LANCASTER (CBS) — Anti-gay graffiti was found spread across a high desert neighborhood and now the hunt is on for the vandals behind the hateful and violent messages.

The vandalism happened outside the Texas Cattle Company on 10th Street in Lancaster. Sheriff deputies are asking for help from the public in finding those responsible for the discriminating words, which were scrawled on three walls and two utility boxes overnight.

The words “Kill All Gays” were written on two of the areas. Police believe the crime was committed at random and is not directed at a particular business or individual.

A graffiti task force had covered the messages up by the time most residents had woken up, but many are still alarmed.

“It does create initially a little bit of fear, but more than that it just makes one more vigilant about their surroundings,” said Rev. Hilda Brooks at the Center for Spiritual Living.

Brooks said hate crimes like this one are rare in Lancaster, but they do say it comes when the gay community was spotlighted nationally. A historic vote by the New York Legislature on Friday made the state the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage.

“A great time of celebration for us and I feel like the kind of people who have to go out and perpetuate that kind of violence are really only showing their own fear of something that they don’t know anything about,” she said.

gay hate photo3 la county sheriffs department Gay Hate Graffiti Found Outside Lancaster Business

(credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department)

Detectives are checking surveillance video from nearby businesses and are asking for help from anyone who may have seen the crimes take place. They’re asking for any witnesses to step forward.

Deputies said because the incident is a hate crime, which is a felony, anyone found guilty could serve up to six years in prison.

Comments (31)
  1. fed up says:

    Come on people, that’s just wrong. What does it hurt you if someone is gay? I am 100% straight, and will always be. But seriously, lay off. It’s none of your business if someone else is same-sex oriented. Leave them alone. Why don’t you spend your energy disliking murderers or criminals! These people have done nothing to you. Grow up!

  2. Lynwood Sibley says:

    its the prosterlizing of gays let it stay in the closet

    1. Tommy D says:

      Christianity demands proselytizing. Should Christians keep their judgment to themselves as well? If so, your comment is self-contradictory.

      1. LBC says:

        Christianity demands telling someone the gospel of Jesus Christ., not judging someone. Besides, no one can “judge” anyone in or out of this world.

      2. Dont preach to me says:

        These people should be allowed to get married if they want. If you are against it and your church is against it fine, they don’t have to get married under your religon or at your church. Not everyone believes as you do and with so many religons around who is to say yours is the right? Keep your preaching in your church and out of politics!

    2. Alex Milstein says:


    3. Greg Krynen says:

      Read ‘In Christianity’ part of the article entirely. You will learn something

  3. Edna Sneetch says:

    Lancaster is Hell.

    1. Tommy D says:

      Ha! Thanks for the chuckle, Edna.

      1. Jackieo Hernandez says:

        tru that I hate it out here

    2. Anukuare Nintèndo Tsikata says:

      It really is.

  4. Diana says:

    Wow! Anykind of graffiti is wrong! Whether hate or gang related graffiti is wrong!

  5. djc says:

    Nope, neo-nazis testing for 1st grade again. . . which they will probably flunk again. . . .

  6. Greg Krynen says:

    The people using the term proselytism are not usually with Christ, as Jesus was Jewish and required that the person come FREELY unto him, BECOME Jewish and should perfectly renounce all his prejudices (also known as LOVE)

  7. sdfghjkl says:

    Religious people are crazy. Yep.
    Well, some of them.

  8. Shiggity says:

    I think I better script a new show called “Gay Divorce Court”

  9. Zeb says:

    Romney is Mormon
    Not the same Jesus

  10. Brandon Spencer says:

    By the way if the editor of this article is not aware, there is a typo in your article. Its Rev. Hilde, Not Hilda

    1. Charlie says:

      Glad someone else noticed that Brandon. Her name is HILDE. And even if you are a christian….the bible says no one can judge except God. So even christians shouldn’t be descriminating against gays. We should be existing peacefully.

  11. Huh? says:

    And the hate in the hearts of people who probably call themselves followers of god pops up again.

    Why does your God want you to kill? Isn’t that a sin?

    My God thinks your God is hateful. I wonder which one is the real one. The hater or the lover?

  12. Michael Dennis says:

    This town has had that hate for so long I thought we out grew it back in the 70s people would throw rocks at me walking down the streets and parents would allow the children to do this in front of them , And when I would go places with (Fri…ends ) they would walk on the other side of the street because they did not want to be associated with me , as people would drive by and call me horrible names and sometimes stop and beat me up …..See that is why I stand up and say fowl for me and others as no one ever stood for me ….this is awful to think people think they can judge us …I am Gay and proud and atleast I am Honest …Funny thing is these people Iare so hateful and think they have the right to judge others I really would hate to think what these animals do in their lives .See More
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike

  13. Me Again... says:

    s Whats worse is when you stand up and say fowl people call you a monster , Seen that even on here , It is ok as I know I am not and I know that I was put here for a reason I see so many people whom really hate me and judge me …and i think thank God , God I am so blessed you love me so much and you help me through this pain and as the Bible saids many will come before me and I will say be away from me for I did not know you….See we are here for a reason and I am so glad for God choosing me to reveal some true colors and I pray and say God forgive them as they do not know what they have done

  14. Antonio Sanchez says:

    The Whole Hype about the gay hate graffiti is just a waste of someones time to be reporting. I beleive that there are more important issues to be reporting right now. Its probably just some insecure kid that dosent want to admit that he has gay fantasies acting out to throw the rest of his freinds off the fact that he’s got gay tendencies. Really I feel sorry for the kid because he probably has deeper seated issues that need to be adressed.

  15. Antonio Sanchez says:

    One more thing! All this person wanted is some attention, and now they got it. I wouldn,t doubt it if they do it again just because they got what they wanted. They clearly have self esteem issues.

  16. Lancaster Resident says:

    There will be a Protest Rally today in Lancaster protesting the anti-gay graffiti in our town. The rally will take place today 6/29/11 on 15th st west and ave k in Lancaster at 5:30.

  17. ABB says:

    Ahh! Lancaster, the Alabama of Los Angeles County.

  18. NooYawkah says:

    Oh no, how hurtful. *burp*

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