speck.

  6. Uncle Sam1 says:

    Mexicans have never evolved from a 3rd world country. Don’t expect to much from them when they come here. The do jobs people do not want because it is all they are good at, give em a break. It is not their fault their country is a sewer and they are genetically inferior to developed nations!

    1. HollywoodSaint says:

      but I bet you like to eat at taco bell…

    2. Beinformed says:

      If they’re that dumb and useless y r the top 2 richest ppl in the world Mexicans u ingnorant racist jerk!

  7. Joe says:

    In his country it’s ok for an adult to sleep with a 10 year old.

  8. WOW! says:

    WOW so many ignorant people! Yes people we have many illegals here in the US get used to it! They are willing to get their hands dirty and do a job that an AMERICAN WILL NOT DO! Every time something happens it the “Oh it was an illegal” What about the nasty ass Americans like Jeffrey Dahmer. All you racist peole are awful, how do you sleep at night! If you want to go way back, HELLO the MAYANS lived here, HELLO they were Hispanics!!! So that means all the other people that arrived here that were not mayans were ILLEGAL!!! All the Italians, Irish, European!! Stop all this racism. Im just glad that poor little girl was not hurt, If I can ignore someones race and color then I am sure you can too!

  9. :) says:

    How Do u even no he’s illegal he might as well b an American citizen of salvadorian or Mexican or Nicaraguan ancestors

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