LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A crackdown set to begin this week on what has been a longtime parking practice on the streets around UCLA could eventually move some drivers to give up their wheels.

So-called “apron parking” is when a third car in a stack parking situation blocks a sidewalk or extends into the street in the northern section of Westwood Village.

It’s a practice that has been going on for years, but as KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports, recently-filed lawsuits claiming a violation of the Americans With Diabilities Act have now forced authorities to start issuing the tickets.

Steve, who sees illegally parked cars every day, said he expects a quick reaction from apartment-dwelling students and others to whom apron parking is a way of life around the campus.

“They’re going to be pissed because there’s no parking anywhere around this place,” he said.

And what should residents expect this fall when thousands of students return to campus?

“It’s going to get clogged up,” said Cricket, a local construction worker. “It’s going to get plugged up.”

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  1. ArmyStud says:

    It’s about time… I seen people always park over the sidewalk think they have the rights… Where does it read in the DMV Handbook to park over sidewalk ??? Just because you pay your car reg / lic fees does not give you the right… I have been driving since 91… Only got “1” parking ticket in L.A. lesson learned.. I work to hard for my money just to give it away…..

  2. JK says:

    This is disgusting! This city unfairly targets college students for parking infractions and towing fees. The city has not only not created a single new parking space in years for UCLA adjacent residents, but also has weekly “street cleaning” which rarely occurs, but often incurs hundreds to thousands in parking tickets weekly.

    It is no secret that this area is a college town and those college students living in the obviously not-so-luxurious apartments in the village are targeted to cough up more of their tight funds to help chip away at the city’s ever-increasing debt.

    Admittedly the apron parking is a mess and unsightly, but there really is no other way to accommodate the parking needs of students in the area. Either open up new parking structures, loosen the restrictions on certain streets, or allow students to apron park.

  3. Will Scott says:

    Parking in Westwood is bad in general and do not attend UCLA. Parking lots are expensive if you can even find parking in them. I just avoid Westwood! Westwood merchants need to do something to improve the parking or the general public will stay away.

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